Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Season 2 Finale Review

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

I’ve been asked many times to write my thoughts about the HAHN Season 2 Finale “Checkmate.” Well enough free time has finally presented itself to me so I could write this blog!

Now if you have been following my blog since my first one regarding this series then you know I am a true addict of the show (along with my mother). With that being said, I don’t want you to read this blog and feel like I am criticizing Tyler Perry’s work or saying that I could write the show better than he can or anything like that. These are just my own thoughts on the Season 2 finale and in the comments below I would love to hear what you thought of the episode as well.

Right from the start, I’ll say that my fears about the Season 2 finale came true; it was highly underwhelming in many ways. I actually wrote about it in another blog regarding my thoughts about what would happen in the finale. Overall, it was a slow moving train that seemed to run off the tracks in more ways than one.


Don’t get me wrong, when the episode opened up with Celine telling off Jim that was some great stuff! We see that Celine has been throwing herself at Jim for 2 whole seasons but in reality she just wants him to be a father to their child Carlos. Jim has been living this dirty life for so long dealing with people like Candace who have conned him that he was blind to the genuine desires of Carlos wanting his REAL father in his life.

With a powerful start to the episode, I really thought that this finale was going to be one heck of a show! This really made it seem like Celine would get back at Jim in some way for completely blowing her and their son off as nothing to him. I mean the fact that Celine knows everything there is to know about the Cryer family makes her a threat just like Candace was to Jim.


Alright, so that was the first 5 minutes or so of the episode but from there it wasn’t until about 35 minutes in do we finally get some action! We jump to Jim and David’s campaign office for them preparing for their announcement on the next day. Maggie is once again apologizing for David about the awkward moment that Veronica caught them in as they were coming out of his hotel room. Veronica shows up and the Ice Queen truly has her moment!

Just the way that she walked up to Maggie was certainly very royal-like because of the graceful way that she handled herself. That was a sharp contrast to how her words cut through Maggie like a knife made of ice. Even Jim mentioned that it got very cold in the room…

It seems to me that Veronica wasn’t wrong in thinking David was lying about not sleeping with Maggie. At first I was thinking she was a fool for believing that David would cheat on her. Thinking back to Season 1, she was actually hurt when she found out David lied to her about Jim and Candace that pretty much destroyed a good portion of the faith she had in her husband.

David then fails in trying to get the car from Veronica so that Jeffery could finally be free from her icy grip. And with that, Veronica lays out the plans for the evening; David would show up to Jim’s house for the dinner party and he was not to return home.

So…David is still in the doghouse while Jeffery is still in danger of going to the big house if Veronica turned him in for not listening to her demands.


We jump scenes to the dinner party and here is when things started to go south for me in terms of the plot. Jeffery shows up with Melissa! However, I’m sure a lot of people were thinking about how this could be possible. I mean last time we saw Melissa was when she felt embarrassed and left Jeffery’s apartment after thinking Candace and Jeffery had slept together. Not really sure how she would agree to go out with him again. This was one of the first scenes in the episode that made fans scratch their heads because there were too many things that happened off screen that NEEDED to be seen.

I mean did Veronica call up Jeffery and make him invite Melissa to the dinner party? If she did then how did Jeffery convince Melissa to see him again?


Everyone’s reaction to seeing Jeffery with a girl was priceless! I mean Wyatt’s reaction could be received as surprise, shock or jealousy. However, I go into why Wyatt and Jeffery should not be in a relationship in another blog. In that blog, I just go into detail about how in terms of the story it would be better if they just remained as friends.

When David witnesses this “act” he is quick to call Jeffery outside to explain that he should not be afraid of his mother and to stand up for himself. He then calls Veronica outside as well and in his speech it seems apparent that he was not happy with his life because of the sacrifices that he himself had made in the past. This gives us a possible glimpse into the bitterness he has been hiding all of these years dealing with Veronica. When Jeffery asks to just go inside to have a good time, David goes back inside the mansion because he was fed up after speaking his peace to his son. Veronica was shaken and tried to console her son but couldn’t even bring herself to touch his face with her hand in a loving way. It just shows that even she might feel some resentment for her actions but couldn’t bring herself to admit it due to what David said.


So that covers the first 30 minutes or so of the episode. Now the pace finally picks up when Quincy arrives on the scene and it was the best part of the finale to be honest! Just the interaction between the other characters during the scene was phenomenal! I mean as soon as he stepped inside the already tension-filled atmosphere was brought to a new level.

After only being in the mansion for a couple of minutes, it was clear that this thug was not there to make friends. We finally got to see “crazy Amanda” come out in a room full of people. When Amanda screamed: “What Mo?! If he’s allowed to date someone who is completely wrong for him then I should be able to date someone who is completely wrong with me!!!” I nearly cried laughing because of Jim being called “Mo” and the statement about Jeffery and Melissa.


The climax of the episode was clearly when Jim grabbed Quincy by the coat to pull an “Uncle Phil” and throw him out of his mansion. However, Q put him in a chokehold and pounded the judge in the face numerous times. I’ve got to say no matter what goes down you have to admit that David has Jim’s back. He wasted no time breaking down the door to grab Q off of Jim! What I found even more hilarious was Jim asking for the guys (Jeffery, Wyatt and David) to get Q off of him, to help him up but when he was finally back on his feet he yelled for them to get off of him!

With all of the action going on, Q storms out of the mansion with Amanda following behind. During this scene we find out that Amanda might not be as naïve as we have been led to believe throughout the series. She picked up on the fact that after their “study sessions” together; Candace would smell like Jim’s cologne. This was something Katheryn noticed early on in Season 1 when she could see Candace’s cheap lipstick on Jim’s clothes along with the odor of her cheap perfume.


Jim had the perfect opportunity to come clean to everyone (well actually only Amanda) about what had been going on between him and Candace. Right when it seemed he was about to tell the truth…he lies right to her face. After that, Amanda goes into the mansion with her mom and sister close behind.

Coming back from the next commercial break, David is returning to the hotel and sees Maggie at the piano. They have a conversation about David’s true feelings about his wife along with his role as Jim’s right-hand man but never the one in the spotlight. Here we see that David is indeed satisfied with who he is, but not so much with his marriage.

I’ll jump back to these two after I talk about how the script just made Jim pull one dumb decision that will end up costing him dearly. I found it hilarious that he was so shaken up by getting attacked by Q that he was actually sleeping in the same bed as Katheryn!

After getting that text from Candace, he was stupid enough to go outside and get himself kidnapped!!!


The way he was screaming “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!” when Warlock’s crew jumped him and threw him in the trunk reminded me of Cleveland falling from his bathtub in Family Guy!


Really Jim was asking for it because he did what Candace told him through text. After everything that went down between them (not to mention the events of the night with Q beating him up for smashing his chick to begin with), I can’t believe he would go outside…

It just seemed like the script was designed for Jim to have more enemies than ever. He blew off Celine and Carlos, lied right to Amanda’s face, was beaten senseless by Q and now he is going to be in the grip of Candace!


Next we jump back to the hotel with David carrying a drunken Maggie back to her hotel room like before, but this time even he is a bit intoxicated! She leaves her door unlocked for David to come in. However, it seems that even David is a bit conflicted and extremely tempted to open the door when he goes into his room! In a moment of desperation, he calls his house for Veronica to respond most likely for her to allow him to come home. She ignores the call while she goes to turn on her alarm system (getting a surprise visit from Q one time was more than enough for her).

David hangs up after realizing that he would not get an answer and after much debate…he opens up the door and goes into Maggie’s room. Will David sleep with Maggie and if so how will that affect the plot of Season 3? Don’t worry folks because a blog about that very topic is in the works!

Doesn't she know that running with a gun is dangerous?

Doesn’t she know that running with a gun is dangerous?

Now we come to the scene that we’ve all been waiting for; Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo! Amanda runs around the house and the gunshot is fired ending Season 2!

You are probably thinking why I’m not going into more detail about the shooting scene but I’ve written MULTIPLE blogs about it already.

What if Katheryn shot Amanda?

Who Got Shot?

The links above will take you to those blogs because trust me the subjects are way too long to include in this one blog.

What was my overall impression of the Season 2 finale? In one word; “Meh…”

Don’t get me wrong it is not saying that it was terrible, but if you ask me it was not written very well. It felt like the entire episode was too rushed and not enough things were brought up or even mentioned. There were a lot of scenes that had a nice buildup but it never paid off anything in terms of the fans seeing more explored.


Here is a perfect example; Amanda finally learns the truth about Candace sleeping with Jim, but we never see her reaction to it. When she rushed back into the mansion with her mom and brother following her we don’t see them trying to console her or how she was handling the situation. Was Amanda furious with Candace? Would she seek vengeance on her because her best friend had been sleeping with her dad this entire time? Not to mention her “boyfriend” left without explanation as to where he was going or if he was coming back for her.

Amanda had A LOT of things to be ticked off about and in her less than mentally stable state it seemed as if something big was about to be set off at the Cryer mansion! However…nothing happened.

The end of the episode when Amanda runs around the house with her gun was the moment that we were all waiting for ever since we saw the previews for the finale, but with the random places that the finale was going it just felt like it was out of place.


We don’t know why she was running around with her gun at all. True, she had mentioned multiple times she was going to kill her family and even got a “death tattoo” with their names on her. Now this leads to another unanswered question; what did Amanda mean when she told Q to come back for dinner and afterwards the REAL fun would begin and she wasn’t talking about her gun? What did she mean by that? Well we never got to find out…

I mean again the missing portion of the episode where we could have seen Amanda rush to her room and lock herself in there going over things in her head would have been great to see because again her reaction to the news about Jim and Candace would have opened up new doors to her character.


Something else that seemed to be completely forgotten about was the fact that Hanna had invited Katheryn to her house to meet Benny during his “Welcome Home” party. She was going to text her address to Katheryn so she could come over. What happened to that?

I mean Benny is not even seen in the finale, Candace mentioned that she was going to leave the house as soon as Benny wouldn’t notice. Hanna says that she does not believe her grandson is dead and again here was another perfect chance for some character development but we were shortchanged…

Hanna mentioned going through some scripture with Candace, but we did not get to see anything about that at all. I really would have loved to see Candace’s reaction to that. Perhaps the passages Hanna showed her dealt with forgiveness and that might play a role in how she deals with Jim once he is brought to her.

Fans are assuming that once Veronica left David’s office at the beginning of the episode, David he calling his mother-in-law and perhaps she will make an appearance in Season 3. Jim suing her husband was mentioned before, but I can’t wait to see how things will play out!

I feel that this finale should have been broken up into at least 2 episodes so a lot more territory would have been explored. This includes Celine going home to tell Carlos that Jim wanted nothing to do with him and his reaction to the news.

After Q left the mansion, it just seemed that the scene jumped back to David walking into the hotel. There were so many unanswered questions like what happened to the dinner party was it just cancelled after Q left? Was Hanna wondering what happened to Katheryn stopping by? When did Candace finally get the chance to leave her mom’s house in order for her plan with Warlock’s crew taking Jim to finally begin?

The list goes on and on and on…


Honestly, I think that way too much time was spent on David and Maggie along with David, Jeffery and Veronica.

Perhaps this means in Season 3 there will be much more of a focus on these 3. We might even learn more about David’s resentment towards Veronica that has never been brought up yet.

Of course I know that all of these unanswered questions might be answered in Season 3, but really this finale was kind of a dud if you ask me. I really thought we would get some answers but we were presented with so many unanswered questions. I understand that there has to be a set up for Season 3, but for things like Jim being kidnapped for his own stupidity was ridiculous to me.

What were your thoughts on the finale?

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Pokemon Theory: Will Snorlax Get A Mega Evolution?

By Jeremy Carden


When Pokemon X and Y first debuted a little over a year ago, fans were so excited to see some of their favorite Pokemon from past generations take things to a new level. Mega Evolution added something to the Pokemon franchise that some fans considered much needed; giving some of the older and underrated Pokemon (not counting creatures like Charizard or Mewtwo) a much needed power boost through Mega Evolution.

I’m not going to type up this blog and tell you that I was not excited to see some Pokemon who rarely saw the field of battle given a mega form like Mawhile or Manectric. Though I am a bit disappointed that Mega Evolution is becoming a little less special when it began to look like every Pokemon and its mother was being handed out a mega form.

Now this is just a prediction blog, but one mega that I’d love to see would be a Mega Snorlax!


This is one Pokemon that I’d love to see get a power boost (not saying that Snorlax needs one necessarily). Well I think aside from stat increases, I feel that I’d be more interested in seeing what a Mega Snorlax would look like.


If you ask me I think that a Mega Snorlax would have 3 changes in appearance from a regular Snorlax:

  1. Mega Snorlax would have its eyes open
  2. It would be buff and muscular
  3. It would be standing up!!!

Now based on the picture above, you’ll see that this fan-made Mega Snorlax fits all 3 descriptions that I just listed.


What made me begin to speculate about a Mega Snorlax eventually being a thing was when we first saw screenshots from Pokemon X and Y. In the picture we saw something that we have never seen before even way back in the days of Pokemon Red and Blue; Snorlax had a STANDING sprite!!!!!

I don’t know…I mean Snorlax always appearing in the games laying back and even sitting up in some games might have hinted that it had a dormant power that had yet to be tapped into.


Looking at the sprites from Generation 3, it seems like Snorlax was attempting to get up but fell back into a deep sleep. Moving on to Generation 4 to 5, Snorlax is actually sitting up! Then we get to the Kalos region and it is now standing up!!

In terms of a bulkier appearance, I think that a Mega Snorlax would be the ultimate “Bulk Up” in the sense that its ton of fat would be turned into pure muscle. How’s that for a powerhouse Pokemon?


Finally, when the transformation is nearly complete we see Snorlax open its eyes and give out a loud roar as it prepares for battle!

Now in terms of ability, I think it would probably have Scrappy or Huge Power. I mean Huge Power doubles Attack so yes this would be a killer Snorlax!

I really hope that we do get a Mega Snorlax in the new Generation 3 remakes because I’d love to see it?


Would you also like to see a Mega Snorlax? What other Pokemon would you like to see get a Mega Evolution and why?

Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Wyatt fall for Jeffery?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

Will Hanna fall for Michael or Byron? Are Amanda and Quincy a legit couple? Will David fall for Maggie’s advances? These are a few of the many “couples” that fans have been speculating about throughout the series.


Ever since Season 2 came to a close, a lot of fans have been discussing whether or not Jeffery and Wyatt will ever be a thing.

I’ll tell you upfront that I think Wyatt and Jeffery should NOT be a couple. Overall, I feel that if the two do become a couple it would be way too forced. However, there is a possibility that Tyler Perry could somehow write the script so they do fall in love but really I don’t think that it should happen.


Starting off from the end of the evidence, we need to take a look at the Season 2 finale when Melissa appears as Jeffery’s date for the evening. The look on Wyatt’s face is one that fans feel is surprise, shock and potentially jealously.

Wyatt pulls Jeffery aside while Melissa is talking with Veronica and Katherine to thank him for doing this. Now Wyatt thinks Jeffery is doing this for him because his mom wants him to date women because if he doesn’t then she will turn him in. So even though Jeffery is dating Melissa it really is not for Wyatt (remember Jim got Norman to take the fall) but for himself. Well at least until David could get the car from Veronica but that does not seem like that will happen anytime soon. Even though it might look like Jeffery is doing this for Wyatt, I think his fear of Veronica is overpowering any feelings he has for him.

Now it seems that Jeffery and Wyatt are back on friendly terms and I enjoyed seeing that. I would really like to see them as friends and nothing more. Wyatt needs a true friend in his life and Jeffery needs someone to accept him for who he really is.


I think that Jeffery is to Wyatt what Landon is to Jeffery and here is what I mean by that; Landon is the person who tells Jeffery what he needs to hear even thought he doesn’t want to hear it. The same thing can be said about Wyatt who needs to deal with his anger issues and repressed emotions. Jeffery was his rehab coach and was trying to help Wyatt get over his substance addiction and come to terms with his past. Landon is trying to get Jeffery to get over his fears and rejection of his mother due to being a homosexual.

There seems to be a bit of a love triangle going on here in a sense but there is unrequited love going all the way around. Wyatt is straight and is not in love with Jeffery who is in love with him and even though Jeffery is gay he does not have any sort of feelings for Landon who seems to have feelings for him (well he at least wants to get to know Jeffery better).


Now going back to Season 1, it was clear that Jeffery was in love with Wyatt and he found out he was gay in Episode 2 after he set his webcam to catch Jeffery admiring him while he was in bed pretending to be asleep. Throughout that entire season, Wyatt knew that Jeffery was making advances on him whether it was keeping him away from Laura or sneaking into his bed with him at night when he was pretending to be asleep.

All of this came to a head when Wyatt pretended to be gay in order for Jeffery to officially out of the closet to him. In anger after Jeffery hit him upside of the head with a golf club, Wyatt stormed out of the rehab center with Jeffery’s car keys and went to a crack house.

So at this point, Jeffery revealed his love for Wyatt but was rejected. Not only because Wyatt was hurt because Jeffery lied to him about Laura but because Wyatt said to Jeffery’s face multiple times that he was not gay and he wasn’t.

At best, Wyatt said that he considered Jeffery his friend after Candace laughed at him for asking her out while helping her and Amanda move into their apartment.


Season 2 saw a huge strain in their “relationship” because Wyatt was in dire need of Jeffery but he wasn’t having it. Due to unrequited love, Jeffery said that they were not friends and left Wyatt on the front steps of the Cryer Mansion in a taxi.

In Season 1, Wyatt pretended to be gay and it looked like he was about to kiss Jeffery. Now in this season, Jeffery was going to make Wyatt kiss him in order to keep the secret about him hitting Benny and the little girl. Some fans think that Wyatt really did want to kiss Jeffery, but in my opinion the only reason he was “willing” to do it was because well it was either one little kiss or he was going to jail!

From that moment on, Jeffery said that he did love Wyatt but he wasn’t the type of person to force people to do things to his will like Candace. So he and Wyatt were back on good terms and he was there for him throughout the rest of the season.

When Wyatt was in jail, Jeffery came to visit him and encourage him to stay strong. True Jeffery loves him, but at that moment it was what Wyatt needed; a counselor and friend.


Then we learn that during the “drunken sex” that he had with Melissa, the couple of seconds that Jeffery was able to “keep it up” was when he was thinking about Wyatt.

Again, it is clear that Jeffery loves Wyatt and nothing will ever change that. The main question is whether or not Wyatt feels the same ways towards Jeffery or if despite their struggles they are truly friends.

Since this show is a drama full of twists, turns and cliffhanger endings I will say this much; when and if Wyatt does fall in love with Jeffery and it seems that they will become a couple there is certain to be something to jeopardize that.

What would happen so drastic that would keep these two from being together you might ask?


I am willing to bet that as a product of their drunken sex, Melissa is pregnant with Jeffery’s baby!

Despite the fact that Jeffery could only get it up for a few seconds that doesn’t mean it is too far-fetched a theory to think Melissa won’t become pregnant!

There are also a lot of other factors that would come into play if they did get together involving other characters. How would Landon feel about this situation?


Jim knows that Jeffery “loves” Wyatt because he knows he is gay and he even told David this. However, he also says that because they have been friends since they were kids that could be another reason Jim thinks that Jeffery has innocent “love” for his son. After Jim brings Wyatt home from prison and he and Jeffery have a “moment” where they just look at each other before Jeffery leaves, Jim wonders what that was all about.


I’m really interested in seeing how Veronica is going to handle things in Season 3 because she might be in “control” for right now but what if her mother shows up in Season 3? David has made a couple of calls to her so there is no telling what is going to develop from that. I wonder if it has something to do with releasing Jeffery from Veronica’s icy grip (she is the ice queen after all).

As Celine put it, Laura was the best thing that ever happened to Wyatt. While they were in a relationship that was the longest he went without getting into any trouble. He seemed really happy when they were briefly together in Season 1. It was kind of like Benny and Darcie, a couple fans wanted to see happen but they were ripped apart due to plot. Not to mention the fact that Darcie is playing on “If Loving You Is Wrong” now.


This might seem a bit messed up, but Wyatt hitting Benny and Little Lizzie was what brought him and Jeffery closer together. That is one reason why I just don’t see this couple happening because it just seems forced rather than natural.

In conclusion, again I really don’t think that these two should be in a relationship because they would be better off as friends. Jeffery is what Wyatt needs in his life in terms of being an actual friend who he could confide in without Jeffery’s romantic feelings for him. The same can be said about Landon and Jeffery.


Do you agree or disagree with me? Should these two be together? If Wyatt does return Jeffery’s feelings, would there be something unforeseen that would keep these two from being together?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Celine Has Candace’s Baby

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

January 6th will be here before you know it and Season 3 of everyone’s favorite show will be back on the air! There are so many questions that have yet to be answered but perhaps some of these mysteries will be solved in 2015.

One thing that many fans are still debating about is whether or not Candace’s baby is dead or alive.

If you’ve been following my blogs since I started writing them during Season 2 then you know how I feel about the baby in terms of whether or not he is alive. There is one theory that my mother and I have been discussing for some time now involving the maid everyone loves to hate and the temptress who has turned the Cryer family upside down.


That’s right this theory blog is about Celine Gonzales watching over Candace’s baby!

Of course, at this point it is time to break it down in terms of how we came up with this theory from the beginning. There are little clues sprinkled here and there throughout the early and late episodes of Season 1.


The first clue is way back in the first episode when Candace shows up at Jim’s 50th birthday party and Hanna spills a drink on her daughter after she lies to the “Haves” about her mother being dead. A shaken Hanna is in the kitchen and tells Celine that “her daughter” is right outside. Celine goes on to say that she has known Hanna for 4 years but she has never mentioned anything about a daughter. Benny was the ONLY child that Celine knew that Hanna had.

Now that clue could potentially mean that if Candace and Celine did know each other for whatever reason prior to the season starting that she did not realize she was Hanna’s daughter. Keep in mind that Candace said she had been studying Jim for quite some time before “making her move” into his life. She infiltrated it not only through prostitution but through becoming friends with his daughter and aside from that she could have known Celine was a maid at his home too.

If I remember correctly, Celine and Candace never made physical contact with each other even when Candace was at the Cryer mansion. The only reason that Celine would know if Candace had shown up was whenever Hanna would come into the kitchen freaked out because she had shown up.

One could also be suspicious at the fact that Celine told Hanna NOT to tell the Cryers that Candace was her daughter. At first, she told Hanna it was for “job security” not to say anything about it. However, it could have meant something more…


We move onto Season 2 and Maggie brings about a very interesting clue in regards to an “untraceable” phone purchased by Celine a few weeks prior to Candace showing up at the Cryers front door. From that phone there were 17 calls made to Candace!

There are 2 scenarios in regards to who was using the phone to contact Candace and why:

  1. Celine was using the phone to contact Candace in regards to Candace’s son who she was watching.
  2. Celine bought that phone for Jim to call her from BUT instead Jim was using that phone to contact Candace.

Number 2 is the theory that most fans lean towards because it is highly unlikely that Celine would purchase a phone for Jim to use in order to contact another woman. Does she feel threatened by Candace in regards to “stealing” Jim away from her? She did tell Hanna that he does not find black women attractive (boy was she wrong about that one).


It is possible that Jim asked her to do that little task for him by buying him that phone, and with her blind devotion to him she did it without question. From there it was he who was making those calls to Candace. Now it is debatable in terms of how much contact Jim and Candace had prior to their first encounter at the hotel. Jim did say to David that Candace had texts and emails from their conversations and he called her to see him at the hotel for the first time. So those 17 calls and their prior contact would have been going on in-between the few weeks between Jim “finding” Candace online and her showing up at the hotel.

At this point you are probably wondering; what does any of this have to do with Candace’s baby? Well hold onto your hats because I’m getting to that part right now!

In the Season 2 finale, Celine tells Jim that Carlos (their son) figured out who Jim was because he remembers from when he used to hold him as a baby. She even says that he knew Celine’s husband was not his biological father because he did not look like his other siblings.


An episode or two prior to this, Celine says that she is no longer the “babysitter” of Amanda and Wyatt because they are grown. She goes onto say that she has a VERY young son at home to take care of so she is not the caretaker of the Cryer children anymore. This means that Celine potentially has a young child at home that she is taking care of.

This leads to the question: is Candace’s son alive?


I actually think that Candace was lying when she told Benny and Hanna that Quincy killed their son. Candace is a liar and this has been proven on more than one occasion. This is not the first time that she has pretended to cry. Remember when she was “playing” with David like she was being raped when he said she was not getting a sports car to go with her $100,000?

Then in the finale, Hanna even says that she does not believe Quincy killed that little boy. She tells Candace that she can feel in her heart that her grandson is alive somewhere and that she is going to find him.

However, where will she begin to look? Does she even have any leads? There are so many questions in regards to how Hanna will find her grandson.


Back when she was talking to Byron, she did ask him to start investigating where her grandson was. Now she is not on speaking terms with Byron so there is no telling if he will even look for the baby at this point. If he wanted to get back on her good side then something tells me that he will start to look for the baby.


The old saying goes that you will find the answers that you seek in the last place that you would think to look. With a heavily strained relationship with Celine that has turned hostile it would appear that she would be the last person to ask about her grandson.

Finally, we need to do the math to try and pinpoint how long Celine has had the baby if she does have it. In order to do that we need to recap the information that has been discussed up to this point;

  • Celine has known Hanna for 4 years without knowledge that she even had a child other than Benny
  • 3 years ago, Quincy was placed in jail because Candace squealed on him for murdering their son (and another murder as well)
  • It was also 3 years ago when Candace took her son from Hanna and she hasn’t seen her grandson since
  • When Quincy got out of prison he went straight to Hanna’s house and was shocked when she asked if he knew where her grandson was. He was in jail for 3 years so he had no idea about his son’s whereabouts. Again, this hints at him NOT killing his son and that Candace was lying when she told her brother and mother that Q killed her son.


So there is a gap in time between the start of the series and the 2 year period when Candace took away her son from Hanna because she said her grandchild was with her 3 years before Candace took him.

If anything, I think Candace wanted her baby to be safe and did so by placing him into some sort of protection agency. She did tell Hanna she had a nanny, but of course that was a lie. However, Celine could possibly be this “nanny.”

Remember out of the $100,000 that Jim had to pay Candace there was only $20,000 left (or was it $30,000…I forgot). We know $50,000 went to pay off Hanna’s mortgage so we can speculate the “missing” money went to the caretaker of Candace’s baby.


What do you think? Does Celine have Candace’s baby? Is the baby even alive? If Celine does have the baby then how will she use that against Hanna (if she can because Candace might have paid her to take care of her baby without telling anyone)?

Let’s just hope that Season 3 brings us some answers rather than more questions! I have a few more theory blogs to put out there before January 6th involving even more mysteries. If you want to read them just follow my blog so you will know when they get posted. Also do not be afraid to comment below with your opinions on this theory along with any other theories you want me to look into.