Will Jim Cryer Face Jail Time in Real Life? | Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots

By Jeremy Carden

Sadly, John Schneider is going through some hard times with his ex-wife. Apparently, he is behind by about $185,000 in alimony after his divorce. The main reason for this is because of a massive flood in 2016 doing extensive damage to his Louisiana movie studio.


Since that disaster, John has been putting every penny into repairing the damages. Schneider is potentially going to face about three months in jail if things are not resolved. Hopefully, everything will be taken care of within a reasonable amount of time.

The question for HAHN fans is whether jail time could impact John’s character on the show. We know that Jim Cryer has spent time behind bars a couple of seasons ago. However, our hope is that he will not have to go through the same drama in real life.


As of right now, I do not think Jim Cryer will be impacted if John does go to jail. Why? The next season has wrapped up filming about a week ago. If John is held for three months, I believe that will occur during a time where the actors are not filming the show.

Even though I am a big fan of the show, I am more concerned with John’s life outside of the HAHN. He has been through a lot with his studio being wrecked during the flood. I remember when he was posting videos online about how the water caused extensive damage. Maybe things will be settled in a reasonable way for both he and his ex-wife to come out victorious.

Here is a link to the Fox News article on the matter:


Also, here is a video with my thoughts on the situation:

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The Best Tyler Perry Youtube Channel!

By Jeremy Carden

This is a special post dedicated to ALL of “The Haves and the Have Nots” fans that have followed my blog since I got started way back in Season 1 of the show! I really want to make sure that everyone knows about my Youtube channel that is now my outlet for getting my thoughts out there on everything HAHN related.


My channel is called “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Review.” On the channel, I do what I used to with my blog. I simply talk about the episodes, theories, character breakdowns and other things focused on the show. Not to mention, I also talk about If Loving You Is Wrong, The Payne’s, Tyler Perry movies/plays along with anything in the works within the walls of Tyler Perry Studios.

Last October, I quit my full-time job at the call center to become a full-time Youtuber. For some reason, the channel suddenly exploded with 1000s of new subscribers around last June. The money that I was making via advertisements was enough for me to pay my bills. With this new source of income, I was blessed to dedicate all of my time towards making videos.


Currently, the channel has about 450 videos! This is no joke at all because I have a lot to say about The Haves and the Have Nots.

If you have been following my blog since I got started, you know for a fact that the length of the blogs were pretty long. That is because I leave no stone unturned whenever I talk about a possible theory regarding the show.

Now, imagine that in video form meaning you do not have to read a blog that was about 10 miles long!

You also get the benefit of listening to my smooth voice while thinking about whether or not you agree with what I am saying.


Making videos has proven to be a much faster way of getting my thoughts out there. This means you are the ones who win because you get a video to listen as you are doing other things instead of being forced to read a blog while placing everything else on hold.

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What is the point of this blog? Aside from making sure everyone knows where to go if they want my insight on all things HAHN, I need to make a request. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with money.

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Let me write that again in case you missed it…



I know that might seem crazy, but I believe we can make it happen. How? We are talking about a hit show on Tuesday nights. A show that was Tyler Perry’s first step into a direction outside of the Madea dress and wig. A show that was not a sitcom with a laugh track behind every line of dialogue. A show that was telling stories that had compelling characters bringing drama into our living rooms every Tuesday night.

This WordPress blog that I started after I was inspired to share my theories with like-minded HAHN addicts has been viewed more than 600,000+ times. Keep in mind, I spent over three years working on this blog without a single cent to show for it. However, a good friend pointed me in the direction of Youtube to widen my audience.


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If anything, this is a huge thank you to everyone that has been with me since Day 1 reading my theory blogs that were sometimes right on the money (Candace not being killed by the Malones) and other times off target (Amanda being Celine’s daughter) from what the actual show revealed to us later on down the line.

One of the main reasons I would like to hit over 100,000 subscribers is because channels that hit that milestone are given a special plaque.

maxresdefault (15)

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Turns out she survived after all, but that cliffhanger had everyone guessing what was going to happen next! Sadly, the accident was resolved a bit too quickly for my taste, but that is besides the point. If this video could surpass 200,000 views in less than 3 months then I know it is possible for this channel to reach 100,000+ subscribers in the near future!

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If Michael Jackson did not believe in his vision to create the biggest selling album of all time, Thriller would not have been released. The King of Pop believed in his vision and Thriller still stands at the top of the mountain even after his passing. Now, I know I need to believe in myself when it comes to this channel.

Jesus feed the multiple with two fish and five loaves of bread. He will make a way! I am a very independent person, but I have been humbled by this channel. It has shown me that my posts, videos, etc. are not just about me. They are my thoughts, but everyone who comments on them with their perspective keeps the conversion going. In most of my videos, I mention that the comment section is just an extension of my video. The video is the first domino knocking over the next one and there have been some very good conversations on my posts and videos.


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Sadly, the show will be ending in 2020 because that is when Tyler Perry’s contract with OWN will official come to an end. We will have to say goodbye to HAHN and If Loving You Is Wrong. However, that does not mean these shows will not continue on another network if the fans make enough noise. Trust me, I have no doubt in my mind that all of us together can help the show stay alive.

Remember that the fans were the reason that The Payne’s was brought back from a five year hiatus after that House of Payne cliffhanger.

That is why I do not take my channel lightly because it is a voice for the people who love Tyler Perry’s work. Something else that I would like to make clear is that I never post links or videos of the episodes themselves. That is a serious breach of trust as well as copyright infringement that could get my channel shutdown. Considering this is my one source of income, that would be a very bad idea…

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Please get my channel out there, and I will continue to do more videos. As always, I’ll be doing what I can to keep interest in the show alive and well even during the brief hiatus periods between seasons! 

Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Are Quincy and Benny Alive?

By Jeremy Carden


Last night’s episode ended with one hell of a cliffhanger! After a wild ride at nearly 100 miles per hour, the fate of Benny and Quincy are left up in the air until next Tuesday!


In a crash scene that lasted nearly 2 minutes (due to slow motion), fans are now speculating whether or not either one of these men will survive the accident.


Needless to say, Benny WILL indeed survive the accident!

How do I know that?


After looking at the teaser trailer, we see a few key scenes of Benny wearing what he had on prior to picking up Quincy from jail (after bailing him out of course).


There is a scene where he is comforting his mother, and making out with Veronica.


One of the most dramatic scenes was Benny roughing up a woman for information regarding his nephew.


What about Quincy?

Even though Benny says that he wants to kill Quincy, I think he has much bigger plans for him than that.


He received a phone call from Warlock about getting his hands on some crystal meth.


Benny was also working on one of the white trucks on the towing lot, and he appears to have purposefully tampered with the passenger seat belt.


His intention was to “kill” Quincy, and strike fear into his heart. Right when he was about to reach 100 mph, Quincy started to fight Benny while he was driving, and it caused the truck to flip.

My theory is this:


Benny knew that Quincy was not going to go on that high-speed ride without putting up some kind of fight. He knew that he was either going to crash the truck himself, or Quincy would try and get physical which would also lead to a crash.


While Benny’s seat belt was intact, Quincy’s was loosened on purpose (by Benny before bailing Q out of jail), and if they crashed, Quincy would get badly injured. Whether or not Quincy would die is left unanswered until next week.

My guess is that Benny asked Warlock for the crystal meth in order to plant it in the truck. If Benny somehow managed to escape from the truck, he would leave Quincy badly injured.

We know that in the preview for next week, cops and ambulances are at the crash site. Think about it, if they discovered Quincy in that truck unconscious; he is screwed!


They would find crystal meth in the vehicle, and he would be placed in the hospital for his injuries. Afterwards, he would most likely be placed in prison for driving while having the meth in “his truck.”

Whether or not Benny and Quincy will get into a fight after climbing out of the truck is something we might find out next week, but it would not surprise me if Benny beats him AGAIN.

So, it seems that Benny actually thought this out pretty well. If Quincy does die, it would appear that after being bailed out of jail, he got into a wreck while carrying drugs. If Quincy does not die, he will be placed back into jail for carrying drugs in “his vehicle.” Not to mention I do not believe that there were any license plates on the truck! Meaning that Quincy would be driving in an unmarked vehicle!

It looked like Benny was going to hit around 100 mph while driving on a curvy road in order to crash, but it was dark in the scene so it was difficult for me to make heads or tails of it.


If Benny’s plan was to get Quincy back into prison, I’m sure that he was doing it so Quincy could not be bailed out again for a mere $5,000. Drug charges would carry far more of a penalty than that, and considering that was what Benny was in jail for back in Season 1, he’d know it firsthand!

What do you think will happen when the dust settles from the crash? Will either of these 2 men survive? Did Benny plan this thing through? Will Quincy go back to jail? Will Benny find out where his nephew is?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will David Find Out About The Affair?

by Jeremy Carden


Better late than never, but here is a new topic for discussion before the new episode tonight on OWN!


I have a hunch that David will NOT find out about the affair between Veronica and Benny.


I think Hanna will find a way to “hide” what she found in Benny’s room; her son and a married woman in bed together.


Somehow I think that she convinces Benny to come to the living room (after getting dressed), and leaves Veronica in Benny’s room.

Benny and David talk about why his truck is at Hanna’s house. My guess is that Benny explains how Veronica got him out of prison, and let him have the truck, but was trying to give it back.


However, due to Amanda’s funeral and the Harrington Mansion burning down, he could not reach Veronica to give the truck back.

David then gets his keys from Benny and leaves the house to go back to the hotel. That is when Veronica comes out of the room later and is confronted by Hanna. She makes the cougar go outside while she waits for a car to pick her up because Hanna was not going to let her stay in her home for another minute.

I mean David left with his truck meaning that Veronica’s only option is to call for a car to pick her up (not that she would ride with David anyway). Not to mention it was a car that she called to drop her off at the house last week.

Hence why Hanna said that she could wait outside in a black neighborhood without getting hurt since she was a black woman.


After Veronica leaves to go outside, Hanna confronts her about being too married and too old to pursue her son. Then she confronts her son about living under her roof acting like that, and Benny responds that he is only living there to help her.


That is 100% correct because remember Benny WAS living in another place not too far from his mother’s house, but moved back because his mother was battling cancer and had huge bills to pay.


Later in the episode, Candace picks up Benny, and takes him to the towing company that she won in the auction a few episodes ago. This suggests to me that David does not know about the affair just yet because so much is going to occur tonight.


A few episodes from tonight, Veronica will arrive at the tow company to have sex with Benny again.


Do you think that David will find out about the affair tonight, and what would he do to Benny if he does?


I will say that even though Hanna might be able to hide the affair, remember that Maggie has a detective sitting outside of the house or down the street watching Veronica’s every move. She might tell David what is going on, or hold her cards for the right moment…

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