Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Are Pearl and Justin?

By Jeremy Carden


Similar to a broken sink faucet, the internet is full of leaks. The HAHN is no exception to this rule, and a leak involving 2 new characters for Season 4 was released awhile ago.


Pearl and her son Justin are going to be added to the show’s roster of characters. The question remains as to who they really are, and what role they are going to play. With that being said, this blog is going to go over my thoughts these two.

If I were a betting man, I would say that these 2 are relatives of Katheryn Cryer. The reason that I say this is because of Amanda’s funeral.

Sad to say, but a funeral is an occasion that brings a huge number of family members to come together at one time. Katheryn’s sister was mentioned before, and in the past she even had an affair with Jim.

Let’s just hope that Justin is not one of the many children that Jim has had outside of his marriage…


Some fans have speculated that Justin is the male who is selling the two houses that Candace bought. However, the dialogue that cancels that theory was when the realtor told Candace that the young man was selling both homes because his parents had died.

If Pearl really is Katheryn’s sister and comes to the funeral, it could mean that we might not see Amanda get buried until Season 4.

Jim said that tomorrow was when he was going to bury his daughter. This means that Veronica setting the bedroom (with David in it sleeping) on fire would lead us into the next morning. Similar to Jim not showing up to his own announcement to run for governor, my guess is the Cryers would be looking for the Harringtons to show up at the funeral.


Remember that it took around 4 episodes at the start of Season 3 to cover the events that occurred the night of the shooting in the Cryer Mansion. It was not until the end of Episode 4 that it was revealed that Amanda was shot.

The same might happen with Amanda’s funeral not taking place until the tail end of Season 3, or right at the start of Season 4.


Pearl and Justin could either show up at the funeral, or afterwards to comfort the Cryers. Keep in mind that Katheryn wanted the funeral to happen right away, and if Pearl is not able to make it then it would kind of make sense. The only way she could have known that her niece had died was if she saw it on the TV. The television stations that were covering Jim’s announcement quickly shifted gears and announced Amanda’s death. In this case, Pearl and Justin would head down to Katheryn’s home as quickly as they could.


What do you think about this theory? Are these 2 new characters part of Katheryn’s family? If so, what role do you think they will play with Amanda’s death and Wyatt potentially going to prison?

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One thought on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Are Pearl and Justin?

  1. shameronstar says:

    Well, they debuted last night. Pearl is Candace’s nose neighbor and Justin is her son who’s a police officer, and based on what happens in the next episode if I were a betting man I’d say Justin is also going to be a new love interest for Jeffrey.

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