Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Why I Loved Amanda Cryer

By Jeremy Carden


This blog is long overdue, but it is said that good things come to those who wait. Before reading any further, this blog is not one of my thought provoking theories. This is a piece that is solely dedicated to Amanda Cryer who was portrayed by Jaclyn Betham.


Does anyone else miss having Amanda on the show?

It just feels like something is missing because she is no longer around as Candace’s “friend” or Professor Cannon’s tormentor.

In my opinion, her character was never fully developed, and there are questions that were left unanswered. That is why I felt that her departure from the show was not a very good one.


Ever since Episode 1, I was captivated by Amanda. I will admit that I did have a crush on her because she was attractive, but I was interested in seeing her character grow as the series went on.


Seeing how she was almost an opposite of her brother (Wyatt) was interesting to say the least. It was clear what Wyatt’s faults were (drinking, drugs, etc.), but when it came to Amanda, her faults were not as easy to see.

We know that she was not very confident in herself, and relied on Candace to help her gain the strength to stand up for herself. She would harm herself if she felt ignored, and was on medication due to a mental illness.


After being raped by Professor Cannon, we saw a change in her personality. When Candace finally told Amanda that she had to stand up for herself, Amanda took those words to heart. From there, she was not the same sweet girl that we had seen in the past.


In Season 2, she was no longer taking her medication, and she was becoming a psycho (as many fans labeled her). I will say that I did like how she was slowly slipping into psychosis, and not written to be instantly crazy in the next episode. Whenever she appeared before Professor Cannon, she was becoming a little more psychotic each time.


I was a bit disappointed that she was simply nothing more than a mindless character at this point. In the finale for the first part of Season 2, she stabs Cannon in the back.


Then in Season 2 Part 2, she was nothing more than a pawn for Quincy because he was trying to locate Candace.

Season 2 was split into 2 parts, and so was Amanda. In the first half, she was the psychotic stalker of Professor Cannon. In the second half, she was the psychotic pawn that Quincy used for his own means.


We did get to see that in Season 2, Amanda had almost a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on, but she had more control over it. To the fans, it was clear that she had multiple personalities. It was like she could flip the sane/crazy switch whenever she wanted to. This was made apparent when she tricked the visiting doctor at the Cryer Mansion.


The scene where she gives him the side-glare while drinking tea gave me chills!

There was one moment that I will never forget because to me it gave her character some depth. It was the scene when Jeffery came over to their apartment to look for Candace, but only found Amanda there with her gun.


Amanda was screaming at Jeffery, and asking why he had come back since he moved out. It was as if you could just look into Amanda’s eyes and see how lost she had become. That one scene showed me that there was a scared little girl, but she was trapped in her own inner demons. I really wish I could have reached into the TV screen, and wrap my arms around her for comfort.


I took back that thought the moment I realized that she was still holding her gun…


In another blog about my review of the Season 2 finale, I already voiced my opinion on how that episode was too rushed. It ended with the gunshot heard around the OWN channel, and it kept fans guessing.

In my opinion, Amanda’s death was not written well, and it was a quick way of killing her off.


What I really wanted to see in the finale was how she dealt with the news that Jim and Candace had been messing around with each other. All we saw was Amanda running up the stairs after Jim lied to her face. Then the next thing you know, she is running around with the gun in her hands before shooting herself.

I was watching the episode in disbelief because this was the moment that fans had been waiting for (the shooting). However, with the finale so rushed, it just seemed out of place. One minute, we have David and Maggie at the hotel, but then you have Amanda running around the mansion.

Again, if we had seen her lock herself in her room after Jim lied to her (remember Wyatt and Katheryn ran into the house after her), and maybe trying to call Quincy to pick her up then it would have made more sense. Basically, I wish that there was more buildup for the shooting at in the end of the episode.


Either way, I did enjoy Amanda while she was on the show. However, I just wish that her character had more chances to grow because she had a lot of untapped potential.


Remember Kimmy Gibbler from Full House? That is who Amanda reminds me of in some ways because both female characters were highly underrated and never fully developed. Most fans remember Kimmy as the Tanner’s annoying next door neighbor, and D.J.’s best friend with smelly feet.


When it comes to most HAHN fans, Amanda is only remembered as being the psycho who got raped and shot herself. I really do not like to think of Amanda Cryer as that kind of character. I think she was so much more than that, and brought a sense of innocence to the show. However, that was taken away after she was violated by that monster Professor Cannon.


Love or hate Amanda, you cannot deny the fact that Jaclyn Betham brought the character to life. The same goes for all of the other cast members on the show. Jaclyn really played the role well, and I applaud her because of it.

What did you think of Amanda Cryer? Did you think that she had a good run on the show, or do you think she was killed off before she could truly grow as a character?

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