Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Amanda Shot Herself…but Is She Dead?

Will we find out tonight at 9 PM if this theory is right?


By Jeremy Carden


HAHN fans everywhere are now able to countdown the days until the Season 3 premier on one hand! With that being said, it is time for a new theory blog before next Tuesday.

The topic of this particular blog is going to be on my final theory about who got shot in the Cryer Mansion. If you’ve been following my blog since Season 2, then you would have noticed that I’ve written MANY blogs on theories about which Cryer was shot in the mansion.


One theory is about how the plot would change if Katheryn was shot and you can read that here.


Another is about Amanda’s game of Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe and who would get shot based on the game and you can read that here.


I even wrote a blog about Katheryn being the one who shot Amanda! You can check it…

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: David Runs for Governor

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

This is one theory that I’ve been itching to write ever since Season 1, but I feel that now is as good a time as any to write this blog. Mainly due to the fact that Jim is captured at the moment so his chances of making it to the press conference are slim to none at this point.


If you ask me, the only way that Jim will be able to make it to the conference in order to announce that he is running for governor is by signing the documents that Candace wants him to sign. The photos and video that she is making is going to be insurance in the event that he turns on her at some point. If he doesn’t sign then I wager she will threaten to reveal the sex content to the press to ruin his image. As to whether or not she will let him go to announce he is running for governor has yet to be revealed but we shall see how this turns out soon enough.

Now let’s say that Jim isn’t freed in time to make it to the press conference, I think that David will be the one to announce that he is running. I think it will be Maggie’s idea initially because everyone will be in a panic that Jim and his family are not at the campaign office before 8 AM.


Maggie is the campaign manager and it is her job to make sure the campaign runs smoothly. However, if Jim is not there then she has to do something because there is a lot of publicity at the conference and for Jim to be a no-show would be a horrible reflection on his bid for governor.

The next best thing she can do would be to get the person running for Lt. Governor to say he is running.

A lot of hints have been dropped to this occurring ever since Season 1! After giving Jim a speech about sacrificing his wants for something even greater (his lust for Candace over running for governor), Jim pointed out that David should be the one to run for office.

Maggie tells David that she wishes that he was the one who is running instead of Jim while they were in David’s hotel room right before Veronica caught them walking out of it together.


Now I feel the BIGGEST piece of evidence was in the Season 2 finale when a drunken Maggie asking David if he felt jealous of always playing second fiddle to Jim. She goes even further to say that even though the U.S. has an African-American President, the state of Georgia still did not have an African-American Governor.

David was quick to shut her down by saying that he is proud of his accomplishments and his skin color. However, you have to admit that sometimes it seems that David butts heads with Jim especially the time when he tried to make it seem like Jeffery was the one to hit Lizzie instead of Wyatt. David tells Jim that he is a good friend, but he can be a better enemy.

I don’t know how, but at this point it might seem like Jim’s absence will make Maggie come up with some sort of plan. Remember in the preview for this episode, Landon says “You’re brilliant!” and that makes Maggie smile. That could be because she tells him a plan of action to make up for Jim not being there. Since she is the campaign manager it is possible that she will be the one to give the opening statement before introducing the candidates running for office and that is when she says David is running!


Now I’m not saying that David has clean hands because as we’ve seen so far in the series he has quite a few incidents where he does some under the table sort of activities on the bench. However, I will say that his hands are a bit cleaner than Jim’s.

I think one of the biggest obstacles that he might face in the run for governor would be his feelings about gay rights. Amanda told Candace that one time he attempted to run for office and the platform of his campaign was against gay marriage in Georgia. Since his son is a homosexual that could conflict with some of his beliefs, but as we’ve seen in the show he accepts his son for who he is.


Another thing to think about is how Jim will feel about all of this if his “friend” takes his place as the man running for office instead of him.


Will David announce that he is running for governor? Will Jim show up in time to make his own announcement that he is running? Will Maggie be the one to make the announcement that David is running? If David is running then how will Veronica react to that? Will she eat up the spotlight?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Why Didn’t Wyatt Call 911?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

There is one thing about the Season 3 opening scene that I never truly understood…

I’ve watched the episode a few times already, but I just don’t understand why Wyatt did NOT call 911 after waking up in the middle of the night!


So we see that he wakes up after hearing a gunshot and walks around the mansion to check on his mom and sister. He then heads downstairs and it appears like he is still looking for the source of the gunshot. When he gets to the front door he notices that it was left slightly opened.

He steps outside and notices his father’s cell phone lying on the ground. After looking around the yard for a few seconds, he heads back inside after closing the door behind him. From there he sits down in Jim’s study to go through his phone after figuring out the password to unlock it. I was surprised he was able to do that showing the audience that when he isn’t high; Wyatt is a smart guy.


He grabbed a glass and a bottle of liquor and the more messages he read through the phone…the more he drank.


Now one thing that puzzles me was Wyatt going through Jim’s phone reading texts between Candace and Jim along with Jim and Celine. Did he NOT see the most recent text from Candace asking him to meet him in the front yard?

You’d think that would allow him to put 2-and-2 together to conclude that his dad was missing, potentially shot at and Candace was somehow responsible. We know that this was not what occurred but he would at least question why his dad was not in bed with his mother, why the front door was open and why Jim’s phone was on the ground but he was nowhere to be seen!

He could have tried waking up his mom or something! The next morning if Jim is still nowhere to be found for the press conference, I wonder if Wyatt will finally realize what had happened or if he won’t be able to remember the night before since he had been drinking so much.


What do you think about Wyatt’s lack of action after waking up in the middle of the night? Will he tell what he knows to someone after going through Jim’s phone or will he be too drunk to recall anything?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Wyatt Relapse in Season 3?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

During the opening scene of Season 3, we have Wyatt going back to his old ways when he is downstairs thinking about everything that has occurred since the first episode of the series.

Poor guy was having flashbacks of his dad and Candace, hitting Benny, the guilt of killing Little Lizzie and Quincy confirming that Candace had been screwing about with Jim. It was too much for him to take and he poured himself a glass of what David calls “liquid courage.”

From there he went through Jim’s phone and saw messages between him and Candace. Not to mention the surprise when he saw some messages with Celine’s name on them! The longer he continued to scroll through the messages…the more he poured into his glass until he got so fed up that he threw the phone across the room.

Then in Episode 2, he was in the same spot on the couch and it appears that he finished the bottle of liquor and moved to drinking vodka (it was a clear drink in the second bottle so that’s what I’m assuming it was). He was drinking more and more as he scrolled through texts between Celine and Jim with a few more from Candace too.


Hopefully, he does not go back to drugs because he told Jim that he never wanted to do them again after the hit-and-run incident. I really don’t think he would get on drugs again, but that doesn’t mean he is going to shy away from alcohol.

Wyatt is pretty much on his own now with his rehab coach (Jeffery) out of the picture living a life he doesn’t want to in order to avoid going to jail thanks to Veronica blackmailing him. Jim doesn’t want him to fess up to his crimes, Katheryn feels for her son but seems as detached about it as Jim in some ways, and that’s pretty much it…Wyatt stands alone and he will eventually crumble if this keeps up.


At some point, I just hope that Wyatt gets a chance to recover not from his substance addiction. In terms of addiction, I’m not talking about drugs or alcohol but the inner demons from his past; that summer at the bible camp, Jim’s affair with Candace, the hit-and-run incident, etc. He has to cope with them somehow and it appears it will be through drinking and maybe even drugs (pray with all my strength that it is not though).

Some fans speculate that he is the one who shot himself because of everything he learned from Jim’s cell phone along with him being drunk! I don’t think it is unreasonable but again the shoot occurs in Amanda’s room. I explained that in another blog because the wallpaper reveals where the victim was shot. However, that would mean Wyatt would have had to go to his sister’s room and get her gun.


What do you think will Wyatt have a complete breakdown this season?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Wyatt Hit Little Lizzie?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

In the first episode of Season 3, we have Wyatt wandering around the mansion after hearing a gunshot. Wyatt eventually finds Jim’s phone outside the front door and sits down to search through it.

The poor guy was emotional by all of the things that had occurred since Season 1; his assumptions about Candace and his father were proven to be correct by Quincy and perhaps the most important thing from his memories was him hitting Benny.

Last July, I wrote a blog about whether or not Wyatt was guilty of the hit-and-run charges for nearly killing Benny and the death of Little Lizzie.

I don’t know about you, but for me there is still a lot of doubt as to whether or not Little Lizzie was hit by Wyatt. We see Benny was hit by the car, but not the little girl. Something tells me that Tyler Perry wouldn’t openly show a little girl getting crushed underneath a car. With that being said, do you think there is still reasonable doubt that Wyatt did NOT hit Lizzie?


As I mentioned in my previous blog, drugs were the key factor in the little girl’s death but we never actually got the full story about what happened that night when Wyatt went to the crack house.

The little girl’s mother was high at the crack house too and she left her baby playing outside. Wyatt recalled getting beaten up when some guys at the house tried to rob him. He remembers falling on the ground and not being able to get back up because the guys were beating him up. Finally, he manages to push them off long enough to get to his car and drive off while some of the guys were still hanging onto the car but eventually fell off.


Remember Lizzie’s mother told the police that some guys were robbing a man (Wyatt) who came into the house wearing nice clothes and shoes so it looked like he had money. She then said someone driving the car (Wyatt) hit her baby, turned the car around and went up the street. After leaving the crack house, that was when Benny was hit. That was the story from the perspective of Lizzie’s mother who was high while everything was going on.

We don’t know if one of the guys trying to rob Wyatt had gotten his keys, taken the car, hit Lizzie and after realizing what they had done turned the vehicle around and from there that was when Wyatt took off after managing to get into Jeffery’s car. Considering that everyone was on drugs that night it is difficult to tell if anyone can actually remember what REALLY happened that night.

I think at some point the truth will eventually come to the light and for all we know Norman might be released from jail if the true murderer is caught for the hit-and-run (for Lizzie at least). Which could lead to Jim going to jail for trying to cover things up, but we could sit here and debate possible scenarios for days!

 zap-the-haves-and-the-have-nots-season-2-pho (2)

Wyatt may finally answer for hitting Benny or something like that because he does hold a lot of guilt even though Jim doesn’t want him to admit to his crimes. I think Hanna would forgive him due to Katheryn saving Benny’s life and Wyatt for sincerely being sorry for what he did. However, this is mostly speculation and I am hopeful that someday the truth will be revealed.

After all, as the Tyler Perry play was titled…


What do you think about this theory? Did Wyatt really hit Little Lizzie or is there more of a story to be told about that night at the crack house?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Stole Katheryn’s Ring?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

A new season means new theories and Episode 1 of HAHN Season 3 has opened up a can of worms!

The focus of this blog is going to be about a missing item that could potentially shed some light on who got shot in the Cryer Mansion!


During the Season 2 finale, we see Amanda running between Wyatt and Katheryn’s bedrooms with her gun.


However, when we see Wyatt walking into his mother’s bedroom there is something missing that was there when Amanda was in the room earlier; the ring on her finger!


Most fans have speculated that the ring was stolen by someone that night. Others simply say it was an error during the recording of the show because Katheryn may have forgotten to put it on before shooting the scene. However, the fact that there was a close up on her hand that made the ring missing noticeable; I feel that it was on purpose and it was stolen by someone.

Now this blog will list out the characters who would be the most likely to steal the ring. I feel that the #1 suspect for stealing the ring is…


  1. Amanda

Yes, the psycho running around the house with a gun pointed at herself and her family! She is the prime suspect mainly due to the fact that it makes the most sense for her to be the thief. My reasoning for this goes back to when Quincy drops her off after she gets her tattoo. The first thing he notices when Wyatt and Katheryn come out of the front door is the huge rock (ring) on her finger.


Amanda says that she and Quincy will have some “real fun” after the dinner party that night, but it is never elaborated on as to what she was referring to. Quincy asked if it had to do with her gun but she says it didn’t and that it would be even better. He asked what was in it for him and she asked what he wanted but he retorted “You don’t wanna know what I want.” Then he goes on and says that he will show her what it was at 7 PM when he comes to the party.

With that being said, I feel that she took the ring for Quincy because he never said what he wanted, but she noticed that the ring got his attention. Not to mention that she said he was her boyfriend that she one day hoped to marry. So, she might have taken the ring off while her mom was sleeping, ran back to her room and the gun went off.

Other characters that might have taken the ring would include: Quincy, Carlos, Celine or someone else that was not supposed to be in the house that night because Jim left the front door open right before he was abducted so someone could have walked right into the mansion.


However, I cannot think of any solid reasons why someone would come into the house just for a ring and then leave. True, Quincy was interested in the ring but for him to come back to the mansion just for a ring after all that went down during the dinner party does not make sense. The same for Carlos because even though he was upset at Jim for abandoning him as a child, I don’t think stealing a ring would be something he’d do. Celine might have taken it because of how she was jealous of the extravagant gifts and vacations that Jim has never taken her on, but again it just would not make sense for her to do that. Some speculate that one of Warlock’s gang members could have walked into the house to steal stuff. I’m not writing that off as something that couldn’t happen but it just doesn’t appear to be likely.


Aside from Amanda, the person would I think would be skillful enough to come into the mansion and take the ring before exiting again undetected would be Quincy. Keep in mind that he snuck into Hanna’s house because the back windows/door wasn’t protected with bars. The first time he got into Veronica’s house was most likely thorough a window. Now the second time he snuck it was truly impressive because after he left before, Veronica made sure the security system was on. In the finale of Season 2, we see her putting in the security code before going to bed and ignoring David’s phone call. The fact that Quincy broke in a second time with the system running was something worth mentioning. It wasn’t the system going off that made Veronica notice his presence but his smell. Though if he left his “lingering smell” you would think that Wyatt would have noticed it when he walked into his mother’s bedroom. Must be something that only Veronica could pick up on I guess.


In any case, whoever took the ring had to have done so in between the time Amanda was running around the house, the gun going off and Wyatt waking up to investigate. With that short amount of time, I really feel that the only logical person who could have stolen the ring was Amanda.

Who do you think snatched the ring off of Katheryn’s finger?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Byron Will Find Hanna’s Grandson

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

As we saw in the most recent episode of The Haves and the Haves Nots, the show is back for a new season and Hanna is back with a new attitude!


She wasted no time tearing Byron to shreds after he arrived at her house for Benny’s party. Byron stood no chance of getting on her good side because she did not want to listen to one word coming from his mouth.

Was Hanna too hard on Byron?

You have to look at this situation from her perspective; Hanna went through A LOT of things in Season 2. It seemed like everyone in her life betrayed, lied or wanted something from her.


I mean her “friend” Celine was now her enemy, the reverend wanted her to speak out on behalf of Benny to help find the man who hit her son and Little Lizzie, the Cryers wanted her to remain silent about Wyatt, Candace was well…Candace, Michael wanted something from her alright not to mention Tony wanted “their son” removed from life support!


With that being said, Season 2 was truly a season that tested not only Hanna’s faith in God but her faith in other people. I’ll go into more detail about Hanna’s drastic personality change from Season 2 to Season 3, but for now this blog will focus more on the man who betrayed her trust the most in Season 2; Byron.


As viewers, we know that Jim hired him to get close to Hanna in order to find out her every move to see if she would turn Wyatt in for the hit-and-run charges. Even though he came across as an officer/detective who would try to find out who nearly killed Benny, he was really just a snake in the grass. Hanna was not quick to let him into her life so easily. It took a few episodes before she warmed up to him.

That made the betrayal cut her all the more deeper when she heard Celine in the background when she called to invite him to Benny’s coming home party. It was then that she put things together and figured out that he was working for Jim!

It really made things more difficult for the both of them because I truly believe that Byron began to have genuine feelings for Hanna and vice versa. At one point, it seemed like she was going to pick him over Michael! This was seen when she declined a kiss from Michael, but had “a moment” with Byron when they were hugging.

Now when she was chewing Byron out before telling him to leave the party, I just wanted Hanna to bust out with, “Now you need to get on up out of here because I have another man stretched out in my bed right now!” Remember a drunken Michael was resting in her bed, and Hanna could care less about Byron at that point.


You are probably wondering what all of this has to do with the title of this blog. The reason behind the title is because of one scene that these two had while she was riding in his car; Hanna asked if he could help her locate her grandson because Candace wouldn’t tell her.where he was. Byron said that he would look into it to see if he could help locate Hanna’s grandson.

He most likely lied about a lot of things in order to get close to Hanna; his wife being killed by a drunk driver and the list goes on because he gave her a convincing back story so that she would let him into her life.


When he left the house after Hanna told him off, Byron gave a look that shows that he was truly hurt but realized that he had hurt Hanna. The ONLY way that I think that she would even give him the time of day again was if he kept his word on one promise; to help find her grandson!


This would be the only way that I think he could get on her good side again and to add more depth to his character in order for him to still have an active role in the new season. I was kind of interested in hearing what he had to say to Hanna about when he first met Jim Cryer. She cut him off before he could tell his story. Of course, it was most likely about how he was just a regular detective in his field until Jim gave him a job to do which caused him to get his hands dirty. However, when he was assigned to Hanna he began to really have feelings for her or something along those lines.

What do you think about this theory involving Byron potentially finding Hanna’s grandson? Will Byron come back to the show or was he pretty much written off of the story after the last episode?

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