Dragon Ball Super: When Will The Series Take Place?

By Jeremy Carden


With all of the leaked information about the new series, fans are very confused about when the series will take place. Originally, it was believed that Dragon Ball Super would take place after the events of Revival of Frieza.


However, with recent pictures and chapters from the DB Super manga, it appears that this is not the case. Fans are even speculating that DB Super will erase Battle of Gods and Revival of Frieza off of the map due to an inconsistency involving Beerus and his premonition of a Super Saiyan God!

Again, this is all speculation, and this blog is going to cover my own personal thoughts as to when this series will take place. Not only that, I will mention my own opinions on where the series will go. We do know that it is going to be at least 100 episodes, and possibly more depending on how well it is received by fans.


Overall, I feel that this series will recap the events that occurred between the defeat of Kid Buu and the movie Battle of Gods. From there, it will cover the events between Battle of Gods and Revival of Frieza.

Afterwards, it will cover the events between Revival of Frieza and Goku leaving the 28th World Tournament with Uub.

What I would love to see is the series going even beyond that like GT did!


Something that could really throw things into perspective is the special released in Japan called “Yo! Son Goku and his friends return!” This is the anime special that introduced us to Vegeta’s brother named Tarble.

Here is what the time frame between Kid Buu’s death and Uub leaving with Goku looks like based on the original dates given in the Japanese version:

  • The short film about Tarble took place 2 years after the defeat of Kid Buu
  • Battle of Gods took place 2 years after “Yo! Son Goku”
  • Revival of Frieza occurred 1 year after Battle of Gods

This means that there are still 5 years for the writers to play around with before the anime episode called “Granddaughter Pan.” In this episode, we see the series fast forward 10 years from the death of Kid Buu.


In the end, the biggest question raised by fans is whether or not the ending of DB Super will stay true to the original ending of DBZ. Goku leaving with Uub occurs 10 years after the defeat of Kid Buu.

Let’s say that DB Super, Revival of F and Battle of Gods fit into the continuity of events that leads up to Goku vs. Uub. Re-watching that fight, it is amazing to believe that young Uub is holding his own with Goku (who by that time had achieved Super Saiyan God, Saiyan beyond God, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and possibly even more power!)!

However, keep in mind that Goku was clearly holding back in that fight in order to test Uub’s abilities.


Not to mention that similar to Tien’s Neo-Tri Beam against Semi-Perfect Cell, he was putting up an impressive feat by holding back Cell, but that was all he was doing. He wasn’t damaging Cell, but he was holding him off from absorbing #18.


I think the same can be said about Uub during his fight with Goku because the Majin-turned-human was putting up a good fight, but it was clear that the only damage he inflicted on Goku was on his clothes!

Well, at the beginning of the fight he did make Goku’s arm tingle with a fierce kick. However, Goku underestimated Uub’s power, and remember Whis told him that letting his guard down makes even a body as powerful as his susceptible to damage from weaker opponents.


Sorbet’s Ring Laser proved that point to be true when he pierced Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku’s heart!


I actually think that Goku leaving with Uub would be even more touching since Whis (the Supreme Being) in Universe 7 ended up training a low-class Saiyan to become one of the best in the universe. This is like Goku sharing his skills with a young Indian boy from a poor village. The most unlikely people ended up learning from the best in the universe!


However, I would still like DB Super to possibly continue even after Goku leaves with Uub so we can see what happens next!


When you think about it, 5 years in DB time is not really that much. Keep in mind that the 3 years of training for the battle with the Androids was shown in a couple of episodes, but “skipped” in a single episode! Compare that to the “5 minutes” for Namek to explode, and that was stretched out for around a dozen episodes…

DB Super is going to be doing some obvious time jumps, but I think it will be worth it. I am one of those fans that love to see things being covered and explained instead of skipped over.


Ever since I saw the picture of Gohan and Videl on their wedding day in Granddaughter Pan, I wanted to see those two being hitched! In the first episode of the new series, we learn that Goten is going to be looking for a gift because his brother’s wedding is happening soon.


Based on Goku’s outfit while he is farming, I have a suspicion that Tarble will appear, and then we will jump to the events post-Battle of Gods. In the leaked manga chapter, we see Goku farming, Mr. Satan arriving with 100 million zeni for him, and Goku telling Goten that he wishes he could train with King Kai.

pVwqnFg (1)

In the Tarble special, Goku asks Chi-Chi why they have to farm despite the fact that Mr. Satan had given them a ton of money. His wife explains that despite the money, they should still work to earn their own form of financial stability. I find that interesting because it was Goku who fought to save the universe from Buu (along with help from his friends of course), and Mr. Satan was returning the favor because he thought Goku deserved something out of it!

Also in the special, Mr. Satan invites all of the Z-Fighters to his new hotel opening in honor of him defeating Buu. Here is where we reach a form of contradiction from the main series.


Remember that 4 months after the defeat of Kid Buu, Goku had Shenron erase the memories of Majin Buu from the minds of earthlings so Good Buu (Fat Buu or Mr. Buu) could live a peaceful life on earth.

The only way I could see the world still worshiping Mr. Satan would be for them to praise and award him during the 4 months between Kid Buu’s death and their minds being erased. They must have had plans for the hotel along with the other awards for him, but after the mind wipe it seems clear that they gave it to him anyway (despite not knowing what threat they were saved from).


Another thing to mention is the fact that Tarble was mentioned in Battle of Gods by Bulma. They were looking for a fifth Saiyan to help in the Super Saiyan God ritual, but they could not find one. Vegeta mentioned that his brother is in another star system, but he did not know which one.


This most likely means we will indeed see everyone meeting Tarble in the first part of DB Super.


Not to mention we see Goku training on King Kai’s Planet in the new trailer, and this was also seen at the beginning of Battle of Gods. My guess is Chi-Chi loosened the chain on Goku since Mr. Satan gave them all of that money, and he was allowed to do some training.

EGHtYjG (1)

Now let’s talk about Beerus’ premonition about the Super Saiyan God possibly erasing Battle of Gods and Revival of Frieza out of the picture. Above is a photo from Chapter 1 of the DB Super manga, and it has driven fans insane!


Beerus is on some alien planet, and he is having a feast. After revealing that he knew the inhabitants had poisoned his food (with no effect on him at all), he blew up their planet. He then talks to Whis about his dream about an opponent that would entertain him known as a Super Saiyan God.

Apparently, Beerus had just awoken from his 39 year slumber and was still a bit tired. Whis then suggests they go to their home world so he can remember his dream better.


I thought that the Oracle Fish would be the key to the timeline. Why? Remember according to Beerus, it was the fish that told him that a Super Saiyan God would appear to give him a good fight and rival his power. He said that he would appear in 39 years, and that was why Beerus woke up “early” from his slumber because of the premonition from the Oracle Fish.

Again, it depends on the translation from the dub and manga because the Oracle Fish’s prophecy differs. One says that the fish foretold of the Super Saiyan God, but the other says that his prophecy was only that an unnamed opponent that would eventually become a rival to Beerus would appear. Then it was during a dream Beerus had while sleeping for 39 years that revealed the identity of his rival; a Super Saiyan God.


Originally, I thought this scene from the manga would be Beerus thinking about the prophecy the fish told him, he would sleep 39 years after Whis takes him home, and then he would reawaken during Battle of Gods.

However, seeing Old Kai and Kibito Kai in the last panel shot that theory apart…

Overall, it is inconsistent that Beerus apparently woke up earlier in DB Super than he did in Battle of Gods. I do not think that this one little thing will erase that movie and Revival of F from the continuity. It could be that Akira is simply changing things up a bit for something just a little different.


I do find it interesting that in the beginning of Battle of Gods, when the Kais sense Beerus’ awakening, there is a wide shot of a distant galaxy, and what appears to be the remains of a destroyed planet.


After that, we see that Old and Supreme Kai were watching the events unfold. Could those floating rocks in space be the remains of the alien world that Beerus destroyed in the DB Super manga, or were they simply just asteroids floating in space?

Just something interesting to think about…


Finally, I will simply talk about what I think will happen in the series. It has been revealed that a new character named Champa and a female-looking version of Whis will appear on Beerus’ planet.

Apparently he is also a God of Destruction, and he could be from one of the 11 other universes in the DB world.


When he appears in DB Super has not yet been revealed, but my guess is either before Battle of Gods or after Revival of Frieza.


I think it would be interesting for the series to allow us to see some of the 11 other universes. Considering Goku and Vegeta’s power is growing at an impressive rate, it seems clear that they may soon surpass Beerus with their individual power.

Not sure how long it would take for them to ever pass Whis, but at some point I think that they will. Regardless as to whether it is through them working together or fusing. Since the series is set to be 100 episodes (and maybe more), I have no doubt that other gods from the other universes will appear! Beerus even said in Battle of Gods that some of those universes spawned beings that were more powerful than he and Whis.

We all know that Goku thrives for fighting more powerful opponents, and Vegeta will not allow himself to be outdone by that low-level clown!


Could DB Super be similar to the web comic DB Multiverse, and we will see a huge tournament between other DB universes?


Either way, I think that the series has a lot of potential, and I am looking forward to it. I really hope that it is not like GT because I want all of the characters to shine in DB Super! GT was pretty much “Goku Time” and made everyone else weak.


In DB Super, fans fear that with opponents like gods and other powerful beings, Goku and Vegeta will be the ONLY ones who have a chance to oppose them.


This means that everyone else in the show like Super Gotenks, Piccolo and Ultimate Gohan would not stand a chance. Given their performance in Revival of Frieza (minus Gotenks)…this might be the case.


I want to see a teenage/adult Gotenks, Piccolo reaching a new level of power, and Gohan not being written to be a weakling when he is one of the most powerful beings in the universe!

There are so many twists and turns that this new series can travel down, but I will remain a fan and view it! I do not want to be one of those fans who give the series a thumbs down before it even airs because I want this to be great. The main reason for the series being revived is because of its popularity that is being kept alive by the fans.


With that being said, what do you think about this theory? How far will DB Super go? Will it continue up until the end of DBZ when Goku leaves with Uub? Will this erase the final 3 episodes of DBZ completely, and create something new? Do you think we will see the other 11 universes?

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Dragonball GT: How Powerful Were Uub and Goku?

by Jeremy Carden


Why do most people estimate GT Goku (base form) and Uub around the power level range of a Super Saiyan 2?

I think there are 2 reasons that most people assume that is what their power levels are. Really, I can’t call them “good” reasons because GT is a series that pretty much throws away “logic” in terms of power.

downloaddownload (1)

In GT, if you are not Goku then you are pretty much “Krillin” and that goes for EVERYONE; Piccolo, Super Saiyan Trunks and Goten, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and Vegeta.

images (2)

Then after Goku became a Super Saiyan 4 he was once again without a doubt #1. The only fighter who could outclass him as a Super Saiyan 3 was most likely Majuub.


Also keep in mind that Majuub was made into the “fall guy” in major battles against Baby Vegeta (purposefully losing to weaken the Great Golden Ape from the inside to weaken him enough for Goku to win and stall while the 3 Super Saiyans plus Pan restored his power), Super 17 and Syn Shenron (basically being the one to stall the dragon while the 3 Super Saiyans recharged Goku’s “batteries” to surpass his limits becoming an even more powerful version of his previous SS4-self).


This is a real shame because Uub was the ONLY one to train (aside from Goku) because Goku was his mentor for 10 years and really even before he fused with Buu the only one stronger than him was Goku because he and Goku were dead even. Now if Goku even used a regular Super Saiyan transformation, Uub would not even have a prayer of winning due to Super Saiyan/Full Power Super Saiyan Goku being 50 times stronger than he was considering he was equal to base form Goku.


Don’t get me wrong some fan-fiction stories like DB Multiverse make an interesting plotline of Goku teaching Uub how to use the Kaio-Ken (in multiple levels similar to how King Kai taught Goku, though it doesn’t mention how many times he can multiply it before he’s reached his maximum) during their 10 years together in order for him to boost/multiply his power because he can’t become a Super Saiyan due to being 100% human.

images (1)

Though this is never seen or mentioned in GT, it would have been an interesting way of showing us that despite being human, Uub could raise his power even further. With Uub being in the realm of a Super Saiyan 2 and being on par with base form Goku, it is easy to see how he would be able to dominate SS2 Gohan (who hasn’t trained in 20 years due to high school, college, getting married, having a child and becoming a scholar/businessman) as easily as Kid Goku (base form) did.

images (3)

He MIGHT have a tough fight with SS2 Vegeta but that would be his only REAL competition besides Goku. I think Vegeta trained during the 10 years between Z and GT but not to the extent of Goku and Uub’s intense training sessions. Besides, Vegeta didn’t have a sparring partner to test his strength on because his daughter REFUSES to train and his son (who used to train with his dad) is now the President of Capsule Corp.

download (3)

That being said I highly doubt that GT Vegeta (base form) would be in the same SS2 power range as Goku (base form) and Uub. Remember how easily he was getting tossed around by SS2 Baby Gohan? True, Gohan’s power wasn’t just his own, Baby was inside of his body at the time but really “Teen Baby” isn’t that powerful because remember that Goten (base form) was easily able to outmaneuver him and beat him into the ground.

Here are 2 reasons that I feel base form Goku is in the power range of SS2;

images (4) images (5)

  1. He was easily able to defeat SS2 Baby-controlled Gohan and SS Baby-controlled Goten when he arrived back on Earth from outer space looking for the Blackstar Dragonballs. The only reason Goku was damaged was because he took the damage from 2 Ki attacks. The first one was when he and Pan were completely in shock because their family had turned against them and wanted them dead so it was understandable that Goku would be off guard and on the run from his son’s twin Ki blasts. The second was when he protected Pan from Gohan’s attack. Now when all bets were off, he easily beat the crap out of his SS2 and SS sons with ease.

images (3)2. He was able to easily defeat Perfect Cell (we don’t know if it was Super Perfect Cell but even if it was they made the fight so               ridiculous that fans couldn’t take it seriously…well at least I know that I couldn’t) who was only able to be beaten in his time by a Super Saiyan


I know base form Goku was able to hold his own against General Rilldo’s first form which he said was even more powerful than Majin Buu. True, but even though I don’t know which form of Buu he was referring to (either Kid Buu or Mr/Good Buu) in any case it would be more powerful than a SS2. I DON’T think he was referring to Kid Buu because if he was and based on the fact that Goku was holding his own, that would mean GT Kid Goku’s base form power would possibly rival that of a SS3 (x400 base power) which would be HIGHLY unreasonable even by GT standards.

images (6)

So, technically I could see why you could argue it being the #3 reason people say that Goku’s strength is about the same as a Super Saiyan 2’s. However, his Kamehameha Wave doing considerable damage to Rilldo MIGHT suggest him being MORE powerful (at least by a little bit) than a Super Saiyan 2.


Keep in mind that it seems likely that Rilldo pulled a “Perfect Cell” realizing before it was too late/being caught by surprise that the Ki attack was enough to do a lot of damage to him (possibly destroying him completely; but since he could make a new body from any metal on the planet he wouldn’t be “killed”) and managed to pull out at the last second to avoid taking the attack on full force but not fast enough to get away without any damage.


Of course he would still not be as powerful as a SS3 in base form but maybe more powerful or around the same as Cell Saga SS2 Gohan. Even though he dominated SS2 Gohan in GT, remember this “Gohan” hasn’t trained for 20 years; 27 if you count the 7 years after the Cell Saga with the only training he did being a couple of months before the World Tournament (true he did get his powers unlocked by Old Kai BUT power doesn’t equal training and it stands to reason that his unlocked power became “locked/hidden” again due to his lack of training to keep his skills and power intact).  So, it is understandable that his SS2 powers would not be on par with his pre-teen or teenage persona(s) from Z making him an easy win for a his father in base form since he has been training for 10 years straight from Z to GT.

It is just ridiculously “amazing” to think that in base form the guy is at a SS2 level which is x100 base power. Let me see if I can get my math right;

  • Base form GT Goku = SS2 power level (which is x100 base power)
  • SS GT Goku = x500 base power (due to x50 base power)
  • SS2 GT Goku = x1000 base power (since it is x2 a SS’s power)
  • SS3 GT Goku = x4000 base power (being x4 a SS2’s power)
  • SS4 GT Goku = x40000 base power (being x10 a SS3’s power)

images (7)

That is just INSANE! This means in theory a SS3 GT Goku would have the same x4000 increase as a SS4 if you multiply the power levels by “DBZ standards” in terms of a SS2’s power. No wonder Goku made everyone else look like his bitches!


Now let’s take a look at Uub if hypothetically he knew how to use the Kaio-Ken; keep an open mind when it comes to Kaio-Ken x1 and x2 because it is hard to tell which one doubles the user’s strength…so I’ll just start it off at Kaio-Ken x10 to make things easier.

  • Base power GT Uub = SS2 power level (which is x100 base power)
  • Kaio-Ken x10 = x1000 base power (that is over double the x400 of a Super Saiyan 3!)
  • Kaio-Ken x20 = x10000 base power (which would be ¼ of Super Saiyan 4 Goku’s power!)

Keep in mind that I think Uub could handle an x20 Kaio-Ken and above simply because his power is FAR higher than Goku’s 3,000,000 base power on Namek. True, you could support Goku’s use of the x20 Kaio-Ken due to his body’s durability being multiplied heavily by training at x100 Earth’s normal gravity.

But with Uub’s natural ability to mimic techniques and 10 years of training with Goku and being on par with him it stands to reason that he would have a similar level of durability as his sensei. Yes, that is only when comparing them in base form but I still think that he could handle high levels of Kaio-Ken.


If you think that blows your mind, then how about if Majuub used the Kaio-Ken? Remember, I put him in the same power level range as a SS3 (x400 base power) so let’s just take a look at some hypothetical numbers;

  • Majuub (base power) = x400 (same power level as a Super Saiyan 3)
  • Kaio-Ken x10 = x4000 base power (same power increase as a Super Saiyan 4)
  • Kaio-Ken x20 = x40000 base power (same as SS4 Goku at least before Goku surpassed his limits against Syn Shenron but still impressive!)

Remember that the Fusion with Buu boosted his already incredible power by x4 (since is base form is arguably the same as a SS2’s and Majuub is in the realm of a SS3 meaning Buu increased his power by 4). It stands to reason that since his power increased that durability of his also went up greatly meaning Majuub could up the multiplications of the Kaio-Ken as well.

Now remember these numbers are purely hypothetical (well at least in terms of Uub/Majuub because I’m referring to him using the Kaio-Ken) not to mention the dangers of using the Kaio-Ken at a level higher than the body can withstand could be fatal.

In the end, you can see how ridiculous GT was in terms of the strength of the main characters mainly due to their serious lack of training but also by overpowering Goku way too much.