Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Jim End up with Celine?

By Jeremy Carden


Hopefully, this blog has a title that truly knocked your socks off!


This is an interesting question that fans should take into consideration. When I asked myself this very question, I was speculating whether or not Jim would end up in a relationship with Celine, or simply be a father to his 2 children by her.

I think that the HAHN is showing an evolution or downgrade of Jim from being a “Have” to a “Have Not.” You really have to breakdown everything in order to follow me on this theory, but just give it a try. I am certain that this is one theory that will not leave readers disappointed.


Even in Season 1, Jim expresses that he would not mind just giving up everything because it was not fulfilling his life. The wealth from Katheryn’s family, the power he had as a judge and even his goals for the mansion of the governor. He was willing to throw it all away for his reckless affair with Candace.

Before getting married to Katheryn, Jim was a “Have Not” anyway, and reaching a midlife crisis after his 50th birthday was not helping the situation. He truly was willing to just give everything up, and live his life the way that he wanted to without restraint.

Have you noticed that Jim has been slowly losing everything and everyone that was important to him?

Let’s go through them one by one, and you will see what I mean:


  1. Amanda

His daughter was the apple of his eye, and it was clear that he was losing her ever since Candace used her as a pawn. From that point on, Jim’s apple turned rotten, and now she is dead…


  1. His political career

With Wyatt revealing the truth to the D.A. about the hit-and-run charges, it is clear that Jim’s run for governor has been destroyed. This is going to be a certainty due to the fact that Jim attempted to cover everything up.

  1. His money (or Katheryn’s money)

Since Candace’s took $7.4 million, Jim’s “settlement” for his eventual divorce from Katheryn means he will leave the Cryer Mansion without a dime.


  1. His self-respect (if he even had any to begin with)

While he was in the “War Room” during Candace’s revenge on him, she literally humiliated him, and sent him off to lick his wounds. Candy Cane truly broke him…


  1. David

If David ends up burned alive in his own house, Jim is going to be screwed! I mean that is his best friend and right-hand man. David is the rock (kind of like Peter was within Jesus’ group of disciples) that helps to hold everything together. I am sure we can all agree that if he dies, Jim is going to lose it.


Katheryn says that Jim is a sociopath, and that might be true. However, David’s absence will mean the end of a lot of good things for Jim. He was like a moral compass so to speak, and Jim will be lost without him. Take a moment and think of all of the tight spots that David has helped Jim get out of.


Celine said that all she wanted from Jim was for him to be a father to their children. The reason that she married another man was because Jim did not leave Katheryn. The “deal” that she had with the Cryers was to do her job to keep the peace, and she would receive a check each month. This money was obviously child support, and she made sure that she got her money.


I think that it will not be until Jim loses everything will he realize what life is all about. He tells Celine that it is always about money after she tells him that Carlos only wanted what was fair (for him to give him the father that he never had). It was only about getting to know him, and not about a single penny.


When everything is gone, and he has nowhere to go: that is when I think Jim might go and be a father to Carlos (since Wyatt will be in prison). Again, I am not saying that he will get romantically involved with Celine, but he will become a father to his outside children.

Considering that Celine could bury the Cryer family with all of the information that she has on them, and the possibility of Carlos (or herself) being the person who killed Amanda (you can read my theory on that here), you might reject this theory.


I feel that this theory has some evidence behind it, but like everything else that I write about the HAHN; it is just my own thoughts and opinions that are backed up with evidence from the show.

What do you think?

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  1. Ya gots me thinking! Love the blog

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