Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Was Amanda’s Death a Suicide or Homicide?

By Jeremy Carden


This blog will either assist in answering a question that fans are just drying to have answered, or create an even bigger rift between fans regarding this subject.

Even though it was stated by Jennifer (the D.A.) that Amanda’s death was a suicide, some fans are still not convinced.


Looking at the picture above, does it look like a self-inflicted injury?

I cannot bring myself to believe that all of the blood splattered across Amanda’s room came from one gunshot that she aimed at herself.

The list of evidence that points to this being a homicide seems to far exceed the evidence of her death being a suicide.


Looking back at the episode when the police were investigating the scene, one of the cops prematurely called the death a homicide. The D.A. then arrived and said that the reason for her coming to the home was to go over the crime scene. Jennifer even states that it is possible to make mistakes, and call a homicide a suicide or vice versa.

Now, we know that Jennifer wants to bring down Jim Cryer and arrest his son. However, I hope against hope that she did not purposefully call Amanda’s death a suicide, but it was actually a homicide.

In the end, she declares that Amanda’s death was suicide, but there are still a lot of questions that have not been answered.


Keep in mind that Amanda is supposed to be buried the next day; the day following the Season 3 Part 1 finale. However, we do not know the results of her autopsy. David might be cremated before Amanda gets buried if he does not wake up by June 30th…

There are a few things that are still left up for speculation:


  1. Was Amanda pregnant?

She claimed that she was pregnant after being raped by Professor Cannon, and there was a positive pregnancy test in her apartment when Jim attacked Candace.


  1. Was her “death tattoo” noticed during the autopsy?

Remember that she left the mansion with Quincy to get the names of her family members written on her.


  1. Where is the gun?

If Amanda really did commit suicide, did the police find the gun in the room? This is probably the most important unanswered question. The location of the gun is a very essential piece to the puzzle that is still missing…

Most fans are in disbelief that it was a suicide because there are a handful of potential killers who could have pulled the trigger on Amanda.


I will say that if another person did kill Amanda, they had to have left the house without a scratch on them. Blood was covering one section of Amanda’s bed, the floor on the side of it, the window, the wall, etc.

The fact that there was no blood leading out into the hallway indicated that Amanda was most likely the only person harmed in the room. I originally guessed that there was another body in the room, but that did not appear to be the case.


Quincy, Professor Cannon and Carlos are the 3 most popular suspects that fans have been speculating as Amanda’s killer. In this blog, I go into detail about all 3 of them, and why each has a motive to kill Amanda.

At the end of the day, Amanda is dead. How she died is still left up to speculation, but I am still thinking that she was murdered. The fact that the D.A. admitted that sometimes a death can be given a “false call” by labeling it a homicide or suicide by mistake leaves room for reasonable doubt.

Will the truth ever be revealed? If someone else killed Amanda, who do you think it was?

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One thought on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Was Amanda’s Death a Suicide or Homicide?

  1. […] I still think that a suicide was NOT the cause of her death. Until the location of that gun is revealed (similar to the Black Sedan), I think there is reasonable doubt regarding the cause of Amanda’s death. […]

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