Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Got Shot?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

What a finale! We finally come to the end of Season 2 and now fans are wondering; who got shot?


Since Jim was kidnapped and taken away by Warlock’s crew, we know that he was not a victim of the shooting. It narrows the field down to 3 (potentially 4) victims of Amanda’s game of Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe.


Those victims are limited to only Wyatt, Katheryn, Amanda and potentially the baby inside of her (since Professor Cannon raped her in Season 1). Remember the positive pregnancy test that Jim found at Candace’s apartment wasn’t hers so it had to be Amanda’s.


Right off the bat, it is assumed by MANY fans that Amanda is the victim. She was running around with the gun pressed against her head going from room to room after Eenie/Wyatt, Meenie/Katheryn and Miny/herself (that was why she had the gun pointed at her own head) had been accounted for. However, Moe/Jim wasn’t there so she was clearly confused about what to do. It is very likely that she tripped over herself and fell which caused the gun to fire resulting in her accidentally shooting herself. I’ll go more into that scenario later.

You have to pay CLOSE attention to what is going on because the camera angles and Amanda running down the hall from one room to the next is to make you lose focus of where she actually went!

Let the game begin...

Let the game begin…

That plate on the table in the hallway is the MOST important thing to pay attention to!

Misdirection came into play so we don’t know who got shot. Here is my own personal gripe; Amanda wouldn’t know if Jim was in the same bedroom as Katheryn prior to him being kidnapped.

Remember those two have been sleeping in separate bedrooms, but sometimes we have seen Jim sleeping on the settle, but Katheryn sleeps alone in the bed. In Episode 1, when Wyatt comes home from rehab with Jeffery, Katheryn says that the guest bedroom would be prepared for him but he insists that he and Wyatt would share a bedroom due to the rehab program.

So we can most likely assume that Jim has been sleeping in the guest bedroom for quite some time. In the finale, Amanda runs around the house opening the bedroom doors to the “players” in her game but we never see her go to a guest bedroom to open any door where Jim might be.

the last scene before the camera shows us the outside of the house before the gun is fired

the last scene before the camera shows us the outside of the house before the gun is fired

With that being said, the picture above looks like she is going to run straight into Wyatt’s bedroom and either shoots him or she shoots herself (by accident).


Back in the episode when she first plays the game, Jim is coming down the hallway and stops in front of Wyatt’s open bedroom door.

Amanda is surprised that someone aside from herself would be awake at that hour. Jim says that he just came back from the kitchen. Considering he was walking down the hallway and sees Wyatt’s bedroom, we can assume that Wyatt’s bedroom is one of the first bedrooms that a person would pass by after coming up the stairs. I know there is a back stairwell too because in Episode 1, Celine told Hanna to use those stairs to avoid walking through the house since Katheryn doesn’t like “seeing the help.”

In any case, let’s just say that if you walk up the stairs you’ll pass Wyatt’s room and then turn to go down the hallway and you’ll be at Katheryn’s bedroom.


Now in terms of Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe; Moe/Jim was missing! Technically speaking, since Jim wasn’t at the house then that means Moe would be Wyatt; “Eenie/Wyatt, Meenie/Katheryn, Miny/Amanda…” See what I mean? Amanda would have to start over from Wyatt and he would be the one who gets shot.

However, Amanda is crazy so maybe she got frustrated since Jim wasn’t there and that ruined her game or she did go back to her parent’s bedroom and shot Katheryn instead since she was also in the place that Jim SHOULD have been if he was there.

Now if Katheryn was the person who was shot then trust me that would create a huge plot for Season 3 to go off of. I cover that entire scenario in this blog called “Did Amanda Shoot Katheryn?”

It covers everything from Katheryn’s will, whether or not Jim will run for governor (or if David would take his place), how it would affect Hanna and so on. I would have included it in this blog, but it is TOO long and it deserved its own post. So I would highly recommend that you read that blog as well.


I think it is safe to assume that Jeffery would have a major breakdown if anything happened to Wyatt. If Amanda did shoot Wyatt then Jeffery would probably kill himself out of grief because he loves Wyatt!

Now if Amanda ended up shooting herself then I think she would either be dead or her baby would die. Either way, someone is going to find out that she is pregnant but by who still remains a mystery unless a blood test or something reveals that it was Professor Cannon! I’ll bet most of her family and friends will assume it is Quincy since they have been seeing each other (for a couple of days).


Anyone remember him? The law school professor who raped Amanda but the last time we saw him was when he was stabbed in the back (literally) by Amanda. Yeah, something tells me that he will make an appearance sooner or later once again.

To bring this blog to a close; let’s breakdown the scene of the crime scene moment by moment to see if we can figure out who was shot!


To the Batcomputer!!

To the Batcomputer!!

You know what time it is right? You’ve guessed it; BATMAN TIME! I went into full “detective mode” and I’ve watched the clip “Who Got Shot?” on Youtube in both normal speed, fast forward and slow motion at least a dozen times to see if I could make sense of the final scene!

Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

Amanda is really to get Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe  started!

Amanda is really to get Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe started!

1. For starters, Amanda comes from the side hallway to Wyatt’s room. That means her bedroom is down the hall from Wyatt’s. PAY ATTENTION TO THAT PLATE ON THE HALLWAY TABLE!


She points the gun at Wyatt

2. She enters Wyatt’s bedroom and points the gun at his head (not going to lie…I thought she was going to shoot him right then and there!)

Next victim...

Next victim…

3. She leaves Wyatt’s room and heads down the hall; THAT PLATE!

Photos and light

Photos and light

4. While passing the plate, at the end of the table there are photos and a hallway light that she has to pass in order to get to Katheryn’s bedroom.

Watching Mama while she sleeps...

Watching Mama while she sleeps…

5. Amanda enters Katheryn’s bedroom to make sure she is accounted for. Why she doesn’t try to find Jim before starting the game is a mystery to me…

Doesn't she know that running with a gun is dangerous?

Doesn’t she know that running with a gun is dangerous?

6. Amanda zooms down the hallway back to Wyatt’s room! *That plate on the table proves it*



7. She starts singing…

She running!

She running!

8. Back down the hall *That plate!*



9. Next is Katheryn…

Next up is herself...

Next up is herself…

10. Amanda herself is up next which is why the gun is pointed at her own head

Now here is where things get mixed up!


Amanda leaves the WRONG bedroom with the gun pointed at her head!

11. Notice that PLATE! The camera SHOULD be showing us Amanda running out of Katheryn’s bedroom with the gun pointed at her head. Instead she is exiting Wyatt’s bedroom with the gun pointed at her head! Again it all goes down to that plate on the table being the clue that you should be paying attention to.


That side camera angle again!

12. Need more proof? She’s running OUT of Wyatt’s bedroom! Go up to #6 and you’ll see that it is the same room she is running towards when she starts going Eenie!

Wait isn't there someone missing?

Wait isn’t there someone missing?

13. The way Amanda is rubbing her gun-free hand up against her head, it seems like she is somewhat frustrated. Perhaps it is because Moe (Jim) is missing and that is throwing off her plans?



14. Back to Wyatt’s room…


Pictures and hallway light again!

15. Coming from Katheryn’s room…



16. Alright and the LAST scene we see before the camera goes outside is her rushing towards Wyatt’s room

Who got shot?

Who got shot?

17. The shot heard round the world!

So that is the entire scene of Amanda with her gun from start to finish! Honestly, it isn’t quite clear WHO was shot because she was running back and forth. Again, it is most likely because of Jim being absent. Most people think that the window we see the flash coming from is actually a hallway window meaning that she probably tripped up from running too fast and the gun went off. Either that or she was hysterically going even more into insanity since Jim wasn’t there and just shot herself.

Look at how her legs are when climbing OUT of the bed but the gun is being held up and her eyes are fixed on Katheryn instead of the floor where she is placing her feet

Something else to take note of is that when going to Wyatt’s room; Amanda simply walked over to his bed with the gun pointed at his head. However, in Katheryn’s bedroom; Amanda had to CLIMB in and out of the bed! When she would climb out, she would have the gun pointed at her head or Katheryn’s head depending on what word of the song she was on. She never looked where she was placing her feet when climbing out of the bed. I guess you could say that she climbed out of Katheryn’s bed backwards because she would have her eyes focused on Katheryn instead of where she was putting her feet when she climbed back out.

It is very possible that when she was running back and forth with the gun pointed at her own head, that she tripped over her own feet or Katheryn’s bed sheets which caused the gun to go off.

Notice the positioning of the flash that came from the gunshot

Notice the positioning of the flash that came from the gunshot

Based on the angle of the light, it seems like Amanda was facing the window. Remember that when she came into Wyatt and Katheryn’s room, she was standing on the side of them where their faces were looking the other way in their sleep. It seems like based on where she’d be standing, the window was in her sights when she entered a room. So if she shot herself in Wyatt or Katheryn’s room (on purpose or by accident) she’d be standing over them and the flash could be seen from the window.

Just look at how HIGH the flash can be seen from the window. I don’t believe we’d be able to see the FULL flash from the gun if she was laying beside someone (Katheryn). I think she was standing up and holding the gun over their head so that might explain why we saw a full flash instead of a small or portion of the flash! It is possible that she is holding the gun up to her own head and BOOM!

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Again, based on how high that flash looks; Amanda was probably standing over her mom or brother and shot herself.

Finally, look back up at the photos when I broke apart the entire scene of her running from room to room with the gun. Notice anything strange? When she was in Katheryn’s room, she’d have the gun pointed across from the back of her head. While in Wyatt’s room, she’d have the gun pointing down. That is because she’d have to climb beside her mom, but stand over her brother. When it came to her own head, she’d have the gun pointed directly at it. So just the angle of the flash and the positioning of the gun says a lot about what actually happened.


The message that made Jim get out of bed and go outside; like an idiot!

The message that made Jim get out of bed and go outside; like an idiot!

When you look at it from a different perspective, Candace requesting that Jim gets kidnapped actually SAVED his life! It was from Candace and despite having a new cellphone (she bought one using some of the $5,000 that Warlock gave her) it is very likely that she was able to keep her same phone number which is why “Candace (mobile)” popped up on Jim’s phone.

So there you have it my friends, the finale of the Haves and the Have Nots Season 2!! Do you think anyone was actually killed? If so, who do you think Amanda shot?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Amanda Shoot Katheryn?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

Well the shot has been fired and everyone is wondering who the victim was and what will happen next!

I think it all goes down to someone getting shot and how it will influence Season 3. If Amanda DID shoot someone and they got killed it would have to be someone whose death would bring a huge plot to the story in the next season.


That’s right folks; the topic of this blog is how the story would continue on if Katheryn Cryer was the one who was shot by Amanda.


It all goes back to the video will Hanna has of Katheryn before she went into surgery where she talks about the updated version of her will. Jim gets nothing, her children will get their $12 million inheritance but if they contest or fight the stipulations of the will they get nothing. Since Amanda attempted to sue her folks for her money it seems pretty clear that she is written out of the will; not to mention if she did kill her mom, that crazy nut is going to jail/nuthouse…


So at the moment it seems that Wyatt will be the ONLY one to get his money, but if I am correct; Katheryn said that if her will isn’t found within 24 hrs of her death or found upon her death (don’t know if she said there was a time limit or something) then ALL of her money would go to a cancer foundation.


Now if this is the case and she really was killed; Jim Cryer is done for…

If Katheryn dies then he doesn’t get a cent, he was kidnapped and I KNOW Candace wants him alive because if Jim dies then it means nothing to her in terms of profit. She is going to most likely get money from him in terms of ransom.


She promised $100,000 to Warlock for kidnapping Jim, and since she is nearly broke (aside from the $5,000 Warlock gave her) the only way for her to get that money is from Jim.

Alright, let’s say hypothetically that Candace holds Jim long enough so he DOESN’T announce that he is running for governor. That might mean David will either look for him OR he (or Maggie) might announce that he is running for governor (after they slept together the night before!).


Remember she asked if David was comfortable living in Jim’s shadow along with the U.S. having a black President but the state of GA “wasn’t ready” for a black governor. Since it seems that David went into her hotel room to sleep with her, who is to say that she doesn’t pump his brain up to announce that HE is running for governor instead?


I bet Veronica will want to stand by her husband at that moment to be in the spotlight after NOT answering his phone call the night before! Remember Jim said that Veronica lives for the spotlight. Considering that she will do anything to preserve the Harrington family image, I can agree with Jim on that statement.

Jim is going to be done for because if he can’t get the money that’s all she wrote…


The Malones (according to David) are going to someday want “payment” for the favors that they have done for Jim in the past (abducting Candace, Norman and who knows what else they have done for him) and that is one of the TOP things that come to mind in terms of Jim not being able to pay his debts. Mama Rose has been asking him when he’d come to visit “the restaurant” (no clue what that means), but Jim kept saying that he couldn’t anytime soon due to the circumstances he was in.

It all goes back to Celine and Carlos. Remember all she wanted was for Jim to be a father to him. It was not because of the money. What I find interesting is that Jim kept saying “It’s all about money…it’s ALWAYS about money!”


I think that this particular scene being the opening scene of the finale was done so for good reason.

With that being said, Jim might go from being a HAVE to a HAVE NOT and I bet that will be the wake-up call that he desperately needs in order to finally see that life isn’t always about people trying to screw him over. Not everyone around him is like Candace! It is sad to say that he might lose everything before realizing that he HAD everything in front of him but never realized it.

So if this is REALLY what happens then I can see the plot of Season 3 being about Katheryn’s will.


Remember she did NOT go to Hanna’s house for the party to meet Benny for the first time. Most likely, it was because of the fight between Jim and Quincy that caused the dinner party to be called off and with all of that going down she wouldn’t be in a good place to go visit Hanna. I bet Hanna will be worried about why her friend did not come by. Hope she doesn’t find out on the news, a phone call or a visit from the cops (or Bryon) that Katheryn is dead and her husband is missing…

Another thing to remember is that Katheryn told Hanna that if anything ever happened to her; Hanna should show Veronica that video of her will.


I know Hanna would be heartbroken over Katheryn’s death. Not only had their friendship been restored before the dinner party, but she was offered her job back as well. Thankfully, Katheryn said that she had forgiven Hanna for accusing Wyatt of hitting Benny and testifying against him to the D.A. However, Katheryn knows and we know that this was not the case due to Jim’s tampering with Norman to get Wyatt off the hook. I just hope that Hanna won’t be eaten up by guilt that she should not be feeling because Katheryn saved Benny, but she almost ruined Wyatt’s life!

A lot of fans speculate that somehow Hanna will be the one who will end up owning Katheryn’s estate. I’m not sure how that would happen exactly, but it might go back to how Jim said that he did not want Hanna stepping one foot into HIS house again after Katheryn offered Hanna her old job back. That would be a way to turn things upside down for Jim! Pretty much, Jim’s life is over if his wife was killed.


There are a lot of other things that could happen in Katheryn dies, but we shall see what unfolds in Season 3!

What do you think is this a good theory or what?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Katheryn vs. Candace

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

Once again, my mom has brought up an interesting point that might reveal what will happen in the final moments of the finale!

The title of the finale is called “Checkmate” and the reason it raised suspicion from my mom was because of what Katheryn talked to Candace about in the first episode of Season 2. It had to do with her telling Number 9 that she was playing a game of chess and that it was her move. The Cryer Estate is the chessboard and it seems that the two of them are the players.


I have to admit that this made a lot of sense, so I sat down with my mom and once again it was a matter of going back and forth in order to make this theory concrete!

See in the game of chess we know that two players have a battle of the minds. It is all about cunning and strategy to knock away pawns, knights and bishops in order to get to the royal family; the king and queen.


If you ask me I think that Candace is the “Queen of the Have Nots” while Katheryn is the “Queen of the Haves.” Candace is practically using everyone in her life as a pawn. I think that despite being a friend of Jeffery and Amanda, it is clear that in the long run she is simply sowing seeds of discord. I mean she hit the Harrington and Cryer families below the belt because she corrupted their children.

She talked them both into being who they truly are by standing up to their parents. Now this might seem like good advice from a real friend, but that advice had a bit of “Candy Cane” on it and this made the two pawns rebel against their families. Amanda was going to sue her parents for her $12 million inheritance while Jeffery was going to stray from the path that his parents (mother) has set for him.


With that being said, Candace was the puppet master over these two and sending them back to their families after she was done with them spelled disaster. It was like she was tearing their families apart from the inside!

It seemed like Candace was finally losing the game when the “King of the Haves” (Jim) had her abducted by the Malones and when she returns home, she found that everything she had was gone.


Candace plans to make a comeback with her knight (Warlock) to steal the king (Jim) and make demands of her own. Now here is where we believe the showdown will take place when one of the players of this game of chess will declare “checkmate!”

Since Jim is announcing that he is running for governor the next day, Candace told Warlock that she wanted him taken that night. It could mean that Candace will show up for revenge that night with Warlock and some of his gang members to take Jim away.

Summer OWN

This will possibly result in a face to face encounter between “The Beast” and “Number 9!”

The gunshot that is seen in the window could be from Jim and Katheryn’s room.


It stands to reason that Warlock and whoever else is with him with have a gun in their possession. Considering that there were nearly a dozen guns pointed at Quincy, I’m sure that they have at least one gun on them when they go out somewhere.

One of them might die from the encounter and we won’t know who until Season 3. My mom thinks that Candace could die because she does not have anything left. I mean she has no money (aside from the $5,000 she got from Warlock), Jim made her sign all of that paperwork so she lost everything there and the list goes on. The only plot involving her that is truly relevant is the whereabouts of her baby.


Another thing that my mom talks about is Katheryn dreaming everything that has happened in the series from the moment she went into surgery for her breast cancer to the present. Whatever it was be it the medication or her being asleep during the surgery, her mind has been creating the world that we are seeing in the show.

That is quite possible and in most TV shows that have similar scenarios, an event that causes a shock will wake that person up back into reality.


There are some key factors that need to be brought to the surface to help this theory make more sense. Before going into the hospital, Katheryn made her #9 speech to Candace so she knows that Jim and #9 were having an affair. Something else to take notice of is that she knows about her children’s self-destructive behavior, Jeffery being gay, Jim running for governor and most importantly; Hanna having a video recording of her will!


All of these things added together would explain how her mind would be creating everything that is going on in the series. Either she is killed from that gunshot and wakes up or she somehow shoots Candace and wakes up after that. In any case, my mom is strongly behind her theory that she is dreaming everything.


What do you think will these two go head to head in the finale? Who will declare checkmate? Is Katheryn indeed dreaming everything that is going on in the show?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Jeffery Is the Killer

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

While watching the HAHN marathon, my mom and I came up with a lot of different theories!

The theory that we spent a long time fleshing out was an interesting one about whether or not Jeffery will kill someone!

I know that sounds like a VERY shocking statement but once you start reading this blog, you will NOT want to stop!


This all started when we noticed that Jeffery really does have a darker side to his personality. Usually, this is covered up by his hidden lifestyle (being a homosexual), hiding behind his psychology knowledge to identify the faults in other people and obvious attraction to Wyatt. However, we noticed that when Jeffery is backed into a corner, he will do WHATEVER it takes to get out of it.


What tipped us off was the way Jeffery reacts whenever someone says that they know he is gay or threatens to expose him as a homosexual. One of the first signs of this was when Candace took Jeffery to a backroom in her apartment and starts making out with him. She notices that he was not aroused whatsoever and said that she knew he was gay. The more she kept saying it, the more Jeffery kept saying “No, I’m not gay…” in an increasingly annoyed and defensive tone.


Near the end of Season 1, when Wyatt tricked Jeffery into revealing that he was in love with him and that he was a homosexual; he went off! Wyatt said that he was going to tell Jeffery’s parents about this and in order to stop him; he hit Wyatt upside the head with a golf club!


So we know that when it comes to staying in the closet, Jeffery will do whatever it takes to prevent others (especially his parents) from knowing the truth. When he is backed into a corner, the usually timid Jeffery will change into an aggressive and slightly violent person. Something tells me that if Candace said that she would tell Wyatt and Amanda that he was gay, Jeffery would have wrestled her to the ground or something to prevent her from doing so.

With that being said, you are probably wondering who I think he will end up killing. My mother and I have narrowed it down to 4 possible victims!


  1. Veronica

We know that Jeffery is a mama’s boy and he turns into a 5-year-old whenever he is around her. The reason we think that he might kill her is because he has finally had enough of her trifling ways. Not only has she been an overbearing mother to Jeffery, but she disowned him at the end of Season 1. The poor boy was cut off financially by Veronica and had to stay at Candace and Amanda’s apartment for quite some time. Not only that, she is forcing him to become a straight man by dating women. She took it a step further by forcing him to engage in sexual activities with females until he “likes it” and becomes straight.

There are 2 key moments that I believe might hint at Jeffery killing his mother because he was again backed into a corner and his emotions seem like they might get the better of him:

  • Finding out that she was the one who told Laura (Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend) that Amanda was in the hospital and caused her to come back into Wyatt’s life. The point of this was for Jeffery to see that Wyatt was not interested in him because he was a straight man. When Veronica told him that she did this on purpose, Jeffery was getting as angry with her as he did when Wyatt pretended to be gay.


  • At the dinner party in the finale, Veronica is seen placing Jeffery’s hand on Melissa’s. This means that she is still forcing her will on Jeffery and that is preventing him from being who he truly is. The look on his face says it all!

It is bad enough that she is threatening him with jail due to having the Black Sedan, but she might be pushing her luck a bit too much by doing this to her own son. Now I think that Veronica does seem like a likely victim of the gunshot, but Jeffery LOVES his mother. The only reason I could see him killing her would be if he attempts to go to Wyatt’s room while he is sleeping (or something like that during the finale when he apparently wants to spend time with Wyatt but his mom forces him to be with Melissa) and she threatens him with jail again by using the car as blackmail. Again, it all goes back to Jeffery being pushed into a corner and the only way out is for him to render the person threatening him…unable to threaten him again.


  1. Melissa

Melissa is an interesting victim because what in the world is she doing in the finale in the first place? Assuming that Jeffery had a lot of women besides her in his life, and the fact that Candace came into his apartment while she was there half clothed; she should have been out of the picture the moment she stepped out of the door.

I think that Veronica will be the one to contact Melissa and tells her to come to the dinner party as his date. Of course, I could see Jeffery being against this but really what choice does he have? She doesn’t know that he is gay but through some dialogue between characters or something like that it is possible that she might find out Jeffery’s true sexual orientation. When she walked into his apartment her first words were “Wow, queer eye for a straight guy!” because she noticed how color coordinated his place was.


Not to jump ahead to Victim #3, Landon might be at the party and sees Melissa with Jeffery. He will put 2 and 2 together and realize that she was the girl he had unprotected sex with the night before. I’ll go more into Landon when I get to #3, but for now let’s just focus on Melissa.

One of the reasons I think she might be the victim is because of how she acts when she is drunk. Just a drink or two and she had drunk sex with Jeffery. Keep in mind that Veronica does not know that she drinks. Something tells me that motor mouth might have one too many drinks and either makes advances on Jeffery again or finds out he is gay and in her drunken state threatens to tell everyone. Again, this is a situation that might put Jeffery in a “backed into the corner” situation and he kills her.


  1. Landon

As I mentioned above, I could see Landon being the one who is killed because of what he knows. He knows that Jeffery is gay and earlier in the season he told him that he dislikes people like Veronica; parents who disowns their children because they are homosexuals. We know that both David and Jeffery do not tolerate anyone talking bad about Veronica even if they do not like the way that she acts.


Something tells me that Landon will be upset because he knows Jeffery isn’t straight and to him, Jeffery is “using” women as nothing more than mere experiments to either convince himself that he is straight or goes along with it long enough to realize that he is indeed gay. Landon has already said that kind of behavior is something that he does not approve of. How would this set Jeffery off in terms of killing Landon?

Perhaps Landon threatens to stop Jeffery’s charade by exposing him as a homosexual to Melissa and in order to hide the truth he does to Landon what he did to Wyatt; hit him with a blunt object. Though he might actually shoot him…


  1. Amanda

Alright now this is an interesting victim, but one that could not be ignored. There are only 3 people who know that Amanda has a REAL gun in her possession and that she intends to use it to kill her family: Jeffery, Quincy and Katheryn. Well Katheryn doesn’t know that Amanda has a gun, but she does not believe what Jim told her about it being a toy gun used to fool Jeffery.

The reason my mom and I believe that Amanda and Jeffery will have some kind of encounter during the finale is because of Amanda running around her house at night.

Wait a second, what would Jeffery be doing at the Cryer Mansion at night for?

Amanda is running around in her nightclothes meaning that she will play Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe that night after the dinner party is over. The reason I say that Jeffery (and other people) might still be at the mansion is because the party might be cut short due to the fight between Quincy and Jim.

Think about it this way; Jeffery doesn’t have a car. He has to ride around in a taxi cab to get from Point A to Point B. This means that if the party is cut short, he might have to stay at the Cryer’s mansion a little later until a cab comes or he spends the night there. Remember there is a guest room in the house (not in Wyatt’s room) so he might stay in that bedroom for the night.


He knows that Amanda is not right in the head especially at night because he has heard her laughing and talking to herself in her room while he was staying at their apartment. Based on the placement of the room Amanda is entering, we can assume that it is Wyatt’s room.


Jeffery might hear Amanda running around and checks to see what is going on. Upon finding her pointing the gun at Wyatt (or another person in their bed sleeping), he screams at her not to shoot or tackles her. The next scene we see will be the flash from the gunshot, but we will not know what happened. That is one way for the finale to end and we’ll be left guessing until January what actually went down.

A couple of runner-up victims include both Maggie and Laura. Jeffery might find out that Maggie is one reason her parents are having trouble in their marriage since Veronica thinks David slept with her. Laura might be at the party at be around Wyatt and Jeffery won’t be able to handle it. Either one of them might get shot by him as well. 

What do you think about this? Will Jeffery be backed into a corner and attack someone in order to save himself (or another life)?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Professor Cannon Will Die

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

So we know that someone is confirmed to die in the HAHN finale that will come on in less than 20 hours. How do I know this? Well I’m sure I can speak for anyone who is addicted to the show and has been looking at ALL of the episodes since 10 AM yesterday morning to the present (2:30 AM)!

Despite a lot of characters being pointed at as the one to die, there is one who is getting a lot of votes; Professor Cannon.

My mom is one of those people who believe that he will be the one to die. I respectfully disagree, but she came up with a legit theory which I thought was worthy enough to write a blog about. Although when I started writing this blog, I noticed a plot hole or two that would keep this theory from being 100% believable. I’ll get to that towards the end of this blog and you will see what I mean.


Amanda’s first intention of murder was directed at Professor Cannon as revenge for him raping her in Season 1. As time goes on, Amanda has stopped taking her anxiety medicine which has caused her to have a great deal of mental instability. The last time that see was face to face with the professor was when she stabbed him with a knife in the park. Aside from that, the last time that he was even mentioned was when she went to the pawn shop to get a gun and she asked the cashier if the gun could shoot through a professor.

From there, her anger and murderous intentions were directed at her family (Wyatt, Katheryn and Jim). She went out with Quincy to get a tattoo with the names of her family members. The reason for the tattoo is to represent the people that she has killed because she wanted one after seeing Quincy’s.


She is going to be running around the mansion at night with her gun and playing her deadly game of Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe. Due to this scene in the preview for the finale, most people believe that the victim will be someone from her psychotic game.

However, my mom thinks that the person who will be declared as dead is Professor Cannon. Here’s why;


After being stabbed, Cannon ran off screaming in agony because he had a knife in his back! Amanda was laughing psychotically as the man who took advantage of her sexually was running off leaving a trail of blood behind. I’m just guessing that at some point he was bleeding out because well that knife was in there pretty deep.

Now after the scene is over, we don’t see or hear from him again. My mom believes that at some point while he was running, the blood loss he suffered from the knife wound caused him to pass out. If he was not discovered by another person for a long enough period of time, it is possible that he could die from massive blood loss from the knife.

If that is the case, Amanda’s desire for murdering someone would have been realized without her knowing it. Remember she said that she wanted blood, but her intention with the knife was not for murder but to hurt the professor. If she knew that the knife wound killed the professor then she would not have went to purchase a gun in the first place. Again, she bought the gun to kill the professor so that means she figured he did not die from the stabbing.

My issue with this theory which I addressed to my mother was that it did not seem likely because how would anyone know that he was dead? She told me that was the whole point; for the viewer to know, not the main characters. That is a legit point she brought up, but I figured that if he was discovered by someone in the park…who would find him? For the most part, it would not be one of the main characters of the show because it is very unlikely that any of them would be in or near the park in the finale. She said it could have been an average citizen who reported a dead body and that it would be reported on the news. If that were true then the news report would most likely be announced during the dinner party at Katheryn’s house. I doubt that anyone will have a TV on at dinner.

The only reason I could see this happening is if there was a repeated news announcement about Norman confessing to hitting Benny and Little Lizzie which would cause the party-goers to cheer because it once again proved that Wyatt was not the one to commit the crime. During that news report, it could appear on the TV screen that a dead body was found in the park from an apparent stab wound; Professor Cannon.

I think that the police would report that it was a possible mugging attempt because the knife would NOT have Amanda’s fingerprints on it. Why is that? She was wearing gloves when she was in the park! She might be crazy but she isn’t stupid (for the most part).


The part about the gloves was something that my mom brought up, but I watched the clip again on Youtube and she did NOT have gloves on when she stabbed the professor. That means that if the police investigated and dusted the knife for fingerprints, Amanda would be busted!


If you’ve been reading my other HAHN blogs then you know my mom is as good as I am when it comes to creating these theories! When I told her that she wasn’t wearing gloves her response was; while the professor was running off, he tried to remove the knife from his back. That would mean HIS fingerprints would now be on the knife as well. To take it even further, when he removes the knife from his back it is very likely that he would toss the knife off somewhere and continue running away.

Due to the knife hitting a nerve in his back or too much blood coming out of his body, he’d eventually pass out somewhere. That would lead to him being discovered (at some point) and reported dead because the knife wound killed him! Since the knife would most likely be at a location far from his body (assuming he removed the knife, tossed it on the ground and put some distance between him and the knife while he was running), that would allow Amanda to NOT be considered a suspect because that knife was the only sign of evidence to prove she was the one who did it.


With that being said, my mom does have a sound theory on why the professor would be the one who dies. Now you could argue that the gunshot that we see in the preview for the finale is the thing that kills the victim of the series, but I’m not 100% convinced. It is all about misdirection with this show and I’m sure that any regular viewer of the soap opera would agree with me.

What do you think is Professor Cannon the one who will die or will he still reappear at some point when it is discovered that Amanda is pregnant or she says he raped her?

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Interracial Dating Central

by Jeremy Carden

I believe that Interracial Dating Central is a great website because it sees beyond the color of a person’s skin. Just by reading a few of the many success stories from happy users of this site makes me want to recommend it to everyone that I know. Love should be colorblind because when you fall in love with someone you get feelings after getting to know them. Skin color is one thing but character is another. The skin that we wear on the outside is just something that holds everything on the inside, but once you get to the heart of a person that is when you truly get to know them not their color. The world is a melting pot of nationalities and of course skin colors. However, that says nothing about the uniqueness of individual people aside from the general assumptions that you can make about a person based on where they came from.

Browsing through the website, I saw that you can choose the type of person you are looking to form a relationship with. If you are fond of Asian women then they have women of that nationality for you. That is just one of the many types of people on this website. I would recommend searching through the entire site before making a decision. Just because you prefer Spanish women doesn’t mean you should ignore Black women on the website. Personal preference is one thing, but sometimes the type of person you least expect turns out to be the one that you need in your life.

The website it easy to maneuver around and that makes it less frustrating that many other online dating sites. The categories of people are neatly organized and with one click you are taken to wherever you want to go on the website. There is safety measures put into place that makes a person feel secure when they log onto the site. Personal information is not shared with anyone unless you decide you would like it to be. Customizing your profile page is of course up to you, and the more you customize your page with information, the better your chances of finding the kind of person to compliment your personality. If anything, the online chat feature is a great way to get to know someone. Face to face interaction is much more personal, but online chat is a start.

The fact that the website is free for sign up is a great way of attracting new people. Many online dating websites out there today will charge you an arm and a leg to try and find the love of your life. I recommend trying it out just to get a grasp of what it has to offer. Something tells me that you will not regret it and you will be sharing the website with all of your friends.  Interracial Dating is a common practice in today’s world so why not start by clicking on the link to this website?





Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Will Get Shot?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

Sad to say, but the next episode of the HAHN will be the Season 2 finale…


Fans will probably have to be placed in rehab like Wyatt because their lives (including my own) will be in shambles until Season 3 comes out sometime in 2015.

I’ll bet that until that time, fans will be going on about who will die in the finale! It has been confirmed that someone will indeed die, but we don’t know who will be the one to fall.

There are so many possible victims that it is difficult to pick one over the other. In the preview for the finale, there is so much conflict between characters that anyone at this point could be the one to get killed.


We see fighting, yelling and the flash of a gunshot that lights up a window upstairs in the Cryer Mansion…one lone light that could spell curtains for one particular member of the HAHN Cast, but who is it?


Now the obvious victim would be someone from the Cryer Family because Amanda is seen running around the house (at night) with her gun. She is playing a psychotic and deadly version of Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe.

As we know, each word from the nursery rhyme represents someone in her family:

  • Eenie = Wyatt
  • Meenie = Katheryn
  • Miny = Amanda (this might also include her baby as well since she is pregnant)
  • Moe = Jim

Similar to Duck, Duck, Goose this game is used to make a choice when there are multiple options. With that being said, most people assume that Jim will be the first person who gets shot by Amanda. She went off with Quincy to get a tattoo with the names of the people she has murdered (or plans to murder) which is said to include the names of her family.

Now based on the scene from when the gun is fired and we see a flash, we can determine that it is at night and most likely takes place after the 7 P.M. dinner party at the mansion.


Amanda is wandering around the house with her gun in her nightclothes which further provides evidence that whoever gets shot will get shot that night after the party. This is important to pay attention to because at that party she will be dressed up, but running around the house she has on her night clothing.

Something else to pay attention to in the scene is that all of the rooms upstairs have dark windows in them. However, you’ll notice that on the first floor there are several windows that have lights on.

This could mean that the gun is fired during the dinner party and since everyone would be downstairs for the event, no one would be upstairs so there would be no reason for any rooms to have the lights on in them.

The other scenario is that the gun is fired after the party when everyone in the house (Wyatt, Jim, Katheryn) is asleep, but we know that Amanda is awake and running around. Not sure how that explains the lights on the ground floor being on, but perhaps someone (not the shooter or the person getting shot) is stirring downstairs doing something. It could be that the lights are still on in the main entrance area of the house where the party was.


Just like the dinner for Jim’s birthday in Episode 1, there could be extra staff at the house cleaning up after the party and they are still there doing their job. Remember that the next day, Jim is making his public announcement that he is running for governor and the whole family has to be well rested for the event.

Yes this includes Amanda, Jim is relieved to hear from the doctor that there is nothing wrong with her, but she just needs to get some sleep. However, we all know that this is far from the truth and she will be playing her game once again when the lights go out.

With that being said, it is possible that someone from the party stays behind and is involved with the shooting. When it comes down to it, there is no character that should be omitted from this investigation and that includes secondary characters like Byron or Michael! Let’s get started!!


  1. Professor Cannon

Some people are speculating that he is the one who will get killed, but I highly doubt that. I mean really what would he be doing at the Cryer Estate anyway? Last time we saw him, Amanda stabbed his trifling tail in the back and he ran off! The last thing that he’d want to do is go to the same place that Amanda is located!

Now I know someone is said to die in the finale, but I would hate to see Professor Cannon die. Why do I say that?

It would be a huge slap in the face if someone announced that Cannon had died from a stab wound to the back! Off-screen…where no one knew where the knife came from…

If he did appear in the finale, I think it would be like a brief scene where his wife is asking him about the stab wound and he’d probably say it was a mugger in the park or something. I really don’t think he is gone for good, but when it is discovered that Amanda is carrying a baby…things might get a little crazier than they already are. The first suspect of being her baby’s daddy would be Quincy since she said that he is her boyfriend and they’ve been seeing each other for 6-8 weeks, but then she said only a couple of days and she met him at her apartment. In any case, I wouldn’t count the professor out of the series just yet.


  1. Hanna, Benny and Bryon

I’m going to put these 3 together in one group just because their stories kind of overlap. Hanna is going to be having a dinner party of her own as a “Welcome back!” celebration for Benny being released from the hospital. Even Warlock knew about it so that means there might be multiple people from Hanna’s neighborhood who will show up for the party. Benny did say that Hanna was cooking a lot of food, so that may hint at some people at least stopping by to give their best wishes to Benny.

Hanna invited Katheryn to stop by and meet Benny face to face for the first time (at least while he is conscious because she has seen him before but only when he was in the hospital in a coma). That means Hanna and Benny will be at their house and not at the Cryer Estate. It is true that Katheryn has offered Hanna her job back as a maid, but she said to only come back once Benny has gotten on his feet again. With that being said, Hanna won’t be working at the dinner party at Katheryn’s house. That doesn’t mean Katheryn wouldn’t invite Hanna and Benny to come over to her house for HER dinner party…just something to think about there.


I’m including Byron in this trio because Hanna discovered that he was working for Jim. Something to point out here is HOW she found out that he was deceiving her. Jim told Bryon not to see or speak to Hanna anymore and accused him of having feelings for her. When she calls to invite him to Benny’s party, Jim tells him to put the call on speaker phone. He says that he can’t attend due to having a meeting, and she asks if it had to do with Wyatt. Bryon says no, but Celine comes out and says “Mr. Cryer…” Jim cuts her off and pushes her back into the house, but it was too late because Hanna heard everything that she needed to despite Bryon trying to cover up the phone so she couldn’t hear anything. Bryon tries to play it cool by saying that he will stop by her house, but she says that he doesn’t need to and hangs up.

What is interesting about this scene was that Celine came outside at apparently the right time to blow Jim’s cover. You could argue that she didn’t and that she just so happened to come outside the moment that Bryon was on the phone. However, I think that she knew what she was doing. Remember Wyatt asked her to snoop to hear what was going on outside, but she said she didn’t do that sort of thing. We all know that this is far from the truth so I think she purposefully blew Bryon’s cover, but that’s just me.

I think that Bryon will still come over to Hanna’s house to at least apologize because it does seem like he has genuine feelings for her despite deceiving her. I’m not sure what will become of their encounter if he does decide to come by (especially with Benny there), but something tells me that Hanna will stare him down until he leaves just like she did to Tony.


  1. Little Lizzie’s mother and Michael

Alright, we haven’t seen these two since Wyatt ran away from them at the little girl’s tombstone. I could see these two possibly being at the party for Benny because despite little Lizzie being dead, they would probably want to celebrate the safe return of Benny since he too was a victim of the hit-and-run. I’m not saying that either of them would be a victim in the shooting that takes place in the Cryer Mansion or that one of them will die, but I don’t think I should omit them from the possibly of being the ones to be killed off.

I don’t think that they would appear at Jim’s house, but if they did show up it would probably be to apologize like Hanna for “wrongly accusing Wyatt” of a crime he didn’t commit since Norman “admitted” to doing it instead.

On the flip side, they might hold a grudge because Little Lizzie’s mother could be in disbelief since “she knows who she saw run over her baby.” That might cause her to have a huge burst of anger and rage. Either she or Michael could take revenge by killing Wyatt for what he did. That might be stretching the actual events that could occur in the finale, but if this show has taught me anything it is that you have to expect the unexpected.

What would be interesting to see is if Michael (the man Hanna turned down) is at her house and comes face to face with Bryon (the man who deceived Hanna). There is no telling how things might turn out from that encounter. Would one try to kill the other? Doubt it but hey anything is possible in this show.


  1. Celine and Carlos

As we discovered in the last episode, Carlos is the son of Celine the maid and Judge Cryer (talk about some Arnold Schwarzenegger references being made!). It seems that she has been telling her son since he was a child that his father (Jim) was eventually going to come home and take care of them, but as we all know this was far from what actually happened. Carlos is bitter and angry because he spent his whole life waiting for his dad, but he never came…

He says that he is no longer listening to Celine and that he will do things his way. Will he take revenge on his absent father by killing him?


In the preview, we hear Celine yelling “Go to Hell!” and the camera is on Katheryn. However, she might be saying it to someone else (possibly Jim). Katheryn is in a dress (most likely her dinner party attire) so that scene is probably different from the scene with Celine yelling and has tears welling in her eyes.


Considering that the funk has most likely hit the fan now that Jim knows about a son he didn’t know he had, Katheryn is not going to be too happy about this. She did say a couple of episodes ago that she and Jim had some kind of deal with Celine, but we don’t know much else about it. That deal might have to do with the “extra money” aside from her paycheck that Jim gives her each month.

Earlier in the series, Jim made it clear that he never loved Celine and only said he did to have sex with her. From their sexual activities (which we don’t know how long #4 was his mistress), Carlos was born so we know that Celine has been holding on to feelings for Jim for quite some time now.


With everything that is going on now, she might take revenge and shoot either him or Katheryn. However, I don’t think this will be the case due to the fact that she doesn’t have a gun (that we know of). Katheryn said that Celine cleans all of the rooms so we can assume that she might come across Amanda’s gun, come back to the mansion at night and shoot someone. However, we see Amanda running around with her gun so we can guess that Celine does not take her gun while she is cleaning.

Carlos said he would no longer do what Celine told him to do, but I don’t think that he would kill Jim. Perhaps he’ll kill Wyatt out of jealous due to Jim doing whatever he could to protect his son from prison, but never stepped into his life to help him or Celine. So if Carlos did kill someone out of vengeance, I’d guess it would be Jim or Wyatt. If Celine is the shooter, then I could see her killing Katheryn or Jim.


  1. Maggie and Landon

Veronica is pissed at both of them because she suspects Maggie of sleeping with her husband David, and she is not happy that Landon met her son at a gay bar and the two of them walked out of a hotel room together. Would she kill either one of them? Doubtful because if you ask me, Veronica killing someone would be the easy route; that woman could “kill” anyone with her mouth. Once she starts going at it, she can rip ANYONE to shreds with one quick-witted speech and that would put them in their place! She did it to Quincy when he broke into her house! The only person that I don’t think this has worked on was Candace, but even then she got in some unforgettable one-liners.

I doubt Maggie would shot anyone but if she did it would probably be Veronica so she could get David. However, I really don’t see this happening. In terms of Landon, he despises Veronica with a passion because she treats her son like crap because he is a homosexual and he said to Jeffery that he dislikes anyone who does that to their gay child. So if Landon is the shooter then I could see him taking out Veronica. I’m not sure if Landon and Maggie will show up to Katheryn’s dinner party, but considering they are a part of Jim’s campaign…they might be there.


  1. Melissa

Could she be the one who gets killed? I do find it interesting that she is at the dinner party considering that she walked out on Jeffery after discovering that he is with someone else (Candace). Either Veronica calls her up to come to the party or she forces Jeffery to ask her out again.

Landon might see this and be infuriated that Jeffery’s mother is forcing him to still live a lie. If someone killed Melissa, my guess would be Jeffery or Landon as the potential shooter. However, the anger that stems from Melissa’s presence would mostly be aimed at Veronica because it was her doing that resulted in Melissa being there in the first place. I doubt Melissa wanted to see Jeffery again after thinking he had been multiple women and she slept with him.


  1. David, Veronica and Jeffery

I’m going to be honest here and say that these 3 deserve their own blog in regards to their role in the finale. Luckily, I have already written that blog which you can see by clicking here; Will Jeffery Ever Be Free?

To sum it up, Veronica will refuse to believe David did not sleep with Maggie. She will force Jeffery to sit with Melissa at the dinner party and this will cause him to be angry with her. If there is anyone to die from this group, I would say that it will be Jeffery because he wants to be free.


He knows that he can’t be unless his mom stops blackmailing him with his car. Since it appears that David will not be able to convince his wife that he is not sleeping with Maggie, something tells me he won’t be successful in getting Veronica off of Jeffery’s back. This is further hinted at when we see that Veronica makes Jeffery sit with Melissa at the party. I think that Jeffery will commit suicide instead of shooting his own mother. If David finds out that Jeffery kills himself due to Veronica pressuring  him to be a straight man, I could see David wanting a divorce and Veronica falling back into her alcohol addiction.


I can’t see Veronica dying because she has an important role to play in the series because she is still holding the Black Sedan which is the key to everything. Not to mention, Maggie’s persuasion was what led Veronica to getting Quincy out of prison. So Veronica isn’t quite out of the picture just yet. The same can be said for David because his marriage is in turmoil and he is Jim’s right hand man so he is vital to the series as well.

We are now entering the last set of characters and this is the territory of characters most likely to die! Not to say some of the above characters don’t have convincing evidence suggesting that they will get killed…


  1. Quincy

Amanda’s boyfriend will appear for the dinner party and he will turn the place upside down! We know that he will get into a fight with Jim and the judge will get a black eye from their scuffle! The one clue I wish we knew was whether or not Q got dragged out of the party or he left after beating up Jim. Considering that Jim told David to find out everything he could about him and asked if he was a murder what he was doing out of prison, Q did not die from their fight and he actually did leave the mansion.

Now Amanda said the real fun would go down after dinner and Q asked what was in it for him, she asked what he wanted but he said he’d let her know at 7. My guess is that he wants a little um…backside since Amanda kicked him out of her apartment before “he could get what he wanted.”

He did seem amazed by the size of Katheryn’s ring, so he might be planning to rob the Cryers at some point in time. I doubt that he will return to the estate after the party, but he did break into Veronica’s house so who is to say he won’t do the same to Jim’s house?

Who would shoot him though? Amanda has the gun, but Q might return with a gun of his own to finish the job he started since Jim has been banging his chick.


  1. Candace

I have my doubts but again I couldn’t omit her from the suspect lineup. Her role in the finale it seems will be talking with Hanna about the whereabouts of her baby. Hanna doesn’t believe Q killed the baby and that somewhere the boy is still alive. The only other role I can see her playing in the finale is sneaking out of the house. She has to sneak out because Benny said that she would stay there since Q is out looking for her. Now the reason for her leaving would be to go to Warlock’s place because that was where she wanted Jim brought so she could handle him herself.

The only reason I could see her going to Jim’s house would be to protect Amanda from Q, but since she is scared of him and doesn’t have dress clothes to attend the party…I doubt she will go there. Not to mention the possibility of her running into Q…

It is also hinted at that in the finale (or even before that), Amanda will find out that her father and Candace has been having an affair. This might possibly mean that Amanda will kill Candace! For reason this time unlike the Malones who only put on an act.


      10. Katheryn

The main suspects who would possibly kill Katheryn are Amanda and Celine. Amanda would probably shoot her due to her tattoo (said to be the names of her family members meaning she plans on killing them) or Celine might kill her due to a huge argument that the two might have in the finale.

Really, I included Katheryn here because of the possibility of where the story would go if she were to get killed. If you haven’t done so already, you should check out another blog of mine about the events of the series being nothing more than a dream!

Yes, it sounds crazy but it is possible that while in the hospital due to her breast cancer, Katheryn slipped into a coma, fell asleep during surgery or because of her medication and began dreaming the events of the series. In any case, if she is shot in the finale that could “wake her up” to reality once again.

The other scenario is her actually being killed off, and the plot of the series would be who would inherit what from her will. This would bring up a forgotten plot involving Hanna having a video recording on Katheyn’s will before she went into surgery! Jim is stated to get not one penny while her children will get their share but only if they did not contest to the stipulations of the will. Amanda tried to sue so that means she is no longer able to get her $12 million according to Katheryn’s video. Not sure if Wyatt would get his share or not…

What would be funny is if Hanna got the mansion somehow and Jim would have to leave. Ironic because he does not want Hanna to ever set foot in his house again!


     11. Wyatt

Wyatt will possibly be killed by Amanda during her “game” or out of jealousy because to her he is the “problem child.” She most likely feels ignored because it seems her parent’s attention is focused on Wyatt. This is mainly due to him being the child who always gets into trouble and his parents have to go through so much to get him out of it.


Even if she is going through some difficult times, she is reluctant to talk to her folks about it. This is displayed early on in the series when Candace tries to get her to tell her parents that she no longer wanted to study law. Amanda did not want to because they had so much to deal with regarding Wyatt being in rehab. If you ask me, I think that is another reason why she cuts herself. When she finally confronted Jim about not wanting to do law anymore, he told her that she was not going to quit. This caused her to snap saying “You know what happens when I feel ignored!” this further hints that she uses her self-harm through cutting and taking pills to cope with not feeling like she matters to her parents due to them always being concerned with Wyatt.


As I mentioned in the Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe blog, according to the song if Amanda sings it all the way though; Wyatt is her target.


Aside from Amanda, another reason I could see Wyatt being killed is through suicide because he would snap under the pressure and guilt from the hit-and-run. Despite Jim handling the situation so Wyatt would not go to jail, I’m not sure if he could cope with the stress. I’m sure that at the dinner party, there will be a lot of people coming up to Wyatt congratulating him because the truth was revealed and he was let off the hook. That might cause him to snap and kill himself in the night. I also mentioned above that Carlos might shoot him out of jealously because he was the son Jim ignored while Wyatt was the son he’d do anything for. Not to mention Little Lizzie’s mom or Michael might shoot Wyatt due to him (in their eyes) being the one that killed Little Lizzie but I’m not convinced that would actually happen. If Wyatt died, there is no telling how Jeffery will cope with the news because he is the love of his life.


    12. Jim

There are so many enemies that Jim has created in the series that would love to finish him off! We know that the fight between him and Q does not result in death because Q leaves and Jim is seen screaming outside of the mansion. Celine or Carlos could be enraged over Jim’s coldness to them after so many years and might kill him. Amanda calls him “Moe” which makes him the target of her psychotic game.

One thing some fans forget is that Candace plans for Warlock and his crew to kidnap Jim and bring him to her. Keep in mind that she needs Jim ALIVE to exact her revenge. My guess is that Jim will get kidnapped during the night because Candace told them that they had to make their move that night because the next day he was going to announce that he was running for governor. I think that if he gets abducted the only way for him to be released is if he complies with any and all demands that Candace has for him. Obviously, she is going to want all of the stuff that Jim removed from her apartment, $100,000 (because she said that she’d get that much for Warlock), who knows how much money she wants for herself and the list goes on.


What I’d love to see is the look on Jim’s face when he is brought to Candace. Remember he told David that she was no longer a problem and she was not coming back. I’m sure he is going to be shocked to see Candy Cane once again! Just imagine Jim being the one tied up to a chair or something, and Candace is the one who is barking demands at him!

So if Jim does die then there are multiple scenarios regarding how and why he would be killed. Similar to Veronica, I don’t think he will be the one to die because he still has a major role in the overall story.


   13. Amanda

Amanda could snap during her game while running around the house at night and shoot herself. Not to mention the possibility of that nut accidentally shooting herself while she is attempting to shoot someone else.


The question remains as to whether or not she fully understands how to use her gun. Q was showing her how to point, aim and shoot the gun but the lesson was interrupted when he started kissing her on the neck. That caused her to point the gun at him and she told him to leave. So it has yet to be determined if she fully knows how to use her gun because if she doesn’t that means she could unintentionally shoot and kill herself (or her unborn child).

It is possible that Amanda fires her gun but ends up hitting an unintended target. Tyler Perry has done a great job setting up the plot for the finale because anyone could be killed off. I mean who is to say that Amanda is the only one with a gun?


Let’s say that Warlock along with some of his crew, Q or someone else comes back to the Cryer Mansion at night while everyone is asleep and encounters each other or Amanda because if that is the case someone will get shot at and killed.


There are so many possible ways for this to go down that I could write a book! This blog is just the tip of the iceberg. I know that Amanda is going to have her gun that night and run around the house, opens a door to someone’s bed room, walks in and assuming it is that same room, we see the flash from the gunshot in the window.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean Amanda will be the one to kill someone because someone could be waiting for her in the room that she did not expect. I guess we will just have to wait and see how things will play out.

Also something else to consider is that the Cryers might not be the only ones staying at the house that night. Perhaps after everything that went on between Jim and Q, David and some other people might stay at the mansion just for the night until things blow over. That adds another level of speculation to the “Who Will Die?” scenario.


Either way, I have a feeling that the scene when we see the flash and hear the gunshot might be the final scene of the episode. If that is the case then we will have to wait until the next season to learn who got shot!

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Jeffery Ever Be Free?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

In the last episode, Jeffery was finally able to sit down with his father and tell him everything that has been going on between him and his mother.

Well almost everything…


I was a bit disappointed that the subject never came up about Veronica pushing Jeffery into dating Melissa which led to drunken sex between the two. Not to mention the scene in the car when Veronica says that Jeffery will have sex with women over and over again until “it becomes him” which means he’ll turn straight.

The highlight of the conversation was about Veronica threatening to turn Jeffery in because the Black Sedan is in her possession. David doesn’t believe she would do that, but Jeffery knows better. I actually believe that she would do it without a second thought because if you notice she was more concerned about Jeffery’s sexuality than David’s apparent affair with Maggie.


Of course, we know that the reason Veronica didn’t tear that hotel up was because they were in public.

She seems to be more concerned with the image of her family than anything else. There is no way that she will tolerate a homosexual son and she’ll do anything to change that about Jeffery.

Now here is something about the conversation between Jeffery and David that caught my attention; the way Jeffery started off the conversation. Did anyone else notice the way he was fidgeting around and stumbling over his words like a 5-year-old who was caught doing something that they shouldn’t have been doing?

That right there tells me that most of Jeffery’s disciple came from his mother. If he had more of a relationship with David, I could see him being more like a man in terms of telling him what was going on without his voice cracking up.

It seemed like he was afraid that David was going to verbally assault him like his mother, but this was far from what actually happened. David embraced his son because it was all about who he was at a person not “what” he was in terms of being a homosexual. That David is a class act!

Something else that is important to notice was outside of the hotel when David kept telling Jeffery to not get into the car with his mother, but to ride to the office with him so they could talk. In the end, it was really Jeffery’s decision but he got into the car with his mother. That right there shows us that not only is he afraid of his mother, but she listens to him more than David. I could see when he was younger; Jeffery was disciplined more by his mother. David would probably try to comfort him, but she would get a grip on Jeffery and scold him repeatedly. She might not lift a finger to hit her son, but her words appear to hurt him worse than any physical abuse.


Veronica puts down Jeffery a lot and that is probably what makes him turn into a child whenever she is around. Again, it would not surprise me if this has been going on since he was young. That might suggest that David had little if any involvement in raising Jeffery. Don’t get me wrong, I know that he was there for his son but not “there” for him in terms of raising him. I think after he and Veronica noticed that he might be gay, she took over raising him into the man that SHE wanted him to be. I’m sure that David being the man he is was willing to accept him for who he was, but Veronica would not allow it. She probably told him over and over again that if he screwed up then it would be an embarrassment to the family. All of that gives more depth to the conversation that we got last week between David and Jeffery.

As much as David tried to comfort his son, Jeffery knew that he wouldn’t be “free” until his mother stopped threatening him with that car. If he decided to be free and live his life as an openly gay man, Veronica would out his behind into jail. If he lived his live the way Veronica wanted him to (as a straight man), he would still be trapped. It would be as if he was walking in the real world, but he’d still feel like he was in prison.

David said that he would have a talk with Veronica, but Jeffery knows that it would not do any good. Based on the preview for next week, I think Jeffery is right about that.


In the preview, there is a brief dialogue between David and Veronica in his office. He says that he did not sleep with Maggie, but Veronica doesn’t believe him.

Alright now, if that is the case and David doesn’t convince his wife that he did not have an affair then I can see him having little to no success when trying to “free” Jeffery from her icy grip.

The reason I say that David has no success in helping Jeffery is because Melissa is at the Cryer Mansion for the dinner party!

My guess is that Veronica calls Melissa and tells her to come to the party or she forces Jeffery to do so. It doesn’t seem like she knows about Melissa leaving his apartment after Candace shows up.


Not only that, Veronica takes Jeffery’s hands and puts them on Melissa’s! The look he gives Veronica when she does this is priceless. Man oh man, if looks could kill!

That is what leads to my final point; Jeffery might be the one to die in the finale. Yes I know that sounds crazy (well not Amanda-level of crazy), but I do think it is a possibility.

You have to admit that there are so many signs that would suggest that he will either get shot or commit suicide to finally “be free.”

  1. The man he loves (Wyatt) isn’t gay meaning that he will never be with him
  2. His overbearing mother has been watching him like a hawk since he was young (according to Wyatt)
  3. He is living a lie; he is gay, but is being forced to live the lifestyle of a heterosexual
  4. His first sexual experience with a woman was horrible due to it being sparked out of the drunken advances of his blind date
  5. The fact that he was only able to have sex for a few seconds was due to him thinking about the man he loves (Wyatt) but will most likely never have
  6. The guy is stressed 24/7 because if he steps off of the path his mother has cleared for him that means he will go to jail for a crime he did not commit
  7. The way he was just talking to his father and how he looked during the conversation; Jeffery looks well…defeated
  8. His mother wants him to have sex repeatedly until he likes it and it becomes him which will (in her mind) lead to him becoming a straight man
  9. At the dinner party in the finale, it seems like Veronica is forcing him to appear with Melissa

Here is one final clue that I think is very important to take note of; it didn’t bother him if Veronica drove the car off of the bridge. He said “you’ll be doing us BOTH a favor…” At one point, he even took off his seat belt which suggested that he was going to jump out of the moving vehicle!


It just seems like Jeffery is fed up with everything that is going on and you really can’t blame the poor guy. He has been through a lot this past season! From living in Candace’s apartment after Veronica cut him off financially and having to deal with the craziness of Amanda; which almost got him killed when she was playing with her gun.


What I’m interested in seeing in the finale is the interaction between him and Wyatt. Honestly, I don’t think that Wyatt will ever become gay and fulfilling Jeffery’s dream of being with the man he loves. If anything, I want to see their friendship restored. In Season 1, Wyatt says that Jeffery is his friend and it seemed like he meant it. I believe it was in the episode when Jeffery asks Candace out on a date but she laughs at him which causes Wyatt to say “I don’t like people laughing at my friends.”

Of course, this friendship was tarnished when Wyatt finds out that Jeffery caused his relationship with his ex-girlfriend to fail. However, it seems that their friendship might one day be healed because Jeffery was there for Wyatt when he needed him the most; when he was in jail and dealing with the guilt of hitting Lizzie and Benny.


I’m sure that during the dinner party, a lot of people might be coming up with Wyatt and offering their congratulations for no longer being accused of the hit-and-run incident. This might take a toll on Wyatt because he would have to walk around acting like nothing ever happened. What makes it worse for him is that Jim and Katheryn will be putting up a front as well about it and they know the truth about what went down.


If Jeffery tries to spend a lot of time with Wyatt, Veronica will come between them and make him spend time with Melissa. I could see this happening; Jeffery and Wyatt having a personal conversation but Veronica breaks them up. Remember she noticed back in Season 1 how he would light up when Wyatt gave him a compliment or came into the room. If the boys are across the room and she notices them talking and Jeffery “lighting up” that is when I think she’ll make him come over to sit with her and Melissa. This is what I think will cause a lot of tension and what might lead to Jeffery dying.

The man wants to be free and it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen anytime soon. Veronica wants to be in control and that is what is pushing her family away. She has the Black Sedan but her husband has moved out of the house and her son resents her.


Now if Jeffery does kill himself, I think that will lead of David and Veronica getting a divorce. Yes, I said it! I think when Veronica comes to David’s office and they have a talk, he will try to tell her to let their son live his life but she’ll refuse. That will cause even more tension between the two. If Jeffery commits suicide then David will be sure to put 2 and 2 together and realize that it was because Veronica pushed him into it especially if he notices him with Melissa.

David is a forgiving and loving person, but if Veronica’s actions and urge to be in control of everything leads to the death of their son…I don’t think he could ever forgive her.

*Bonus Clue!!!!*


In the promo for the HAHN, we learn about the cast along with the characters that they play. Gavin talks about Jeffery saying, “He’s really about pleasing his parents and making sure that they are proud of him.  As opposed to being who he really is and having the strength to own that in front of his parents because there is a certain stature that they have and he feels like…to stray from that would be DEATH to him.”

So yeah, if  you are a true addict of the show like myself then you picked up on that little piece of information during the interview. This was way back when the show first came out last year, but it popped into my head while writing this blog. Could this indeed be a foreshadowing of the demise of the youngest Harrington?

What do you think about all of this? Is Jeffery’s only route to freedom suicide? Will he be the person to die in the finale? Will Veronica ever budge and allow her son to be who he truly is? One thing is for sure; you don’t want to miss the finale!


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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

Only a few more days until the Season 2 finale and someone will die! There are so many possible scenarios about who will get shot and who will be the one who pulls the trigger. I’m going to be working on an even bigger blog than this one called “Who Gets Shot?”

My mother and I once again had a  HAHN talk and you know what that means; more theories! We hashed things out and came up with multiple theories and scenarios about who shots who and how it goes down.


For now, I’m going to pick out one particular theory that I liked a lot. My mom says that while she was at work today the “Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe” game ran through her head. She talked about how if Amanda plays the entire game through the victim might be revealed. So tonight, we went through the song and here is what we came up with.

During Amanda’s psychotic game of “Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe” here is how “the players” rank;

Eenie = Wyatt

Meenie = Katheryn

Miny = Amanda/unborn child

Moe = Jim

Now let’s just assume (for the sake of this blog) that during the finale, one of these 4 will be the one that gets shot by Amanda during her “game.”


Based on the game, it seems Jim will be the one who gets shot because he is “Moe” which is the last word in the rhyme BUT let’s “play the game” all the way through and it might just reveal who will get shot.

The Original Tune;

Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe.

Catch a tiger by the toe.

If he hollers let me go.

Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe.


Amanda’s Tune;

Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe.

Catch a tiger by the toe.

If you shot him he will go.

Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe.

Alright, aside from the third line being slightly different the overall syllable count is the same.


Finally, let’s break it down to see who ends up as the last word of Amanda’s song:

Eenie = Wyatt

Meenie = Katheryn

Miny = Amanda/unborn child

Moe = Jim


Catch = Wyatt

A = Katheryn

Tiger = Amanda

By = Jim

The = Wyatt

Toe = Katheryn


If = Amanda

You = Jim

Shoot = Wyatt

Him = Katheryn

He = Amanda

Will = Jim

Go = Wyatt


Eenie = Katheryn

Meenie = Amanda

Miny = Jim

Moe = Wyatt


So, if she plays the game all the way through then Wyatt would be the person who gets shot! But if she only plays through the first verse of the song then her intended target will be Jim.

What do you think?

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Dragon Ball Z: Kid Gotenks vs. Adult Gotenks

By Jeremy Carden


Gotenks is one of the most powerful fighters in the history of the Dragon Ball franchise. This is very impressive considering the fact that he was only a child when he was “born” through the fusion of 7-year-old Goten and 8-year-old Trunks.

Sadly, we never got to see Gotenks appear in the Dragon Ball GT series; despite the fact that there were MANY opportunities for him to appear in order to fight powerful enemies.


Fans were excited to see that “Adult Gotenks” appeared in the Japan-only arcade game called Dragon Ball Heroes. Despite the fact that it is not counted as being canon when compared to the DBZ manga, it does not matter because it has given fans a character that they have wanted to see since the end of the DB series.

It is not clear how powerful Gotenks would be as an adult and this has caused some division among fans. Some fans consider the Gotenks seen in the Majin Buu arc to be more powerful than a Gotenks formed through the fusion of an adult Goten and Trunks. This is because Goten and Trunks slacked off in their training after Kid Buu was killed with the Super Spirit Bomb.

There are a few factors that need to be examined before making a final decision, but I am going to say upfront that I believe an Adult Gotenks would be able to defeat Kid Gotenks!

People who say that Kid Gotenks would be more powerful usually jump to this conclusion based on the fact that Goten and Trunks trained much more as children than they did as adults. However, you must realize that they really didn’t train much at all as children when you really think about it.


Go back to the Buu Saga; the “end” of their training took place when the boys spent 30 minutes inside of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train for their fight against Super Buu. 30 minutes on the outside world equates to 7.5 days inside of the chamber. So the boys got in a good week of training before fighting Buu.

Looking at their training before that, the boys really didn’t do all that much…


Trunks was 8-years-old and I bet that Vegeta had not been training with Trunks for too long before the Great Saiyaman Saga. While Super Saiyan Vegeta was training in 150 times gravity, we saw base Trunks struggling to walk around. Vegeta scoffs at his son saying that 150 times gravity was a man’s training level and Trunks was still a boy.

Trunks shocks him by going Super Saiyan and starts running around in the intense gravity with ease. Now we can assume that this was not the first time that Trunks had transformed because when Vegeta asked him if Goten could also go Super Saiyan, Trunks said that he could.

So we don’t know exactly when and how he first transformed, but it might have been when he was training in the Gravity Room during a solo session. Another scenario would have been during one of Goten and Trunks “play fighting” matches out in the woods near Goten’s house.

Remember Goten said that sometimes when Bulma would come to visit Chi-Chi, he and Trunks would go out into the woods and spar. It could have been during this time that Trunks transformed into a Super Saiyan, but we cannot be sure. In any case, we do know that Trunks had been training with Vegeta for a least a little while.


Bulma says that Vegeta planned on making Trunks more powerful than Gohan which surprises the Saiyan/Human hybrid because he has been slacking off in his training for about 7 years! With that being said, I think that Vegeta might have been training Trunks for at least a year or so. He might be the Prince of Saiyans, but I doubt that Bulma would allow her son to train under the intense conditions that her husband did until he was at least at age 6 or 7.

Considering that Trunks was struggling to keep up with his father in 150 times gravity, we can possibly assume that when Vegeta actually trained with Trunks (something he did not do with Future Trunks…), the two did not train at such an intense gravity level.


Vegeta was probably doing a solo session, but Trunks wanted to train under the same conditions as his father. With that being said, Vegeta didn’t train Trunks under such intense levels until he learned that not only was his son able to go Super Saiyan but that Trunks was only stronger than Goten “by a bit.” Another thing to remember is that while he was in the Time Chamber with Goten, Trunks tripped over himself as soon as he got into the area of the chamber that was 10 times gravity! Either he was just caught off-guard or he really hadn’t done too much gravity training himself! It is interesting to note that Goten was putting in work while he was training along and that was what made Trunks rush out to join him!

The way Vegeta reacted to that news might have hinted that he increased Trunks’ training (as well as his own) but we don’t know by how much. It seems that after learning about Goku being brought back from the dead for a day, Vegeta was excited and began training more than ever to fight his old rival.

Unlike Trunks, Goten had two training partners; Gohan and Chi-Chi. However, it could be argued that Trunks’ training was more beneficial because Vegeta was far more skilled than Goten’s instructors.


While Gohan was studying, Chi-Chi was teaching Goten about basic martial arts and combat skills. It was during this time that Goten transformed into a Super Saiyan for the first time, but did not do so for awhile (at least in front of his mom) because she called him a monster. It stands to reason that during one of his sparring fights with Trunks, he revealed his ability to go Super Saiyan. That would explain how Trunks knew about Goten’s ability to transform just like him.

Moving onto when Gohan starts training his little brother, we see Goten getting more advanced training in terms of speed, reflexes, combat and Ki control including flight.


The main thing holding Goten back was the fact that Gohan was splitting his time between training him and Videl. While she was around, he and Goten were holding back A LOT in terms of power along with their Super Saiyan abilities. After she would leave in the evening, the two would finally have time to go full force in their training.


If all of their time was devoted to full-on Super Saiyan training like they did prior to Videl training with them then Goten might have been more powerful than he was in the World Tournament.

Now regardless of the level of training that the two endured before the tournament, the end result was that Trunks was just a tad bit stronger than Goten. The first piece of evidence was due to the fact that Trunks was 1 year older than Goten and that naturally made him a bit more powerful than his best friend.


After that, the two squared off in the finals of the Junior Division of the tournament in an impressive match. It was clear that these two were very similar to their fathers in terms of combat. Trunks is the one with superior skills and a much more polished fighting style doing whatever it takes to win. Goten is more of an off-the-wall tactician and that keeps opponents more powerful than himself on their toes.

In the end, Trunks wins by “breaking the rules” that he himself set during the match; not going Super Saiyan, only using one hand or not using Ki attacks. 

He actually did all 3 of these things and that knocked Goten out of bounds!


This kind of mirrors what Majin Vegeta did to Goku by saying that their match would be placed on hold, but “defeated” Goku with a sneak attack from behind.


From there, the boys learned the Fusion Dance from Goku and Piccolo before going in the Time Chamber for their week of training. Their power levels did not go up too high because they were only in there for a week. However, after their training it became unclear which one of them was more powerful.


Prior to the Time Chamber, Trunks was just a tad bit more powerful than Goten. However, the fact that Chi-Chi’s death at the hands of Super Buu (or foot because he squashed her after transforming her into an egg) took place while Goten was watching, that was the motivation that he needed in order to train more than ever to avenge her death. With that being said, we are not given any information in terms of who is stronger post-training, but we do know that they became more powerful than they were before.

Let’s take a look at their training post-Buu Saga;


Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return! takes place 2 years after the defeat of Kid Buu. When fighting the two members of Frieza’s army, Vegeta points out that Trunks was forgetting the basics. Later on during the battle, the boys fuse but fail on their first attempt saying that they were out of practice. This shows that they were not training as much for the past 2 years.


Fast forward 3 years later and we get to Battle of Gods. There is not too much focus on Goten and Trunks because they get a spanking from Bills as Super Gotenks and are quickly rendered unable to battle. Despite being preteens, the boys haven’t aged much and by the look of things it does not seem like they have been training much either.

Captura de pantalla 2012-09-08 a las

Then at the end of DBZ, we see a 17-year-old Goten training with his father. Goku defeats him with ease and that shows us that since he was with his family for 10 years, he has been focusing on helping Goten train since Gohan had become an adult with a family of his own.

Trunks (age 18), Vegeta and Bulma arrive on the scene later and it seems that Trunks has been slacking off in his training as well. Despite Goten being trained by Goku, it appears that he prefers living the life of a human teenager. He was upset that Goku made him cancel a date in order to fight in the World Tournament.


Considering that Vegeta had to threaten Trunks by cutting his allowance in half to make him fight in the tournament we can assume that he too had become accustomed to living a normal life during the peaceful times.

So their training was pretty much diminished after the threat of Majin Buu, but they were still in shape most likely due to their fathers making them at least have a few training sessions.

Finally we get to Dragon Ball GT and again we are presented with a split between fans who debate about whether or not there was a 5 or 10 year gap between series.

Personally, I think that it was 10 years between DBZ and GT but that’s beside the point. If it was a 5 year gap that means Goten would be 22 and Trunks would be 23. For those who think it was 10 years that would make Goten 27 and Trunks 28.


I know you could look at the way that they act in terms of Goten being someone in their early 20s going out on dates and whatnot. While Trunks is C.E.O. of Capsule Corp. but still has some of his kidlike characteristics.

In any case, the two have not trained in a long period of time. Now despite Trunks going into space with Goku and Pan to find the Blackstar Dragon Balls to save the earth and meeting all kinds of threats, Goten was said to be more powerful than Trunks.


This was stated after Baby took over his body and it seems accurate because earlier Baby was in Trunks’ body as well and experienced firsthand his true Saiyan power when he expelled the Tuffle from his body.

So there you have it, this covers all of the training that the boys underwent as kids but lack thereof in terms of training when they became older.


Now it is time to look at power and abilities of Gotenks, but we only have Kid Gotenks to look at here. We know that at his maximum, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks was more or less equal to Super Buu.


The only other Z-Fighter who was more powerful than Gotenks was Ultimate Gohan. You could also include Vegito as well because he is a fused character like Gotenks.

Yes, I am one of those people who believe that in terms of power; Gotenks exceeds Super Saiyan 3 Goku. You can read all about my thoughts on that subject in this blog.


Individually, Goten and Trunks were powerful but they were still toddlers. They experienced more training in their childhood than when they were adults.

One of the main reasons that I think an Adult Gotenks would be far more powerful than Kid Gotenks is simple; Adult Gotenks would be older, bigger and stronger.


I know that seems like a vague answer, but hear me out here! One of the arguments that Kid Gotenks supporters use the most is the fact that Adult Gohan (age 17 or 18) was weaker than he was as an 11-year-old due to a 7 year period when he slacked off in his training.


Similar to Goten and Trunks, Gohan had the best training of his life when he was a child. He went through a year of training with Piccolo before he was 5, experienced many battles on Namek when he was 6, when he was 7 or 8 the little Saiyan trained for 3 years with his dad and Piccolo and finally inside of the Time Chamber, he and Goku trained for nearly a full year!

Gohan’s abilities, fighting sense and combat skills were at their peak and he had the skills to rival his father. However, after 7 years of no training whatsoever…Gohan’s power and skills dropped dramatically. It was mentioned a few times that Gohan’s abilities paled in comparison to when he was a boy fighting against Cell.


That is why most people feel that Adult Gotenks would not be up to par with Kid Gotenks. However, it should be noted that Gohan had years and years of training before he eventually stopped. Goten and Trunks maybe had 1 or 2 years of training as children before they opted to live the life of earthlings.

Another argument that I like to make is that age brings power. I’ll admit that I do not exercise regularly as I should or stick to a strict workout routine. However, I am 22-years-old and I’m sure that I’m more powerful than I was when I was only 8! That is the big difference between Goten and Trunks when compared to Gohan.


The boys were still toddlers when they stopped training, but Gohan was a preteen! Goten and Trunks still had a few years to grow and develop meaning that power was a plus! Gohan was only 11, but really had the body of a teenager due to the year he spent in the Time Chamber with Goku. Over the 7 year gap, he did grow but he became scrawny and weak when compared to his preteen-self. Goten and Trunks were not too muscular at the end of DBZ either, but they were more powerful than they were back in the Buu Saga.

images (3)

I will agree that their fighting sense might not be on the same level as they were in the Buu Saga, but again they were only children. Looking at how Gotenks acted when he fought (cocky and well childish) against Buu, we can agree that he was really a showoff. He was not a skilled and disciplined warrior; he was a child who had power to rival and surpass his father(s) (Goku and Vegeta).

Most of Gotenks’ attacks were techniques that came from the mind of a child. While some of his techniques seemed ridiculous, he made up for it with deadly moves like the Galactic Doughnut and the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.

As an adult, I’m not sure what kind of techniques he’d use, but I’m certain that they would be on a new level of power than an 8-year-old Gotenks would never have reached.


One final thing that I’d like to address is Super Saiyan 3. Gotenks was only able to withstand the power of Super Saiyan 3 for 5 minutes. It stands to reason that if Gotenks went Super Saiyan 3 the moment that he was formed by the Fusion Dance, not only would he only be able to hold the form for 5 minutes, but his 30 minute fusion time would be reduced due to the high amount of power he was using.

The reason that he was only able to hold the form for 5 minutes is most likely due to the fact that he was only a child and that level of power was too high to sustain in a child’s body even if he was a fused being.


Goku is able to hold the form for much longer than 5 minutes, but even he admits that the technique takes a toll on his body especially if he is in a living body. Considering that he is an adult and an experienced warrior, it is understandable why he could hold the form for sometime before reverting back to base power.


This was further illustrated in GT when he only held the form for a minute or two when fighting Baby Vegeta for the first time. He mentions that his adult body was more developed and could handle the power better.

I’m sure that the same could be said about an Adult Gotenks because he would have a fully developed body that could better handle the power of a Super Saiyan 3 as opposed to his child body.


Now in terms of disadvantages, I will say that since an Adult Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks would be more powerful than a Kid Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks that might actually do him more harm than good. This is because the high level of power regulating from his body might actually reduce the total amount of time that he could stay fused. So if Adult Gotenks did go Super Saiyan 3, he would have to get the job done quickly not because of his Super Saiyan 3 power exhausting before he could win, but because his fusion time as a whole might diminish sooner than he thinks.


We all know that this was shown in GT when Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta’s fusion only lasted a total of 10 minutes before he defused back into Goku and Vegeta!


That pretty much sums up why I think that Adult Gotenks would be the victor if he ever engaged in combat with his Buu Saga persona. It all relates to the Goten and Trunks’ training, experience and aging.

Who do you think would taste victory; Adult Gotenks of Kid Gotenks?