10 Ways to Tell If You Are Addicted To Facebook

by Jeremy Carden


Social media is arguably part of the “average” lifestyle in today’s world rather than an addiction as most people label it. The topic of this blog is to determine 10 ways of identifying whether or not you are addicted to the popular social media website Facebook. I understand that it is a positive tool if you utilize it properly. It assists in helping people keep in touch with family and friends and if used the right way is a good way to network.

However, too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing. Let’s start the countdown at #10 and work our way to #1. Keep a tally of how many of these apply to yourself so you can determine whether or not you might have a Facebook addiction.

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#10: False calls on inbox messages or notifications

After using Facebook for so long, I’m sure many of us have experienced “hearing” the ping sound that Facebook makes when you get a message from someone even when there isn’t a message. If it happens once or twice it is understandable. However, if it is something that you constantly find yourself going through then you might have a problem.

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#9: If you play Whack-A-Mole with Facebook Chat

You know what I’m talking about when I compare inboxing friends to Whack-A-Mole: seeing if you can message someone when you see them “pop” online before they “pop” offline. This is common for guys AND girls when they are afraid to talk to their crush. They’ll see the person they want to talk to come on their Friend List in the corner of the screen in the chat box, hesitate for awhile before getting the nerve to send them a message but right when they feel brave enough the person goes offline! If you time when your crush gets on and offline sad to say that is considered stalking…

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#8: Getting upset by the number of “Happy Birthday” posts written on your wall

There are some people who have 1,000+ friends and they will write a Happy Birthday message for every single one of their friends. However, they get upset if their birthday messages total 200 notifications when it is their birthday. In today’s world, birthday cards have been replaced with social media birthday wishes through text messages, Facebook posts or a tweet. I really don’t see the reason for getting so upset because nowadays who even remembers another person’s birthday? In the right-hand corner of the News Feed there is a link that tells you about which of your friends has a birthday coming up along with the people who have a birthday on that particular day.

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#7: Going crazy when someone un-friends you

For some reason this is very common for a lot of Facebook users. When you have a lot of followers on Twitter it doesn’t really matter if you get un-followed or not. That is typically because Twitter is more about strangers following strangers with most people being followed by “eggs” you know the Twitter accounts that don’t have a normal profile picture but instead just have a picture of an egg. It doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 or more friends but this is typically something that people with only a few 100 friends or so will go through. There are so many things that run through their mind when they notice their Friend Count is down by 1.

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However, it should not be something to be bothered by because it is a waste of time trying to figure out if you did something wrong or why they would you un-friend you to begin with. Seriously I know some people who will actually go through their entire Friend List in order to figure out who un-friended them. They’ve got it bad…

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#6: If your worst fear is the day the Facebook Company allows everyone to see how many times you have viewed their profile

I’m pretty sure we all have this fear buried somewhere in the back of our minds. Let’s just admit there is at least one person who’s profile we have visited one too many times. Whether it be a crush or an ex, we never want anyone to know how many times we’ve went to their page. I think that the Facebook Company DOES have the means to make it so anyone with a Facebook can tell how many times people have come on their profile. My guess is that the company made the wise decision not to make this possible because think of the chaos it would create!


#5: If you go too far in someone’s photos and LIKE one by accident making you believe that your life is over

It is very likely that you were creeping through that person’s pictures. There are some people who might be flattered if you liked a picture from 3 years ago but I have yet to meet one of those people. If you feel nervous going deep into someone’s photo albums then chances are you shouldn’t be looking through them to begin with. 9 times out of 10 the first thing you do when someone adds you as their friend is to go through their photos. Well either that or look at their relationship status depending on who the person is. The photos they post can tell a lot about that person and sometimes the past photos aren’t pretty… The next time you “accidentally” hit the LIKE button on someone’s old photo just chill because throwing your computer out the window or burning it won’t make that LIKE go away!


#4: Feeling like you HAVE to post something everyday

Don’t let the urge to post something dictate how you go about your day. Just because you can post something online doesn’t mean that you should. I’ve had a couple of people tell me that they are only on Facebook once or twice a month! Let me put it this way; if posting a status is the highlight of your day then something is seriously wrong!


#3: Judging your worth by the amount of LIKES you get

Come on get a grip! Just because someone posts a picture of themselves without hardly any clothes on and gets 2,500 LIKES doesn’t mean jack squat! If you are the kind of person who posts an inspiration quote or scripture that gets 1 or 2 LIKES don’t worry about it. Let your character be a demonstration of the kind of person you are not what you post online.

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#2: Checking your Facebook any chance that you can get

Making a routine click over to Facebook to see if you have any messages can turn into hours of scrolling up and down the News Feed page if you are not careful. That compulsive need to go online isn’t beneficial. It just proves that you might be spending more time on Facebook than you need to be.


#1: Facebook is your home page

I remember when I first got a Facebook, I made it my homepage and after 2 weeks I could tell that I was becoming an addict. That was probably one of the worst mistakes I ever made. Whenever I got on the internet to get some work done, I would do the exact opposite and spend all of my time on Facebook.

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There are ways to fight the addiction that comes with a Facebook account. Don’t spend all of your free time just looking at other people’s profiles and looking at the News Feed waiting for something new to load. That is pretty much the equivalent of going to the fridge every 10 minutes hoping for something different to be in there the next time you open it.

Could Gohan Ever Go Super Saiyan 3?

by Jeremy Carden

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If the youngest son of Goku can become a Super Saiyan 3 (after fusing with Trunks) then what is stopping Gohan?

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If there was ever a time when Gohan was best suited to go Super Saiyan 3 it would have been during the Cell Saga. For obvious reasons this was not possible because at that time the level did not exist, the series was supposed to end after Gohan won but fan support eventually lead to the Buu Saga and Gohan had reached his peak power.

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Having some control of the Super Saiyan 2 level in my mind would make it easier to become a Super Saiyan 3. Considering that Vegeta and Goku reached the level through training it makes sense that they could transform to Super Saiyan 2 at will easier than Gohan.


The death of #16 before his very eyes along with his dad and friends getting beaten by the Cell Jrs. caused Gohan to snap and let his emotions free releasing the power hidden inside.

images (1)

He did not train for 7 years opting to study and go to school instead of working to gain better control over the form like he had with the regular Super Saiyan transformation becoming a Full Power Super Saiyan.

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Gohan never learned how to just go Super Saiyan 2 without the necessary trigger to make him mad. Remember on Yardrat, Goku worked to be able to go Super Saiyan at will rather than being enraged in order to do so. This was not the case with Gohan and his new found power.

images (8)

You could tell that it was a struggle for Gohan to go Super Saiyan 2 after the fight with Cell. When he showed the form to Kibito it was clear that it was a struggle for him to access his power.

There are a couple of reasons for that:

1. Due to lack of training and as a result not being able to use the form at will, it was the cause of Gohan straining to go Super Saiyan 2.

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2. Considering that he was in an arena full of people, Gohan was struggling to contain his power and keep it under control. Similar to Goku powering up against Cell, he had to really concentrate to keep his power contained when he powered up to his maximum.

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#2 seems like a reasonable excuse because Gohan’s power only affected the ring and not the entire arena. It was very cool seeing the tiles floating in the air as he transformed and they all fell back into place after his transformation was completed.

However, it is also plausible that due to not gaining full control of the form it took him a few seconds to push in order to transform.

images (9)

The only time that I see Gohan getting truly enraged to the point of his power reminding me of his pre-teen self against Cell was when he saw Spopvich crushing Videl’s head under his foot. He was so angry that he turned Super Saiyan and flew out of the backroom to the stage. When Yamu appeared to tell his partner to stop fooling around, Gohan calmed down.

Seriously, I don’t think Gohan got close to that kind of anger when fighting Dabura or attacking Buu’s egg.

Later on when he confronts Dabura and Babidi with Superme Kai in order to stop Buu’s egg from hatching, he remembers what Goku told him about how if he used the same power he did against Cell then there would be no one who could stop him.

images (3)

Gohan was hesitating because it had been so long since that battle and he had forgotten how to unlock that unstoppable power. After some inner monologue, he powered up to Super Saiyan 2 and went in charging to attack but halted when Babidi exclaimed that Buu’s egg had reached full power!

images (4)

When Gohan tried blowing the egg away with repeated Kamehameha Waves, I don’t think that was a moment where he could have ascended. I say that simply because he was attacking out of desperation rather than using a level head.


Goku’s transformation into a Super Saiyan 3 on Earth was felt all the way on Supreme Kai’s Planet where Gohan was training with the Z-Sword. Later on when he returned to Otherworld, Goku arrived on the planet and while flying with his son and the two Kais to get some lunch he told Gohan that he’d show him how to go Super Saiyan 3. This was not shown on screen but it would have been interesting to see all the same.

According to Goku these are the 3 steps necessary to become a Super Saiyan 3:

images (4)

1. First turn Super Saiyan

images (2)

2. Then push to the level beyond that of a Super Saiyan which is an Ascended Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2


3. The next power has to come from deep inside and you have to push hard to find it so you can break down the barrier necessary to fully transform

images (1)

4. Tap into that and you’ll reach Super Saiyan 3!

Super Saiyan 3 is more about Ki utilization than it is about raw emotion or training like the other 2 Super Saiyan forms. Which means that Gohan would have to look at something inside of himself aside from his rage in order to get to the hidden power inside.

images (16)

I think that Gohan did Step #3 when he unleashed ALL of his power to win the beam struggle with Cell’s Solar Kamehameha and completely destroyed the Android.


Goku told him to release his full power to finally end the threat of Cell. My guess is that Gohan was in such a weakened state that he was not able to go Super Saiyan 3. During Goku’s flashback to the first time Gohan went Super Saiyan 2 he was only able to hold the form for a few seconds before passing out from exhaustion since the two had been training for like 20 hours straight!

Or as I pointed out before that the form did not exist yet…not just in the DB Universe but in the minds of the writers for the show.

images (33)

Gohan broke down the barriers that he placed on himself due to losing one arm after saving Vegeta from Cell’s attack. That caused him to believe that his Ki had dropped by 50% or more and why he was struggling with Cell’s Kamehameha Wave. However, despite breaking through those barriers he wasn’t able to access some hidden power because he had already released his hidden power by going Super Saiyan 2 in the first place!


When he overpowered Cell, Gohan was just using the Ki that he thought had disappeared after his arm got blasted. To go Super Saiyan 3, it requires a Saiyan to look deep inside for a new power not a power that was already there. Goku kept telling Gohan that he already has the strength needed to defeat Super Perfect Cell and that it was just his own doubt that kept him from finishing the battle.

Top: Cell's Solar Kamehameha Bottom: Gohan's Father-Son Kamehameha

Top: Cell’s Solar Kamehameha
Bottom: Gohan’s Father-Son Kamehameha

Let’s say Gohan’s full power was not enough and even if he gave the Father-Son Kamehameha his 100% from the start, Cell’s Solar Kamehameha still had more strength. If Gohan looked deep for more power then I could see him going Super Sayian 3.


That is because he would be looking inside himself for a power to break down the barriers of even his maximum hidden power (Super Saiyan 2). I mean Goku went to a 4x Kaio-Ken to overpower Vegeta’s Galick Gun so I can believe Gohan going Super Saiyan 3 to overpower Cell’s blast.

images (39)

Could you image it: Gohan’s power instantly increasing by 4 as a Super Saiyan 3? That would be insane his blast was already huge but to have it grow in size/power by 4?! Whoa and Cell said his attack could destroy the entire solar system, I couldn’t imagine the destructive force of a Super Saiyan 3 Father-Son Kamehameha!

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*In the Dragonball Heroes game (only in Japan), Future Gohan is able to go Super Saiyan 3.*

images (11)

There is an interesting theory about how Gohan’s Ultimate or Mystic powers are actually a representation of him as a Super Saiyan 3. The only difference is that none of the major physical changes are present in his appearance. By that I’m referring to a lack of eyebrows and the extremely long hair. Not to mention he does not have that huge drawback of his Ki being depleted rather quickly in his Mystic form.

images (7)

If Gohan went Super Saiyan 3 would it be weaker or stronger than his Mystic powers?

Honestly, I’d have to say that Gohan would be weaker as a Super Saiyan 3 compared to his hidden powers being fully unlocked by Old Kai. The reason I am saying that is because Super Saiyan 3 is 4x the power of a Super Saiyan 2.

images (5)

Goku and Vegeta at Super Saiyan 2 were more powerful than Gohan was as a Super Saiyan 2. Vegeta says that Goku was more powerful than Gohan was against Cell. Earlier when Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2 for Kibito, Vegeta comments that he was a lot stronger 7 years ago when he fought against Cell. With that in mind, if Gohan did go Super Saiyan 3 he would be weaker than Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

images (6)

Ultimate Gohan is more powerful than Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and Super Buu who are both more powerful than Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

images (18)

It just seems that his Mystic powers transcend anything that he could ever achieve in his Super Saiyan forms.


This diagram (click to make larger) basically spells out how Mystic Gohan is ALL of his power being utilized without the need of transforming. Add in Super Saiyan 3 on the chart on the left and it would just be another circle added while the Mystic/Ultimate one would still be the same.

If Gohan went Super Saiyan 3 I think it would come before his Mystic form. By that I mean that I don’t think while in Mystic form Gohan would just ascend to Super Saiyan 3. I think it is something that he’d do in his Super Saiyan 2 form.

images (7)

We’ve all seen Super Saiyan 3 Broly in the Raging Blast games. Some clarify that he is a Legendary Super Saiyan 3 based on his lack of pupils, hair color and massive size being traits similar to his Legendary Super Saiyan form. If Broly were a “normal” Super Saiyan 3, then he’d probably look a little something like the picture above.

download (7)

Compared to the form we see in the games, I’d say this would be a Legendary Super Saiyan 3.

In terms of Gohan going Super Saiyan 3 it would be a normal Super Saiyan 3 unless he goes Mystic Super Saiyan 3 or something but that idea just sounds ridiculous to me.


download (8)

In the movies Wrath of the Dragon and Battle of Gods, we see Gohan “power up” to his Mystic form. That is what I think would happen even if he did go Super Saiyan 3, he’d just “skip” over it like Gotenks did Super Saiyan 2 in order to go Super Saiyan 3. For Gotenks, he went Super Saiyan 3 because it was more powerful than Super Saiyan 2.

In my mind, even if Gohan were able to become a Super Saiyan 3 he would probably choose to use his Mystic powers instead. I’d say that because it is more powerful not to mention less of a strain on his Ki supply. That would be the more advantageous strategy for someone who claims to be smarter than Piccolo and tougher than Gotenks.

Can Gohan transform into a Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2 while in his Mystic form?

images (20)

I’m going to be honest and say that I do not know why Gohan cannot transform into a Super Saiyan 1 or 2 in his Mystic form. My guess is that Old Kai pretty much brought ALL of Gohan’s powers to the surface. By going Super Saiyan, it increases his power 50x or 100x his base form depending on if he goes Super Saiyan 1 or 2. So with all of his hidden powers unleashed going Super Saiyan wouldn’t be useless it would just be unnecessary.


Old Kai told Gohan to unleash his powers by “Doing that Super Saiyan-thing you always do…” meaning looking for the power deep inside him and bring it out to the surface. This sounds oddly familiar to what Goku told Goten and Trunks to do in order to break down the barrier between Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3!

images (12)

Considering he was able to go Super Saiyan in Battle of Gods in order to help Goku reach Super Saiyan God, we can rule out the theory that he could NEVER go Super Saiyan again.

images (13)

And despite showing the ability to go Super Saiyan 2 in GT but never using his Mystic power, we can rule out DBGT as being a time where Gohan could have went Super Saiyan 3.

images (11)

I also don’t think that he could have gone Super Saiyan 3 against Broly mainly due to his serious lack of training (despite the training he was currently doing with Goten before the World Tournament) and as I mentioned countless times before the fact that he didn’t have a good handle over Super Saiyan 2.

So there you have it! I think his best chances of going Super Saiyan 3 was back in the Cell Saga mainly due to his polished training thanks to Goku and unleashing his full power but going Super Saiyan 2. Moving on to after his power up from Old Kai, I do think that he had the potential to go Super Saiyan 3 BUT it was unnecessary.

Do you think Gohan can could go Super Saiyan 3?

Don’t let a part-time job kill your lifelong dream?

by Jeremy Carden

Do you have dreams of flying high but find yourself grounded because your funds are low?

Personally my dream is to be a professional writer because I write short stories, blogs, songs and poems. It would be a dream come true to write a #1 hit on the Billboard Charts or write a book that ends up on the Best Seller List. However, I know that becoming an overnight sensation is nearly impossible. Not to mention overnight sensations more often than not disappear from the spotlight just as quickly as they became famous.

Now I know that it will take time to make my dreams come true. With faith, hard work and the one word almost everyone hates “patience” perhaps the day will come with some of my writing lands at the top. Until that time I have to find a way to make a living. I know a few people who tell me that they wish they could be doing some other career but instead they are stuck doing whatever job they are at for a living.

That has been my biggest fear ever since I started college: to end up working at a dead-end job and look back at my life years later regretting not going for my dream(s). Most of the people I know who feel that way are people who let their dreams die instead of keeping them alive.

What I try to tell myself everyday is that sometimes I’ll have to do something that I do not want to do in order to get to where I want to go. I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now and God has everything under control. That is the main problem that a lot of people have: going crazy over the things in their lives that they cannot control.

It helps to give me spirit remembering that I feel stuck where I am now but I should think of it as a stepping stone to the next chapter of my life. Whatever that next step is remains unknown but I do know that in due time it will be revealed to me.

Hopefully this blog will encourage that fast-food employee, a newly graduated college student working to pay off school loans or a janitor who dreams of bigger things but does not know how to move to the next step. I used to work at a fast-food place before college and let me tell you that I knew college was a good move because I did not want to ever work in a restaurant as long as I live! Looking back I am glad that I did work there because it taught me the importance of taking my time while cooking, maintaining adequate kitchen conditions like keeping the food at the right temperature and it showed me that working hard for something means more than just having it handed to me.

Again everything that we do leads to something else. One of my favorite sayings is the one about how opportunities are usually disguised as hard work. Not too many people these days want to work for something that they want. However, opportunity does not knock on people’s doors like it used to so there are times when we must put in more effort than usual to make things happen.

No matter what happens you must keep your dream alive no matter what it is. There is nothing that can take your hope and spirit away. It all boils down to whether or not you let the flame of your passion burn out. Just remember that part-time job that you are at right now is just a temporary stop on the road before you take off towards your lifelong dream.


Are you ready to be rich?

by Jeremy Carden


Have you ever thought about how all of your problems could be solved if you were rich? Paying off some overdue bills, buying that new car you’ve been eyeballing each time you pass the car dealership or going on a nice vacation to forget about your problems. Somehow the thought of being rich seems to creep its way into my mind every day.

I cannot lie and say that I don’t wish I had $1 million in my bank account right now. Being a college student with loans, a car and other things that require well money can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. I’m sure everyone just wishes they could whip out a wad of cash to pay off everything and watch as their money problems just go away.

As the late Biggie Smalls said in one of his songs “The more money you got…the more problems you have.” I’m sure a lot of things will just pop up in front of me if I ever hit the lottery, wrote a hit song or got a Best Seller Novel published. You know the usually group of distant “family members” or friend you haven’t seen in years coming up to you begging for money.

For me the main question that I ask myself is whether or not I’d use the money for what I NEED to use it on rather than what I WANT to use it for. I’m 22 and one of the last things I’d do with a big chunk of money is put a good portion of it into a savings account for when I get older. It is something that I should do but probably would not. I mean my brain tells me to pay off my college loans, get a car in better condition than the one that I have now, put aside some cash to get either an apartment or a home depending on my next move after graduate school and just put the rest in the bank.

Thinking about it for awhile made me realize that I am not ready to be rich. I know in God’s timing if He sees fit for me to become a millionaire then it will happen. Similar to Solomon praying for wisdom over fame, wealth and everything else a king in those days would prefer over how to properly run their kingdom I hope the same happens to me. If the day does come where I am put in a position where I have more money than I could ever spend, I pray that God gives me the wisdom to use it responsibly.

I recall watching a documentary on people who win big lottery prizes and it takes about the curse of the lottery. All I could do was shake my head at the ridiculousness of it because it made no sense. There is no curse that comes with winning the lottery it is about the wrong people getting the money because of their wasteful spending. After ending up broke from blowing it all on ridiculous things they talk about how it was a curse. However it was all a result of poor money management on their part.

Going back to what I was saying before, I’m not saying that I would be an expert on spending that money wisely but I know I wouldn’t blow $100,000+ on a car that’s for sure.

Back when Deal or No Deal used to air on TV, the host said that he was always irritated by people who came on the show saying they needed a certain amount of money for bills, a house, college loans, helping out a friend or family member or whatever the case maybe. However, when they get to a point in the game where they have more money than they came on to win their greed gets the better of them because they went up playing further losing it all.

Would I do the same thing if I were on the stage with $125,000 guaranteed and just take a risk going on but then losing it all? My instincts say no but I’m sure that if I were in their shoes I’d probably be caught up in the moment. However, growing up without a lot ot money taught me the importance of being smart and not stupid in terms of how I spent money.

Some people think that those who say “Money isn’t everything” are the people who do not have any money to begin with. I cannot say whether or not that is true but I do know some rich people say that they are not happy. What I do know is that it feels good to be somewhat financially secure.

Whether or not I will become rich someday is still unknown to me. I’ll just keep working hard and shooting for the stars. However, I will try not to do so for money but for my own satisfaction. Getting paid a lot of money doing what I love to do would be like a bonus for me. There is nothing like being able to do what you love for a living. A lot of people who invent things became rich because inventing new products is their joy.

So, are you ready to become rich?

Android Saga: Super Saiyan Goku vs. Super Saiyan Vegeta

By Jeremy Carden


If Goku and Vegeta did a battle to the end before their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber who would win?

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In the Android Saga, Vegeta finally ascended to the status of Super Saiyan in an attempt to close the gap between him and Goku proving that he is the most powerful Saiyan. However, we never got to see if Vegeta truly was the superior Super Saiyan.


At the time of his ascension, the Z-Fighters were training for the Android threat that Trunks told them about. When Vegeta did return to Earth from his training in outer space it wasn’t good timing because Goku was in the middle of his battle with Android 19.

images (15)

Goku was suffering from his heart virus and near death when Vegeta saved him from Android 19. The next time we see Goku back on his feet was after Cell first appeared and began his hunt for humans to absorb before confronting the Androids.

images (19)

From there he, Gohan, Vegeta and Trunks went into the Time Chamber for training. After Vegeta and Trunks emerged, it was clear that Vegeta was more powerful than Goku. Then when Gohan and Goku emerged, Goku once again surpassed the Saiyan Prince at the level of Full Power Super Saiyan.

However, we never get to see who was more powerful before the Time Chamber Training.

images (10)

What makes this battle somewhat difficult to evaluate is that we do not know how powerful Goku was prior to his heart virus. Remember he did train for three years with Piccolo and Gohan. At the time of the Android Saga, Goku was only seen fighting while he was sick so even during the battle with Android 19 his power was dropping.

images (23)

During their first fight on earth it was clear that Vegeta was more powerful until Goku started using the Kaio-Ken at multiple levels but Vegeta overall was more powerful than Goku after turning into a Great Ape.


While fighting in the Buu Saga at Super Saiyan 2, they were dead even

images (18)

Of course meaning as regular Super Saiyans they were equal as well

images (17)

Even as Super Saiyan 4s in DBGT it seems they are even (but I discuss why they are not in this blog).

However it still remains unknown which one of them would win in the Android Saga…

There are a few areas that need to be looked at in order to give a fair evaluation:

  • Training
  • Speed
  • Durability
  • Techniques
  • Power
  • Brains
  • Attitude


download (4)

Hands down the award for superior marital artist is Goku. This low-class Saiyan (as Vegeta would say) had trained in many forms of combat from his mentors that ranged Master Roshi to King Kai. Not to mention the unseen training he received on Yadrat before returning to earth after his battle with Frieza. After returning he said that he only had time to learn ONE technique on Yadrat which was the Instant Transmission. Not only that he learned how to transform into a Super Saiyan at will rather than only in moments of extreme rage or anger like the Hulk.

download (2)

download (1)

Vegeta is a good fighter but his techniques are more brutal and sometimes he fights dirty. That is probably why I love watching him fight more than Goku.

images (3)

In preparation for the Android battle, Vegeta trained in 450x gravity which was almost 5x the gravity that Goku trained in on his way to Namek. This was prior to his transformation into a Super Saiyan demonstrating how he (like Goku) can excel in rough conditions improving his skills.


Vegeta never really had a mentor or fighting instructor like Goku had. His father in flashbacks is shown teaching Vegeta about the Saiyans in terms of how they dominate planets for sale and send their offspring to other planets. In the Bardock special, we see him easily taking down Saibamen in a training center but after that is sent off on special missions for Frieza along with Nappa and eventually Raditz. Most of his training has been solo but the end result increases his power greatly.

Winner: Draw

Now the reason for this draw is because even though Goku has had more training from different masters, Vegeta has trained in harsher conditions. Not to jump ahead to the durability section, but I feel that Vegeta would be able to handle whatever Goku threw at him. With Goku’s abilities as a combat specialist, I think that he can endure, block or counter Vegeta’s techniques. So in a way they kind of cancel each other out with Vegeta’s 450x gravity training exceeding Goku’s training at 100x gravity.


Keep in mind that Vegeta spent 3 YEARS first training at 150x gravity before ending with 450x gravity while Goku only spent 6 days going from 20x to 100x gravity.

Again in Goku’s case, having multiple styles of martial arts at his disposal thanks to training with many masters equips him with what he needs to deal with Vegeta’s brute force tactics.


download (6)

First off, we are eliminating Instant Transmission from this category because it’s well instant. Remember it is a technique in Goku’s arsenal but it is a technique NOT his natural speed.


I feel that Vegeta training at 450x gravity was much more intense than Goku’s training with Piccolo and Gohan in earth’s normal gravity.

download (15)

Both of them are incredibly fast! Gravity training is very brutal on the body but after mastering the intense conditions both of them raised their power AND speed tremendously. After completing his training at 100x gravity Goku mentions that he felt light as a feather.

Winner: Vegeta BUT…

It depends on whether or not his body was once again used to Earth’s normal gravity.

images (5)

Considering his gravity training was more than Goku’s I’m sure that he was much faster. Now the reason I have room to doubt is because of his training in outer space. Right before he turned Super Saiyan, Vegeta was blasting a barrage or meteors coming down on the planet that he was on in order to save his spaceship. When one final rock came his way, he said that it took everything that he had and more in order to blow it to bits.

images (8)

He mentions that training at 450x gravity put a toll on his body and he hadn’t gotten used to normal gravity again by the time that giant meteor was headed his way. I’m guessing the huge drop of pressure on his body was too much and that was why he almost died trying to blow up the rock and got caught in the explosion. Vegeta even says that “normally” it would have been child’s play to blow up that rock.

So, we don’t know when this takes place because if it was very close to the arrival of the Androids I’m unsure if Vegeta’s body was once again used to normal gravity. However, going Super Saiyan probably helped to adjust any “complications” Vegeta had getting used to normal gravity conditions by earth’s standards I mean.

images (12)

If that is the case then I don’t think that anything was wrong with his speed. I guess the evidence came in the form of him easily dodging all of #19’s attacks with minimal effort.

Now if Vegeta DID recover from his 450x gravity by the time of the battle with the Androids then this point goes to him.


I have no doubt in my mind that Vegeta is the more durable fighter. The reason I am quick to say that is because of he and Goku’s gravity training.

images (9)

After training at 100x gravity during his trip to Namek, Goku said that he was now powerful enough to handle a 10x Kaio-Ken. During his battle with Vegeta, Goku could handle a Kaio-Ken at level 1 or 2 with ease. However, when he turned up the heat to a 3x Kaio-Ken his body began to pay the toll. Not to mention he needed to go up to level 4 to overpower the Galick Gun leaving Goku in an exhausted state. When he was caught in a tight spot during the battle with Frieza he was able to use a 20x Kaio-Ken and launch a 20x Kamehameha Wave that didn’t leave in a condition like he was after using the 4x Kaio-Ken against Vegeta.

images (1)

We can determine that Goku was not only more powerful due to his gravity training but also his body was more durable. Using the Kaio-Ken requires the body to be in a condition where it can handle the toll that the technique delivers on the body.

With that in mind, Vegeta trained in far harsher conditions in order to surpass Goku. He wanted to train in 300x gravity for starters and by the end of his training he had mastered his training at 450x gravity which is just about 5x the intensity of Goku’s gravity training.

I’m not saying that Goku can’t take a beat down because he’s been in some brutal battles in the series. However, I’m going to have to insist on Vegeta being the Saiyan who can take a beat down and continue fighting.


*Except for Frieza because the tyrant pretty much destroyed his spine with merciless blows to the Saiyan’s back*

The Super Saiyan transformation boosts all of a Saiyan’s stats (which includes durability) meaning Vegeta should be able to handle whatever Goku dishes out.

Winner: Vegeta


At this point of the series, it is clear that both Saiyans had a variety of moves in their arsenal.

download (11)

Goku’s best attack is the Super Kamehameha because I don’t think he’d use an Angry Kamehameha. I don’t know why I think him using it on Frieza was a onetime thing as opposed to the many times he used the Super Kamehameeha on opponents after the fight on Namek.

download (10)

While Vegeta’s best attack would be his Big Bang Attack

Aside from destructive Ki attacks and brutal fighting moves, Vegeta doesn’t have that much to offer in terms of skills to power him up or throw his opponent through hoop like Goku has in his arsenal.

The Instant Transmission technique gives Goku a huge advantage. Being able to dodge attacks, launch attacks from different angles and surprise Vegeta gives him an edge.

download (7)

Now you are probably wondering: What about the Warp Kamehameha?

This wasn’t introduced in the series until his fight with Perfect Cell but I don’t think that he wouldn’t use it here. It doesn’t seem like a technique that he trained to use, I think Goku just made it up on the spot to take Cell by surprise. Kind of like how Vegeta used the Final Flash to catch Cell off guard by taunting him into taking the full force of the blast. With that in mind, I’m sure that Goku would probably “develop” the attack during his fight with Vegeta.

Remember Goku poured most of his power into the attack and Cell even says that it is more than enough power to destroy the earth if he launches if from his position in the sky. Goku most likely planned on that being the move to KILL Cell but it didn’t work.

Again this is a fight to the end between Goku and Vegeta in this scenario. If Goku DID use the Warp Kamehameha on Vegeta with that much power then I do see him winning. Most likely due to Vegeta not being able to regenerate like Cell can.

download (5)

The Solar Flare is also a technique that would give Goku a leg up to stun Vegeta just long enough to get in a powerful attack. So Goku in my opinion has more techniques that would disorient his opponent.

download (6)

And no I don’t think he’d use the Spirit Bomb because of 2 reasons:

1. It takes WAY too long to charge up and I doubt Vegeta would just sit there while Goku gathers energy. I know he let Cell turn Perfect, did nothing while Frieza transformed and so on but the Spirit Bomb takes too long. I know the duration of one Solar Flare in the Saiyan Saga was enough for Goku to get the Ki needed to form a bomb on Great Ape Vegeta but I doubt Goku could gather enough Ki to take out a Super Saiyan near his own power in only a minute or two

download (7)

2. This is a fight between Super Saiyans and one must have a pure heart to form the attack. Goku had not reached Full Power Super Saiyan yet in the Android Saga meaning that he was still transforming into an untamed level of power where his heart is somewhat corrupted by the power and his own Saiyan instincts. I know he used transformed in Super Android 13 but it was only after he had already formed the bomb and he simply absorbed the Ki instead of launching it. No doubt if he did that Vegeta would be done for in an instant.

download (8)

Could Goku use the Kaio-Ken as a Super Saiyan?

Remember he was dead and in the Otherworld when he used this in his battle with Pikkon. He used the technique making his power as a Full Power Super Saiyan double basically making him power up to a Super Saiyan 2 power level. However, he only was at that power for a couple of seconds. Afterwards, he was almost completely exhausted. Keep in mind that a dead body uses less Ki than a living one meaning that if Goku was that exhausted while dead I don’t think his living body back in the Android Saga could handle that much power at once. Again let’s forget about him absorbing the Spirit Bomb in the movie since that was a different scenario.

Winner: Goku


download (1)

With no official power levels being recorded after Trunks’ power of 5 on the Scouter of one of Frieza’s men, I cannot give out numbers on this.

images (32)

Considering that Goku was stronger than he was on Namek and Vegeta is more or less even with him then we can conclude that both have power levels higher than 150 million which was Goku’s power on Namek.

If you ask me we don’t see Goku OR Vegeta at 100% during the Android Saga.

Goku was only seen punching Android #20 in the face and fighting with Android #19. However, his power was decreasing as the battle went on due to the heart virus taking its toll.

images (20)

The only time we see him actually up and about was right after he woke up and pulled a Krillin: standing outside of Kame House shooting Kamehameha Waves in the ocean. We don’t know if he got a Zenkai from the near death virus that had him in bed for 10 days and even if he did then we don’t know how much his power was boosted. Obviously it was not much because if he did get a boost then he would not have been so anxious to ascend past a Super Saiyan to combat the Androids and Cell.

I’m relying on Piccolo for this category because of 2 reasons:

download (1)

1. When Goku transformed to fight #19, Tien was shocked at his power but Piccolo showed no sign of being surprised at the Ki Goku was giving off. That could be because he was much stronger as a training partner for Goku than Gohan was and I bet that Goku trained with Piccolo as a Super Saiyan.


download (16)

Being easily able to defeat Android #20, Krillin mentions that Piccolo was probably as strong as a Super Saiyan. This statement made Vegeta sarcastically say “Right…” I mean Piccolo’s huge boost in power over the 3 years could not have come unless he had a strong opponent to spar and train with. In that case, Piccolo had already been in the presence of Goku when he was at his maximum so he had no reason to be surprised when he went Super Saiyan.

images (3)

His calm demeanor was a huge difference from his reaction to Goku going Super Saiyan after Trunks asked him to. He was just as surprised as everyone else witnessing Goku going Super Saiyan for the first time in front of them.

2. After Vegeta ate a Senzu Bean and flew off in search of #20, Gohan asked if Vegeta was more powerful than his dad. Piccolo states that Vegeta might actually be more powerful than Goku is. Again, I’m pretty sure that Piccolo is comparing Goku at his prime (during their training) not based on his performance against #19 while he was being drained by the virus.

download (17)

Later on after easily losing to #17 and #18, Tien tells Trunks that he is one of the most powerful guys that he has ever met before but he was taken out in one blow by those Androids even as a Super Saiyan. He goes even further saying that Goku is strong but even so he couldn’t see how he could be that much stronger than Trunks OR Vegeta.

images (16)

Kami even says that Vegeta as a Super Saiyan was tossed around like a rag-doll and even if Goku recovers from his illness in order to help he’d provide little resistance against these powerful new foes.

In terms of Vegeta not fighting at 100% during the Android Saga here is why:

images (21)

1. Willingly letting himself lose Ki to #19 was again to confirm that Androids do absorb Ki through their hands. Not only that, Vegeta was able to toss around the overweight Android with no trouble at all so there was really no need for Vegeta to fight at his maximum.

images (3)

2. Against #18, it was clear that Vegeta lost that battle with both arms broken along with his pride. He let his anger get the best of him due to #18’s insults and he was fighting sloppy making it difficult to see what he was TRULY capable of.


So even though we never get any clear confirmation as to who was more powerful, we can assume that if one was indeed more powerful than the other then the gap between the two would be minimal. I think we can agree that Trunks ranks at #3 just ahead of Piccolo but right behind Goku and Vegeta who in my mind are the Top 2 Z-Fighters at that point: until Kamiccolo jumps to #1.

Winner: Vegeta

I’m going with Vegeta just because I think that gravity training raised his power quite a bit. The time he spent in those rough conditions really did a lot for him. But again even if Vegeta IS more powerful he isn’t that much more powerful than Goku. So in their battle every attack would count since it takes up precious Ki.

You are probably thinking how training in 450x gravity only made the difference between their powers only “a bit” different from each other.

Need I remind you of Goten and Trunks?

images (28)

Trunks was training at 150x gravity with Vegeta before the World Tournamet. He was struggling just to walk BUT he was standing. Later on he is seen doing over 9000 one handed pushups.

Well like his father he was doing finger pushups but hey like father like son right?

images (32)

download (14)

After showing his dad that he could easily go Super Saiyan and was jumping around 150x gravity like it was nothing, he says that he is “a bit” stronger than Goten.

images (29)

Goten on the other hand did not train in increased gravity until he and Trunks enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and even then he doesn’t seem fazed by the increased gravity. This is most likely because he saw Super Buu kill Chi-Chi while he was watching and that determination erased any signs of him feeling the strain of 10x gravity.

download (23)

Goten trained first with Chi-Chi and then with Gohan (who most likely only fought/trained with Goten as a Super Saiyan and not a Super Saiyan 2) while Trunks trained with Super Saiyan Vegeta in the gravity room.

images (5)

One main reason for their gap in power is that Goten was a year younger than Trunks (which is a much smaller age gap than there is between Goku and Vegeta) not to mention the two were able to easily go Super Saiyan unlike their fathers but still I think it is a valid comparison.

images (23)

Goku trained with Gohan and then was able to use more power training with Piccolo while Vegeta trained solo in 450x gravity.

So, we can conclude that even if Vegeta trained in increased gravity he wouldn’t have surpassed Goku by that much if he did indeed surpass him as a Super Saiyan.


download (14)

Goku is a fighting genius and takes huge gambles with his body/energy and they usually pay off for him. Most likely due to his willpower and never give up spirit that just makes him a better fighter as a result. However that is just about it when it comes to Goku’s brains because he fights with a level head and thinks outside of the box which is a good counter for Vegeta.

images (7)

Vegeta is more deceptive and cunning than Goku. After #20 flew off in fear, Piccolo stated that Vegeta is nearly unbeatable not only in combat but in psychological warfare as well. The reason being that #19 sucked A LOT of Vegeta’s Ki during their fight due to Vegeta willing letting it happen to confirm that they absorb Ki through their hands.


Not to mention the large amount of Ki he used to blow #19 up with the Big Bang Attack. There is no doubt that Vegeta was exhausted but his taunt worked. He powered down from Super Sayian and started jeering #20 to attack him while he had the chance since the fight with #19 left him weakened. Instead of attacking, #20 took the bait and ran for the cliffs with Vegeta in hot pursuit. Piccolo even states that if #20 had attacked Vegeta then he would have won.

download (25)

Much later in the Fusion Saga during the fight between Buuhan and Super Vegito, King Yemma tells Baba that Vegeta is smart and a better tactician than Goku.

I’m sure during the battle Goku would be able to get the upper hand on Vegeta by digging deep to overpower him but when it comes to brainpower the winner is…

Winner: Vegeta



images (9)

As mentioned above, Goku gets excited in the midst of battle. He has said time and time again that the stronger his opponent the stronger he fights and that battle excitement brings out the best in him.

Goku would not want to fight unless his opponent was at his best and I’m sure he and Vegeta would fight at their max from the beginning so I’m not guessing Vegeta would take a long time going to 100% like Frieza did during his fight with Goku.

But remember this is a “death battle” so forget about Goku showing mercy on Vegeta.


Vegeta on the other hand would have an attitude of giving it 110% because THIS is the moment that he has been waiting for! He had finally gained the level of Super Saiyan and this battle would be his chance to finally regain his place as the Prince of All Saiyans and the most powerful Saiyan.

download (20)

Just like his battle with Super Saiyan 2 Goku in the Babidi Saga, Vegeta would not be holding back.

Now here is where Vegeta might lose:

Going Super Saiyan does more than increase power and speed it does something to their personality as well (at least until they learn to control it better like Goku and Gohan did mastering Full Power Super Saiyan). See in base form Vegeta is proud, prideful and stubborn and going Super Saiyan makes him even more hotheaded and irrational than before.

images (11)

Piccolo mentions that since he became a Super Saiyan, Vegeta’s ego has been out of control and losing to a woman (#18) did more than hurt his body it hurt his spirit and pride.

download (21)

I could actually see him winning and have Goku exactly where he wants him but his pride wouldn’t allow him to simply kill Goku. He’d probably give one of his famous monologues instead of finishing Goku off allowing Goku to find an opening for a counterattack.

He felt cheated that a low-class was the first to reach the legendary status of Super Saiyan instead of him due to his royal heritage and bloodline. Seriously, Vegeta cannot let anything go especially a matter involving his ego and he would give Goku an earful of pride instead of getting the job done.

Winner: Goku

*Seeing them work together in combat*

download (9)

The only time that we see these two actually fighting side by side was in the movie The Return of Cooler. At first Vegeta was fighting solo not even caring if he blasted Goku or not. Then they worked together to destroy one Meta-Cooler before they were overtaken by 1,000 of them.

It is difficult to say who was stronger because:

1. This was a movie not canon but still a good fight in my book

download (3)

2. Goku had been fighting much longer so no doubt his Ki was a bit depleted by the time Vegeta showed up.

download (12)

Similar to being choked by #19 and having his life force drained from him

images (33)

Goku was being chocked by Meta-Cooler before Vegeta showed up and saved him with a kick to the opponent’s face just like he     did against #19

images (34)

3. The only time they worked together was when they charged into Cooler busting him into pieces before Vegeta blasted him away

And the winner is…

images (7)


With a score of 4 to 2 (not including the draw) Vegeta comes out on top. There are a lot of factors that come into play during the breakdown of their battle so I did my best to look at every possible advantage and disadvantage. Even though Vegeta got the most points, that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be a close battle.

What do you think; would Goku win by an upset or does Saiyan Prince still reign supreme?

How powerful is Frieza?

by Jeremy Carden

download (4)

It has been confirmed that Frieza’s maximum power level was 120 million during his fight on Namek with Super Saiyan Goku who had a maximum power level of 150 million.

The topic behind this blog is to get some kind of understanding on some of the things that Frieza says regarding his power and some of his forms that we never see the maximum potential for.

Here is what we do know about the tyrant’s power:

images (15)

  • Frieza’s 1st form

Frieza stated himself that his power level in this form was 530,000. He tells Nail this when the Namekian Warrior with a 42,000 power level tries to stall for Krillin, Dende and Gohan to use the Dragonballs.

images (26)

  • Frieza’s 2nd form

After transforming in response to Vegeta’s taunts, Frieza tells the shocked Saiyan that his power level is over 1 million.

images (10)

  • Frieza’s 100% form

As I mentioned above, it is confirmed that his power level is 120,000,000. However, due to the strain that his maximum power puts on his body that number was decreasing the longer his battle with Super Saiyan Goku went on which explains how Goku was controlling the fight more and more with each blow thrown.


  • Mecha Frieza

It is stated by the doctors who repaired/rebuilt/healed Frieza in King Cold’s ship that Frieza was now capable of experiencing levels of power that he would not have been able to achieve in his purely organic body.

While flying to the area where Frieza would be arriving, Vegeta sensed that Frieza’s power level had increased from the battle on Namek but so had his own.

One has to wonder if he is basing this off of the power he detected from Frieza during his battle with him OR did he actually compare the power that he sensed from Mecha Frieza to 100% Frieza?

images (8)

Remember after being revived by Shenron, Vegeta saw Goku and Frieza fighting. He flew to the scene as soon as he caught sight of the dragon of Namek and right before being teleported back to Earth due to Dende’s wish he attempted to blast Frieza.

So it is not confirmed whether or not Vegeta was stating that Frieza’s power was more than his final form or his final form at 100%

That pretty much covers Frieza’s power at least from what we do know. Here are a few things that we DON’T know about his power:

  1. In his 2nd form, how much over 1 million was Frieza’s form?
  2. How powerful was his 3rd form?
  3. When telling Goku that he was only fighting at 1% of his power, was it a bluff or the truth?
  4. Which form was more powerful 100% Frieza or Mecha Frieza?

I think by looking at facts from the anime and manga we can figure out the answers to these questions in order to pinpoint a few things about Frieza.

1. If I had to make an educated guess, I’d wager that Frieza’s 2nd form was somewhere in between 1,500,000-1,700,000

images (24)

We know that Piccolo (after fusing with Nail) was also over 1 million given the fact that he was actually able to hold his own against Frieza even with his weighted clothing. Once he removed them, Piccolo proved to be much faster than the tyrant suggesting that if Frieza did not transform into form 3 that the Namek might have actually won the battle.

2. Frieza’s 3rd form is at least 2,500,000

After transforming, not only did Frieza “heal” from his injuries during the battle in his 2nd form (except for this tail being sliced) but he was EASILY able to overpower Piccolo

download (2)

Not only that, Piccolo’s trademark speed was no match for the big-headed (literally) tyrant who outmaneuvered the Namekian before nearly blasting him to death with his Crazy Finger Beam!

download (1)

Even after receiving his Zenkai boost from Krillin’s attack and Dende’s healing, I’m not sure if Vegeta could defeat 3rd form Frieza. I do think he’d do much better against that form than Final Form Frieza.

Considering Vegeta could see Frieza’s invincible Ki blasts when no one else did demonstrated how much of a difference there was in his power level now when compared to Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin. Despite being faster than Piccolo, 3rd form Frieza would probably be matched by Vegeta (possibly).

download (7)

Think of it like this; Gohan’s giant Masenko blast almost overwhelmed Frieza. When I first saw that scene, I truly believed that Gohan was going to win and if not for Frieza’s tail (what was left of it) holding him up so he could deflect the blast back, I don’t think he would have survived it. Well at least the attack would have done a lot of damage if he had survived the explosion.

download (5)

Fed up with being unable to hit Frieza with one attack, Vegeta used the Final Burst Cannon which was more than enough to blow up the planet. Frieza deflected it with one simple kick with less effort than it took for him to deflected Gohan’s attack in 3rd form.

images (25)

This could show how much of a gap there was in power from 3rd form to final form. Piccolo nearly crapped himself upon seeing Frieza’s final form but took on his 3rd form without fear (until he found himself unable to keep up).

So I’d say 3rd form Frieza is around 2,500,000 considering that 2nd form Frieza is at least twice more powerful than 1st form. I’m guessing the same is somewhat true about 3rd form when compared to 2nd form.

images (4)

3. I think that Frieza was bluffing when he told Goku that he was only using 1% of his power before using 50% to easily overpower Goku.

Here is why: Frieza’s maximum power is 120,000,000 so what is 1% of 120 million?

Answer: 1,200,000


1,200,000 is around the power of his 2nd form which is said to be what? Over 1 million!

Goku’s base power after healing in the rejuvenation machine in Frieza’s ship was 3 million which was a huge jump from his level of 90,000 after training in 100x gravity.


However, that is the “magic” of writing…I mean a Saiyan’s Zenkai ability making them much stronger after near death experiences.

images (33)

When the battle first stated, Goku and Frieza were more or less even with each other. Goku was able to handle whatever it was that Frieza dished out.

images (14)

Even Frieza could not battle against the Saiyan without using his hands as he gave to Goku as a “handicap.”

Let’s look at another detail that will make Frieza’s statement even more of a bluff; King Kai said that Goku was using the Kaio-Ken the ENTIRE fight!

At that point, Goku’s maximum level was a 10x Kaio-Ken after training in 100x gravity.

So, one can assume that Goku raised his power using the 10x Kaio-Ken right here:


This picture is right before Goku stepped up to face Frieza who was torturing Vegeta.

One question though: if Goku was powering up using the Kaio-Ken, why isn’t he surrounded by crimson aura like in his other uses of the form?

Well remember when Goku was “fighting” Burter and Jeice?

Vegeta noticed that Goku was dodging their attacks easily by raising his power level only when necessary in order to conserve his energy for the “real opponents” (Captain Ginyu & Frieza).

images (28)

He was doing it so quickly that their Scouters were unable to pick it up. When he first arrived on the battlefield they recorded his power at only 5,000 despite his TRUE power being 90,000.

Goku could have either used the 10x Kaio-Ken rising his power to 50,000 and above only when necessary and learned how to do so without the outward physical changes.


Want another example? Remember in Hell, Goku had a Full Power Super Saiyan aura while in base form. His only physical changes were his hand standing on end and the aura appearing.


His eyes did not change color nor did his hair. This is mainly due to him “hiding” his true power from Pikkon and also take note of how it was the Super Saiyan 1 form that he had mastered previously giving even more understanding of how he could “transform” without fully transforming.

Similar to using the Kaio-Ken at a level 10 without his outward aura changing because remember after he finished his training, he figured that his durability and stamina had increased so much that he could raise his Kaio-Ken to 10!

With that being said, when the fight first began Goku’s power level was at 30 million.

images (10)

Now with Frieza pretty much going blow for blow with the Saiyan that means he was fighting with a power level of AT LEAST 30 million as well.

By doing the math, we can calculate that Frieza had been using 25% of his maximum to fight with Goku because 25% of 120 million is 30 million meaning that Frieza WAS bluffing!

download (6)

Later on, when he guesses that Goku was holding back power he assumes maybe 5x or even 10x was what Goku was hiding; pretty accurate assumption because Goku was fighting at 10x Kaio-Ken and he later pumped it up to 20x so indeed Goku was “hiding” another 10x increase of his power. Frieza is smarter than he looks….

Frieza decides to show off 50% of his power and according to him he has never had to use that much power in order to finish a fight.

Of course, Goku was not to be outdone and with a montage of the people he was fighting for playing through his head, he powers up to Kaio-Ken x20!

download (8)

That boosted his power to 60 million which is equal to Frieza at 50%!

Here is the thing though; I feel that Goku’s power was quickly slipping away during his melee assault on Frieza.


download (9)

Whenever Goku uses a Ki attack like the Kamehameha his power level nearly doubles. His body was not in a condition to handle that much power at once. The Kaio-Ken as King Kai put it will wreck the user’s body if used at a level too high for the person to sustain.

images (30)

Goku was heavily damaged by Frieza so that explains why he seemed to “rush” his assault in order to take out Frieza as fast as he could.

images (31)

However, Frieza was able to block it with a one handed Ki attack.


Don’t get me wrong, Frieza did not have an easy time blocking it similar to Raditz blocking Goku’s Kamehameha with one hand. Except in Frieza’s case, his hand was left scorched by the attack!


4. Finally, this is the one question fans have been debating: which form was more powerful 100% Full Power Frieza or Mecha Frieza?

After going back and forth on the matter, I believe that Mecha Frieza IS capable of a higher power level than 100% Frieza BUT we really don’t see the limits of it.

What do I mean by that?

Well Super Saiyan Future Trunks was easily able to dispatch of Frieza and his father.

No matter what Frieza threw at the Saiyan, Trunks was easily able to take it with no problem before finally slicing and dicing the robotic tyrant.


I mean even Frieza’s ultimate attack (the Supernova) was no match for Trunks who caught the blast with one hand and even avoided the explosion with ease after Frieza detonated the bomb.

Though it is never confirmed just how powerful Mecha Frieza is, we can assume that he would still be no match for Super Saiyan Goku on Namek who had a power level of 150,000,000.

images (32)

The reason I say this is because I do not think that in his first appearance in the series, Future Trunks would not be able to defeat Super Saiyan Goku from the Frieza Saga.

I do feel that Super Saiyan Trunks is more powerful than Frieza’s level on Namek of 120 million meaning that whether or not he had his sword he could have killed Frieza.

images (17)

Also, Frieza said that since he and his father could take on Goku together, the Super Saiyan would not be a match for them.

But…in Trunks’ timeline this was not the case. Goku teleported to the scene using Instant Transmission before Frieza could make a move against Earth and killed the two before they could pose a threat to Earth.

images (12)

The same was going to happen in the present, but Goku said that before he could make his move he felt Trunks’ presence.

images (34)

As I said before, I DO think that Mecha Frieza is capable of powers higher than 120 million but by how much was never seen because Trunks made Frieza look like nothing and by doing so we don’t see what Frieza’s new body was truly capable of but I bet we can agree that no matter how powerful he had become it still failed to be anything that would give a Super Saiyan a difficult time.

What makes a major difference is that I could see Mecha Frieza being able to sustain the power of 120 million without the strain on the body that the purely organic Frieza seemed to experience. If there was some “multiverse battle” between Mecha and 100% Frieza, I think Mecha would win due to that advantage.

download (3)

I hope this helps to clear any of the things that were left unexplained in terms of how powerful Frieza was. I thought it best to forget about trying to figure out how powerful Frieza was in GT, when Pikkon beat him in Hell or Fusion Reborn given how easily he was defeated. He was once the most powerful being in the universe (well in his mind anyway) but after dying he was just comic relief or an easy kill most likely to show how far the Z-Fighters have come since the Frieza Saga.

Any other thoughts on how powerful Frieza is?

DBGT: Why Was Uub/Majuub So Underrated?

by Jeremy Carden


It hurts me to see Goku’s pupil and one of the most powerful characters in the DBGT series so underrated. After 10 straight years of training with Goku, Uub was equal to Goku in base form.

Now a lot of people argue that these two are as powerful as a Super Saiyan 2 or beyond. I like to keep things simple and based on my own perspective of the series; I feel that Goku (base form whether he is in his adult or kid body) and Uub are at least as powerful as a Super Saiyan 2. I do not feel that they are at a Super Saiyan 3 level of power though.


With that being said, I think the only character aside from Super Saiyan Goku (and his other forms) that could defeat Uub would be Super Saiyan 1 or 2 Vegeta. Considering that Kid Goku (base form) was able to defeat Baby Super Saiyan Goten and Super Saiyan 2 Gohan with relative ease, I think Uub would be able to do the same.

images (8)

Remember during his battle with Baby Vegeta, Uub was able to hold his own. After blasting Baby into a wall, the Baby-infected Gohan, Goten and Trunks rush to the scene to assist. However, Baby scolds them saying that he was only testing Uub’s power and that he might be stronger than all 3 of them combined. He then blasts them saying that they are useless to him now seemingly killing them all. Keep in mind that assists in confirming my earlier statement that Uub would be able to defeat the 3 Saiyan/Human hybrids with Vegeta being the only other character aside from Goku who could defeat him.

images (7)

After fusing with Mr. Buu, I think that Majuub is at least more powerful than Super Saiyan 3 Goku. I’m basing this on the fact that Majuub put up a better fight against Baby Vegeta than Goku did. Considering that Super Saiyan 3 is 4x as powerful as a Super Saiyan 2 (Which I clock Uub’s power at), I’d say the fusion of Buu and Uub raised his power at least 4x over.


Baby was struggling to keep up with Majuub’s attacks but he wasn’t even fazed by any of Goku’s hits saying that Goku had not gotten a bit stronger since their first battle on Earth. You could argue that it is because Goku wasn’t at 100% as a Super Saiyan 3. However, keep in mind that since his tail grew back (thanks to Old Kai) he was able to hold Super Saiyan 3 without reverting back to base form after transforming for a few seconds.

hqdefault (2)

Goku was fighting at his max but Baby was able to beat him with ease but it wasn’t until he overexerted himself was he able to deflect Majuub’s Chocolate Kamehameha. Remember before successfully pushing back Majuub’s attack, Baby’s muscles bulked up and gave him enough power to deflect Majuub’s move back at him changing him into chocolate.

images (9)

At the beginning of their fight, Baby commented on how Uub’s fighting style/techniques (despite having Goku’s “stink” on them) were probably even better than Goku’s but of course no match for him.

images (4)

Keep in mind that Uub said that as soon as he felt something strange occurring on Earth (Baby infecting people worldwide) he decided to go into the mountains and continue his training. I’m assuming that he masked his Ki to avoid Baby sensing him and placing an egg inside of his body. He must have also hid on the Capsule Corp. ship in order to get to the Tuffle Planet as well.

images (2)

So, Uub was more powerful than he was at the beginning of the series since he continued his training after leaving the Lookout.


Looking at all of this information, I consider Majuub to have exceeded his master/mentor in terms of power. For a short period of time, Majuub was the most powerful Z-Fighter!


At least until Goku went Super Saiyan 4 that is knocking Majuub to #2.

After being eaten by Baby it seemed that Majuub was digested and most likely dead. It was a shame since Goku was late by just a few seconds. I would have loved to see master and student team up to fight against Baby Vegeta!


However, he “reemerged” inside of Baby or should I say Vegeta’s stomach in order to restrain the giant ape in order for Goku to get his power restored by Goten, Trunks and Gohan.


It seemed as if Majuub had this planned all along. If he had been more powerful than Baby Vegeta then he would have just defeated him. Majuub must have planned ahead knowing that he could not win and instead opted to use a latent attack inside of Baby. This is similar to Goku’s delayed 10x Kamehameha Wave on Baby before.


What made me mad about this scene was that instead of Goku getting his Ki restored, everyone stood around just gawking at Baby writhing in pain. It wasn’t until Kibito Kai yelled at Goku that he realized that Majuub was doing it all for him and they started powering up.

Goku promised a sparring match with Majuub after the battle with Baby was over but we never see it…

Here is where Majuub is reduced to a second rate character instead of second best (after SS4 Goku). Moving on to the World Tournament, he made it to the finals and actually thought that Mr. Satan was a powerful World Champion. He was using wrestling moves like the German Suplex and other submission holds before going in for the win. Buu showed up in his subconscious to remind Uub that Mr. Satan was the champion and if the Earthlings saw their champion defeated it would make them upset and sad.


It seemed that Buu paralyzed Uub’s body allowing one punch from Hercule to send him out of the ring losing the match. Even when he tried to explain to Goku and the others that he did not lose the match on purpose and that it was Buu who told him to throw the match they just thought he was being modest. After seeing how happy Mr. Satan was he smiled as he was able to help out the champ.


One a side note, Majuub’s disguise in the tournament as Papayaman was almost as ridiculous as Gohan’s Great Saiyaman days back in DBZ. I didn’t really see the point of it but oh well it was supposed to be a “filler” episode just to lead up to the Super 17 Saga but still…


Remember at the end of DBZ, Goku told Goten and Trunks to continue their training because someday Uub would look to those two for leadership.


In the end this was far from the truth because during the assault against the escaped villains from Hell, Majuub was the one “leading the force” to destroy all of the enemies while they were attacking cities around the globe.

He was even able to kill General Rilldo in one blast before he was able to turn Gohan completely into metal. That showed how powerful he was after fusing with Buu.

Against Super 17 he was easily defeated even with Super Saiyan Trunks and Goten along with Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and Vegeta attacking the Android.


Now before the group transformed into their Super Saiyan forms, everyone attacked 17 which didn’t even faze the fused bot. what made me mad was that Majuub unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks that did nothing. Afterwards Majuub was huffing and puffing like he was exhausted! Just from that simple melee barrage, the most powerful Z-Fighter on Earth (Goku was in Hell) was tired?!?!?


My guess is that because he had expended so much energy destroying all of the other villains attacking the earth he was a bit tired. I think that was part of Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu’s plan to wear out the Z-Team before unleashing their ultimate weapon.

That sounds good in theory and honestly I like to think that is the truth rather than them rewriting Majuub to be useless compared to Vegeta or the other Super Saiyans even though he exceeds them in power…

In any case, I feel that he was far too easily defeated by Super 17 and this was before he started absorbing Ki attacks.


download (1)

Though it is uncertain whether or not Super 17 absorbed Gohan’s Kamehameha Wave and Vegeta’s Final Shine attack.


The Shadow Dragons Saga is where I feel Majuub was extremely underrated. He was the only one able to hold off Syn Shernon while Gohan, Goten and Trunks gave their Super Saiyan power to Goku in order to restore his Super Saiyan 4 power beyond his limits.

images (6)

After grabbing Syn from behind for a choke-hold, it actually appeared to injure Syn for a second. Powering up and emitting an aura was enough to surprise Syn by how hard he was holding him until Syn got out of the hold.


He was easily defeated by Syn after he deflected one of his most powerful Ki blasts before the dragon countered with his own blast that hit Majuub in the face sending him hurtling to the ground.


When Goku apparently defeated Syn with a 10x Kamehameha Wave, everyone gathered together to celebrate the victory. The only problem with that was no one even mentioned that Majuub was still missing after being attacked by Syn. I mean not one person even attempted to go look for him considering he got beaten pretty badly from that one blast.

You could argue that it was because Syn reemerged before anyone could do something but still. They were more concerned with finding the other Dragonballs without even bringing Majuub up. If it wasn’t for him stalling Syn, Goku would not have been able to get the power needed to defeat the dragon in the first place.

images (3)

It wasn’t until 1 ½ episodes later did Majuub resurface after Goku and Vegeta fused into Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. After struggling to make it back to the scene (again no one lifted a finger to help him), he suggested that he, Goten, Trunks and Gohan fuse; well of course Goten would fuse with Trunks and Gohan with Majuub. However, Gohan pointed out that they’d need to have the same power level for Fusion to work correctly and that Majuub should let his body heal first.

What I liked about that moment was it showed how much of a proactive character Majuub was. Even though he was seriously injured he thought it best to be out on the battlefield instead of just sitting around on the sidelines.

He wanted to fuse with someone in order to help out Gogeta. Even though it turned out that Gogeta was MORE than capable of taking down Omega, it would have been interesting to see 2 fused beings take on the powerful dragon. If anything perhaps the fusion of Majuub and Gohan would have convinced Gogeta to get the job done instead of playing around but it is one of those things that we will never know.

images (1)

He did see escape as hopeless after Omega launched the Negative Karma Ball because as everyone else was trying to evacuate before the blast hit, Majuub sensed that even if they tried to run away it wouldn’t matter because the entire planet would blow up if the bomb hit the ground.


I was a little upset that he wasn’t in the group to help fight Omega with Vegeta and the others but it was because Goten told him to gather all of his villagers in Bulma’s spaceship in order to escape the planet.


Majuub’s Candy Ray would have been able to defeat the Shadow Dragons, Baby Vegeta and maybe even Super 17 unless he absorbed the ray instead of being transformed after being hit with the attack.

Overall, I just hated to see one of the most powerful Z-Fighters reduced to nothing but a background character. Sure I know that GT pretty much made everyone who was not Goku look like Krillin or Yamcha in comparison to his power but still. I know this might be off topic but I feel that the ONLY reason Vegeta was able to go Super Saiyan 4 was just so the fans would see a Goku/Vegeta Fusion in the series! Due to that Majuub is #3…


I mean Uub was Goku’s student and should have played a much larger role in the series. GT should have been more about the lives of Goku’s friends and sons rather than just about him. The series should have incorporated the idea of Uub being the protector of peace that Goku spent 10 years training him to be. Instead GT was an awkward attempt at mixing the action of DBZ with the more comedy driven original DB series and it just created bad result in my opinion.

Did you want to see more out of Uub/Majuub in the GT series?

Dragonball GT: Adult Gotenks

by Jeremy Carden


Why didn’t Gohan go Mystic?


How come Vegeta doesn’t go Super Saiyan 3?


Was there a reason that Pan never went Super Saiyan?

These are some of the MANY questions that fans ask about the GT series. However there is one that baffles the minds of fans and makes them very angry due to the absence of one particular character in GT. What a lot of fans wanted to see was the adult version of Gotenks.

One of the most impressive things to me personally would be if Goten and Trunks got the Fusion Dance correct on their first attempt. There was a 10 year gap between Z and GT so Gotenks probably didn’t appear during that time.

images (5)

They did use the Fusion Dance in the movie/special that took place 2 years after the defeat of Kid Buu, Yo! Son Goku and his friends return! However they got it incorrect on their first try and then got it right on their second try admitting that they were out of practice.

images (6)

In the next movie Battle of Gods which takes place 3 years later, they get it down on their first attempt BUT a quick spanking from Bills takes Super Saiyan Gotenks out of the fight.


Well moving on 5 years later we see Goten and Trunks at age 17 and 18 but no sign of Gotenks most likely due to no major threat at the end of Z it is just them fighting in the World Tournament.

images (14)

So, moving on 10 years later we arrive at the beginning of GT. Originally Vegeta and Chi-Chi were going to send the two slacker Saiyans into space with Goku to find the Blackstar Dragonballs. However due to Pan basically doing something that contributed to this series going down the toilet…


She pressed the start button to go into space leaving Goten behind so for a year there was no Gotenks in sight. The reason I say year is since they have a full year to find the balls and bring them back before the Earth explodes.

I’ll go on a limb and say what a lot of fans might just agree on; there were PLENTY of times when Gotenks could have or should have made an appearance!

I’m sure if Goten were in space with Trunks and Goku instead of Pan, Gotenks was going to throw down on some galactic monsters and robots!


Come on I could see Gotenks fighting against General Rilldo or Luud and those would have been some interesting battles instead of seeing a Kid Goku just beat every down like they were nothing.


Another reason I’m confident in Gotenks being seen during their travels in space is because Goten AND Trunks had not been training at all. Think about all of the time Trunks was EASILY taken down during battles.

  1. Ledgic wiped him out with one punch
  2. Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy distracted him with a whip and threw him to the ground leaving it to Goku to finish him off
  3. Mutchy held off Trunks for awhile with a pile of bricks thanks to his psychic abilities and it was only after turning Super Saiyan was he able to get them off of him
  4. One mouth blast took him out of the battle with Luud again leaving it up to Goku to win (along with Pan’s help)

Just a few examples of how Trunks’ lack of training didn’t do anything positive while traveling with Goku. It pretty much proves that Vegeta was right with him and Goten being way too soft during the times of peace.


Moving on to later in the Baby Saga, Gotenks should have appeared during the fight with the giant Golden Ape Baby. However, Goku said that Gotenks would not be enough even if Gohan, Gotenks and himself fought.


He then opted to take their energy to recharge himself to a full power Super Saiyan 4. The flaw I see in this is that Gotenks most likely could have offered more Ki to Goku than Goten and Trunks separately. Not to mention they probably could have recharged Goku even faster than they did by doing the Fusion.

download (15)

I would have loved to see Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks trying his hand at stopping that rampaging ape!


Then in the Super 17 Saga, even though it would not have been necessary (except against General Rilldo most likely) to take out all of the returning villains Gotenks could have been used to take them out with ease.

Alright now here is where we get to the point that it was outright ridiculous for Goten and Trunks to have not fused! The 2 Android 17s fused into Super 17 but Goten and Trunks opted to fight solo…


Seriously, the two Androids fused to become a much stronger being but Gotenks did not appear to fight? Really the writers screwed up on that one! I know with Gotenks being as cocky as he is, I’m sure he’d get in some massive Ki attacks that would have just made Super 17 stronger but still it would have been cool to see.

images (6)

Finally we get to the Shadow Dragons Saga when all of the Z Fighters unite to help Goku against Syn/Omega Shenron. Again the Saiyans are used as “batteries” to recharge Goku so he could surpass his limits as a Super Saiyan 4.

Gotenks should have appeared to help charge up Goku faster but again…oh well you know what happens!

When trying to stall Omega for Goku and Vegeta to fuse, it makes sense that Goten and Trunks don’t fuse because those two and Gohan gave their Super Saiyan powers to Goku so them not even going Super Saiyan to stall Omega was understandable since their powers probably hadn’t returned yet.

images (1)

After Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta makes the scene, Majuub (who everyone seemed to forget about after he got blasted in the face by Syn) appears saying that they should fuse to help out. However Gohan points out that their power levels wouldn’t be equal since Majuub got injured so badly and that he should heal first.

Malik107 (1)

Then in the final stand against Omega before his defeat by the Universal Spirit Bomb, Gohan/Trunks/Goten return to help Vegeta fight off the dragon but are quickly defeated. Again I was another chance for Gotenks to appear to help give them a better chance even if it was a slim one.

It is a shame Gotenks had multiple opportunities to appear in GT but the writers just didn’t deliver. What I would have loved to see more than anything else was if Gotenks would have any new or crazy attacks in his arsenal. Remember Goten and Trunks were not even 10 and they had deadly attacks like the Super Ghosts and Galactic Doughnut! I think that is what would have made me laugh the most seeing Gotenks goofy around with dangerous opponents like Omega or Super 17.


However in the Japanese Arcade Game Dragonball Heroes we are finally given an Adult Gotenks!



What a lot of fans question is the change in Gotenks outfit; black undershirt, Capsule Corp. boots and Trunks’ gloves instead of the traditional Fusion Dance outfit. I think it is an interesting change so they would not look like another Gogeta after fusing but that is just my opinion.

images (12)

This seriously would have been one of the things that could have improved GT. In the trailer for DB Heroes, Adult Gotenks appears fighting Oceanus Shenron along with other characters in the game. Not to jump off topic but I think that if the Shadow Dragon Saga did not just focus a majority of time on Pan and Goku it would have been a lot better than it was.


Something I might cover in another blog is my opinion on how the Shadow Dragon Saga should have been Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Majuub, Goten and Trunks going off to different locations to fight individual Shadow Dragons before coming up against Syn Shenron before a final showdown with Omega. That again would have been a chance for Gotenks to fight in the GT series!


What are your thoughts on the absence of Gotenks in the GT series? And do you feel that his appearance in DB Heroes is a hint of things to come in future DB games?

Dragonball GT: Who was stronger Super Saiyan 4 Goku or Great Ape Baby?

by Jeremy Carden

This is one of the long standing debates of Dragonball GT which begs the question which one of these 2 was the most powerful.

images (2)

If you ask me the battle between Goku and Great Golden Ape Baby Vegeta is like a seesaw in that the tables kept turning to the point that it is difficult to tell which of these two was actually winning.

There were multiple factors that came into play during their fight that makes me unsure as to who was more powerful;

  1. One of the most important being the size difference between Goku and Baby after he turned into an ape
  2. Baby losing slight control over himself as the Old Kai stated
  3. Bulma turning the tide of the battle in Baby’s favor with the Blutz Wave Machine
  4. Goku’s Ki being recharged by his sons, Trunks and Pan

And the list goes on as to how the battle went back and forth when it seemed like one side had the advantage over the other. To make things a bit easier to comprehend, I’ll go over what we do know about the battle between Goku and Baby.

images (19)

Well Goku was pretty much a mindless beast as a Great Golden Ape just thrashing around the Planet Tuffle. Even when Baby tried attack him it only resulted in him being smacked around until he decided to retreat in order to reach the same kind of power. It wasn’t until Pan helped him realize who he was and what he was fighting for that Goku snapped out of his animal instincts and reached Super Saiyan 4!


He was toying around with Baby at first letting him score melee attacks and Ki blasts which ended up doing nothing but make Goku retort that they only felt like a feather. Even a Revenge Death Ball (which was supposed to kill Goku in their first fight on Earth until Kibito Kai saved him) did absolutely nothing to Goku.


After letting Baby get his attacks in with no success, the gloves were off and Goku mopped the floor with the Saiyan/Tuffle!

images (16)

Just when Goku was able to kill Baby Vegeta with a Kamehameha Wave that was when the tide turned and Bulma’s Blutz Wave Generator/Machine transformed Super Baby Vegeta into a Great Ape.

Now Goku was shocked that his opponent whom he was about to kill had powered up and the tide of the battle changed.

images (5)

Well if Goku had gone ahead and killed him while he had the chance then it wouldn’t have ended up this way. Even Old and Kibito Kai said that he shouldn’t be toying around with Baby…

In any case, the battle started with Baby acting like well an ape. It was basically a repeat of Baby vs. Goku as an ape with him smacking Goku around. Baby spent most of his time rampaging like an ape reigning down destruction to his own planet and killing his own followers. People were screaming in terror at the Ki blasts and Flame Breath he was using on the city.

It wasn’t until later we discover that Baby was acting like an ape simply to act like an ape and to know what it felt like to be Goku; an out of control ape.


Though after Goku took the full force of a Super Galick Gun in order to save the Earth from blowing up, Old Kai mentions that the method of growing back his tail through the Blutz Wave Machine actually had a negative effect that was evident in Baby’s eyes and this caused Baby to experience fits of rage and a loss of control. The Saiyan instincts were taking over and Baby was fighting to keep his sanity. Even before being hit by the rays from the machine, he asked Bulma if he would be able to control himself because he only wanted to kill Goku not wreck his whole planet.


When Baby was about to finish off Goku he was shocked to discover that the 10x Kamehameha Wave was actually a latent attack in order to catch Baby off guard.


After that Goku and Baby knocked each other out cold!

So that was pretty much Round 1 of their battle and we really don’t know WHO was more powerful because knocking each other out generally means that they were more or less even.


One of the most impressive feats of the battle was Goku literally throwing Baby to the ground by grabbing one of his fingers. That is pretty powerful considering that Goku wasn’t emitting an aura showing that he was holding back power in that moment.

Right before that Goku was able to break out of Baby’s powerful grip by powering up!


So that might indicate that Goku was more powerful but the size difference between him and Baby prevented him from a quick victory.


Though I must admit that if Goku WAS more powerful than Baby why did he have to rely on a delayed Kamehameha Wave to distract Baby? If he could have emitted enough Ki to kill Baby once and for all (which I actually thought he did) then why didn’t he do it? I’m guessing because he couldn’t but that’s just my opinion.


When Bulma fires ALL the Blutz Waves being emitted from the Earth it not only revives Baby but it makes him more powerful and physically bigger than before. The negative effect that had on Goku was that his Ki was depleted heavily since the Earth was taking the place of the full moon and since all the Blutz Waves were being sent to Baby, Goku was getting weaker.


Baby was so powerful that just by giving out a roar he was able to destroy buildings and his power was felt by Trunks who was far off on another section of the planet flying towards the action after being freed from Baby’s control thanks to the Sacred Water.

Goku being out of energy was bluffing until Baby called it and was on the verge of killing him until Pan stepped in. Goten, Gohan and Trunks arrive on the scene and Goku asks for them to give him their Ki so he can become a full power Super Saiyan 4 once again.

Pan says that it IS the only way because before Bulma’s machine made Baby more powerful, Goku had that ape on the ground! Now here is the line that a lot of fans use as proof of Goku being more powerful;

Baby; “That little brat is right, I cannot let him power up again!”

This might indicate fear because if Baby was 100% confident in his new power then he would do what any other villain in the past would do and let his opponent power up seeing it as no threat; Cell did this with Gohan and Buuhan was willing to let Goku fuse with someone using the Potara Earrings but Baby was like Frieza and paranoid of the threat of a Super Saiyan or in this case Super Saiyan 4.

images (11)

From there he starts attacking the group to prevent them from giving Goku their Ki. Now here is where I figure that Baby was weakened. After recovering from the Solar Flare, Baby charged up a Super Galick Gun and prepared to kill the group before he is attacked from the inside!

images (1)

Majuub who was previously eaten by Baby after being hit by his own Chocolate Beam reverts to his human self and powers up inside of Baby’s digestive system crippling the giant ape. If you ask me I think that Majuub’s assault brought Baby’s power down. Seriously Baby was in severe pain as if he was losing a battle against extreme indigestion. After spitting Majuub out he attempted another Galick Gun to kill the Saiyans BUT it was too late…


Goku was once again at full power!!!


Moving on to the final round of their battle he and Goku fire Ki blasts at each other and pause with both panting very hard. This again shows that they were more or less on even ground. Even Gohan and Trunks comment on how they are more or less even with Gohan mentioning that Baby might have the upper hand since Goku had taken more damage only for Pan to say that Goku HAS to win this.


Now here is where things go wrong on Baby’s part; he starts throwing a temper tantrum making rash attempts at killing Goku. Back when Goku lost his first battle with Baby, he discovered that it was Baby’s weakness that he didn’t like being made fun of because he would throw a fit losing his cool. Goku did the same here mocking Baby saying that his Super Galick Gun probably would have hurt…if it actually hit him that its…


Baby fires a powerful Super Galick Gun which Goku dodges with ease and that just makes Baby angrier. He pulls off a rapid fire version of the Super Galick Gun that doesn’t even hit Goku but instead causing lava to emerge from underneath the ground causing a HUGE cloud of smoke where he finds cover for his final attack.


He charges up the Revenge Death Ball Final in an attempt to kill Goku once and for all. Goku doesn’t dodge but catches the blast but is pushed into a cliff where he is absorbed by the blast and feels the negative Ki breaking his body but his will and love for his friends and family somehow allows him to absorb the attack?

Yeah I’ll get into that later…

images (3)

From there he powers up a 10x Kamehameha Wave that knocks out Baby before blasting his tail off which forces him to revert back to his Baby Vegeta form and he exits Vegeta’s body in an attempt to escape the planet.


Goku waits until his ship is at the right angle and blasts him into the sun!

images (18)

Baby is fried to a crisp at that is the end of the Tuffle!

Alright so in the end Goku wins that battle with the Great Ape. The question still remains though who was stronger? I suppose that Goku as a Super Saiyan 4 IS more powerful but there is still room for debate as I mentioned above. There were a lot of factors that tipped the scales of this battle in Goku AND Baby’s favor with no true clear winner.


We don’t know how much a Great Golden Ape transformation multiplies a Saiyan’s power. The regular Great Ape form is a 10x power increase. Many fans say that the Great Golden Ape form is the “Super Saiyan of Legend” that Vegeta talked about in the Ginyu Saga. He even says that the Saiyan could only hold the form while in the Great Ape state. However, that is only in anime filler and never mentioned/seen in the manga so it is up to you as to whether or not you feel that Saiyan from Vegeta’s story IS the Great Golden Ape or aka the Super Saiyan of Legend. Well GT is non-canon so it is what it is and I’ll leave it at that.

I’ll be one to say that I do believe that the Great Golden Ape and the Saiyan from Vegeta’s story IS the same transformation. Vegeta said that the Saiyan was drunk with power destroying the planet he was on and as a result killing him.

download (1)

Goku was practically doing the same to the Tuffle Planet causing volcanic activity until he was reaching up for the earth showing that he had some memory of his “former self” which Pan helped him to remember.

In any case with some fans believing the Great Golden Ape form to be the “Super Saiyan” version of the Great Ape form some say that the form is a 50x increase of the base power just like a Super Saiyan transformation is. I GUESS this is a plausible theory because the Great Ape form is the true form of a Saiyan which is 10x the Saiyan’s power so if the Golden Ape is 50x that it would mean that Great Golden Ape Goku is 500x more powerful than base form Goku.

Super Saiyan 4 is 10x stronger than a Super Saiyan 3 meaning 4000x base power so…

Yeah it is really up to you to decide how you feel about that.

Great Ape Baby Vegeta was not just Vegeta’s power it was Baby’s as well. Keep in mind that Baby alone was not that powerful.

download (4)

Let’s see Baby had grown into a “teenager Baby” before taking over Vegeta’s body. He had gotten huge power boosts from taking over Goten and Gohan. Then he absorbed Ki from Trunks, Bulla, Gohan and Goten allowing him to transform into Baby Vegeta 2.

images (1)

Finally, he absorbs the Ki from the Earthlings-turned-Tuffles which was all negative Ki from their hatred of the Saiyans for the Revenge Death Ball which transformed him into Super Baby Vegeta.

So Baby Vegeta received 2 huge power ups prior to becoming a Great Golden Ape.

download (2)

And I believe the reason he wasn’t able to go Super Saiyan 4 even though he was “in control” of himself for the most part as a Great Golden Ape was because Vegeta wasn’t the one in control and Vegeta was technically a Tuffle and not a full blooded Saiyan. From what I can gather anyone who is not 100% Saiyan is not able to turn SS4. So Gohan, Goten and Trunks being 50% wouldn’t be able to turn SS4 which is ridiculous in my book.


Finally, going back to what I mentioned before; how the heck did Goku survive those Revenge Death Balls?

I kind of feel that the reason he was able to do so was because those attacks were not enough to destroy him. Either that or the fact that the attack is made of 100% negative Ki which is the exact opposite of the Spirit Bomb which is made of 100% positive energy. The reason Goku could survive it was because he is a positive being well at least in base and Full Power Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 1 he is pure of heart.

Now as a Super Saiyan 4 I don’t think he is but since this is GT I don’t know if the same rules apply…

images (8)

I’m going out on a limb and say that Goku was so powerful that the Revenge Death Ball and the Flaming Death Ball were not powerful enough to inflict major or any damage to him.

images (9)

But when in terms of the Revenge Death Ball Final that was complete bull! Goku was literally trapped in the center of the blast and was suffering from the attack. It wasn’t until he refused to lose for the sake of his loved ones was he able to overpower the attack and it literally seemed like he absorbed the attack somehow.

images (6)

Kind of like how he did Bills’ ultimate attack in Battle of Gods…just throwing that out there…

download (3)

I’m just guessing that his positive energy overpowered the attack like how SS4 Gogeta was able to use his own life force to transform Omega Shenron’s Negative Karma Ball into positive energy and that attack was 100% negative energy as well so let’s say that is the reason Goku was able to “absorb” or cancel out the attack.


So in the end Super Saiyan 4 Goku reigns supreme! Baby had to deal with his own temper tantrums, the psychological battle with himself and the Saiyan body he was controlling and a smaller/faster opponent. Goku had to deal with a larger opponent, Baby Vegeta was arguably insane threatening to blow up Earth which caused Goku to jump into an attack to save the planet, a huge loss of Ki thanks to Bulma’s machine and finally a beating from the Great Ape that almost killed him until he got his Ki recovered.

If Baby Vegeta DID go Super Saiyan 4 then who knows who the victor might have been…

Overall, I think Majuub did weaken Baby Vegeta lowering his power enough for Goku to more or less have the upper hand.

What do you think was Goku outright the most powerful of the 2 or did Baby have more power but was outsmarted by Goku?

Why Are Direct-to-Video Disney Movies So Bad?

By Jeremy Carden


There is a reason these films are direct-to-video…

Yesterday I was watching Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World for the first time since I was a child. It was completely by accident because I was scrolling around Netflix and it popped up on the menu. Since I haven’t watched it in so long, I decided to give it a shot for old time’s sake. Though after the first 15 minutes, I started to regret clicking the “play” button.


About two weeks ago, I watched the first Pocahontas movie at a friend’s house and after watching this sequel I was flabbergasted. It was nowhere near as good as the original! I feel that the reason so many of these sequels flop involve two important factors; voice actors and the songs.

When you replace the voice actors that viewers became accustomed to in the first movie(s) it is an automatic turnoff for many fans.

One of the things that set Disney movies apart from other movies is the incredible soundtrack to the films. Even if a Disney movie is not that great (which is rarely the case with Disney films) if the songs are incredible then that is all that matters.

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Now I just watched Pocahontas II yesterday but I cannot recite a lyric from any of the songs and I can’t tell you the title of one of the songs. Thinking back to all of the Disney sequels I’ve seen in my day the only song I can recall is “He is Not One of Us” from Lion King II.

Usually in the movies an emotional scene is amplified by the background music or a song that captures the moment. However, when it seems like the song was written 5 minutes before the recording of the movie the lyrics just go in one ear and right out of the other.


Another thing about sequel films is that the main focus is usually on a secondary character from the first movie in most cases. After watching Pocahontas II, I decided to give Mulan II a chance…

That turned out to be another mistake because just like the previous sequel I watched, the music was lackluster and the story was not very good when compared to the original. The plot itself seemed to be more about Mushu than Mulan. I know he had a story in the original to reclaim his spot as a Family Guardian and it was well done because it intertwined with Mulan’s mission. Though it was more selfish than her mission was but in the end it all worked out for the best because well it’s a Disney movie!

I thought that Disney sequels were the worst thing that the company ever did to make an extra dime off of a film. However, I was wrong because Disney released something even more horrible than a sequel; a prequel.


So many great movies like The Lion King and Beauty & The Beast were ruined by the addition of prequels and sequels that just make things very confusing. I will admit that some timeline gaps are filled in like Tarzan and Bambi because at one point in the movie they are young but then during a song they are magically transported into adulthood.


I think one of the main weaknesses of Disney sequels is that most of them do not even feel like movies. When I’m watching them I don’t feel like I’m watching a Disney movie. Honestly I think I’m watching a Saturday morning Disney cartoon. Of course it is an extended cartoon or episode which would probably be split into 3 or more parts if it were in a Disney series or something like that.

One example I can give is the second Aladdin movie called “The Return of Jafar.” The animation was horrible compared to the original movie and it reminded me of the Aladdin cartoon series as opposed to the movie itself.


I will say that the third movie about Aladdin finding his father “The King of Thieves” was actually a pretty good film. The storyline was good and it was a nice way of introducing Aladdin’s only known living relative. It was one of the few movies I could see making it to the big screen. The only thing it needed was a few songs to help strengthen it along with better quality in terms of animation and it would have been a good addition to the trilogy.

Overall, I cannot make heads or tails out of Disney’s intention for making these movies. I mean they could be making them for the sake of the fans that were dying to know what Aladdin and Jasmine did after their “Happily Ever After” or what would have happened if Cinderella’s slipper went on another woman’s foot and the list goes on.

Another reason could be as I mentioned before just milking these characters for more money but then again at the end of the day Disney is a company just like another. It is not the only one to extend a franchise far longer than it should in order to make more money thorough merchandise. However, in the process that magic and spark that kept fans intrigued at the beginning gets lost as time goes on.


Some franchises that I feel fit that description include; Pokemon, The Simpsons, direct-to-video Scooby-Doo movies and The Land Before Time just to name a few from my childhood.

What do you think? Does Disney make these additional films for a quick buck or are they just as timeless as the originals?