Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: How Far Will Veronica Go?

By Jeremy Carden


I am sure all HAHN fans can agree that there is no mercy when it comes to the Ice Queen Veronica. At this point, she is very similar to Candace since everyone loves to hate her. From what we’ve seen in Season 3 in terms of her behavior, I would have to say that the love that stems from hate has boiled into rage for most fans.


That is why the topic of today’s blog is; How far will Veronica go?

Having gone through 2 full seasons of the show it is easy to see that this entire show is like a game of chess. Most characters have their own strategies of using others as pawns for an even greater purpose.


We’ve see this numerous times in the series and a great example involves how Candace was using Amanda to get at Jim (and her $12 million inheritance). Throw in “The Bastard” himself by using Norman Hewens to cover up Wyatt’s crime, Bryon as a hidden detective to spy on Hanna, etc.

I could make a list instead of a blog for the numerous times that characters have used characters for their own motives.

Now when it comes to Veronica…

I don’t even know where to begin because this woman has strings attached to nearly everyone as if they were puppets!


Honestly, it is difficult to say if she is more coldblooded than Candace. This could be the main reason her claws come out whenever “Number 9” is in her presence. Veronica has shown to have a keen intuition and she has been right on numerous occasions.

In Episode 1, she bluntly tells Katheryn to keep her eye on Candace because there was something she didn’t like about her. Then in Season 2, she was right about the fact that Maggie was after her husband.

Something tells me that Veronica and Candace are very similar in their characteristics, but go about getting their way a bit differently. I’m sure that Veronica would never admit it to herself or anyone else.

At the moment, she is at the top of her game because it seems that nearly everything is going her way. I think that she will not be satisfied until every little thing is under her control. Doesn’t that sound familiar?


Candace told Jim that she LOVES to be in control, and I think the same can easily be said about Veronica.

Her treatment of her homosexual son has been the hot topic of the series. This woman will not let up for a second! I mean we saw glimpses of this in Season 1, but it was never fully revealed until the Season 1 finale.


Then in Season 2, we see her blackmailing Jeffery with his car and then forcing Melissa on him. Now it is pretty much out in the open of her distain for his homosexual lifestyle and it has not gone unnoticed.

I know that fans were glad to see Veronica getting slammed from different directions about her needing to be honest with herself and about accepting Jeffery for who he is! Katheryn and David tried this best, but Veronica was not having it. We could see that while Katheryn was talking about children being their own people, Veronica was taking those words to heart.

Veronica is clearly ignoring the fact that Jeffery is gay, and she would rather do whatever it took to change him instead of accepting it.

We see Melissa sitting beside a hospital bed in the last episode when she is called by Veronica. There is a man sleeping in the bed and it seems that Melissa knows him well. Could this be her father or a relative of hers?

David tells her (in the nicest way possible) that Jeffery is gay and has no interest in her. It would be better to find someone who is interested in her (that is straight) instead of wasting her time with Jeffery.


Based on her tone of voice when she is telling David that she likes him and eventually he will like her…something feels a bit off about this arrangement. Wyatt said it best that he doesn’t know a straight girl that would just willingly stay with a man knowing that he is gay.


Veronica has something on her and even David suspects this after getting off of the phone with Melissa. Most fans are speculating that Veronica is paying to take care of Melissa’s father. That seems to be the most plausible theory at this point. She wanted to find someone like her to seduce her son into being straight, and as always it was important to get a girl that she could control in some way.


Fans feel that Veronica has gone way too far when she sent Quincy over to Jeffery’s apartment to “rough him up” and show him a taste of reality like he did for Jim Cryer. I couldn’t agree more because this might be leading up to something that will make her regret that decision.

She told Katheryn that she hates violence, but she was quick to call out Veronica for that lie. Even though she thinks she has Quincy on a leash by threatening to kill his family, at some point he will break off that leash and bite her! He does not seem like the kind of “dog” that can be kept on the leash for too long.

Now Quincy’s family being in danger seems to be the only way of Veronica keeping him in check. When it comes to Candy, he does not appear to hold anything back in order to find her. I do not think that Jeffery will be killed, but I do feel that if it were not for him eventually giving in after that beat down then he would have died.


In the preview for next week, it appears that Quincy is laughing while talking on the phone. You can see this if you notice the hand that is up against the refrigerator. I’m assuming that Jeffery does give him the password to save his life. He deserves a lot of credit because he is not a snitch and was willing to protect Candace. This reminds me of how he was willing to protect Wyatt from going to jail.

Realizing that his mother would go to the lengths of sending a murderer fresh out of jail (thanks to her) to his house to beat him up could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back!


My hope is that Jeffery does not commit suicide like Amanda, but based on the way he is living it would not surprise me if he does. His mother has him practically living a huge lie, and he is under a lot of stress! From the fear of being put in jail for a crime that he did not commit or the pressure of being in a relationship with a woman even though he is gay.

I think that her “being a gangster” as Quincy put it gave Jeffery the “taste of reality” that he needed. Now I’m not referring to live as a homosexual and the hardships of it that Veronica was apparently trying to show him. I’m referring to Jeffery finally seeing that his mother would go through these incredible lengths simply to control him.


Does Veronica have a chance for redemption?

I do not think that it is ever too late for someone to turn their life around. When she comes to Jeffery’s apartment the morning of the press conference, I thought that this was the moment we were waiting for. She was clearly distraught after finding David coming out of Maggie’s bedroom, and really I felt that a mother-son moment was about to occur.

Jeffery was concerned because he had never seen his mother like this and wanted to know what was going on. She told him about David and Maggie’s “affair” but instead of finding comfort with her son; she blames the entire thing on him!

That was the moment that did it for me! I threw my hands up saying that this woman has gone too far!


How about her treatment of David?

Well this section of the blog will not be as long as the portion about Jeffery because it can be summed up pretty easily. Veronica does not realize that she has a wonderful husband! I will admit that he has lied to her and this was seen in Season 1, but he is still a great man that loves his wife!


He could have been like Jim and had a number of mistresses, but he is not that kind of man. Even when he attempted to have an affair with Maggie because he was fed up with how Veronica was treating Jeffery; he couldn’t do it.

David’s speech to Jeffery about making too many sacrifices to protect everyone else has a lot of fans wondering about what David sacrificed when it came to Veronica. Honestly, I think if we ever found out what David put up with prior to the start of the series might shed some light on his earlier life with Veronica.

We know that they met in law school and it was during this time that they fell in love. Despite being a bit controlling ever since they’ve known each other, David points out that Veronica has never been like she is now.


She did tell Jeffery that her first time having sex was something that she did not enjoy. Also, she had an abortion back when she was having a child by someone she met in college who said they loved her. This led to her battling with alcoholism and that eventually ended after she went into rehab. Afterwards, she started her own rehabilitation center after noticing all of the things wrong with the one that she was in.

I do believe that David mentioned not drinking for his wife’s sake, but ended his dry spell after meeting with Maggie. It was also mentioned that she had a slight struggle with a pain pill addiction after hurting her back while practicing law.

The major thing about her past that needs to be brought out in order to potentially bring her down would be her mother! David has been seen calling her a few times in Season 2, and in one episode he gets a call from her at the campaign office. Landon tells him that his mother-in-law is on the other line, but while we see David leave Jim’s office to take the call it is unknown what they talked about.


We do know that Jim sued Veronica’s father (for undisclosed reasons) and her mother does not like him at all because of it.

I think it all goes back to how Veronica grew up, and she has said that she did not come from wealth. From the mean streets of Chicago born and raised! Our Ice Queen did not have it all, and for all we know she had similar beginnings like Candace. I’m not saying she was molested as a child like Candace was at age 5.

She and Candace followed different roads to the elite lifestyle, but perhaps when her mother is introduced we will get a better understanding of who Veronica really is.

Why does she feel the need to want to control everyone and everything? Not to mention her addiction to the spotlight as Jim pointed out. Hanna did say that Candace was embarrassed by her because her mother was a maid. Was the same true about Veronica and her parents?

Obviously, David thinks that calling Veronica’s mother will solve some things. He told Jim that he called her because they were having marital problems. I’m hoping that she comes to the show soon because her daughter has a lot of things to answer for.

I’m curious because whenever David said that he is coming home, Veronica cuts him off by saying “I dare you…” Makes you wonder what she would do to poor David.


Finally, the Black Sedan that Veronica has been hiding since the start of Season 2 is the glue to her plan of controlling Jeffery. What do I think will happen to it?

If you ask me, I think that the towing company that Benny (and Candace) is thinking about buying has the car! Remember that Benny’s friend said that the auction included a towing building and a number of trucks! Who is to say that the car wasn’t towed and brought to the building?


Keep in mind that Veronica knows the location of the car because she called it in to see where it was. However, she does not know that the company that is holding the car is up for sale.

Just keep watching the show and things will begin to crumble for Veronica! It also seems that Wyatt is going to be calling to D.A. to confess about everything and this could include Veronica hiding the car.

Even though it seems that she is on the top at the moment, her icy throne will start to melt and she is going to fall flat on her face!


The way that she treats people “below” her in terms of social status is another thing that makes fans enraged. The hotel security guard at the Sarandon, the cop at the Cryer house and the list goes on! Not to mention the fact that she calls every male on the show “Boy” (Jeffery, Quincy, Benny).


Whether you love or hate Veronica, you have to give credit to Angela Robinson because she has this role down to the letter! This just goes to show that Tyler Perry knows how to cast the right people for the right roles. I also think that Robinson had her own perspective on where Veronica’s character should go and gave it her own special twist. No one can pull off a speech like her!

I know at some point she is eventually going to be brought down because her devious ways will not go on forever!

She will go to great lengths to get her way and that fact has been made on the show multiple times. The highest of which is threatening her own son with prison!

How do you think the Ice Queen will be dethroned?


Will it be because Quincy finally turns on her? Does Maggie get a second chance to throw down the woman who beat her down? Can David or Jeffery FINALLY stand up to her (or stand against her together)? How about the “missing” Black Sedan? Will it be because of her mother?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Candace Change Her Ways?

By Jeremy Carden


In the next episode coming up in a few days, Hanna makes what appears to be a final desperate plea with her daughter to change her devious ways.


After finding Amanda dead in her bedroom, Hanna goes to Candace to warn her that the path she is going down may eventually lead to death as well.


Based on the preview, Candace seems to be taking these words to heart. You can see that she is almost about to cry.

Hanna actually apologizes to Candace and it is most likely due to their rocky mother-daughter relationship. My guess is that Hanna saw that Amanda died while there were still unresolved issues between her and her parents. I’m assuming she does not want the same to occur between her and Candace.


Now fans are curious as to whether or not Candace will indeed change for the better and turn her life around. Even though she needs to change, I do not think that she is going to. Don’t get me wrong, I feel that Hanna’s words will touch Candace’s heart. However, based on the story so far and what we’ve seen from other characters; Candace is stuck in her ways (for now).

Let me give you an example;


Jim was literally on top of his game near the ending of Season 2. He had brought his daughter back into his house since she was living with Candace. Norman Hewens took the fall for Wyatt by going to jail for the hit-and-run charges. He also thought that Candace was no longer going to bother him after the Malones dealt with her. Then he was going to announce his campaign for governor and things looked like they would go off without a hitch.

Now we know that in all of these “victories” Jim would end up losing a lot. Amanda is dead because Jim did not have her committed like Katheryn suggested. Jennifer (the D.A.) is still trying to take down Wyatt because she is in disbelief that Norman was the criminal since he will not tell where the car is. Candace not only returned for revenge but took $7.4 million from Jim’s bank account. Finally, he was not able to make it to his campaign office since he was kidnapped. Landon did tell Candace that due to Amanda’s death, support for his campaign went through the roof and there is a good chance he will win.

What does this have to do with Hanna approaching Candace next week?


Jim’s life on the top parallels Candace’s because of his talk with Celine. We find out that Carlos is his son by Celine (well the oldest of two) and she approaches him about it after he comes to the mansion to drop off some files from the campaign office.

Finally, Celine has a REAL conversation with Jim rather than trying to throw herself at him. She pours her heart out to him by saying that she and Carlos both want what they deserve from Jim. It was not about a single cent, but they wanted him to be a father in Carlos’ life. Just by spending time with Carlos was all they wanted. However, Jim’s heart was cold as stone and he was not having it. With that, he pretty much just wrote them both off and that was the end of that.

That was Jim’s chance to finally redeem himself by simply showing kindness rather than writing a check or coming up with a devious plan. He had and lost that chance and well that shows the result of karma. He winds up getting beaten by Quincy, gets locked in the “War Room” in the ghetto side of town, loses over $7 million and his daughter is dead.


Overall, the worst part is probably the fact that the last time he spoke to his daughter; he lied right to her face about his affair with Candace.

Just as Jim is finally having his misdeeds catch up to him, Candace will have to face her lies and deception soon enough.

Her talk with Hanna next week is going to be like Jim’s talk with Celine. It will be her chance to turn everything around, but I have a feeling that she will not.


I mean she is now “rich” with $7.4 million in her bank account, but given her shopping spree and stay in the Sarandon Hotel it is probably more like $6.9 million at this point.

She is blowing through that money like Katheryn was with that weed Hanna gave her during her battle with cancer!

Quincy is her main source of danger at this point because he is still on the hunt for her. I still say that he will either get her location from Jeffery if he beats it out of him next week or he will come up with the information some other way.

However, she has lied to Warlock about the amount of money Jim gave her ($400,000) and to Benny about her job at a law firm (making $250,000 a year).


With all of that being said, I think that she lied about her baby being dead when she told Hanna and Benny that Quincy killed him. Why do I doubt?

Seriously, Candace lied to Benny’s face and he is the only person that she actually seems to care about. Just as Amanda was the apple of Jim’s eye, he still lied right to her face. The same goes along with Candace about where she got her recent wealth from. That alone just makes me suspect her crying act to Benny and Hanna about her son being dead was nothing more than an act.

Even Hanna told Candace that Quincy is a like Candace, but he is no murderer. She even says that someday she will find out where her grandson is.

It will eventually start to fall apart in the coming episodes and it is something everyone is waiting for. I will say that it is never too late for redemption, but Candace has to be knocked down a few pegs. Remember that Jim had to ride a city bus for the first time and he had never looked so pitiful.

Her lie could start to unravel after Professor Cannon does not give her a new letter to skip ahead to the bar exam. She left a voicemail on his phone, but he might not answer because he is either dead (due to Amanda) or unable to speak with her for whatever reason.


Candace’s plans will start to crumble at some point because the bigger they are the harder they fall. The same goes for Veronica, but that is another blog for another time.

Now if Candace had taken the $7.4 million and split town to go to Atlanta then perhaps she would have gotten away with her misdeeds. For one, Quincy would be looking in the wrong town for her and Jim wouldn’t be on her tracks. Remember that she said she wanted to get a house in Atlanta, GA when she wanted $2 million (this was back before she was kidnapped by that Malones).

However, she now wants to stay in town and life large spending Jim’s money (most likely Katheryn’s money) right in his face! With those photos of him and the video, Candace has Jim right where she wants him. Though after Amanda’s death it appears he will pursue her for revenge.

I am still uncertain as to how Candace will be brought down, but it will eventually happen at some point.


She tells Jim that she likes to be in control and again you have to pay attention to the dialogue of the show because most of it is foreshadowing. At some point, Candace will be placed in a situation in which she is not the one who is in control.

Will it be when Warlock finds out she lied to him about only getting $400,000 from Jim when she really got $7.4 million? How about when Benny finds out she lied about her job at a law firm? Will Quincy finally get his hands around her throat? Will Jim be the one to shut her down once and for all?

There are so many ways for this to go down because she will eventually fall flat on her face.


How about this unnamed character in last week’s episode? Some fans are speculating his name is Oscar based on the fact that an episode of the same name is coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Could he be someone who pursues after Candace like she did with Jim? Someone who did their research and wants to bring her down?


I speculate that he could be the married man who gave “Erica” the car that was sold to Benny for $500. Meaning that he loves him some black women and why he appears to show interest in Candace.

However, this is just speculation because all of these little clues will eventually be placed together in the grand scheme of things.

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Are Amanda and Wyatt’s Parents?

By Jeremy Carden


Every episode of the HAHN seems to get better and better because the stakes continue to increase each Tuesday.

This past episode was no exception and based on the preview for next week’s episode; things are really heating up!

I am starting to believe that Jim has as many children outside of his marriage to Katheryn as Tony does! Papa was a rolling stone and it seems like he left a few pebbles here and there.


There are 2 key lines from Jim that left fans questioning the true parental figures of Wyatt and Amanda.

  1. I LOVED YOU!!” this is what Jim screams after David drags him away from choking Wyatt after he said he would talk to the police officer who claimed Amanda’s death was a homicide.
  2. When the D.A. (Jennifer) arrives on the scene, he screams out “She is MY daughter…NOT yours!” the funny this was that even though it appears he was screaming this to the D.A. Jim was looking directly at Katheryn.

Even I have to admit that this raises suspicion on my part because this show is all about paying attention to the little things including dialogue.


We can be 100% sure that Katheryn Cryer is indeed the mother of Wyatt because Jim confirmed it in Episode 1 of Season 2. He and Katheryn were arguing about Wyatt after the hit-and-run incident. Jim strikes a low blow at Katheryn’s deceased father by mentioning that Wyatt has his blood running through his veins. It is also mentioned that Katheryn’s father was a raging alcoholic behind closed doors.

Now seeing how hurt Jim was when Wyatt said that he would confess to the D.A. and the officers about everything (Jim covering up Wyatt, his whores, etc.) makes me suspect something deeper than a father-son debate.

It could be that Wyatt is a child that is not Jim’s but someone that he took care of as if he were his true son. Now Jim feels betrayed because of Wyatt’s plan to undo everything that he did for him.


Honestly, I don’t know what to think of Wyatt ever since Season 3 started because if he keeps up on this self-destructive track; he will become a bigger monster than Amanda. Ever since he reached for that glass in Jim’s study to get that first drink it has gone downhill from there.

He doesn’t care about the family anymore just like Amanda and plans on finishing them off. Sure Amanda wanted to kill them, but Wyatt wants to destroy their social status and most likely their legacy.


Moving onto Amanda, I have said that Celine is her mother since last year. Looking at Celine’s behavior in the past few episodes, it makes one wonder what her connection to Amanda is.

We learn that she has TWO children by Jim and with Amanda gone (the apple of his eye) she is probably thinking that he will now be focused on her children by him. Of course, this is not the case as he wants nothing to do with Celine.

Though you have to admit that since Katheryn is rattling off of Jim’s dirty list, I think it is safe to say that if Amanda was Celine’s daughter that she would have brought it up in this last episode.

Just as we know that Katheryn is the mother of Wyatt, we know that Jim is the father of Amanda.


In the Bible, the story of Esau and Jacob shows us that parents should not choose favorites because it only leads to trouble. Isaac favored Esau and Rebekah favored Jacob and their family fell apart because that favoritism lead to deception, betrayal and a sibling rivalry that nearly ended in death with Esau threatening to kill his brother.


Looking at this scenario from the Bible and comparing it to the Cryer family shows that there are hardly any differences. Amanda is the apple of Jim’s eye and Katheryn gives Wyatt a lot of love.

Season 2 is a prime example of how one parent is more protective of one child over the other.


Katheryn is very defensive over the way that Jim handles Wyatt after the hit-and-run. It is clear that Jim wants to protect “his son” from jail. However, you could make the argument that he is mainly doing this to protect his campaign for governor. Though he did seem truly upset when he tells David what happened and that his son will be locked up behind bars for life.


Comparing this to how defensive Jim was whenever Katheryn brought up the subject of having Amanda committed and you will see that they are playing favorites. Jim was not having it because he wanted his baby girl at home with him and did not want to break the promise that he made with her to never have her committed again.

I will never forget that stirring speech that Katheryn gave Jim before the Season 2 finale about how Jim’s protection over his children was going to drive them to insanity. Now that Amanda has apparently killed herself and Wyatt on his own destructive path with alcohol; Katheryn’s words are becoming a reality.


Do you think that Wyatt and Amanda are the true children of both Katheryn AND Jim? Do you think they have different parents but were being raised under the same roof?


Hanna is the mother of Benny and Candace. However, there both have different fathers since Tony is the father of Benny, but Candace has a father that has never been seen in the series (just mentioned once or twice by Candace).

Remember that for the most part the “Haves” kind of mirror the “Have Nots” in certain aspects of the story. This could hint at Amanda and Wyatt having different parents and that is all I am saying on the matter.


In any case, I cannot wait to see where the story is going from here because it is getting better and better with each episode. We have 3 more episodes before we reach the first half of Season 3! What other pressing questions are you dying to have answered?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Killed Amanda?

By Jeremy Carden


Last week, the HAHN community was shocked to discover that Amanda’s death was due to homicide instead of suicide!


This blog is going to cover the most likely suspects who had a motive to kill the psychotic Cryer.

Keep in mind that Amanda’s killer is someone who would have a motive to kill her or to simply get back at Jim Cryer.


  1. Celine

You have to admit that her behavior has been extremely strange ever since Season 1 after suspecting Hanna of being attracted to Jim. After Amanda is found dead in her room, Celine’s attitude has drastically changed for the worse.

Why was she so eager to get out of the mansion? Why was she so insensitive about Amanda killing herself?  Why was she making the situation more about her than Katheryn or Wyatt?

Celine knows that Amanda is the apple of Jim’s eye because she pretty much knows the Cryers in and out. Now I have 2 theories about Celine and how she may or may not have played a role in Amanda’s death.

  • After Jim pretty much wrote off Carlos and Celine as nothing more than money hungry users, Celine might have killed Amanda (his favorite child) so he would finally give their son the time of day.
  • Celine is Amanda’s mother and did not want to be in that house because her daughter was lying up there dead.

Click here if you would like to read my theory blog about Amanda being Celine’s daughter.


I will admit that it does seem likely that if my second bullet point is not correct then the first one is a believable theory. Celine would get rid of the main obstacle in her way of getting Jim to come back for his son. She was even talking to Carlos on the phone before Hanna came downstairs to call 911. I wonder what she was talking about with him on the other line. All we heard her say was that Carlos should not worry because she knew what she was doing.

Was he referring to her going to work the next day after killing Amanda the night before? They say that the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. I’ll stop right there and leave the rest up to you in order to speculate…


  1. Quincy

This one is going to be short and sweet; I don’t think Q killed Amanda. She is his link to Candace (or at least she was until Veronica gave away her location at Jeffery’s apartment) and potentially $12 million.

It just would not make much if any since if he killed her. The only reason I would suspect him of going back to the mansion would be to finish the job he started on Jim. However, he does have an alibi of being at Veronica’s house and then leaving into the night after she threatened to kill his family.


  1. Carlos

Really his reasoning for killing Amanda would be the second bullet point of my theory about why Celine would be the one to have killed her. It goes back to getting rid of the competition for Jim’s love and attention. It was not the money that he wanted from Jim, but the time of day! Celine told him that Carlos just wanted to get to know his father.


  1. Professor Cannon

My full theory on why Cannon would want to kill Amanda is in this blog here. Amanda’s words will sum up this theory very quickly; she told Cannon that the only way his torture would end is if he died.

He realized that after being stabbed in the park by Amanda, if he did not do something then he was going to be killed.


The fact that Candace called him up and left a voicemail for a new letter for the bar exam made fans aware that he was not written out of the story. He still has a role to play because Amanda was carrying a baby by him after he raped her.

Overall, my money is on Cannon being the one who killed Amanda. It is true that one of Warlock’s gang members could have went into the house when Jim was abducted because he left the front door open. However, I think it would have made more sense it if were 1 out of the 4 people mentioned above because that would make the story more interesting instead of a nameless killer coming out of the blue.


In the next episode, we see a body being brought down in a bag. Now if it isn’t Amanda’s body then it is the body of the other person who was not supposed to be in the room.

Assuming it was someone who killed Amanda and then left the house, it’d have to be someone who left unharmed because remember there was no bloody trail leading outside of her room. I doubt the killer would climb out of her window because her room was too high up. The front door had a crack in it, and the backdoor near the kitchen might have been used as well.

If it was not Cannon who killed Amanda then my next guess would be Celine or Carlos.

Out of the 4 potential killers listed above; who do you think it was?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Amanda Killed Professor Cannon

By Jeremy Carden


This is one subject that has my loyal readers on their toes because I tweeted about this last week sometime.

It is the theory that involves someone else being inside of the Cryer Mansion the night of the shooting; but they were not supposed to be there…

Believe it or not I actually wrote off this theory as nonsense when I first caught wind of it because it made no sense. The more that I actually sat down and thought about it, I must admit that it actually makes sense.

What is this theory?


Professor Cannon was in Amanda’s room!

Here is why I shut down this theory at first:

  1. What would he being doing in the same house/room as someone that tried to kill him?
  2. How would he know that Amanda had moved back in with her parents? Remember that the last time he visited the apartment; she was still living with Candace.
  3. He was most likely written out of the show, but I thought it would have been ridiculous because technically his part in the overall story is not complete. I say that because it is possible that Amanda is carrying his child because he raped her!

The more I thought about the reasons why he would not be in her room made me ponder why he would be in her room…


It goes back to how this show is pretty much about people in games of “Cat & Mouse” with each other. You know how one character chases after another, but ends up being caught and the battle begins for one to outmatch the other. Take Jim and Candace kidnapping each other for example.

The #1 reason that I think Cannon was in Amanda’s room is simple; he wanted revenge!


Remember that Amanda stalked him MULTIPLE times in Season 2:

  1. When she was waiting for him outside of his home
  2. Scaring him half to death when he was in the shower
  3. Coming into his home at night in his bedroom and pointing a gun down his throat
  4. When she confronts him in the park and stabs him

Being stabbed in the back was probably the last straw because Cannon knew that Amanda was really out for blood. She told him in #2 that the only way for this torture to end would be for him to die.

Cannon most likely took that to heart and realized that the only way for this to end would be for one of them to die. That could explain why he came into her room to finish things once and for all.


How he found out that Amanda moved back in with her parents is easily solved by him asking the landlord of the apartment complex or some of the students that live there. Jim stopped by one time to see Amanda, andthe landlord was sweeping outside. He told Jim that Amanda was no longer in school. He asked him how’d he know that, and he told Jim that it is a small building full of college students and well people talk. Who is to say that isn’t how Cannon figured out Amanda wasn’t living there anymore? The landlord told Candace after she got back from being abducted by that Malones that Amanda’s dad had movers take everything out  and that he thought she had moved out. So I’m thinking that is how Cannon discovered Amanda was back at home.

Another reason I believe him to be inside of Amanda’s room is because fans have been wondering; where is Cannon? I mean the last time that we saw him was when he was running through the park with a knife in his back!

screenshot_12 (1)

I even wrote a blog last year about him potentially being the one who dies because we never got to see him again. You can check out that blog here. It goes into a theory about him dying in the park. An interesting read if you would like to check it out.

So overall, the main reason that many fans like myself believe that someone else was in the room is due to the fact that Amanda’s position in bed along with the blood in the room aren’t really consistent.


It seems that there is way too much blood in that room to only be Amanda’s. Watching the scene when Hanna walks into Amanda’s room again and again makes it seems like there was some kind of struggle going on in that room.

The biggest indicators to me would be the giant pool of blood in the carpet along with the puddle of blood next to Amanda on her bed. However, there are only a few drops of blood on the back of her shirt and pants. Things just don’t add up!

Considering that Cannon was stabbed in the back in the park and the bed looking like someone with a bloody back was lying there as well. I wonder if anyone else pieced that together like I did.

I’ll take this theory a step further and say that Amanda kills Cannon! Put it this way; if Cannon and Amanda got into some kind of fight and he tried stabbing her with the knife she stabbed him with or she killed him and then herself it would explain why the room is covered in blood.


Want me to take this to an even creeper level? Amanda kills Cannon AND his body is still somewhere in her room!

Please just take a moment to wrap your mind around how messed up this sounds! I don’t want to say that she was in bed with a dead body or she tries raping him like he raped her because even I start to cringe just thinking about it.

Amanda wasn’t right in the head to begin with and although the above statement sounds crazy; we shouldn’t assume that it would be something she wouldn’t do.


Later on in Season 2 after stabbing Cannon, it seems that Amanda’s focus of killing people was directed at her family. This was taken even further when Quincy takes her to get a death tattoo with the names of her family listed on his body (can’t wait for the detectives, cops and doctors to discover that when they go to examine her body in her room).

It seems that she had either forgotten about the Professor or the plot wasn’t about him anymore.

Tyler Perry must have been trying to use effective misdirection to have an unlikely character as the one to kill Amanda or vice versa.

If Amanda is hiding his body in her room then where is he and why didn’t Hanna see him? There are 3 places that I think his body would be:

  1. In Amanda’s bathroom
  2. R. Kelly voice; “He’s up in the closet!!!”
  3. Under her bed


Something that I noticed in a “blink and you miss” was when Hanna walks into Amanda’s room. You’d have to pay close attention to the fact that Amanda’s closet is open!!! This could mean that Cannon was hiding in there waiting for her OR that was where she hid the body and didn’t close the door! Not sure if you can fully see in this photo, but remember the lights in Amanda’s room were out when Hanna entered.

Aside from him simply being under her bed dead, I’d wager he was in the bathroom hidden because that was where Amanda confronted him for the first time in his house when he was taking a shower. Not to mention the shower/bathroom was where Jim nearly killed Candace before discovering a positive pregnancy test thinking it was Candace’s when it was really Amanda’s.

So my vote is either he is in the closet or in her bathroom…dead!

The only way that I can see Cannon being in Amanda’s room and leaving ALIVE would be if he killed her without getting hurt at all. What do I mean by that?

If he was in her room, got into a struggle before killing her and left the house don’t you think there would have been blood out in the hallway and down the stairs?


Wyatt woke up as soon as he heard the gun go off and then checked on his mom and sister. If Cannon was in Amanda’s room and killed her when the gun went off then he would have had to book it down the stairs and out the front door leaving a crack in it because it was slightly open when Wyatt came downstairs.

It just doesn’t add up for him to have killed Amanda and then left her room without a scratch. He warned Candace that if Amanda kept harassing him and his family then he would hurt her, and it seems that in the Season 2 finale that threat came to pass.


Now I know that this is A LOT to take in at once because I’ve told some other fans of the show and they were shocked because they never thought about Cannon as being in the house that night!


I also find it interesting that “Professor Cannon” favorited and retweet my post on the subject!

What do you think? Did Amanda simply shoot herself? Was someone else in the room? If so do you think it was Professor Cannon? Will we find out in this week’s new episode?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Quincy Kill Jeffery?

By Jeremy Carden


They say that there is nothing stronger in this world than the love that a mother has for her children. Can we really say the same about Veronica Harrington?

After watching the series so far, I think it is safe to say that she cares more about her reputation than her own family.

A couple of weeks ago, Veronica orders Quincy to go to Jeffery’s apartment (because Candace was there) to rough up Jeffery. To give him a taste of reality in the form of a beating similar to how Jim was brought down a few pegs.


However, you have to think about how Quincy is pretty much a dog off of the chain. The only way that Veronica “has him under control” is by threatening to kill his entire family. Quincy was pretty clear when he said that “the guy” that Candace is shacking up with is done! He was surprised by the fact that “the guy” is Veronica’s son.

The ONLY reason I don’t think Jeffery gets killed by Quincy is due to the fact that Veronica has Q’s family on death row if he does not do as she says. Again, he is a dog off of the chain and I’m sure at some point Veronica is going to get bitten.


Keep in mind that if David did not bust through the door to get Quincy off of Jim there is no telling how badly things would have ended up. The main reason for Jim’s beat down was because he was unable to tell Quincy where Candace was.

Who is to say that the same won’t happen to Jeffery?


Remember that Candace has now gone to the Sarandon Hotel, but if Quincy shows up to his apartment he will be expecting Candace to be there too just as Veronica had told him earlier.

It seems that after the death of Amanda, Jeffery will head back to his apartment at some point alone because I doubt that he wants ANYTHING at all to do with Melissa at all. That is when Quincy will show up!


Either he will be waiting outside of the apartment like he did when he was looking for Candace, but found Amanda instead.

Another route the show might take is Quincy already being in the apartment. He could have broken in somehow because well he is Quincy! He snuck into Hanna’s house through the back window and despite Veronica having her security system on, Q still came in during the first episode of Season 3!

Perhaps like his mother, Jeffery will smell Quincy before he sees him…


In any case, I think that the only way that Jeffery can say himself from a brutal beating is revealing that Candace is at the Sarandon.

What I find ironic is that Veronica tells Katheryn that she “hates” violence, but Katheryn is quick to call her out for it. As an audience, we know that this is far from the truth due to the fact that she loved seeing Jim getting beaten and now she has the dog (Q) going after her own son.


I hope she knows what she is doing because Jeffery might wind up like Amanda and we’ll see if she has that smile on her face then…

Trust me, if Jeffery ends up dead because of his encounter with Q and David finds out that Veronica is responsible for it; it’s over!

What do you think about this theory? Will Quincy do as Veronica says and NOT kill her son? Will Jeffery have no other choice than to reveal where Candace is to save his life?

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