Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Veronica Setup Benny?

By Jeremy Carden


Part 2 of Season 3 will be on the air before you know it. With June 30th still over a month away, I decided to get a few more blogs online before the hiatus comes to an end.

I wanted to start things off with a theory that comes from the ending of the mid-season finale.


Fans were shocked to see Veronica and Benny making out after she got him out of jail. I was truly surprised because I doubt that anyone saw it coming.

However, with Veronica being one of the most calculating and conniving characters on the show, you have to wonder if she was setting up Benny Young.

She was sitting on the porch of her home, and her husband was sleeping in a burning room. If David does die in the flames; someone has to answer for the crime.


Earlier in the episode, Veronica resorted back to alcohol. Viewers saw her like they’ve never seen her before.

Jeffery finally stood up to her, and David went against her wishes by returning home. She even tells him that if he did not leave then he would not make it to see the morning.

It could be argued that she was taking pills (or drugs), but that has not been confirmed. With that being said, I will say that she was drunk and dealing with heavy emotions.

Her son is a homosexual, and she believes that her husband is having an affair. I’m not trying to defend her actions, but I’m just trying to breakdown the facts.


Despite the fact that she was drunk, she was still able to sober herself up enough to go to the police station, and got Benny out of jail.

From there he drove her home, and she asked him to pull off the road for a few moments. Just looking at her face, it was as if Veronica was lost in thought. She tells Benny that her husband was having an affair.

He gives her his sympathies, and she begins to kiss him. Benny tries to stop her advances, but he eventually gives in. Benny then drives her home, and she gives him the vehicle.

Now the questions that fans are asking is whether or not Veronica setup Benny for a fall. It would not surprise me if she did. Even though she was drunk, I believe that she could have concocted a plan to make it look like Benny had a hand in David getting caught in a burning room.


If this is the case, I think the look on Veronica’s face in the above picture was where her plan started.

However, we have to remember that this show has been a roller-coaster ride, and everything is not always what it appears to be.

There are a few details that were never explained, and they could tell us how things are going to play out. In all honesty, it does look like Benny has his hands dirty (and I’m not just talking about him beating down Quincy).


It was not revealed if Veronica learned that Benny had beaten down the murderer that she released from jail. Not to mention the fact that Q had tried to rape her on more than one occasion. Benny told her over the phone that he got into a fight, but he did not tell her with whom. As to whether or not she learned that it was Q when she went to get him released is still in question.

Let’s say that she did find out that Q was beaten by Benny, it would make sense that she would make out with her “hero.”


Another detail that needs to be addressed involves Maggie’s call for a private investigator to keep an eye on Veronica.

We do not know if this person had been trailing the Ice Queen from the moment she left the hotel in a rage.

Pretend that you are the investigator, and you witness Veronica’s actions. Keep in mind that I am just assuming here, but I think the investigator would have been following Veronica since she was at home.

Breaking down that night, here is how things played out. Again, pretend you the investigator waiting outside of the home. You get to see who goes in and out of the house:

  1. Jeffery arrives in his car, and goes into the house
  2. Jeffery comes out of the home, and drives away
  3. David arrives later that night
  4. Veronica leaves the house

At the point, we can assume the investigator kept his distance, and followed Veronica.

  1. He sees Veronica arrive at the police station
  2. Sometime later, she comes out with Benny
  3. He sees Benny take the driver’s side, and the two drive off into the night

Again, he keeps his distances and follows them.

  1. He notices that Benny takes a detour, and pulls off on the side of the road

I am not sure if he could have seen the two through the car windows at night. If he did, he would have seen them making out.

  1. Benny stops in front of the house, and drops off Veronica
  2. He drives off


Finally, I do not know if the investigator left at this point, or if he still remained on watch. If he did, he would have seen Veronica coming outside and sitting out on the porch.

If he was still around and saw the fire, he would have pinned Benny as being involved.


Think of it from his perspective, Veronica left to go get a man out of jail. She made out with him on their way to her house. After dropping her off, Veronica goes into the house to set the bedroom on fire. She then sits outside of the house while her husband was being burned alive.

Things do not look good for Benny…

I feel that Veronica was acting off of her drunkenness and emotion. That is why I think she made out with Benny. With nothing else to lose, she gave away the vehicle to him.


My guess is that Hanna finally finds her son. Most likely, she will arrive back home after leaving the Sarandon Hotel, and Benny pulls into the front yard. She will be surprised that he is driving a new car.

He will have to explain that he hunted down Q, crashed Hanna’s new car into Q’s, beat him down, got arrested, got released by Veronica and that was how he got the new car.

We know this to be true, but the same cannot be said about the investigator.


You are probably wondering who this investigator is. My guess (and again this is a theory) is that it is Bryon!

Can you believe that?

The last time we saw the man was after Hanna told him off in Season 3 Episode 1. He was working for Jim, and it would be interesting to see if he would be working for Maggie as well.

She does have connections that Jim and David do not. With that being said, if Byron is not the investigator then it makes sense of why he is not. I will admit that it would be an interesting plot twist if he was, and he could be distraught over Hanna tearing him to shreds before.

I do not think he is that kind of person, but you never know in this show…


Overall, do you think that Veronica setup Benny, or do you think she was just acting out based on her emotions?

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