Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Why I Loved Amanda Cryer

By Jeremy Carden


This blog is long overdue, but it is said that good things come to those who wait. Before reading any further, this blog is not one of my thought provoking theories. This is a piece that is solely dedicated to Amanda Cryer who was portrayed by Jaclyn Betham.


Does anyone else miss having Amanda on the show?

It just feels like something is missing because she is no longer around as Candace’s “friend” or Professor Cannon’s tormentor.

In my opinion, her character was never fully developed, and there are questions that were left unanswered. That is why I felt that her departure from the show was not a very good one.


Ever since Episode 1, I was captivated by Amanda. I will admit that I did have a crush on her because she was attractive, but I was interested in seeing her character grow as the series went on.


Seeing how she was almost an opposite of her brother (Wyatt) was interesting to say the least. It was clear what Wyatt’s faults were (drinking, drugs, etc.), but when it came to Amanda, her faults were not as easy to see.

We know that she was not very confident in herself, and relied on Candace to help her gain the strength to stand up for herself. She would harm herself if she felt ignored, and was on medication due to a mental illness.


After being raped by Professor Cannon, we saw a change in her personality. When Candace finally told Amanda that she had to stand up for herself, Amanda took those words to heart. From there, she was not the same sweet girl that we had seen in the past.


In Season 2, she was no longer taking her medication, and she was becoming a psycho (as many fans labeled her). I will say that I did like how she was slowly slipping into psychosis, and not written to be instantly crazy in the next episode. Whenever she appeared before Professor Cannon, she was becoming a little more psychotic each time.


I was a bit disappointed that she was simply nothing more than a mindless character at this point. In the finale for the first part of Season 2, she stabs Cannon in the back.


Then in Season 2 Part 2, she was nothing more than a pawn for Quincy because he was trying to locate Candace.

Season 2 was split into 2 parts, and so was Amanda. In the first half, she was the psychotic stalker of Professor Cannon. In the second half, she was the psychotic pawn that Quincy used for his own means.


We did get to see that in Season 2, Amanda had almost a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on, but she had more control over it. To the fans, it was clear that she had multiple personalities. It was like she could flip the sane/crazy switch whenever she wanted to. This was made apparent when she tricked the visiting doctor at the Cryer Mansion.


The scene where she gives him the side-glare while drinking tea gave me chills!

There was one moment that I will never forget because to me it gave her character some depth. It was the scene when Jeffery came over to their apartment to look for Candace, but only found Amanda there with her gun.


Amanda was screaming at Jeffery, and asking why he had come back since he moved out. It was as if you could just look into Amanda’s eyes and see how lost she had become. That one scene showed me that there was a scared little girl, but she was trapped in her own inner demons. I really wish I could have reached into the TV screen, and wrap my arms around her for comfort.


I took back that thought the moment I realized that she was still holding her gun…


In another blog about my review of the Season 2 finale, I already voiced my opinion on how that episode was too rushed. It ended with the gunshot heard around the OWN channel, and it kept fans guessing.

In my opinion, Amanda’s death was not written well, and it was a quick way of killing her off.


What I really wanted to see in the finale was how she dealt with the news that Jim and Candace had been messing around with each other. All we saw was Amanda running up the stairs after Jim lied to her face. Then the next thing you know, she is running around with the gun in her hands before shooting herself.

I was watching the episode in disbelief because this was the moment that fans had been waiting for (the shooting). However, with the finale so rushed, it just seemed out of place. One minute, we have David and Maggie at the hotel, but then you have Amanda running around the mansion.

Again, if we had seen her lock herself in her room after Jim lied to her (remember Wyatt and Katheryn ran into the house after her), and maybe trying to call Quincy to pick her up then it would have made more sense. Basically, I wish that there was more buildup for the shooting at in the end of the episode.


Either way, I did enjoy Amanda while she was on the show. However, I just wish that her character had more chances to grow because she had a lot of untapped potential.


Remember Kimmy Gibbler from Full House? That is who Amanda reminds me of in some ways because both female characters were highly underrated and never fully developed. Most fans remember Kimmy as the Tanner’s annoying next door neighbor, and D.J.’s best friend with smelly feet.


When it comes to most HAHN fans, Amanda is only remembered as being the psycho who got raped and shot herself. I really do not like to think of Amanda Cryer as that kind of character. I think she was so much more than that, and brought a sense of innocence to the show. However, that was taken away after she was violated by that monster Professor Cannon.


Love or hate Amanda, you cannot deny the fact that Jaclyn Betham brought the character to life. The same goes for all of the other cast members on the show. Jaclyn really played the role well, and I applaud her because of it.

What did you think of Amanda Cryer? Did you think that she had a good run on the show, or do you think she was killed off before she could truly grow as a character?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will David Sleep with Maggie?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

Now while most people were stunned by the Season 2 finale ending with Amanda shooting someone within the Cryer Mansion, others were wondering about whether or not David would commit adultery.

David is viewed as the polar opposite of Jim Cryer in many ways, and the last thing viewers would expect him to do is cheat on his wife Veronica. However, given the way that she has been acting the entire season…most fans would not be surprised if David really does sleep with Maggie!

Do I think that David will sleep with her?

I’m going to say yes, but there are a couple of reasons for that. Looking back to earlier episodes in Season 2, both David and Jeffery were placed in tough situations by Veronica. She forced Jeffery to go out with Melissa and the two of them were drinking.


This lead to them going back to Jeffery’s apartment (although he did not want her there) and she forced herself on him which resulted in drunken sex. Do I think she raped Jeffery? That’s another blog for another time…

Comparing that to David moving out to the Sarandon Hotel due to Veronica’s behavior, we have ourselves a father/son tragedy!


The thing about Maggie is that despite being drunk (like Melissa); she gets to David on a psychological level. She knows how to push his buttons (both in a good and bad way). Many fans could not believe that David would give in during a moment of weakness.

I knew from the moment he decided to take that drink with Maggie that things were going to go south. Remember that for his wife’s sake, he hasn’t had a drink himself for years because she was a recovering addict herself.

Then in the finale, he pulls “a Jeffery” and has a double which is a strong drink and add on the fact that Veronica refused to answer his call while he was in his hotel room led to a recipe for disaster. Keep in mind that David was officially fed up with Veronica at this point. Not to mention the fact that she was blackmailing their son this was another reason that David was pushed over the edge.


A few episodes prior, Veronica caught these two coming out of David’s hotel room and she generally assumed that he was sleeping with her. Due to the fact that David lied to her several times back in Season 1 when he was trying to cover Jim’s affair with Candace, Veronica’s trust in him has been tainted ever since.

We could really see the temptation that David was going through in the finale due to the fact that he had spoken his peace with Jeffery despite the fact that he is gay. He tells his son that he must be happy and be free no matter what (including his mother’s threats). When he walked off after Veronica asked if him telling Jeffery that sacrificing everything to make someone else happy was a reference to her, it pretty much solidified the fact that he was done! Perhaps in Season 3 we will learn what it was exactly that David sacrificed, but I know I’m curious to find out.


Considering that Maggie knew exactly how to read David despite his lies covering up how miserable he was, him drinking and Veronica not answering the phone…well it was a recipe for disaster.

Thinking about how much time was dedicated in the finale to the Harrington family and David spending time with Maggie, I really think that he sleeps with her. I think it would be ridiculous if he didn’t considering all the time he took starting at the door opening it and walking into Maggie’s room.

I don’t think that David would have slept with Maggie if he wasn’t both upset AND drunk (sort of drunk anyway), but in this case I think that he will sleep with her. Keep in mind that Maggie asked if David wanted to sleep with her the other night, and she said he was lying when he said no because she could read his body language.

Alright, so let’s say these two do sleep together! How would things go from there?

Well here is an interesting theory about what happens in Season 3 if these two do sleep together;

Both wake up the next morning and they are stunned that they actually slept together. Remember they had both been drinking so that was one of the reasons they got in bed together. The first time David managed to brush off Maggie’s advances, she comes to his room the next morning (finally sober) to apologize for trying to seduce him.

I think David would be very surprised and disappointed in what he has done. Maggie will be pleased, surprised and somewhat ashamed but she would have finally gotten what she has wanted for so long.


Keep in mind that Jim is kidnapped so he won’t be making an appearance at the press conference to announce that he is running for governor. Well that all depends on whether or not Candace lets him go so he can make his announcement. The only reason that I think she would let him go is if she meets his random demands so he can go free.

Let’s say that Jim does not make it to the announcement and David is the only one to show up for his announcement to run for Lieutenant Governor. Veronica is going to show up to stand by his side in order to be in the spotlight. However, let’s take it a step further and say that David announces that HE is the one who runs for governor!

Why would this happen?

For a few reasons:

  1. Back in Season 1 when David gives Jim a speech about sacrificing personal desires on the altar of destiny, Jim says that HE should be the one who should run for governor.
  2. The former governor in not so many words said that the state of Georgia was not ready for a black governor.
  3. This is the best one; Maggie asked David if he was jealous of being in Jim’s shadow. David boldly replies that he is comfortable in his own sin and accomplishments without any jealousy towards Jim. Maggie said that was indeed truth, but if they slept together then I’d say her influence would make him say that he is running instead of Jim.

It would be hilarious for Veronica to try and stand beside him during that moment! Thinking about how he and Maggie slept together and she is trying to ride the coattails of David after putting him and their son through hell.

David had been seen making phone calls to Veronica’s mother so it might be safe to assume that at some point she will appear in Season 3 to help straighten things out.

Something tells me that at some point in the new episodes if David tries to rekindle his marriage, Maggie will turn into Celine (after a brief affair she will feel ignored and become obsessed with David) and that will make things even more difficult for David.

Not to mention Jeffery and his feelings towards this! He still loves his mom, but is feeling so trapped by her. If he finds out his father cheated on her then I fear the worst…


David talked with Veronica about how most kids who are homosexual tragically commit suicide because that would be easier than coming out of the closet. Veronica says that Jeffery is too strong for that. I think that was a ridiculous statement coming from her because if you ask me, I feel that she has “beaten him down” so much with verbal abuse that he is very fragile. The struggle of him living in the closet all of his life and Veronica’s controlling nature takes away pretty much all of his strength.

I really don’t want to think that Jeffery will commit suicide, but just keep in mind that this show has a way of foreshadowing major events in small dialogue scenes…

Bluntly put, if David does sleep with Maggie then he will find himself in a “Jim-like” state but he didn’t go into the gutter to find what he was looking for like Jim. As Maggie put it; you should sleep with someone who has as much to lose as you do.


Keep in mind that Veronica does not believe that David did NOT sleep with Maggie prior to the end of Season 2 so as far as she is concerned her husband is a cheater.

What do you think about this theory; did David sleep with Maggie? Will he announce that he is running for governor? How will Jeffery deal with this if David DOES sleep and Maggie and he finds out about it?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Is Mama Rose the Mother of Jim Cryer?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

Only about 50 more days until Season 3 comes on OWN! Until that time when everyone’s favorite show comes back on the air, I have a few more theories to write in order to keep fans thinking about the show.

This is an interesting theory that of course my mom and I have discussed a few times in the past. Aside from being the hired muscle of Judge Cryer, is it possible that the Malones have a connection with Jim that we do not know about?


For this particular theory blog the question being asked is whether or not Mama Rose is the “mama” of Jim Cryer!

Now we know little to nothing about Jim’s parents and from what was mentioned on the show once or twice was that he did not have a life of privilege like Katheryn. He was just a good looking young man who swept the rich girl off of her feet.

Katheryn did tell Hanna that Jim’s mother was a real bitch (excuse the language but that is a direct quote), but that is all we have heard about her.

Alright, Jim threatens Candace with the fact that he had a man who was obviously guilty from murdering women. However, it was one of his first cases on the bench and he let it slide. On every holiday this man would send Jim a card saying thanks for letting him off the hook and that if he ever had a problem with a woman…Jim could call him up and he’d take care of his “problem.”


This occurred in Episode 2 and was a major foreshadowing of the Season 2 climax of the Malones abducting Candace.

We later find out a few interesting facts about this case:

  1. The man was one of Mama Rose’s boys
  2. Jim practically swept this case under the rug, but it would come back to haunt him because it was one of the most important cases of Jennifer’s (the D.A.) life and she lost it in his courtroom (not to mention Jim said he had an affair with her during his honeymoon with Katheryn however he said it sarcastically so we can’t be 100% sure if he meant that or not). This results in her hating both Jim and David…

Considering that Jim allowed the Malone on trial to go free, it would appear that Mama Rose and her boys are in Jim’s debt. The extent of that debt is unknown but Jim has mentioned that they owe him a lot and if not for him they would have all been in prison.


David said that he should not rely on them too much because at some point their debt to him will be repaid (at least in their eyes) and they will be asking him to pay them for all of these “favors.” Keep in mind that it was David who suggested Jim call the Malones in the first place to take care of Candace.

From there we see Jim call on them to get their hands on Norman Hewens in order to use him as a “Wyatt decoy” so to speak to get him off the hook for the hit-and-run charges. If you ask me, it is very possible that Jim has called on them in the past to deal with “problems.”

Why do I say that?

Jim told Candace that he was a good magician because he could make people “disappear.” Considering that he was able to use the Malones to make Candace disappear, it goes without saying that Jim has used his hired muscle to handle problems in his past.


Another thing to think about is how David knew about the Malones, the work that they do along with the fact that it was him who suggested calling them up in the first place. It stands to reason that he knows about the “criminal underworld” of their city and how to call on them if necessary. Considering David’s character, I don’t think that he knew about the Malones until he and Jim met up in law school and began working together.

Now that we’ve covered all of that, we now know the connection between Jim and the Malones in terms of what we do know from the first 2 seasons of the show. However, there is one burning question that has yet to be answered; what is this “restaurant” Mama Rose keeps asking Jim to stop by?

This could be a legitimate establishment or the term  “restaurant” means something entirely different in the criminal world than what we are all used to (a business where people go to eat). There is another interesting piece of evidence that we have to think about here in terms of what this place is.


Jim said that he spent 15 years running a business (that we don’t know anything about) before he sat on the bench as a judge and from there as we see in the series he is trying to run for governor. Remember he told Rose the reporter (not Mama Rose, but Rose the reporter who was trying to see if Jim was actually going to run for governor) that he did run a business for 15 years and that he thought he might be capable of “running” the city as governor. We know that Katheryn’s family groomed Jim into the dashing judge that he is today from learning what a salad fork was to paying his way through law school.

So that sums up the history of Jim Cryer from being the bad boy no one wants to bring home to mother (Katheryn did say that her father did not like him…which made her love him even more) to the judge that the city adores.


Mama Rose was the only child to the former leader of the Malone group. Due to her not having any brothers, she was the one her father molded to be the head of the organization. From what we can tell she does not have a husband or children…but then again there is so much that we do not know about her!

Now here is when this theory kicks into action!

Don’t you think that it would be very useful for a crime organization to have someone on the inside of the legal system? Someone that was raised to become their defender in the public while they moved in the shadows?


It stands to reason that aside from being the jock that made the cubby rich girl fall in love with him leading to his ascension to the status of judge, Jim was told to wiggle his way into the house of the Hardgraves in order to be in one of the wealthiest families in Georgia. In that case, he would be the person to bail out the Malones if they were to ever get into any legal trouble. Let’s say that Jim Cryer isn’t even his real name, but a fake name that he took to avoid using Malone.

I know that all sounds a bit too much in terms of over thinking, but then again the HAHN is one of those shows where every episode leads to another clue in this ongoing story.


You are probably thinking that if Jim is the son of Mama Rose then how in the world could he owe her anything at some point for all of their favors if he is literally her son?!

Well I’m not 100% sure how crime organizations run (I only saw the Godfather once and that was awhile back so that is the only glance into a mob lifestyle that I know about), but something tells me that no matter if you are flesh and blood there is going to be a debt that has to be paid at some point…

This restaurant seems to be the key that might solve this mystery in terms of whether or not my theory is right. From what we can tell, this so called restaurant is a place that most likely isn’t a normal establishment. The main reason for this is the fact that Jim says he cannot simply go to visit there and be seen considering that he is running for governor. With that being said it might be a place that the upper-class or law abiding citizens don’t visit.


Is this the business that Jim ran before going to law school? Was he working there before he met with Katheryn? There are so many unanswered questions but that is what makes this show so darn good!

Hopefully in Season 3 we might find out the answers that we are dying to know. What do you think about this theory? Is Mama Rose the mother of Jim or is she just simply another one of his connections?


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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Season 2 Finale Review

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

I’ve been asked many times to write my thoughts about the HAHN Season 2 Finale “Checkmate.” Well enough free time has finally presented itself to me so I could write this blog!

Now if you have been following my blog since my first one regarding this series then you know I am a true addict of the show (along with my mother). With that being said, I don’t want you to read this blog and feel like I am criticizing Tyler Perry’s work or saying that I could write the show better than he can or anything like that. These are just my own thoughts on the Season 2 finale and in the comments below I would love to hear what you thought of the episode as well.

Right from the start, I’ll say that my fears about the Season 2 finale came true; it was highly underwhelming in many ways. I actually wrote about it in another blog regarding my thoughts about what would happen in the finale. Overall, it was a slow moving train that seemed to run off the tracks in more ways than one.


Don’t get me wrong, when the episode opened up with Celine telling off Jim that was some great stuff! We see that Celine has been throwing herself at Jim for 2 whole seasons but in reality she just wants him to be a father to their child Carlos. Jim has been living this dirty life for so long dealing with people like Candace who have conned him that he was blind to the genuine desires of Carlos wanting his REAL father in his life.

With a powerful start to the episode, I really thought that this finale was going to be one heck of a show! This really made it seem like Celine would get back at Jim in some way for completely blowing her and their son off as nothing to him. I mean the fact that Celine knows everything there is to know about the Cryer family makes her a threat just like Candace was to Jim.


Alright, so that was the first 5 minutes or so of the episode but from there it wasn’t until about 35 minutes in do we finally get some action! We jump to Jim and David’s campaign office for them preparing for their announcement on the next day. Maggie is once again apologizing for David about the awkward moment that Veronica caught them in as they were coming out of his hotel room. Veronica shows up and the Ice Queen truly has her moment!

Just the way that she walked up to Maggie was certainly very royal-like because of the graceful way that she handled herself. That was a sharp contrast to how her words cut through Maggie like a knife made of ice. Even Jim mentioned that it got very cold in the room…

It seems to me that Veronica wasn’t wrong in thinking David was lying about not sleeping with Maggie. At first I was thinking she was a fool for believing that David would cheat on her. Thinking back to Season 1, she was actually hurt when she found out David lied to her about Jim and Candace that pretty much destroyed a good portion of the faith she had in her husband.

David then fails in trying to get the car from Veronica so that Jeffery could finally be free from her icy grip. And with that, Veronica lays out the plans for the evening; David would show up to Jim’s house for the dinner party and he was not to return home.

So…David is still in the doghouse while Jeffery is still in danger of going to the big house if Veronica turned him in for not listening to her demands.


We jump scenes to the dinner party and here is when things started to go south for me in terms of the plot. Jeffery shows up with Melissa! However, I’m sure a lot of people were thinking about how this could be possible. I mean last time we saw Melissa was when she felt embarrassed and left Jeffery’s apartment after thinking Candace and Jeffery had slept together. Not really sure how she would agree to go out with him again. This was one of the first scenes in the episode that made fans scratch their heads because there were too many things that happened off screen that NEEDED to be seen.

I mean did Veronica call up Jeffery and make him invite Melissa to the dinner party? If she did then how did Jeffery convince Melissa to see him again?


Everyone’s reaction to seeing Jeffery with a girl was priceless! I mean Wyatt’s reaction could be received as surprise, shock or jealousy. However, I go into why Wyatt and Jeffery should not be in a relationship in another blog. In that blog, I just go into detail about how in terms of the story it would be better if they just remained as friends.

When David witnesses this “act” he is quick to call Jeffery outside to explain that he should not be afraid of his mother and to stand up for himself. He then calls Veronica outside as well and in his speech it seems apparent that he was not happy with his life because of the sacrifices that he himself had made in the past. This gives us a possible glimpse into the bitterness he has been hiding all of these years dealing with Veronica. When Jeffery asks to just go inside to have a good time, David goes back inside the mansion because he was fed up after speaking his peace to his son. Veronica was shaken and tried to console her son but couldn’t even bring herself to touch his face with her hand in a loving way. It just shows that even she might feel some resentment for her actions but couldn’t bring herself to admit it due to what David said.


So that covers the first 30 minutes or so of the episode. Now the pace finally picks up when Quincy arrives on the scene and it was the best part of the finale to be honest! Just the interaction between the other characters during the scene was phenomenal! I mean as soon as he stepped inside the already tension-filled atmosphere was brought to a new level.

After only being in the mansion for a couple of minutes, it was clear that this thug was not there to make friends. We finally got to see “crazy Amanda” come out in a room full of people. When Amanda screamed: “What Mo?! If he’s allowed to date someone who is completely wrong for him then I should be able to date someone who is completely wrong with me!!!” I nearly cried laughing because of Jim being called “Mo” and the statement about Jeffery and Melissa.


The climax of the episode was clearly when Jim grabbed Quincy by the coat to pull an “Uncle Phil” and throw him out of his mansion. However, Q put him in a chokehold and pounded the judge in the face numerous times. I’ve got to say no matter what goes down you have to admit that David has Jim’s back. He wasted no time breaking down the door to grab Q off of Jim! What I found even more hilarious was Jim asking for the guys (Jeffery, Wyatt and David) to get Q off of him, to help him up but when he was finally back on his feet he yelled for them to get off of him!

With all of the action going on, Q storms out of the mansion with Amanda following behind. During this scene we find out that Amanda might not be as naïve as we have been led to believe throughout the series. She picked up on the fact that after their “study sessions” together; Candace would smell like Jim’s cologne. This was something Katheryn noticed early on in Season 1 when she could see Candace’s cheap lipstick on Jim’s clothes along with the odor of her cheap perfume.


Jim had the perfect opportunity to come clean to everyone (well actually only Amanda) about what had been going on between him and Candace. Right when it seemed he was about to tell the truth…he lies right to her face. After that, Amanda goes into the mansion with her mom and sister close behind.

Coming back from the next commercial break, David is returning to the hotel and sees Maggie at the piano. They have a conversation about David’s true feelings about his wife along with his role as Jim’s right-hand man but never the one in the spotlight. Here we see that David is indeed satisfied with who he is, but not so much with his marriage.

I’ll jump back to these two after I talk about how the script just made Jim pull one dumb decision that will end up costing him dearly. I found it hilarious that he was so shaken up by getting attacked by Q that he was actually sleeping in the same bed as Katheryn!

After getting that text from Candace, he was stupid enough to go outside and get himself kidnapped!!!


The way he was screaming “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!” when Warlock’s crew jumped him and threw him in the trunk reminded me of Cleveland falling from his bathtub in Family Guy!


Really Jim was asking for it because he did what Candace told him through text. After everything that went down between them (not to mention the events of the night with Q beating him up for smashing his chick to begin with), I can’t believe he would go outside…

It just seemed like the script was designed for Jim to have more enemies than ever. He blew off Celine and Carlos, lied right to Amanda’s face, was beaten senseless by Q and now he is going to be in the grip of Candace!


Next we jump back to the hotel with David carrying a drunken Maggie back to her hotel room like before, but this time even he is a bit intoxicated! She leaves her door unlocked for David to come in. However, it seems that even David is a bit conflicted and extremely tempted to open the door when he goes into his room! In a moment of desperation, he calls his house for Veronica to respond most likely for her to allow him to come home. She ignores the call while she goes to turn on her alarm system (getting a surprise visit from Q one time was more than enough for her).

David hangs up after realizing that he would not get an answer and after much debate…he opens up the door and goes into Maggie’s room. Will David sleep with Maggie and if so how will that affect the plot of Season 3? Don’t worry folks because a blog about that very topic is in the works!

Doesn't she know that running with a gun is dangerous?

Doesn’t she know that running with a gun is dangerous?

Now we come to the scene that we’ve all been waiting for; Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo! Amanda runs around the house and the gunshot is fired ending Season 2!

You are probably thinking why I’m not going into more detail about the shooting scene but I’ve written MULTIPLE blogs about it already.

What if Katheryn shot Amanda?

Who Got Shot?

The links above will take you to those blogs because trust me the subjects are way too long to include in this one blog.

What was my overall impression of the Season 2 finale? In one word; “Meh…”

Don’t get me wrong it is not saying that it was terrible, but if you ask me it was not written very well. It felt like the entire episode was too rushed and not enough things were brought up or even mentioned. There were a lot of scenes that had a nice buildup but it never paid off anything in terms of the fans seeing more explored.


Here is a perfect example; Amanda finally learns the truth about Candace sleeping with Jim, but we never see her reaction to it. When she rushed back into the mansion with her mom and brother following her we don’t see them trying to console her or how she was handling the situation. Was Amanda furious with Candace? Would she seek vengeance on her because her best friend had been sleeping with her dad this entire time? Not to mention her “boyfriend” left without explanation as to where he was going or if he was coming back for her.

Amanda had A LOT of things to be ticked off about and in her less than mentally stable state it seemed as if something big was about to be set off at the Cryer mansion! However…nothing happened.

The end of the episode when Amanda runs around the house with her gun was the moment that we were all waiting for ever since we saw the previews for the finale, but with the random places that the finale was going it just felt like it was out of place.


We don’t know why she was running around with her gun at all. True, she had mentioned multiple times she was going to kill her family and even got a “death tattoo” with their names on her. Now this leads to another unanswered question; what did Amanda mean when she told Q to come back for dinner and afterwards the REAL fun would begin and she wasn’t talking about her gun? What did she mean by that? Well we never got to find out…

I mean again the missing portion of the episode where we could have seen Amanda rush to her room and lock herself in there going over things in her head would have been great to see because again her reaction to the news about Jim and Candace would have opened up new doors to her character.


Something else that seemed to be completely forgotten about was the fact that Hanna had invited Katheryn to her house to meet Benny during his “Welcome Home” party. She was going to text her address to Katheryn so she could come over. What happened to that?

I mean Benny is not even seen in the finale, Candace mentioned that she was going to leave the house as soon as Benny wouldn’t notice. Hanna says that she does not believe her grandson is dead and again here was another perfect chance for some character development but we were shortchanged…

Hanna mentioned going through some scripture with Candace, but we did not get to see anything about that at all. I really would have loved to see Candace’s reaction to that. Perhaps the passages Hanna showed her dealt with forgiveness and that might play a role in how she deals with Jim once he is brought to her.

Fans are assuming that once Veronica left David’s office at the beginning of the episode, David he calling his mother-in-law and perhaps she will make an appearance in Season 3. Jim suing her husband was mentioned before, but I can’t wait to see how things will play out!

I feel that this finale should have been broken up into at least 2 episodes so a lot more territory would have been explored. This includes Celine going home to tell Carlos that Jim wanted nothing to do with him and his reaction to the news.

After Q left the mansion, it just seemed that the scene jumped back to David walking into the hotel. There were so many unanswered questions like what happened to the dinner party was it just cancelled after Q left? Was Hanna wondering what happened to Katheryn stopping by? When did Candace finally get the chance to leave her mom’s house in order for her plan with Warlock’s crew taking Jim to finally begin?

The list goes on and on and on…


Honestly, I think that way too much time was spent on David and Maggie along with David, Jeffery and Veronica.

Perhaps this means in Season 3 there will be much more of a focus on these 3. We might even learn more about David’s resentment towards Veronica that has never been brought up yet.

Of course I know that all of these unanswered questions might be answered in Season 3, but really this finale was kind of a dud if you ask me. I really thought we would get some answers but we were presented with so many unanswered questions. I understand that there has to be a set up for Season 3, but for things like Jim being kidnapped for his own stupidity was ridiculous to me.

What were your thoughts on the finale?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Katheryn Shoot Amanda?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

The person who got shot in the finale remains unknown and fans are in a fury that the answer will not be revealed until January 6th, 2015!

Considering that we’ve seen the daughter vs. mother struggle going on between Candace and Hanna, who is to say that the same cannot be considered in terms of Amanda and Katheryn?

My mother and I came up with this theory a day or so after the Season 2 finale. That’s right folks! This blog is about the possibility of Katheryn Cryner shooting HER OWN DAUGHTER!!!

*I just started a new job with Liberty University Online as an Academic Adviser. I’m in training for 3 weeks before I take a final exam to see if I go the job or not. That is why I haven’t been able to pump one theory blog out after another. Got to pay the bills somehow right? Perhaps I’ll one day get paid for writing blogs like this for a living!*


For the most part, fans are speculating that Amanda actually shot herself in the head. Whether it was on purpose or by accident, the gun went off and the bullet struck Amanda.

Another popular theory is that Amanda encountered someone else in the Cryer Mansion!

How do I feel about that theory? Well…I’ll say that it is not impossible thanks to Jim!


Remember when he got that text message from Candace? He went outside to meet her in the front yard. When he got outside, he shut the front door of the house behind him and was waiting to see her. However, he was shocked to see a group of thugs coming out of nowhere to kidnap him!

He started running for the front door but was captured before he could go back in the house again. You are probably wondering why I believe he left the front door unlocked right? Well based on how he was running towards the door, I think it is safe to assume that he DID leave it unlocked. That is because we didn’t see a key in his hand and when he tried running, you could see his hand (from a distance) someone in a “I’m reaching for the doorknob” position because he was going to open it, close it and then lock it.


With that being said, Jim was kidnapped but the front door was open! Who went into the house that night and encountered Amanda? Folks, the list is a long one and I’ll tell you this much; that theory deserves its own blog!

Back to the subject of this blog, Katheryn KNEW that something wasn’t right about her daughter. Despite the doctor coming to the house for a visit with Amanda, he was fooled into thinking that there was nothing wrong with her at all.

Jim was relieved to hear this news and brushed it aside like nothing. Katheryn did not take the situation as lightly as her dimwitted husband.

Before she went outside to see the doctor as he was leaving, she was up in Amanda’s room searching for the gun that she knew was in there!

Amanda came in enraged that her mother was in her room and wanted to know what she was doing in her room. Katheryn played it off by saying that she was checking up behind Celine to make sure that she was doing her job. Amanda yelled at her to leave and she did…

When her mom was gone, Amanda reached behind her pillow and pulled out her gun!

Now here is what we need to remember about Katheryn’s knowledge about the gun;

Jeffery came over to Katheryn’s house to see Wyatt but before going to see the man that he loves, he warns her about Amanda’s threat about killing her entire family. Not only that, he told her that Amanda had a gun.


He did not go into full detail in terms of her pointing the gun at him and nearly killing him before he finally managed to get out of her apartment!

Jim just figured it was some kind of joke because he believed Amanda when she told him that it was just a toy. Katheryn on the other hand was not as naïve about it. My guess is that she knew Jeffery wouldn’t lie about something that serious.

With that being said, we know that Katheryn KNOWS Amanda has a gun. That explains why she was so desperate to find it in Amanda’s room before she came back after her visit with her doctor.

Now we get to the finale (that was lackluster in my opinion, but I’ll write a blog on “Checkmate” in the near future) and Amanda FINALLY learns the truth about her dad and Candace.


We don’t really see any Katheryn/Amanda screen time and this is a real shame especially after Amanda runs off in tears because her dad lied right in her face about sleeping with her best friend.

There are a couple of clues that hint at Katheryn actually shooting her daughter during her game of Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe;

  1. Look at how Katheryn is positioning herself while she is “sleeping” in bed

Doesn’t it look like she has one hand visible but her other hand under the sheets or pillow? If that is the case then it could mean that she has one hand holding a gun…


  1. Katheryn wasn’t asleep

For one, we know that she questioned why Jim was in her bed on this particular night (with her eyes closed). If you ask me, I think it is due to him being afraid since Quincy handed his butt to him earlier that evening!

When his phone went off, Katheryn (with her eyes closed) told him that he needed to control his whores! That was when Jim got out of bed, went outside and was kidnapped!

Now who is to say that while Amanda was running around with her gun, climbing into bed with Katheryn and very softly saying the words to Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe that Katheryn wasn’t awake?


It all boils down to Amanda pointing the gun at her head while running from room to room. We hear her psychotic laughter before the gun went off and that was the end of Season 2!

She was probably laughing right before the trigger was pulled and that was that. Katheryn may have heard the laughter because the gun was pointed at her head and before Amanda could kill her; Katheryn turned around with a gun of her own and shot Amanda!

I mean who is to say that Amanda’s laughter wasn’t a result of seeing her mom with a gun pointed at her?


Keep in mind that during Season 1, Jeffery would occasionally climb into bed with Wyatt. Towards the end of that season, we learn that Wyatt knew that Jeffery would do this because he was only pretending to be asleep!

Considering that Amanda climbed into Katheryn’s bed multiple times before the gun went off, I’m sure that Katheryn was able to feel the movement on the bed even though Amanda was trying to be as light as a feather and as quiet as a mouse while entering and existing the bed.

Right when Jeffery would try to reach and touch Wyatt, he would move around in bed which caused Jeffery to move away. Something tells me that the same kind of thing might have happened when Amanda went into Katheryn’s room one last time (if the flash from the window was indeed from Katheryn’s room).

Seriously, this is one topic that could be debated until January 6th! When it comes to the Cryer family, it seems that the main motto is; “Kill or be killed!” Jim sent Norman to prison so Wyatt would be free and that is just one example of how they’ll do whatever it takes to protect themselves or one of their own. When it comes down to it, I think that Katheryn would not hesitate to pull that trigger if she did indeed shot Amanda.

I’m not saying that she doesn’t care about Amanda, but she knows that there is something seriously wrong with her. Not only that, she knew that Jeffery was not lying about the threats made against the family and Amanda having a real gun.

What do you think did Katheryn shoot Amanda? Did she have a gun under her pillow? Was Katheryn asleep when Amanda came into her room or was she pretending to be asleep? Did Amanda shoot Katheryn?

Guess we’ll have to wait until 2015 to find out, but there is no harm in speculating right?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Got Shot?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

What a finale! We finally come to the end of Season 2 and now fans are wondering; who got shot?


Since Jim was kidnapped and taken away by Warlock’s crew, we know that he was not a victim of the shooting. It narrows the field down to 3 (potentially 4) victims of Amanda’s game of Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe.


Those victims are limited to only Wyatt, Katheryn, Amanda and potentially the baby inside of her (since Professor Cannon raped her in Season 1). Remember the positive pregnancy test that Jim found at Candace’s apartment wasn’t hers so it had to be Amanda’s.


Right off the bat, it is assumed by MANY fans that Amanda is the victim. She was running around with the gun pressed against her head going from room to room after Eenie/Wyatt, Meenie/Katheryn and Miny/herself (that was why she had the gun pointed at her own head) had been accounted for. However, Moe/Jim wasn’t there so she was clearly confused about what to do. It is very likely that she tripped over herself and fell which caused the gun to fire resulting in her accidentally shooting herself. I’ll go more into that scenario later.

You have to pay CLOSE attention to what is going on because the camera angles and Amanda running down the hall from one room to the next is to make you lose focus of where she actually went!

Let the game begin...

Let the game begin…

That plate on the table in the hallway is the MOST important thing to pay attention to!

Misdirection came into play so we don’t know who got shot. Here is my own personal gripe; Amanda wouldn’t know if Jim was in the same bedroom as Katheryn prior to him being kidnapped.

Remember those two have been sleeping in separate bedrooms, but sometimes we have seen Jim sleeping on the settle, but Katheryn sleeps alone in the bed. In Episode 1, when Wyatt comes home from rehab with Jeffery, Katheryn says that the guest bedroom would be prepared for him but he insists that he and Wyatt would share a bedroom due to the rehab program.

So we can most likely assume that Jim has been sleeping in the guest bedroom for quite some time. In the finale, Amanda runs around the house opening the bedroom doors to the “players” in her game but we never see her go to a guest bedroom to open any door where Jim might be.

the last scene before the camera shows us the outside of the house before the gun is fired

the last scene before the camera shows us the outside of the house before the gun is fired

With that being said, the picture above looks like she is going to run straight into Wyatt’s bedroom and either shoots him or she shoots herself (by accident).


Back in the episode when she first plays the game, Jim is coming down the hallway and stops in front of Wyatt’s open bedroom door.

Amanda is surprised that someone aside from herself would be awake at that hour. Jim says that he just came back from the kitchen. Considering he was walking down the hallway and sees Wyatt’s bedroom, we can assume that Wyatt’s bedroom is one of the first bedrooms that a person would pass by after coming up the stairs. I know there is a back stairwell too because in Episode 1, Celine told Hanna to use those stairs to avoid walking through the house since Katheryn doesn’t like “seeing the help.”

In any case, let’s just say that if you walk up the stairs you’ll pass Wyatt’s room and then turn to go down the hallway and you’ll be at Katheryn’s bedroom.


Now in terms of Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe; Moe/Jim was missing! Technically speaking, since Jim wasn’t at the house then that means Moe would be Wyatt; “Eenie/Wyatt, Meenie/Katheryn, Miny/Amanda…” See what I mean? Amanda would have to start over from Wyatt and he would be the one who gets shot.

However, Amanda is crazy so maybe she got frustrated since Jim wasn’t there and that ruined her game or she did go back to her parent’s bedroom and shot Katheryn instead since she was also in the place that Jim SHOULD have been if he was there.

Now if Katheryn was the person who was shot then trust me that would create a huge plot for Season 3 to go off of. I cover that entire scenario in this blog called “Did Amanda Shoot Katheryn?”

It covers everything from Katheryn’s will, whether or not Jim will run for governor (or if David would take his place), how it would affect Hanna and so on. I would have included it in this blog, but it is TOO long and it deserved its own post. So I would highly recommend that you read that blog as well.


I think it is safe to assume that Jeffery would have a major breakdown if anything happened to Wyatt. If Amanda did shoot Wyatt then Jeffery would probably kill himself out of grief because he loves Wyatt!

Now if Amanda ended up shooting herself then I think she would either be dead or her baby would die. Either way, someone is going to find out that she is pregnant but by who still remains a mystery unless a blood test or something reveals that it was Professor Cannon! I’ll bet most of her family and friends will assume it is Quincy since they have been seeing each other (for a couple of days).


Anyone remember him? The law school professor who raped Amanda but the last time we saw him was when he was stabbed in the back (literally) by Amanda. Yeah, something tells me that he will make an appearance sooner or later once again.

To bring this blog to a close; let’s breakdown the scene of the crime scene moment by moment to see if we can figure out who was shot!


To the Batcomputer!!

To the Batcomputer!!

You know what time it is right? You’ve guessed it; BATMAN TIME! I went into full “detective mode” and I’ve watched the clip “Who Got Shot?” on Youtube in both normal speed, fast forward and slow motion at least a dozen times to see if I could make sense of the final scene!

Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

Amanda is really to get Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe  started!

Amanda is really to get Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe started!

1. For starters, Amanda comes from the side hallway to Wyatt’s room. That means her bedroom is down the hall from Wyatt’s. PAY ATTENTION TO THAT PLATE ON THE HALLWAY TABLE!


She points the gun at Wyatt

2. She enters Wyatt’s bedroom and points the gun at his head (not going to lie…I thought she was going to shoot him right then and there!)

Next victim...

Next victim…

3. She leaves Wyatt’s room and heads down the hall; THAT PLATE!

Photos and light

Photos and light

4. While passing the plate, at the end of the table there are photos and a hallway light that she has to pass in order to get to Katheryn’s bedroom.

Watching Mama while she sleeps...

Watching Mama while she sleeps…

5. Amanda enters Katheryn’s bedroom to make sure she is accounted for. Why she doesn’t try to find Jim before starting the game is a mystery to me…

Doesn't she know that running with a gun is dangerous?

Doesn’t she know that running with a gun is dangerous?

6. Amanda zooms down the hallway back to Wyatt’s room! *That plate on the table proves it*



7. She starts singing…

She running!

She running!

8. Back down the hall *That plate!*



9. Next is Katheryn…

Next up is herself...

Next up is herself…

10. Amanda herself is up next which is why the gun is pointed at her own head

Now here is where things get mixed up!


Amanda leaves the WRONG bedroom with the gun pointed at her head!

11. Notice that PLATE! The camera SHOULD be showing us Amanda running out of Katheryn’s bedroom with the gun pointed at her head. Instead she is exiting Wyatt’s bedroom with the gun pointed at her head! Again it all goes down to that plate on the table being the clue that you should be paying attention to.


That side camera angle again!

12. Need more proof? She’s running OUT of Wyatt’s bedroom! Go up to #6 and you’ll see that it is the same room she is running towards when she starts going Eenie!

Wait isn't there someone missing?

Wait isn’t there someone missing?

13. The way Amanda is rubbing her gun-free hand up against her head, it seems like she is somewhat frustrated. Perhaps it is because Moe (Jim) is missing and that is throwing off her plans?



14. Back to Wyatt’s room…


Pictures and hallway light again!

15. Coming from Katheryn’s room…



16. Alright and the LAST scene we see before the camera goes outside is her rushing towards Wyatt’s room

Who got shot?

Who got shot?

17. The shot heard round the world!

So that is the entire scene of Amanda with her gun from start to finish! Honestly, it isn’t quite clear WHO was shot because she was running back and forth. Again, it is most likely because of Jim being absent. Most people think that the window we see the flash coming from is actually a hallway window meaning that she probably tripped up from running too fast and the gun went off. Either that or she was hysterically going even more into insanity since Jim wasn’t there and just shot herself.

Look at how her legs are when climbing OUT of the bed but the gun is being held up and her eyes are fixed on Katheryn instead of the floor where she is placing her feet

Something else to take note of is that when going to Wyatt’s room; Amanda simply walked over to his bed with the gun pointed at his head. However, in Katheryn’s bedroom; Amanda had to CLIMB in and out of the bed! When she would climb out, she would have the gun pointed at her head or Katheryn’s head depending on what word of the song she was on. She never looked where she was placing her feet when climbing out of the bed. I guess you could say that she climbed out of Katheryn’s bed backwards because she would have her eyes focused on Katheryn instead of where she was putting her feet when she climbed back out.

It is very possible that when she was running back and forth with the gun pointed at her own head, that she tripped over her own feet or Katheryn’s bed sheets which caused the gun to go off.

Notice the positioning of the flash that came from the gunshot

Notice the positioning of the flash that came from the gunshot

Based on the angle of the light, it seems like Amanda was facing the window. Remember that when she came into Wyatt and Katheryn’s room, she was standing on the side of them where their faces were looking the other way in their sleep. It seems like based on where she’d be standing, the window was in her sights when she entered a room. So if she shot herself in Wyatt or Katheryn’s room (on purpose or by accident) she’d be standing over them and the flash could be seen from the window.

Just look at how HIGH the flash can be seen from the window. I don’t believe we’d be able to see the FULL flash from the gun if she was laying beside someone (Katheryn). I think she was standing up and holding the gun over their head so that might explain why we saw a full flash instead of a small or portion of the flash! It is possible that she is holding the gun up to her own head and BOOM!

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Again, based on how high that flash looks; Amanda was probably standing over her mom or brother and shot herself.

Finally, look back up at the photos when I broke apart the entire scene of her running from room to room with the gun. Notice anything strange? When she was in Katheryn’s room, she’d have the gun pointed across from the back of her head. While in Wyatt’s room, she’d have the gun pointing down. That is because she’d have to climb beside her mom, but stand over her brother. When it came to her own head, she’d have the gun pointed directly at it. So just the angle of the flash and the positioning of the gun says a lot about what actually happened.


The message that made Jim get out of bed and go outside; like an idiot!

The message that made Jim get out of bed and go outside; like an idiot!

When you look at it from a different perspective, Candace requesting that Jim gets kidnapped actually SAVED his life! It was from Candace and despite having a new cellphone (she bought one using some of the $5,000 that Warlock gave her) it is very likely that she was able to keep her same phone number which is why “Candace (mobile)” popped up on Jim’s phone.

So there you have it my friends, the finale of the Haves and the Have Nots Season 2!! Do you think anyone was actually killed? If so, who do you think Amanda shot?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Amanda Shoot Katheryn?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

Well the shot has been fired and everyone is wondering who the victim was and what will happen next!

I think it all goes down to someone getting shot and how it will influence Season 3. If Amanda DID shoot someone and they got killed it would have to be someone whose death would bring a huge plot to the story in the next season.


That’s right folks; the topic of this blog is how the story would continue on if Katheryn Cryer was the one who was shot by Amanda.


It all goes back to the video will Hanna has of Katheryn before she went into surgery where she talks about the updated version of her will. Jim gets nothing, her children will get their $12 million inheritance but if they contest or fight the stipulations of the will they get nothing. Since Amanda attempted to sue her folks for her money it seems pretty clear that she is written out of the will; not to mention if she did kill her mom, that crazy nut is going to jail/nuthouse…


So at the moment it seems that Wyatt will be the ONLY one to get his money, but if I am correct; Katheryn said that if her will isn’t found within 24 hrs of her death or found upon her death (don’t know if she said there was a time limit or something) then ALL of her money would go to a cancer foundation.


Now if this is the case and she really was killed; Jim Cryer is done for…

If Katheryn dies then he doesn’t get a cent, he was kidnapped and I KNOW Candace wants him alive because if Jim dies then it means nothing to her in terms of profit. She is going to most likely get money from him in terms of ransom.


She promised $100,000 to Warlock for kidnapping Jim, and since she is nearly broke (aside from the $5,000 Warlock gave her) the only way for her to get that money is from Jim.

Alright, let’s say hypothetically that Candace holds Jim long enough so he DOESN’T announce that he is running for governor. That might mean David will either look for him OR he (or Maggie) might announce that he is running for governor (after they slept together the night before!).


Remember she asked if David was comfortable living in Jim’s shadow along with the U.S. having a black President but the state of GA “wasn’t ready” for a black governor. Since it seems that David went into her hotel room to sleep with her, who is to say that she doesn’t pump his brain up to announce that HE is running for governor instead?


I bet Veronica will want to stand by her husband at that moment to be in the spotlight after NOT answering his phone call the night before! Remember Jim said that Veronica lives for the spotlight. Considering that she will do anything to preserve the Harrington family image, I can agree with Jim on that statement.

Jim is going to be done for because if he can’t get the money that’s all she wrote…


The Malones (according to David) are going to someday want “payment” for the favors that they have done for Jim in the past (abducting Candace, Norman and who knows what else they have done for him) and that is one of the TOP things that come to mind in terms of Jim not being able to pay his debts. Mama Rose has been asking him when he’d come to visit “the restaurant” (no clue what that means), but Jim kept saying that he couldn’t anytime soon due to the circumstances he was in.

It all goes back to Celine and Carlos. Remember all she wanted was for Jim to be a father to him. It was not because of the money. What I find interesting is that Jim kept saying “It’s all about money…it’s ALWAYS about money!”


I think that this particular scene being the opening scene of the finale was done so for good reason.

With that being said, Jim might go from being a HAVE to a HAVE NOT and I bet that will be the wake-up call that he desperately needs in order to finally see that life isn’t always about people trying to screw him over. Not everyone around him is like Candace! It is sad to say that he might lose everything before realizing that he HAD everything in front of him but never realized it.

So if this is REALLY what happens then I can see the plot of Season 3 being about Katheryn’s will.


Remember she did NOT go to Hanna’s house for the party to meet Benny for the first time. Most likely, it was because of the fight between Jim and Quincy that caused the dinner party to be called off and with all of that going down she wouldn’t be in a good place to go visit Hanna. I bet Hanna will be worried about why her friend did not come by. Hope she doesn’t find out on the news, a phone call or a visit from the cops (or Bryon) that Katheryn is dead and her husband is missing…

Another thing to remember is that Katheryn told Hanna that if anything ever happened to her; Hanna should show Veronica that video of her will.


I know Hanna would be heartbroken over Katheryn’s death. Not only had their friendship been restored before the dinner party, but she was offered her job back as well. Thankfully, Katheryn said that she had forgiven Hanna for accusing Wyatt of hitting Benny and testifying against him to the D.A. However, Katheryn knows and we know that this was not the case due to Jim’s tampering with Norman to get Wyatt off the hook. I just hope that Hanna won’t be eaten up by guilt that she should not be feeling because Katheryn saved Benny, but she almost ruined Wyatt’s life!

A lot of fans speculate that somehow Hanna will be the one who will end up owning Katheryn’s estate. I’m not sure how that would happen exactly, but it might go back to how Jim said that he did not want Hanna stepping one foot into HIS house again after Katheryn offered Hanna her old job back. That would be a way to turn things upside down for Jim! Pretty much, Jim’s life is over if his wife was killed.


There are a lot of other things that could happen in Katheryn dies, but we shall see what unfolds in Season 3!

What do you think is this a good theory or what?

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