Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Are Quincy and Benny Alive?

By Jeremy Carden


Last night’s episode ended with one hell of a cliffhanger! After a wild ride at nearly 100 miles per hour, the fate of Benny and Quincy are left up in the air until next Tuesday!


In a crash scene that lasted nearly 2 minutes (due to slow motion), fans are now speculating whether or not either one of these men will survive the accident.


Needless to say, Benny WILL indeed survive the accident!

How do I know that?


After looking at the teaser trailer, we see a few key scenes of Benny wearing what he had on prior to picking up Quincy from jail (after bailing him out of course).


There is a scene where he is comforting his mother, and making out with Veronica.


One of the most dramatic scenes was Benny roughing up a woman for information regarding his nephew.


What about Quincy?

Even though Benny says that he wants to kill Quincy, I think he has much bigger plans for him than that.


He received a phone call from Warlock about getting his hands on some crystal meth.


Benny was also working on one of the white trucks on the towing lot, and he appears to have purposefully tampered with the passenger seat belt.


His intention was to “kill” Quincy, and strike fear into his heart. Right when he was about to reach 100 mph, Quincy started to fight Benny while he was driving, and it caused the truck to flip.

My theory is this:


Benny knew that Quincy was not going to go on that high-speed ride without putting up some kind of fight. He knew that he was either going to crash the truck himself, or Quincy would try and get physical which would also lead to a crash.


While Benny’s seat belt was intact, Quincy’s was loosened on purpose (by Benny before bailing Q out of jail), and if they crashed, Quincy would get badly injured. Whether or not Quincy would die is left unanswered until next week.

My guess is that Benny asked Warlock for the crystal meth in order to plant it in the truck. If Benny somehow managed to escape from the truck, he would leave Quincy badly injured.

We know that in the preview for next week, cops and ambulances are at the crash site. Think about it, if they discovered Quincy in that truck unconscious; he is screwed!


They would find crystal meth in the vehicle, and he would be placed in the hospital for his injuries. Afterwards, he would most likely be placed in prison for driving while having the meth in “his truck.”

Whether or not Benny and Quincy will get into a fight after climbing out of the truck is something we might find out next week, but it would not surprise me if Benny beats him AGAIN.

So, it seems that Benny actually thought this out pretty well. If Quincy does die, it would appear that after being bailed out of jail, he got into a wreck while carrying drugs. If Quincy does not die, he will be placed back into jail for carrying drugs in “his vehicle.” Not to mention I do not believe that there were any license plates on the truck! Meaning that Quincy would be driving in an unmarked vehicle!

It looked like Benny was going to hit around 100 mph while driving on a curvy road in order to crash, but it was dark in the scene so it was difficult for me to make heads or tails of it.


If Benny’s plan was to get Quincy back into prison, I’m sure that he was doing it so Quincy could not be bailed out again for a mere $5,000. Drug charges would carry far more of a penalty than that, and considering that was what Benny was in jail for back in Season 1, he’d know it firsthand!

What do you think will happen when the dust settles from the crash? Will either of these 2 men survive? Did Benny plan this thing through? Will Quincy go back to jail? Will Benny find out where his nephew is?

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