Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Where Is Professor Cannon?

By Jeremy Carden


Aside from the main characters in this series, there is one particular person who was literally stabbed in the back and hasn’t been seen since.


You’ve got it! I’m talking about the law school professor who raped Amanda and is now on the receiving end of her vengeance: Professor Cannon!

We haven’t seen him around since he jogged off in terror and with nothing left behind but a pool of his own blood from that knife jammed in his backside!

images (5)

My mother always jokes around that we haven’t seen him again because he is probably still running with that blade in him or he died because he bled to death (kind of a sick joke but the way my mom says it is funny).

At first, you might assume that Amanda has forgotten about the professor and isn’t going to kill him anymore. However, remember that when she bought the gun from the pawn shop she asked “Can this go through a professor?


Then at the dinner table with Quincy, she says that she wants to kill someone. He asks who and she says her mother, father and brother. That is strange because she did not mention the professor.

It could be due to her mental instability that her rage has somewhat shifted to be fully focused on her family dying. That wouldn’t surprise me considering Jim has brought her back into their home; a place full of the people she plans on killing (minus the professor)!


It seems to me that Amanda’s rage is directed at a particular person or group of people whenever she feels wronged. The professor raped her and that kind of started this whole ordeal which led to her only wanting revenge on him.

Then her parents refused to give her the $12 million inheritance and she feels ignored because they seem to only pay attention to Wyatt and that seriously pushed her over the edge (along with her serious lack of medication).


What really surprised me was Jim saying that the whole family will go up to the mountains within the next couple of days to get away from everything for a mini-vacation. Yeah Jim that’s real smart, not only do you let your psycho daughter trick you into bringing her gun home with her but now you want to take the family to a secluded place in the mountains for her to kill everyone!

Kind of ironic that the Malones “killed” Candace in the middle of nowhere with no witnesses and now Amanda might do the same to her family if they go to the mountains!


Wyatt then states that he only wants to go with Jim so we shall see if that is how it goes down or if the entire family comes along for the ride.

In any case, if we don’t see the professor anytime soon the next time he might appear will be either in the hospital from the stab wound or when it is revealed the Amanda is pregnant and everyone will be asking who did this to her.

Let’s say that his wife or someone asks how he got the stab wound, he’d have to come up with a story that he was robbed in the park or something like that. Think about it, if he reveals that Amanda has been stalking him and threatening his family as well as himself then he reveals that he was the one who raped her.

Some fans speculate that by this time he has grabbed his family and moved somewhere so Amanda could not find him. I doubt that because it would be a major cop out in terms of the script for the show to just write out a character like that. Especially, since he was the one who had this major impact in Amanda’s character development.


Do you think the professor will appear again? Will Amanda get locked away to receive the psychological help that she desperately needs before she gets another chance to kill him? Will the professor eventually be revealed to be the one to rape her and pay for his crimes? Will Amanda’s focus of rage be fully focused on her family instead of the professor?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Veronica Tell Melissa to Seduce Jeffery?

By Jeremy Carden


Veronica told Jeffery to find himself a black girl to date, but since he failed in doing what mama told him to do Miss “My Name is Veronica” took things into her own hands!


Meet Melissa: future law student (what woman in this show isn’t studying to be a lawyer?), daughter of one of Veronica’s friends and the girl she set Jeffery up with!


Let me just say that one of the funniest moments of the last episode was Jeffery’s facial expressions during the date.

It was as if this girl’s mouth would not close! What really had me stunned was the fact that it seems like Veronica picked a “Veronica clone” for Jeffery to date!


Veronica studied law just like Melissa is going to do and there is one other similarity that is a bit too creepy; the fact that Melissa drinks!

Remember that prior to the series beginning; Veronica had her own stay in rehab due to her own personal demons relating to alcohol.

Melissa told Jeffery not to tell anyone because his mom thinks she has a squeaky clean image. The fact that she was in a fraternity pretty much explains why she drinks. It just makes the story that much more interesting because Veronica does not know this about her.

haves and have nots 49

She mentioned that it was almost like a job interview when Veronica set her up with Jeffery and again that relates to the fact that she wanted someone like her for him to date. Not to mention Melissa studied ALL of Veronica’s cases (like Candace who studied all of Jim’s cases) which could have made a good impression on her.

The only time that Jeffery seemed interested in what Melissa was saying related to when she mentioned that she wanted to live her life for HER and not her parents. Jeffery can indeed relate to that in terms of Veronica wanting him to live the life she has planned for him.


Obviously, there is no kind of love connection at least from Jeffery’s point of view. He just kept the waiter bringing him drinks because his date would apparently not shut up.

That is all we got from this last episode, so now we have to look at the preview for next week!

It seems that Jeffery was going to get a cab for Melissa, but it appears that she is insisting on going back to his apartment.


There we see her literally seducing him and they might have sex! Pay attention to how Jeffery is fully clothed in this scene.


When he is on the bed he is undressed. How did that happen? Did he cave in to Melissa’s advances and willingly take off his clothes (or because he too had been drinking…) or did she take them off for him?

Why do I say that? In the preview, Landon says “Oh, so you think that makes you straight now?” That gives me the impression that Jeffery told him that he and Melissa had sex or that they went out on a date and being with a woman for a night possibly means he isn’t gay.

This theory is setup from 1 of 2 possible scenarios:

  1. Veronica wanting her son to become straight at any costs (even threatening him with jail since she has the car) told Melissa to seduce him into having sex with her.
  2. Melissa did tell Jeffery that when she drinks alcohol she can become a little wild one and not to blame her if she gets out of control. It could be the double bourbon that is making her get all “crazy” back at Jeffery’s apartment.Screenshot_31

What do you think? Did Veronica tell Melissa to have sex with Jeffery or is it just the alcohol that is making her get “a little wild?” If they do have sex, how do you think it will effect Jeffery’s decision about being gay or straight?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Is Candace REALLY Dead?

By Jeremy Carden


Is there anyone else but me who feels their blood pressure rise after watching an episode of the HAHN because of a heart stopping cliffhanger?

Well if you saw my previous blog about who fired the gunshot in this scene then you know that I had a few suspects other than one of Mama Rose’s boys who pulled the trigger.


However, it seems that I was wrong about it. Though near the bottom of that blog, I did mention that my theory was possibly incorrect and it would be one of the Malones to shoot the gun.

Now the topic of this theory blog is the question people are debating even more than when Benny was hit by the Black Sedan!


Is Candace Young REALLY dead????

I will admit that it appears that Candace IS dead. Come on, we all saw it happen but we just refuse to accept it! Despite the members of the Young, Cryer and Harrington families playing big parts in the overall story it was Candace who was really the MAIN character. Going off of that fact alone it explains why so many fans do not want to believe that she was killed by the Malones.

BUT (whenever we are talking about a Tyler Perry show there is always a huge but) we have to look at the alternatives and pick apart this scene for everything that we saw from it.

We see a bag placed over Candace’s head and one of the boys holding the gun at her head. Mama Rose says “Do it!” and we hear a gunshot. In the next scene, we see Candace’s body lying on the ground and the Malones hightailed it out of there.

Candace is dead as dirt right?

There is a lot of reasonable doubt because if you look at the scene for the brief moment that the camera is on her, we don’t see any blood on the ground or from where the bullet would have entered the bag over her head. Yes, you could argue that because everything happened so fast and the camera was only on her for a few seconds that there wouldn’t have been enough time for the blood to have become visible for us to see.


For fans who say Candace is not dead, the most common theory going around is that the Malones used blank bullets on Candace.

I will say that is a pretty good theory! My mother said the same exact thing when the episode was over. The main piece of evidence for this theory goes back to Jim’s initial goal after the Malones kidnapped Candace; keeping her scared!

Seriously, it would not surprise me if all of this was a clever charade put on by Jim and the Malones to teach Candace that this is a man you do not try to walk all over.


Another thing to remember is that Candace was REALLY scared and thought she was about to be killed. Now if this really was an act then the Malones pulled it off like pros! I’m sure that anyone in Candace’s position would feel the fear taking them over especially the moment that the bag was put over their head.

Hypothetically, pretend you were Candace at the end of the episode. Let’s say someone had a gun pointed at your bag-covered head and you could feel it pressed up against your head. Now the person pulls the trigger without you knowing there was a blank in the gun. Would you fall over like you were actually shot through the head with a bullet?

Is it just me or does it look like the gun was shot near her head but not at her head?

Is it just me or does it look like the gun was shot near her head but not at her head?

Yes, because the psychological effects triggered by being in such a situation would stimulate adrenaline in the brain that makes a person’s mind feel the same effects as someone who was shot through the head. When that gun went off, Candace fell over like she was shot through the head with a bullet because her mind projected that image, the feelings and the pain of an actual gunshot wound. Not to mention it is said that a blank bullet isn’t lethal but it still hurts. Either that or when she heard the gunshot, she fell to the ground on instinct.

With that being said, when and if she awakens from her “false death” then she will obviously be pretty shaken up from that experience and try to find her way to…well somewhere. I’m not 100% sure where she would go to, but in one of my previous blogs I mentioned that her apartment might be her first stop.

However, we don’t know where Candace was “dropped off” by the Malones and for all we know she could be out in the middle of nowhere miles away from the city.

So now that I’ve discussed the scenario of there being a blank bullet in the gun, it is time to really look at the “theater act” that Jim and the Malones pulled off that further supports the theory that Candace IS alive and was not killed.

Once again, I have to point out that Jim wanted Candace to be scared and to stay that way.


Aside from Jim making Candace fill out all of those papers, there is one exchange of dialogue between Mama Rose and Candace that makes me wonder; Did Mama Rose keep her alive?

Mama Rose talks about how Candace refuses to let anyone walk all over her, but tells her that “The Box” most likely had a gun in it to kill Candace. She goes on to say that her body would probably be dumped into a cement pit to be used in some building project for a sidewalk  or the steps in the front of a building.

If that was to be the fate of Candace, there would be people who’d literally walk all over her because her dead corpse would be buried in the cement that made the concrete for people to walk on.

Want to know why I believe that little speech from Mama Rose was nothing more than a fear tactic? They left Candace’s body out in the middle of the woods! If they were going to dump her into some cement pit then why would they just leave her corpse behind?!


Just to go back to Jim making Candace fill out all of those forms, it was probably to ensure that if Candace did try to come back for revenge against Jim after her “death” then she’d have nothing. I mean Jim has the title for her car, if Candace does try anything against Jim the forms for the restraining order would prevent her from doing anything without incriminating herself. Jim “handled it” so that he would essentially be untouchable by Candace!

As I mentioned in my other blog, if Candace was killed there would be so many unresolved plots in the show such as the whereabouts of her child or Quincy being brought out of prison to find Candace and so on. It pretty much lists out most of the unanswered questions if Candace was killed so you can read all about it in that blog.


Overall, I think the primary reason that Jim had Candace abducted for her to get rid of the baby. Think about it, after Mama Rose informed Jim that Candace was NOT pregnant and asked what he wanted her to do he was dumbfounded.

He simply said to keep her there and keep her afraid until he could work some things out. Remember he did ask how she was doing in terms of submitting to his demands and that was when Mama Rose said that she was actually scared. That explains why Jim had all of those forms for her to sign so that Candace would finally be out of his hair! It could mean that he never intended for her to die but to be afraid!

There is just one more point that I’d like to discuss before closing this blog off; If Candace is indeed alive, would she try to exact revenge on Jim OR would she turn over a new leaf?

Seriously, think about that question for a moment before you quickly say something like; “Hell yeah, Candy is gonna go and rip Jim to pieces for everything that he put her through!!!!”

Did you think about Hanna?


Remember Candace (and Hanna herself) said that she ran around with men back in her day. In a way, Candace mirrors Hanna when she was younger which explains a lot about Candace’s behavior. Candace has said multiple times that living with Hanna’s “crazy ass” was why she never “found her sense” to not live the life that she is in now.

We don’t know too much about Hanna’s past, but from what we do know she wasn’t always the Bible carrying Christian that she is today.

From what I can remember, I don’t believe we know what made Hanna turn her life around. It could have been an experience like what Candace just went through that nearly resulted in the loss of her life.

It is possible that being in such a situation could help Candace see the light. That “living life on the edge” mentality has come back to bite her and there is a good chance she will not do that again. Who knows? Maybe she’ll be sitting in church next to Hanna at some point in the series if she is alive and decides to turn her life around.

What do you think is Candace dead or alive? If she is alive do you think she will exact her revenge on Jim or will she let go off this reckless lifestyle and decide to live for God like her mother?


Not to mention if Quincy does catch up to her what do you think will happen between them? Remember Amanda told him EVERYTHING including the part about her and Candace suing her parents for the $12 million inheritance, BUT (see there goes that but again) Candace had to sign the papers saying she would never approach the Cryer family again possibly meaning that she can’t get her hands on that money even if she wanted to. Well at least not through a lawsuit.

Quincy doesn’t know that and if he does meet up with Candace, I bet she will tell the truth (for once) but Quincy won’t believe her about signing those forms! Considering that she squealed on him and that landed him in jail, he would probably just think that Candace would be trying to screw him over again.


When you think about it, Amanda is becoming the new “bad bitch” or should I say “psycho bitch?” for the show and that could mean Candace will mellow out a bit. What do you think about that?

As always, there is an endless amount of possible scenarios that could occur in upcoming episodes. Let me know what you think in the comment section and let’s try to hang tough until next Tuesday when we find out if Candace really is #DeadorAlive.


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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Fired a Gun?

By Jeremy Carden


Once again, we have a short clip about the new episode “The Vulnerable” that has fans going crazy! The clip of the show has a glimpse at the scene when Candace is supposedly shot.

In the photo below, you see the dialogue between Candace and Mama Rose. There is a gunshot at the end of the scene and that is all…


Now my mother and I once again broke down this clip with everything that we could come up with.

We believe that there is a possibility that someone other than one of the Malone Family members pulled a trigger!


Going into “Batman-Mode” (that is what I call it whenever I go into my detective state of mind and brood), I figured that it was not Mama Rose who was going to shot Candace.

Pay attention to the script and you’ll see Mama Rose saying “Do it.” That means she is not the one who is going to shot Candace.

Her sons will remove Candace from the van while Mama Rose watches and tells Candace to get on the ground. While she is crying and pleading to not be killed, Mama Rose is watching and tells one of her boys to do it. That is when a gunshot is heard…BUT we don’t know where it came from!

The two of us have narrowed down 5 possible suspects who could be responsible for the gunshot that was fired!


5. Jeffery Harrington

He was one of the first suspects who came to mind because he is looking for Candace, but when we went to Amanda’s apartment he could not find her. My mother is the one who mentioned him because again he was looking for Candace and it was possible that he got Amanda’s gun. However, I pointed out that Amanda made Jeffery give back his key to her apartment meaning that he wouldn’t have a way to get back in to get her gun. Not to mention, how in the world would he know where the Malones were taking Candace to kill her?


4. An unnamed hero

I mean it isn’t impossible to think that there is an unseen character that will appear out of nowhere to save Candace. The scene does look like it takes place in the middle of the woods so for all we know there is someone out there watching the events go down or stumbles to where it is happening. It could be a character from Candace’s past or something like that.


3. Quincy

Now it is possible that he gets possession of Amanda’s gun, and I don’t think that he’ll allow anyone to take Candace’s life especially since he has his own vengeance to unleash on her. Similar to Jeffery, the primary reason he isn’t a prime suspect is because he’d have to somehow find out where Candace was being taken to for her execution.


Not to mention he’ll be a bit too busy climbing into Veronica’s bed to be involved in any of this…


2. Jim Cryer

Ok, you are probably wondering why Jim would even be on this list considering the fact that he was the one to order Candace’s execution!

He is on this list mainly because he knows something that the other 3 suspects don’t; when and where the events of Candace’s execution are taking place!


Aside from Jim’s catchphrase “I’ll handle it!” whenever Mama Rose tells him that Candace is really scared he has repeatedly told Mama Rose “Good, keep her that way…” This could mean that Jim does not want Candace killed. Instead this entire charade is for her to know that he does not toy around and that he is no one to be trifled with.

A strong piece of evidence that suggests that he will be the one to fire the gun (but we do not know at who) is that he is going to Amanda’s apartment in the next episode. It could be before the Malones take Candace out into the woods during the nighttime. He could possibly get possession of Amanda’s gun somehow and then take it with him into the woods.

Or he could give it to someone else to do the job for him…which leads to Suspect #1!


1. Norman

Ah yes, the man from Jim’s “Plan B!” It is kind of ironic that Jim recruits the Malone family to abduct Candace, sends them on a search for this guy and then turns around and uses him to stop them from killing Candace!

Just remember that Candace is taken out into the woods at night and Jim is meeting with Norman at 4 PM! This could give him time to inform Norman of what is going down and more importantly WHERE it is happening.

With that being said, these are the 5 possible suspects for the gunshot that could potentially come out of nowhere. It appears that if someone did fire a gun it would be aimed at the person who has a gun pointed at Candace. As I said before, theoretically it would be one of Mama Rose’s boys who is about to kill Candace. Heck, it could be aimed at Mama Rose herself or Candace because there is someone who does not want anyone to have the satisfaction of killing Candace taken away from them. The possibilities are seemingly endless!


Now as I mentioned before, this is just a theory but it is always fun to over-analyze and speculate because that is what makes watching this show so enjoyable! It is also possible that none of these 5 people fired a gun and that it was indeed one of Mama Rose’s boys who pulled the trigger and kills Candace.

Who do you think fired the gun?


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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Why Was Quincy Put into Prison?

By Jeremy Carden


Tomorrow night we will finally find out who is going to end up #DeadorAlive after that startling cliffhanger from last week’s episode.

Until then, there is one more theory that I’d like to discuss before tomorrow night’s episode. It has to do with Quincy and his past. There is not too much known about him aside from that he was in prison for about 3 years and he is the father of Candace’s son.


However, there is still one question that hasn’t been answered yet; Why was Quincy put into prison?

Veronica told him that Candace squealed on him and that was how he got into prison. That does not tell us WHY he was put into prison.

Remembering one of the few Hanna and Candace moments that did not result in Hanna smacking Candace upside her head, I recall a conversation between the two revealing a bit about Candace when she was younger. This happened in the Season 1 episode “The Setup” and it certainly was a touching moment because this was the first time we see these two actually sitting and talking. Well Hanna was doing all of the talking, but I’m sure you understand where I am coming from with this.


Hanna said that Candace started her cunning and sneaky ways as a child stealing her tax money to buy new clothes and a computer to fit in at school. Then it got worse in her teen years when she eventually started working for a pimp.

This unnamed pimp nearly beat her to death and Hanna had to come get Candace (or was it Benny? I think I recall Benny mentioning that if Hanna had only seen how beat up Candace was when he picked her up that she’d have some symphaty for her which was hey he used the mortgage money to help Candace instead). Hanna says the only reason the pimp didn’t come to their home to kill Candace was because “someone” killed him.

She also mentioned that she gave her the baby to keep for a couple of years, but then took him and she never saw him since and it hurt since that baby was her heart.


Alright, so my theory is that this pimp was prevented from killing Candace because the “someone” who killed him was; Quincy!

I know this is a long-shot in term of theories because unlike my previous blogs I do not have that much information from the show to go off of, but still it is a possibility.

Looking back on what we do know about Candace, I would say that there are a couple of possible reasons that Candace would get beat up by the pimp:

  1. Candace cheated him somehow by stealing money or something of that. I mean this IS Candace we are talking about here…
  2. The pimp did not like the fact that Candace became pregnant.

Considering that Quincy was the father of Candace’s baby and at one point probably loved her, he could not stand for her being killed. He probably got word of Candace nearly being beaten to death by the pimp and took it upon himself to make sure the pimp did not finish the job.


I mean Hanna did say “someone” killed the pimp and that stopped Candace from being killed. Based on the characters that we’ve seen SO FAR in the series, Quincy in my mind stands as the prime contender to have killed this pimp.

Despite the fact that Quincy was the father of her child, it could be that Candace did still have feelings for the pimp even after being beaten up by him. Remember she did tell Wyatt that she liked that sort of thing (being beaten up). Finding out that Quincy was the one to kill the pimp was possibly why she squealed on him and that landed him in prison.


Of course, there are many ways that the story could have actually turned out. I mean who knows if Candace actually had feelings for the pimp while working for him as a prostitute. We really cannot judge the fact that Candace is not emotionally attached to any man in the show (aside from her brother Benny) because for all we know in the past she could have been a bit more trusting and loving to the men she was involved with.


As I mentioned before in one of my previous HAHN Theory blogs, there is a possibility that Candace’s son is dead. It could be that after her child was killed, Candace went into full vendetta-mode against all men to use them to her own means and nothing else.


Now assuming that my theory about the baby being dead is correct, we don’t know how or why he passed away. I don’t know if the baby was sacrificed in “Rumpelstiltskin-fashion” where Candace owed someone or was put into a situation she could not get out of unless a choice was made and it resulted in her losing her child. I mean there possibilities are endless because as I said before, there is not too much information to go off of at this point in the series.


In any case, it seems that the baby probably did die or was hidden somewhere until AFTER Quincy was put into prison. Remember Hanna did ask him where the baby was when he asked where Candace was and that shows that he knows nothing about the situation.

Let’s put it this way;


Veronica is the only person who knows the whereabouts of the Black Sedan.


Candace is the only one who knows the whereabouts of her son! There is a possibility that after Quincy killed the pimp, Candace placed her child in some kind of witness protection program or something.


When Quincy came into Amanda’s apartment, she said that Candace mentioned being a witness to her mother’s death (which was a lie she told back in Season 1) and she had to be placed in a witness protection program. Quincy had no idea what was going on and just went along with it to play the charade. I mean it was a lie, but it could possibly explain why not even Hanna knows where her grandchild is!


In Episode 1, Hanna called Quincy (who was unnamed and unseen in that episode) a “lowlife” when she asked Candace if that lowlife was still putting her out there doing “jobs.” By that comment we can assume that Quincy and Candace had their own system of stealing and conning people out of their money and valuables.

Perhaps that is the reason he landed in jail was because of a failed con and Candace had to squeal on him in order for her to go free.

One final thought; perhaps due to the child being old enough to talk and recall events, he was put into the witness protection program because HE saw Candace getting beaten or the death of the pimp and for his protection was put into witness protection never to be found again (until later in the series).

However, the flaw in this theory is that Quincy has been locked up for 3 years and does not know where his son is. Hanna said that Candace gave her the baby for 2 years, took him away and she hasn’t seen him in 3 years meaning that the boy would be 5.

The only logical theory is that Candace gave Hanna the baby to take care of from the time he was an infant to when he was about 2 years old. So for the baby’s protection, he was sent away somewhere because if anyone knew Candace had a baby it seems likely that they would try to get to her through him.

Regardless as to whether or not this theory is correct, I get a wonderful pleasure out of doing my own investigation and detective work of this show.

How do you think Quincy landed in prison?


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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Sent Quincy to Veronica’s House?

By Jeremy Carden


So The Haves and Have Nots released a 15-second video answering a question that everyone has been pondering ever since Tuesday night; Who is climbing into Veronica’s bed while she is sleeping?


Ladies and gentlemen the mystery man is none other than Quincy!

Now this has opened up another can of worms because now the question on everyone’s mind is; Who sent Quincy to her house in the first place?

There are a number of suspects so let’s just go down the list until everything has been hashed out. My mother and I once again sat down and talked about who could have sent him over to Veronica’s house and why. After giving it a lot of thought we talked about 5 possible suspects and the reasons why they could or couldn’t be the one responsible for sending Quincy to Veronica’s house.


  1. Jeffery Harrington

This boy loves his mother despite all of the stuff that she has put him through. That is pretty much the primary reason he would not do this to Veronica. Secondly, he is too busy on a date with some girl Veronica set him up with to even be involved. Similar to “Suspect #4“, he has no idea who Quincy is.


  1. Jim Cryer

It is possible that Jim sent Quincy to Veronica’s house, but I would be easier to list out all of the reasons why it was NOT Jim than it is to talk about why it would be him.

The main reason I could see Jim being the person to send Quincy over to Veronica’s house is because she is withholding the information about the Black Sedan from both Jim and David.

Last week’s episode showed that Jim really doesn’t like Veronica due to the way she is acting. David did not like the way he was talking about his wife (despite the fact that he moved out because he also did not like the way she was acting) and he stood up for her.

So in order to get back at Veronica and possibly get the information that he wants out of her, he sent Quincy over to her house.

However, the problem with Jim as the person sending Quincy over to Veronica’s house is the simple fact that Jim does not know who Quincy is.

Though you could argue that since Jim is going over to Amanda’s apartment next week, it is possible that Jim will meet face to face with Quincy. I’d wager Jim would ask who he was and what he was doing in his daughter’s apartment. Quincy would tell him (or Amanda would introduce him) that he is the father of Candace’s baby. I doubt that he would reveal to a judge that someone let him out of jail. So that would be a primary reason why Jim would not be the person to send him over to Veronica’s house, but there was still a tad bit of information that would make some people assume it was him.


Keep in mind he is meeting with the “Norman” guy in next week’s episode at a place at 4 PM (I forgot where…) so he’ll be busy with that plot in the episode along with visiting Amanda.


  1. Amanda Cryer

As we saw last week, Quincy was invited into Amanda and Candace’s apartment and is possibly staying until Candace returns (if she isn’t killed off next week). It seems that he was getting a bit seductive with Amanda.


In the preview for next week we see that he is teaching her how to use the gun that she recently bought. The new preview takes things a step further but showing Quincy trying to kiss Amanda on the neck and she constantly tells him to stop but he says no.

Alright now comparing this to first preview for next week’s episode I came up with a couple of possible scenarios.

The first one being that while Amanda is holding the gun, Quincy tries to kiss her but she rejects him multiple times. Remembering the fear she felt from being raped by the professor, she turns on him and tries to shot him or something to stop his advances. Quincy somehow takes the gun and pushes her away and she ends up on the sofa. Now in the preview, Amanda is sitting down and says “Do you want to kill me?” Quincy responds with “Do you want me to?” I figure that Amanda asks the question because she tried fighting Quincy to stop him from making out with her.  Then her saying “do you want to kill me…” makes me think that Quincy is in possession of the gun and it pointing it at her (we don’t see this in the preview, but this is just my guess).


Now the other scenario that could occur is Amanda fighting to stop Quincy from kissing her and kicks him out of the apartment. I figure all of this might occur BEFORE Jim shows up. Either that or Quincy has gone off somewhere before Jim arrives at the apartment then he reappears after Jim leaves or something like that. With nowhere else to go he ventures to the home of Veronica, but there are a couple of reasons why Amanda couldn’t be the prime suspect of this.

  1. It stands to reason that Quincy does not know where Veronica lives so Amanda would have to tell him the exact address. I mean it would not surprise me if that would actually happened because being naïve as she is, Amanda would just let it all slip out of her mouth in an instant (dang just like Wyatt she must have mouth diarrhea or something).
  2. Why would Amanda send Quincy to Veronica’s house? She doesn’t know the connection that they have in terms of her getting Quincy out of jail.


  1. Quincy (himself)

The guy has been in jail for 3+ years and considering that he is trying to chew on Amanda’s neck shows that the guy is horny and is ready to jump on the first woman that he meets.


Not counting Hanna because he almost attacked her when he broke into her house.

It seems to me that he’ll try to get it on with Amanda but she refuses and then decides to move on to the next one; Veronica!


Quincy is seen undoing his belt, dropping his pants and climbing into her bed…again the guy is horny and ready to get some!

Now you are probably wondering how he found Veronica’s house. Well I’ll get more into that when I get to my final suspect, but I will give Quincy a slight amount of credit here. After breaking into Hanna’s home, he asks where Candace was. Hanna (telling the truth) says that she doesn’t know where that child is and that he can get out of her house.

Later on, Quincy is seen standing outside of Candace’s apartment building. He asks Amanda if “a Candace” lives there and next thing you know he is inside of her apartment. We don’t know how he finds out where Candace lives or if he got it right on the first try standing outside of the building. I mean we don’t know if he asked around or something like that, but it is plausible that it was how he eventually found out her location.

With that being said, I think that it is possible that he could have found the location of Veronica’s home! Though there are two small problems that I can see with Quincy as the primary suspect for him climbing into Veronica’s bed…

  1. How did he get past the staff and security of the Harrington home?


I don’t know if the staff of Veronica’s home stays at the house or leaves like Celine and Hanna do while working for the Cryers to their own respective homes at night while only working during the day. In any case, I would not be surprised if there was some kind of security staff or security system for the home, but Quincy got in any way! I know he broke into Hanna’s home, but we all know that she doesn’t have a security system. It was mentioned that due to her not having bars on the backside of her house that it was easy for Quincy to break in like that.

       2. How did he know David was not there?


I’m sure he wouldn’t have just randomly climbed into the bed of a married woman unless he somehow knew that her husband was not there!

And that is what leads to my final suspect and possibly the person most responsible for all of this…


  1. Maggie Day

Yes, I’m calling out the campaign manager of Jim and David’s attempt to take the governor’s mansion as the most likely suspect of this entire ordeal!

0 (1)

Veronica could tell from Day 1 that this woman was after her man! It wasn’t hinted to the audience until the final episode of the first part of Season 2, when out of nowhere Maggie just came onto David. She told Jim how great he looked for the first gathering at his campaign office, but when she took one look at David…she just fell all over him. You could see the jungle fever in her eyes!

Now it seems clear to Maggie that David is a respectable man but unlike Jim he is a loving and loyal husband to his wife. She might have figured that the best way to get to David is to somehow sabotage his marriage.


In the last episode, she tries to seduce him (while in a drunken state) but it does not work. She tells David that if he ever does plan on having an affair to not do what Jim did. Not to mention she makes it clear that she is the ideal woman for him to have an affair with.

Considering that a head-on persuasion for an affair did not work here is how I think that Maggie plans to sabotage David’s marriage to the point where David would sleep with her.


In the preview of next week’s episode, it seems like David is walking Maggie back to her room because she is clearly drunk. Maggie tries to seduce him once more but fails. This leads to them going to their separated but adjoined rooms 1128 and 1129. David calls home and asks Veronica if he can come back, but in the preview we see that she refuses.

Knowing that his wife does not like to be in the house all alone, here is what I think will take place from that point. Veronica falls asleep and that is when Quincy climbs into her bed. David not wanting to be in a room next to the woman who clearly wants to have sex with him goes home despite Veronica telling him no.


Here is where I have a parallel theory about what happens next; Jeffery could walk in on his mom and Quincy to confront her about setting him up on a date with a woman.


Or what I think might indeed happen is that David walks in on his wife and Quincy in bed together! Seeing this might cause him to storm out of the house, go back to the hotel and who is there waiting for him? None other than Maggie!

Think of it this way, Maggie knows the location of David’s home and the fact that David moved out. It stands to reason she setup this entire thing with the “divide and conquer” mentality.


It was her idea to get Quincy out of prison and she sent Veronica down there to talk to him! Taking into account that a horny Quincy would jump in bed with any woman after being in jail for so long, Maggie knew she could count on him to do the dirty work needed to make David leave the house in disgust and come back to sleep with her!


My mother and I also talked about the possibility of her wanting to ruin the entire campaign for Jim, but Jim is doing a “good job” of that himself. Though he did recover with the whole Black Sedan thing to get Wyatt off the hook, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

If you ask me Maggie is kind of like the “white Candace” of the show because when she sees something that she wants she will go after it. Also she is calculating and good at research like Candace. Number 9 did her homework to study everything there is about Jim before making her move on the Cryer family. Maggie knew where David was staying, what room number he was in and even moved in the room next to him!


Maggie and Veronica haven’t gotten along at all in the series. In one episode, Veronica proved to be just as cunning as Maggie and that causes her to tell Veronica “I knew there was something I liked about you.” Veronica’s retort was “Funny, because I’m still trying to figure out a reason to like you.”

In Episode 1, Veronica  told Katheryn to be careful with Candace because she was up to something. Turns out she was right all along and she called out Maggie for wanting David and once again she was correct! The woman knows her stuff I’ll give her that much credit.

Now with all of this being said, we can only wait until Tuesday night to figure out what is really going to happen.

Some of the most important things that I’ve learned to keep track of in this show is the time of day, locations and what the characters are wearing. Sometimes a day in The Haves and the Have Nots could be stretched out within the span of 3 entire episodes!

Whenever a character is seen wearing the same outfit in multiple scenes, then I know that I’m watching them in the same day as opposed to them having the same thing on twice for multiple episodes/days in a row.


Jim is going to meet Norman at 4 PM the day after he went to confront Candace while she is held captive by Mama Rose. That means he is going to meet with him in the afternoon. Candace is taken to be killed at nighttime and it seems that Jim is going to Amanda’s apartment during the day. I mean I can only guess about that last one because he is inside of a building so I can’t tell what time of day it is.

I like how Tyler wrote the show to have a shot outside of the building or location for the audience to see before changing the camera over to the characters. That allows us to know what time of day it is and where the scene is taking place. Again all of these little things add up to how we can piece together what is happening.


So what do you think about all of this? Who sent Quincy over to Veronica’s house and why?


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Michael Jackson Homage In Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods

By Jeremy Carden

Has anyone besides me ever have one of those moments when you watch a movie or episode of a TV show dozens of times, but you finally catch a glimpse of something that you did not notice the first time?

Most people call that a “blink and you miss” situation and believe me I just had one of them!


I was watching DBZ Battle of Gods for the 22nd time since the movie came out and I caught a glimpse of something that made me VERY happy to be a Dragon Ball fan!


The Z-Fighters were all enjoying Bulma’s birthday party (well except for Vegeta because he was scared as a cat on the edge of a pool because Bills and Whis were there) while this was going on.


During the scene where the Pilaf Gang is searching Capsule Corporation for the Dragon Balls, they came across a room where Bulma was storing all of the prizes for the bingo tournament she was holding. Inside of the room, you could see all kinds of expensive prizes like a castle, a very expensive jewel and a plane.


Aside from all of those magnificent prizes, the most spectacular one of all was the complete set of Earth’s Dragonballs. Kind of interesting that the magical orbs were collected as nothing more than a grand prize for the winner of a bingo game…


It’s no wonder that the Shadow Dragons would eventually invade the earth in Dragon Ball GT due to the extreme misuse of the orbs (I know GT is non-canon and whatnot, but I still couldn’t resist the joke).


At least the balls would eventually be used for a good cause in the movie; informing Goku and the others how to “create” a Super Saiyan God. Wow it certainly seemed a bit convenient that the balls had already been gathered for the bingo game to save the Z-Fighters from having to venture around the globe to find them in order to ask Shenron about the legend of the Super Saiyan God. That’s the power of plot for you!


While the Pilaf Gang stared at the balls in amazement, they were caught by Trunks and Goten. It was during this scene that the three turned around in shock.


Looking to the left of Emperor Pilaf, I saw a white hat and jacket. I really did not think too much of this especially as a prize for a bingo game. That was until I noticed a miniature plague or stand that had a white glove to it…

At that moment, I put two and two together and realized “OMG THAT STUFF BELONGED TO THE KING OF POP MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!

I’m a huge MJ fan and DBZ fan so to see homage being paid to the late King of Pop in one of my favorite anime series was truly an amazing moment for me.


The white hat and jacket were probably drawn based on the style of clothing Michael had on for the short film Smooth Criminal.


Not to mention the iconic glove is always remembered from his trademark performance of Billie Jean at the 25th Anniversary Special for Motown.


I know this is not the first reference to Michael in the DB series. Does anyone remember King Kai’s pet monkey Bubbles?


I don’t know if it was ever officially confirmed, but it is quite possible that his name may be a reference to Michael pet chimp, who is also named Bubbles.

Considering that the English version of Battle of Gods is coming to the U.S. this August, I’m sure that there will be fans in theaters who will notice this small homage and smile like I did.