Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Killed Amanda?

By Jeremy Carden


Last week, the HAHN community was shocked to discover that Amanda’s death was due to homicide instead of suicide!


This blog is going to cover the most likely suspects who had a motive to kill the psychotic Cryer.

Keep in mind that Amanda’s killer is someone who would have a motive to kill her or to simply get back at Jim Cryer.


  1. Celine

You have to admit that her behavior has been extremely strange ever since Season 1 after suspecting Hanna of being attracted to Jim. After Amanda is found dead in her room, Celine’s attitude has drastically changed for the worse.

Why was she so eager to get out of the mansion? Why was she so insensitive about Amanda killing herself?  Why was she making the situation more about her than Katheryn or Wyatt?

Celine knows that Amanda is the apple of Jim’s eye because she pretty much knows the Cryers in and out. Now I have 2 theories about Celine and how she may or may not have played a role in Amanda’s death.

  • After Jim pretty much wrote off Carlos and Celine as nothing more than money hungry users, Celine might have killed Amanda (his favorite child) so he would finally give their son the time of day.
  • Celine is Amanda’s mother and did not want to be in that house because her daughter was lying up there dead.

Click here if you would like to read my theory blog about Amanda being Celine’s daughter.


I will admit that it does seem likely that if my second bullet point is not correct then the first one is a believable theory. Celine would get rid of the main obstacle in her way of getting Jim to come back for his son. She was even talking to Carlos on the phone before Hanna came downstairs to call 911. I wonder what she was talking about with him on the other line. All we heard her say was that Carlos should not worry because she knew what she was doing.

Was he referring to her going to work the next day after killing Amanda the night before? They say that the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. I’ll stop right there and leave the rest up to you in order to speculate…


  1. Quincy

This one is going to be short and sweet; I don’t think Q killed Amanda. She is his link to Candace (or at least she was until Veronica gave away her location at Jeffery’s apartment) and potentially $12 million.

It just would not make much if any since if he killed her. The only reason I would suspect him of going back to the mansion would be to finish the job he started on Jim. However, he does have an alibi of being at Veronica’s house and then leaving into the night after she threatened to kill his family.


  1. Carlos

Really his reasoning for killing Amanda would be the second bullet point of my theory about why Celine would be the one to have killed her. It goes back to getting rid of the competition for Jim’s love and attention. It was not the money that he wanted from Jim, but the time of day! Celine told him that Carlos just wanted to get to know his father.


  1. Professor Cannon

My full theory on why Cannon would want to kill Amanda is in this blog here. Amanda’s words will sum up this theory very quickly; she told Cannon that the only way his torture would end is if he died.

He realized that after being stabbed in the park by Amanda, if he did not do something then he was going to be killed.


The fact that Candace called him up and left a voicemail for a new letter for the bar exam made fans aware that he was not written out of the story. He still has a role to play because Amanda was carrying a baby by him after he raped her.

Overall, my money is on Cannon being the one who killed Amanda. It is true that one of Warlock’s gang members could have went into the house when Jim was abducted because he left the front door open. However, I think it would have made more sense it if were 1 out of the 4 people mentioned above because that would make the story more interesting instead of a nameless killer coming out of the blue.


In the next episode, we see a body being brought down in a bag. Now if it isn’t Amanda’s body then it is the body of the other person who was not supposed to be in the room.

Assuming it was someone who killed Amanda and then left the house, it’d have to be someone who left unharmed because remember there was no bloody trail leading outside of her room. I doubt the killer would climb out of her window because her room was too high up. The front door had a crack in it, and the backdoor near the kitchen might have been used as well.

If it was not Cannon who killed Amanda then my next guess would be Celine or Carlos.

Out of the 4 potential killers listed above; who do you think it was?

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4 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Killed Amanda?

  1. Ashley says:

    My theory is Quincy killed Amanda to get to Candice

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