Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Jim End up with Celine?

By Jeremy Carden


Hopefully, this blog has a title that truly knocked your socks off!


This is an interesting question that fans should take into consideration. When I asked myself this very question, I was speculating whether or not Jim would end up in a relationship with Celine, or simply be a father to his 2 children by her.

I think that the HAHN is showing an evolution or downgrade of Jim from being a “Have” to a “Have Not.” You really have to breakdown everything in order to follow me on this theory, but just give it a try. I am certain that this is one theory that will not leave readers disappointed.


Even in Season 1, Jim expresses that he would not mind just giving up everything because it was not fulfilling his life. The wealth from Katheryn’s family, the power he had as a judge and even his goals for the mansion of the governor. He was willing to throw it all away for his reckless affair with Candace.

Before getting married to Katheryn, Jim was a “Have Not” anyway, and reaching a midlife crisis after his 50th birthday was not helping the situation. He truly was willing to just give everything up, and live his life the way that he wanted to without restraint.

Have you noticed that Jim has been slowly losing everything and everyone that was important to him?

Let’s go through them one by one, and you will see what I mean:


  1. Amanda

His daughter was the apple of his eye, and it was clear that he was losing her ever since Candace used her as a pawn. From that point on, Jim’s apple turned rotten, and now she is dead…


  1. His political career

With Wyatt revealing the truth to the D.A. about the hit-and-run charges, it is clear that Jim’s run for governor has been destroyed. This is going to be a certainty due to the fact that Jim attempted to cover everything up.

  1. His money (or Katheryn’s money)

Since Candace’s took $7.4 million, Jim’s “settlement” for his eventual divorce from Katheryn means he will leave the Cryer Mansion without a dime.


  1. His self-respect (if he even had any to begin with)

While he was in the “War Room” during Candace’s revenge on him, she literally humiliated him, and sent him off to lick his wounds. Candy Cane truly broke him…


  1. David

If David ends up burned alive in his own house, Jim is going to be screwed! I mean that is his best friend and right-hand man. David is the rock (kind of like Peter was within Jesus’ group of disciples) that helps to hold everything together. I am sure we can all agree that if he dies, Jim is going to lose it.


Katheryn says that Jim is a sociopath, and that might be true. However, David’s absence will mean the end of a lot of good things for Jim. He was like a moral compass so to speak, and Jim will be lost without him. Take a moment and think of all of the tight spots that David has helped Jim get out of.


Celine said that all she wanted from Jim was for him to be a father to their children. The reason that she married another man was because Jim did not leave Katheryn. The “deal” that she had with the Cryers was to do her job to keep the peace, and she would receive a check each month. This money was obviously child support, and she made sure that she got her money.


I think that it will not be until Jim loses everything will he realize what life is all about. He tells Celine that it is always about money after she tells him that Carlos only wanted what was fair (for him to give him the father that he never had). It was only about getting to know him, and not about a single penny.


When everything is gone, and he has nowhere to go: that is when I think Jim might go and be a father to Carlos (since Wyatt will be in prison). Again, I am not saying that he will get romantically involved with Celine, but he will become a father to his outside children.

Considering that Celine could bury the Cryer family with all of the information that she has on them, and the possibility of Carlos (or herself) being the person who killed Amanda (you can read my theory on that here), you might reject this theory.


I feel that this theory has some evidence behind it, but like everything else that I write about the HAHN; it is just my own thoughts and opinions that are backed up with evidence from the show.

What do you think?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Was Amanda’s Death a Suicide or Homicide?

By Jeremy Carden


This blog will either assist in answering a question that fans are just drying to have answered, or create an even bigger rift between fans regarding this subject.

Even though it was stated by Jennifer (the D.A.) that Amanda’s death was a suicide, some fans are still not convinced.


Looking at the picture above, does it look like a self-inflicted injury?

I cannot bring myself to believe that all of the blood splattered across Amanda’s room came from one gunshot that she aimed at herself.

The list of evidence that points to this being a homicide seems to far exceed the evidence of her death being a suicide.


Looking back at the episode when the police were investigating the scene, one of the cops prematurely called the death a homicide. The D.A. then arrived and said that the reason for her coming to the home was to go over the crime scene. Jennifer even states that it is possible to make mistakes, and call a homicide a suicide or vice versa.

Now, we know that Jennifer wants to bring down Jim Cryer and arrest his son. However, I hope against hope that she did not purposefully call Amanda’s death a suicide, but it was actually a homicide.

In the end, she declares that Amanda’s death was suicide, but there are still a lot of questions that have not been answered.


Keep in mind that Amanda is supposed to be buried the next day; the day following the Season 3 Part 1 finale. However, we do not know the results of her autopsy. David might be cremated before Amanda gets buried if he does not wake up by June 30th…

There are a few things that are still left up for speculation:


  1. Was Amanda pregnant?

She claimed that she was pregnant after being raped by Professor Cannon, and there was a positive pregnancy test in her apartment when Jim attacked Candace.


  1. Was her “death tattoo” noticed during the autopsy?

Remember that she left the mansion with Quincy to get the names of her family members written on her.


  1. Where is the gun?

If Amanda really did commit suicide, did the police find the gun in the room? This is probably the most important unanswered question. The location of the gun is a very essential piece to the puzzle that is still missing…

Most fans are in disbelief that it was a suicide because there are a handful of potential killers who could have pulled the trigger on Amanda.


I will say that if another person did kill Amanda, they had to have left the house without a scratch on them. Blood was covering one section of Amanda’s bed, the floor on the side of it, the window, the wall, etc.

The fact that there was no blood leading out into the hallway indicated that Amanda was most likely the only person harmed in the room. I originally guessed that there was another body in the room, but that did not appear to be the case.


Quincy, Professor Cannon and Carlos are the 3 most popular suspects that fans have been speculating as Amanda’s killer. In this blog, I go into detail about all 3 of them, and why each has a motive to kill Amanda.

At the end of the day, Amanda is dead. How she died is still left up to speculation, but I am still thinking that she was murdered. The fact that the D.A. admitted that sometimes a death can be given a “false call” by labeling it a homicide or suicide by mistake leaves room for reasonable doubt.

Will the truth ever be revealed? If someone else killed Amanda, who do you think it was?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Why I Loved Amanda Cryer

By Jeremy Carden


This blog is long overdue, but it is said that good things come to those who wait. Before reading any further, this blog is not one of my thought provoking theories. This is a piece that is solely dedicated to Amanda Cryer who was portrayed by Jaclyn Betham.


Does anyone else miss having Amanda on the show?

It just feels like something is missing because she is no longer around as Candace’s “friend” or Professor Cannon’s tormentor.

In my opinion, her character was never fully developed, and there are questions that were left unanswered. That is why I felt that her departure from the show was not a very good one.


Ever since Episode 1, I was captivated by Amanda. I will admit that I did have a crush on her because she was attractive, but I was interested in seeing her character grow as the series went on.


Seeing how she was almost an opposite of her brother (Wyatt) was interesting to say the least. It was clear what Wyatt’s faults were (drinking, drugs, etc.), but when it came to Amanda, her faults were not as easy to see.

We know that she was not very confident in herself, and relied on Candace to help her gain the strength to stand up for herself. She would harm herself if she felt ignored, and was on medication due to a mental illness.


After being raped by Professor Cannon, we saw a change in her personality. When Candace finally told Amanda that she had to stand up for herself, Amanda took those words to heart. From there, she was not the same sweet girl that we had seen in the past.


In Season 2, she was no longer taking her medication, and she was becoming a psycho (as many fans labeled her). I will say that I did like how she was slowly slipping into psychosis, and not written to be instantly crazy in the next episode. Whenever she appeared before Professor Cannon, she was becoming a little more psychotic each time.


I was a bit disappointed that she was simply nothing more than a mindless character at this point. In the finale for the first part of Season 2, she stabs Cannon in the back.


Then in Season 2 Part 2, she was nothing more than a pawn for Quincy because he was trying to locate Candace.

Season 2 was split into 2 parts, and so was Amanda. In the first half, she was the psychotic stalker of Professor Cannon. In the second half, she was the psychotic pawn that Quincy used for his own means.


We did get to see that in Season 2, Amanda had almost a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on, but she had more control over it. To the fans, it was clear that she had multiple personalities. It was like she could flip the sane/crazy switch whenever she wanted to. This was made apparent when she tricked the visiting doctor at the Cryer Mansion.


The scene where she gives him the side-glare while drinking tea gave me chills!

There was one moment that I will never forget because to me it gave her character some depth. It was the scene when Jeffery came over to their apartment to look for Candace, but only found Amanda there with her gun.


Amanda was screaming at Jeffery, and asking why he had come back since he moved out. It was as if you could just look into Amanda’s eyes and see how lost she had become. That one scene showed me that there was a scared little girl, but she was trapped in her own inner demons. I really wish I could have reached into the TV screen, and wrap my arms around her for comfort.


I took back that thought the moment I realized that she was still holding her gun…


In another blog about my review of the Season 2 finale, I already voiced my opinion on how that episode was too rushed. It ended with the gunshot heard around the OWN channel, and it kept fans guessing.

In my opinion, Amanda’s death was not written well, and it was a quick way of killing her off.


What I really wanted to see in the finale was how she dealt with the news that Jim and Candace had been messing around with each other. All we saw was Amanda running up the stairs after Jim lied to her face. Then the next thing you know, she is running around with the gun in her hands before shooting herself.

I was watching the episode in disbelief because this was the moment that fans had been waiting for (the shooting). However, with the finale so rushed, it just seemed out of place. One minute, we have David and Maggie at the hotel, but then you have Amanda running around the mansion.

Again, if we had seen her lock herself in her room after Jim lied to her (remember Wyatt and Katheryn ran into the house after her), and maybe trying to call Quincy to pick her up then it would have made more sense. Basically, I wish that there was more buildup for the shooting at in the end of the episode.


Either way, I did enjoy Amanda while she was on the show. However, I just wish that her character had more chances to grow because she had a lot of untapped potential.


Remember Kimmy Gibbler from Full House? That is who Amanda reminds me of in some ways because both female characters were highly underrated and never fully developed. Most fans remember Kimmy as the Tanner’s annoying next door neighbor, and D.J.’s best friend with smelly feet.


When it comes to most HAHN fans, Amanda is only remembered as being the psycho who got raped and shot herself. I really do not like to think of Amanda Cryer as that kind of character. I think she was so much more than that, and brought a sense of innocence to the show. However, that was taken away after she was violated by that monster Professor Cannon.


Love or hate Amanda, you cannot deny the fact that Jaclyn Betham brought the character to life. The same goes for all of the other cast members on the show. Jaclyn really played the role well, and I applaud her because of it.

What did you think of Amanda Cryer? Did you think that she had a good run on the show, or do you think she was killed off before she could truly grow as a character?

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Dragon Ball Z Revival of F: Is Golden Frieza More Powerful Than Beerus?

By Jeremy Carden


What would happen if the God of Destruction fought against the Emperor of the Universe?

This is one question that has been asked by many fans since Frieza returned from the grave!

In Revival of F, Frieza comes back to get revenge on the Saiyans who defeated him in the past. After 4 months of training, the tyrant reaches a new power that he feels is more than enough to bury Goku and his friends for good.


According to his Japanese voice actor, Frieza’s power is clocked at 100 quintillion in his Golden Form. Most fans do not take this number to heart because this is a voice actor’s words, and not the “official” words of Akira Toriyama.

In any case, we do know that Golden Frieza is not an opponent to take lightly. However, how does his new power stack up to Beerus?

Ads z

In Battle of Gods, it is mentioned that Beerus was not a fan of Frieza’s self-entitled attitude. Beerus even says that he would destroy Frieza the next time they crossed paths.

That one moment during the movie was something that caught the attention of fans because it hinted at a possible encounter between Beerus and Frieza (despite the fact that he was dead at the time).

In order to figure out if Golden Frieza could defeat Beerus, it is essential to look at his battles against Goku and Vegeta.

At the level of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Goku and Vegeta are said to be more powerful than Beerus (at 70% power). Whis says that if the 2 Saiyans were to fight Beerus as a team, they could potentially defeat the God of Destruction.


Golden Frieza was shown to be more powerful than an individual Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. Goku even states that he was losing his battle with Frieza. He was not able to start gaining the upper hand in the fight until Frieza’s power began to drop.

So, we do know that in terms of raw power; Frieza is more powerful than the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyans.


Just like his 100% form on Namek, Frieza’s strength is not fully under his control. Due to this flaw, his power level begins to drop the longer he is battling at his peak power.


This confirms that Golden Frieza is at least more powerful than Beerus at 70% of his maximum power.

Does this mean that Golden Frieza could defeat Beerus if he was at his maximum power?

In my opinion, I do not think that Frieza could defeat Beerus.

Even though 4 months of training was enough to bring Frieza’s abilities to combat the Saiyans, I do not think it was enough to take on Beerus.


The Super Saiyan God form is very similar to Golden Frieza. Remember that Goku was only fighting at 80% power during his battle with Beerus. Right when he was about to ramp it up to 100%, the time limit on the Super Saiyan God power ran out.

When you look at it from that perspective, Super Saiyan God has the obvious flaw of having a time limit, and that can cause the user to be left in a life-threatening situation.

After mastering the form by training under Whis, Goku and Vegeta were able to take it to the next level as Super Saiyan God Super Saiyans.


This is similar to Gohan and Goku mastering the regular Super Saiyan form, and becoming Full Power Super Saiyans during their training in the Time Chamber.


Without the handicap of a time limit to slow him down, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku was able to fight with a power that surpassed Super Saiyan God Goku.

I think that if Frieza had taken time to master his new Golden Form, he could have reached a power that did not have a severe handicap just like Goku and Vegeta were able to acquire.


Keep in mind that mastery over his Golden Form could have resulted in a new transformation! Remember that his older brother (Cooler) was able to master his true form (or 4th form depending on how you look at it), and from there unlocked an entirely new form.


As Vegeta pointed out, Frieza should have mastered his new Golden Form prior to coming to earth for revenge. Perhaps things would have turned out differently for him if he had taken that advice.

If Frieza had actually mastered his Golden Form, then I think he might have been able to surpass even the power of Beerus.


It is a scary realization to say that in only 4 months, Frieza was able to pass by the power of the Super Saiyan Gods! I mean Goku and Vegeta are the best of the best, but Frieza had them beat.

Even though I loved seeing Vegeta beat the crap out of Frieza, I was a bit disappointed that the main reason he was able to do so was because of Frieza’s power dropping during his fight with Goku.

Golden Frieza noticed that Beerus was on earth during his fight with Goku, and the tyrant’s face was covered in fear! Now if he had mastered that Golden Form, then perhaps he would have challenged Beerus after killing the Saiyans.


Another thing to take into consideration is Frieza’s skill. It is true that his power is incredible, but he lacks the training of superior mentors to add more moves to his already deadly arsenal. Goku has had a lot of mentors during his lifetime, Vegeta’s first true master is Whis, and Beerus trained with Whis as well.

Whis points out that Beerus still has his own flaws to overcome to become a perfect warrior. He has pride just like the Saiyans, and his anger gets the better of him. However, I think his skill surpasses Frieza’s in the long run.

What do you think of my theory on this battle between destroyers? Do you feel that Frieza does have the power in Golden Form to surpass the power of Beerus?

Dragon Ball Super: Will Gogeta Battle The Gods?

By Jeremy Carden


I would start this blog off by saying something along the lines of “Dragon Ball Z is back!” However, the show has never really gone anywhere. Despite the fact that the show ended sometime ago, fan support has helped the franchise flourish over the past couple of decades.

With new video games and movies coming out of the woodwork, the series seems to be more popular than ever before! Aside from Battle of Gods, the sequel Revival of F will soon be hitting theaters.


Even since the introduction of Super Saiyan God, fans have been dying to see a Super Saiyan God Fusion. Before watching Battle of Gods (which I have seen at least two dozen times at this point), I was convinced that Gogeta and/or Vegito would be able to CRUSH the likes of Bills (I honestly call him both Bills AND Beerus) and Whis!


My opinion slightly changed after watching the uncut version, and Goku speculated that a fusion with Vegeta would not be powerful enough to defeat Beerus. Considering that Battle of Gods is canon, and Goku mentioned that he must fuse with Vegeta AGAIN, I think he was referring to Vegito (not Gogeta).

Keep in mind that Vegito is canon, but Gogeta is not. Vegito was in the anime/manga, but Gogeta was only present in the non-canon movie Fusion Reborn. Even though we saw Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta in GT, that series was non-canon as well.

I was very troubled ever since I heard Goku’s statement about a fusion not being able to defeat Beerus. Super Saiyan 3 Goku was fighting against an opponent that he underestimated, and was unable to sense due to the gods having a Ki signature that is unable to be detected by “lower beings.”


When Goku said that fusion would not be enough to win, I wondered if that statement meant Super Saiyan 3 Vegito (or Gogeta) would be unable to defeat Beerus. While he and Vegeta created Vegito, we only saw them at the base and Super Saiyan level. Going Super Saiyan 2 would have doubled his Super Saiyan power, and Super Saiyan 3 would have quadrupled his Super Saiyan 2 power.

Overall, if Vegito went Super Saiyan 3 against Super Buu (which he did not have to do to begin with); his power would have been 8 times more powerful than Super Vegito.

Beerus has been confirmed to be more powerful than Vegito and Super Saiyan God Goku. We never learn if Super Saiyan God Goku was more powerful than Vegito though.

Keep in mind that if Goku and Vegeta fused after the Battle of Gods movie, their fusion would be much more powerful than Buu Saga Vegito or Fusion Reborn Gogeta.

What does this have to do with Gogeta fighting the gods?


According to the manga chapter releases and online Revival of F movie summaries, Goku and Vegeta are now the students of Whis.

What is interesting about their training is that Whis points out the flaws in their fighting styles.


Goku is a powerful warrior, and there is no doubt about that. However, he is much too lax during combat. Due to this flaw, he leaves himself open to attack, and that could cause him to lose to someone weaker than he is.

Vegeta is too stressed out during combat because of his eagerness to outdo Goku. He thinks far too much, and this causes him to crack under pressure. Whis admits that Vegeta is a brilliant tactician and warrior. However, that hesitation in battle is his downfall.

Based on the outcome of Revival of F, I have a prediction that not only will we get another movie to follow this one (or maybe more than just one), but I think we will see Goku and Vegeta fuse once again!


It goes back to their coaching from Whis regarding their flaws. Goku is far too laidback and Vegeta is just too stiff. Due to their flaws, they have not reached perfection as warriors.


At the end of the movie, Whis points out that if the two had worked together to fight Frieza, they would have defeated him much sooner and easier than their individual fights against the tyrant.

The Saiyans then say that they could not work together like that in combat due to their own personalities. However, it has been proven in the past that the two CAN indeed work together, and when they do; they are capable of amazing feats.

During the fight against Kid Buu, the two did not fight side-by-side, but it was Vegeta’s plan to use the Spirit Bomb.


Even in GT, Bulma pointed out to Chi-Chi that when their husbands put aside their differences and work together; they can accomplish anything. She said this while Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta was effortlessly making a fool out of Omega Shenron.

Another good line from GT that I would like to use on the subject of teamwork would be the joint efforts of Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero. Despite Goku and Vegeta being Saiyans and not cyborgs/androids, I still feel Super 17 fits into this discussion.


Gero pointed out that the original #17 that we know about was incomplete, and his power was originally supposed to exceed the power of Cell. However, after he was killed and brought back to life; half of him went to Hell and the other back to earth. I honestly do not know how to make sense of that, but this was GT after all…

In any case, the dialogue mentioning how the complete components of one #17 would fill in the incomplete components of the other #17 would create the ultimate machine mutant artificial human (try saying that 3 times fast).

My point is this; it is the flaws and rivalry of the Saiyans that makes their fusion more complete.

This is mentioned by the Old Kai when he described Vegito’s power to Kibito Kai. It makes a lot of sense and despite the Old Kai describing the Potara Fusion; I believe he was just talking about the two warriors being fused in general.


When Goku first described Fusion to Mr. Popo, Dende, Krillin and Piccolo (the Fusion Dance), he said that the result would be a warrior who was capable of feats that neither individual could perform alone.

This makes me even more excited for Goku and Vegeta to fuse in order to fight an opponent while Whis and Beerus are watching, or for them to fuse in order to fight/train against them.

I feel that the two either working together or fusing will result in them “graduating” from Whis’ training camp.

What makes me say that?

Considering that Akira Toriyama has stated that the Battle of Gods/Revival of F movies are going to fit into the canon timeline, I think the key factor of their completion of Whis’ training is illustrated by Goku’s final outfit in the Dragon Ball Z series.


First off, blue is my favorite color, and I loved Goku’s blue gi!

Another thing to note is that Goku’s outfit does not bear the symbol of any of his former masters. True, Whis was not created during the time of the original manga/anime that involved the end of Z. In the past, we know that after training with someone (Korin, Roshi, King Kai, etc.), Goku would wear an outfit with their symbol(s) on it.

After becoming a Super Saiyan, Goku no longer wore the symbol of any of his former masters.


However, this trend ended because in Battle of Gods, Goku is once again wearing his trademark gi with symbols on the front and back of it.


In Revival of F, the Saiyans are now wearing the symbol of Whis since they are training under him.


This leads me to believe that at some point, Goku and Vegeta complete their training under Whis and return to their “normal” lives on earth.

I really hope that at some point we do get to see Goku take on his blue gi at some point in the new movies that seem to continue on from Battle of Gods.

Overall, I think that if these new movies continue to come out, we WILL see Goku and Vegeta fuse.

Revival of F seemed to be more of a movie that focused on Goku and Vegeta more than Frieza.


Don’t get me wrong, it was great to see Frieza again, but it seemed that Golden Frieza was just another 100% Frieza from the Namek Saga.

Goku reaches a Super Saiyan level (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan), and Frieza unleashes his true power (Golden Frieza).


It is a fierce battle, but due to lack of mastery over his maximum potential; Frieza’s power drops which leads to him losing the match.

Then in a final desperate attempt to avoid dying at the hands of a Saiyan, he blows up the planet he is on.

Literally, it was like watching the Frieza Saga all over again!

The ending of the movie seems like it was the setup for another film in which Goku and Vegeta might come across an opponent that neither can defeat alone, and Fusion would be their ONLY option to win!

maxresdefault (1)

Their opponent to push them into a fusion could be some god from one of the other universes. Remember that Beerus told Goku that some universes contain gods that are more powerful than him and Whis!

I am not sure of what type of fusion they will perform (Potara or Fusion Dance), but I think that those two fusing will complete their training under Whis. It appears that his goal for them is not only to become stronger individuals, but to become stronger together as a team.

I think it goes hand in hand with the relationship between the God of Destruction (Beerus) and the God of Creation (Whis). King Kai tells Goku that the two gods are needed in order to maintain balance.

For all we know, Whis could know about a form of Fusion that is completely different from Potara Earrings or the Fusion Dance! This may result in Goku/Vegeta combo that is NOT Gogeta or Vegito!

Again, the speculations are endless! We could see a Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3 or another form of Super Saiyan obtained by Gogeta or Vegito!


It was mentioned that Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku is hinted to be more powerful than Beerus at 70% (the level of power he fought Goku at during Battle of Gods). I also read that Whis stated that if Super Saiyan God Goku AND Vegeta fought together, they could potentially defeat Beerus.


This could mean a fusion between Goku and Vegeta could EASILY defeat the God of Destruction.

Regardless of what happens, I am truly excited to see that Toriyama is blowing the dust off of the drawing board and giving the fans more Dragon Ball Z!

Now with Dragon Ball Super right around the corner, we are bound to see these Saiyans fuse at some point!

What do you think about my theory? Do you think we will ever see Goku and Vegeta fuse again? If they do fuse, could they defeat Beerus and Whis?

Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Are Pearl and Justin?

By Jeremy Carden


Similar to a broken sink faucet, the internet is full of leaks. The HAHN is no exception to this rule, and a leak involving 2 new characters for Season 4 was released awhile ago.


Pearl and her son Justin are going to be added to the show’s roster of characters. The question remains as to who they really are, and what role they are going to play. With that being said, this blog is going to go over my thoughts these two.

If I were a betting man, I would say that these 2 are relatives of Katheryn Cryer. The reason that I say this is because of Amanda’s funeral.

Sad to say, but a funeral is an occasion that brings a huge number of family members to come together at one time. Katheryn’s sister was mentioned before, and in the past she even had an affair with Jim.

Let’s just hope that Justin is not one of the many children that Jim has had outside of his marriage…


Some fans have speculated that Justin is the male who is selling the two houses that Candace bought. However, the dialogue that cancels that theory was when the realtor told Candace that the young man was selling both homes because his parents had died.

If Pearl really is Katheryn’s sister and comes to the funeral, it could mean that we might not see Amanda get buried until Season 4.

Jim said that tomorrow was when he was going to bury his daughter. This means that Veronica setting the bedroom (with David in it sleeping) on fire would lead us into the next morning. Similar to Jim not showing up to his own announcement to run for governor, my guess is the Cryers would be looking for the Harringtons to show up at the funeral.


Remember that it took around 4 episodes at the start of Season 3 to cover the events that occurred the night of the shooting in the Cryer Mansion. It was not until the end of Episode 4 that it was revealed that Amanda was shot.

The same might happen with Amanda’s funeral not taking place until the tail end of Season 3, or right at the start of Season 4.


Pearl and Justin could either show up at the funeral, or afterwards to comfort the Cryers. Keep in mind that Katheryn wanted the funeral to happen right away, and if Pearl is not able to make it then it would kind of make sense. The only way she could have known that her niece had died was if she saw it on the TV. The television stations that were covering Jim’s announcement quickly shifted gears and announced Amanda’s death. In this case, Pearl and Justin would head down to Katheryn’s home as quickly as they could.


What do you think about this theory? Are these 2 new characters part of Katheryn’s family? If so, what role do you think they will play with Amanda’s death and Wyatt potentially going to prison?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Veronica Setup Benny?

By Jeremy Carden


Part 2 of Season 3 will be on the air before you know it. With June 30th still over a month away, I decided to get a few more blogs online before the hiatus comes to an end.

I wanted to start things off with a theory that comes from the ending of the mid-season finale.


Fans were shocked to see Veronica and Benny making out after she got him out of jail. I was truly surprised because I doubt that anyone saw it coming.

However, with Veronica being one of the most calculating and conniving characters on the show, you have to wonder if she was setting up Benny Young.

She was sitting on the porch of her home, and her husband was sleeping in a burning room. If David does die in the flames; someone has to answer for the crime.


Earlier in the episode, Veronica resorted back to alcohol. Viewers saw her like they’ve never seen her before.

Jeffery finally stood up to her, and David went against her wishes by returning home. She even tells him that if he did not leave then he would not make it to see the morning.

It could be argued that she was taking pills (or drugs), but that has not been confirmed. With that being said, I will say that she was drunk and dealing with heavy emotions.

Her son is a homosexual, and she believes that her husband is having an affair. I’m not trying to defend her actions, but I’m just trying to breakdown the facts.


Despite the fact that she was drunk, she was still able to sober herself up enough to go to the police station, and got Benny out of jail.

From there he drove her home, and she asked him to pull off the road for a few moments. Just looking at her face, it was as if Veronica was lost in thought. She tells Benny that her husband was having an affair.

He gives her his sympathies, and she begins to kiss him. Benny tries to stop her advances, but he eventually gives in. Benny then drives her home, and she gives him the vehicle.

Now the questions that fans are asking is whether or not Veronica setup Benny for a fall. It would not surprise me if she did. Even though she was drunk, I believe that she could have concocted a plan to make it look like Benny had a hand in David getting caught in a burning room.


If this is the case, I think the look on Veronica’s face in the above picture was where her plan started.

However, we have to remember that this show has been a roller-coaster ride, and everything is not always what it appears to be.

There are a few details that were never explained, and they could tell us how things are going to play out. In all honesty, it does look like Benny has his hands dirty (and I’m not just talking about him beating down Quincy).


It was not revealed if Veronica learned that Benny had beaten down the murderer that she released from jail. Not to mention the fact that Q had tried to rape her on more than one occasion. Benny told her over the phone that he got into a fight, but he did not tell her with whom. As to whether or not she learned that it was Q when she went to get him released is still in question.

Let’s say that she did find out that Q was beaten by Benny, it would make sense that she would make out with her “hero.”


Another detail that needs to be addressed involves Maggie’s call for a private investigator to keep an eye on Veronica.

We do not know if this person had been trailing the Ice Queen from the moment she left the hotel in a rage.

Pretend that you are the investigator, and you witness Veronica’s actions. Keep in mind that I am just assuming here, but I think the investigator would have been following Veronica since she was at home.

Breaking down that night, here is how things played out. Again, pretend you the investigator waiting outside of the home. You get to see who goes in and out of the house:

  1. Jeffery arrives in his car, and goes into the house
  2. Jeffery comes out of the home, and drives away
  3. David arrives later that night
  4. Veronica leaves the house

At the point, we can assume the investigator kept his distance, and followed Veronica.

  1. He sees Veronica arrive at the police station
  2. Sometime later, she comes out with Benny
  3. He sees Benny take the driver’s side, and the two drive off into the night

Again, he keeps his distances and follows them.

  1. He notices that Benny takes a detour, and pulls off on the side of the road

I am not sure if he could have seen the two through the car windows at night. If he did, he would have seen them making out.

  1. Benny stops in front of the house, and drops off Veronica
  2. He drives off


Finally, I do not know if the investigator left at this point, or if he still remained on watch. If he did, he would have seen Veronica coming outside and sitting out on the porch.

If he was still around and saw the fire, he would have pinned Benny as being involved.


Think of it from his perspective, Veronica left to go get a man out of jail. She made out with him on their way to her house. After dropping her off, Veronica goes into the house to set the bedroom on fire. She then sits outside of the house while her husband was being burned alive.

Things do not look good for Benny…

I feel that Veronica was acting off of her drunkenness and emotion. That is why I think she made out with Benny. With nothing else to lose, she gave away the vehicle to him.


My guess is that Hanna finally finds her son. Most likely, she will arrive back home after leaving the Sarandon Hotel, and Benny pulls into the front yard. She will be surprised that he is driving a new car.

He will have to explain that he hunted down Q, crashed Hanna’s new car into Q’s, beat him down, got arrested, got released by Veronica and that was how he got the new car.

We know this to be true, but the same cannot be said about the investigator.


You are probably wondering who this investigator is. My guess (and again this is a theory) is that it is Bryon!

Can you believe that?

The last time we saw the man was after Hanna told him off in Season 3 Episode 1. He was working for Jim, and it would be interesting to see if he would be working for Maggie as well.

She does have connections that Jim and David do not. With that being said, if Byron is not the investigator then it makes sense of why he is not. I will admit that it would be an interesting plot twist if he was, and he could be distraught over Hanna tearing him to shreds before.

I do not think he is that kind of person, but you never know in this show…


Overall, do you think that Veronica setup Benny, or do you think she was just acting out based on her emotions?

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