Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Katheryn Is Dreaming (Redux)

By Jeremy Carden


Well Part 1 of Season 3 has come to an end, and it left viewers with quite a cliffhanger! Speculating about whether or not David is going to be burned alive by his own wife is going to keep fans guessing until the show makes it return.

My guess is that everyone is going to be shocked that my first blog after the finale; is a blog that is NOT about the finale.

This is a redux about a blog I wrote last July involving a very interesting plot twist about the entire show that is the Haves and the Have Nots. If you would like to read my original blog on this subject, you can do so by clicking here.

Anyone who has followed my HAHN Theory Blogs since my first one knows that my theories are a joint effort between myself and my mother.


One night, she was randomly flipping through the channels and got to the OWN Network. The funny thing was that we were getting the channel for free because of the Dish Network specials that included free stations for about a week or so. When she got to the OWN Network, it was the first episode of the Haves and the Have Nots! After watching the show, the two of us were hooked!


With that being said, this is a theory that she came up with because my mom knows about a show called Dallas. I recall maybe watching a couple of episodes, but I was a child meaning that I can’t recall the plot and characters like my mom can.


The interesting theory that my mom created is the plot of the HAHN being nothing more than a mere dream. A story depicted in the mind of none other than Katheryn Cryer!

Keep in mind that I did help pull this theory together with dialogue, scenes and hints from the show during a discussion with my mom. However, if this theory happens to be correct or this blog goes viral; my mom deserves most of the credit. Without her, I would never have thought about this enough to make a blog about it.

At this point, some of you might be ready to close out of this blog, or write this theory off as nothing more than a ridiculous post. I encourage you to continue reading before making a final decision.

If Katheryn Cryer has been dreaming the plot of the HAHN, then when does this dream start?

images (13)

That is the question many readers are probably asking at this point, and it truly is a good one. Our theory suggests that Katheryn began her dream while she was in the hospital. With all of the craziness of the show, a lot of fans may have forgotten about Katheryn’s battle with breast cancer.

Originally, I thought it might have been after she had some weed (compliments of Hanna) to help her cope with the cancer. In the long run, the hospital scenario was more believable when looking at details towards our theory.

There are a few things that need to be addressed because they are important to the overall plot of the HAHN.


  1. Katheryn’s video will

Before going into surgery, Katheryn asked Hanna to record a video of her will. She was unsure if she would make it out of the cancer surgery alive, so she asked Hanna to do her this one favor.

The will states that her husband (Jim Cryer) is not to receive a single penny of her family’s fortune. In terms of her children (Wyatt and Amanda), both are to receive $12 million. There is also information in her will for her future grandchildren. If anyone tries to fight the will; they will not receive a single dime of their money!

She then says that if her will is not found immediately after her death, her money will be donated to the Cancer Research Center of Savannah. After she is done, she tells Hanna to hold onto that video will. If something were to happen to her, Hanna was instructed to give the will to Veronica.


  1. Hanna was Katheryn’s rock

Just as the apostle Peter was named as “the rock” by Jesus, Hanna was Katheryn’s solid foundation during her time of need. Aside from the doctors, Hanna was the ONLY person that even knew that Katheryn was battling breast cancer. She even signed into Mercy Hospital under a false name!

Her “friend” Veronica and Katheryn’s family was not aware of what was going on. They were all so preoccupied with their own lives and “problems” that they did not even notice Katheryn was fighting for her life right under their noses.

As Katheryn told Hanna, Veronica is a “friend” to her in order to increase her own popularity. Veronica never seemed to listen to Katheryn’s problems or to help her out; she only came around to tell Katheryn about her own issues.

Wyatt was in rehab and fighting his own inner demons, and Amanda had her own struggles to face. Her issues stemmed from wanting to drop out of law school and go into fashion design. Being around Candace just increased her hostilities towards her parents, and Katheryn was nothing more than a “villain” in her eyes. Finally, we all know that Jim was not concerned in the least because his attention was on Candace and running for governor.

Hanna was the one who keep her going because she even tells Katheryn that if she gives up then the cancer has already won. It was great that Hanna had already gone through the cancer and survived. That meant she was the perfect person to help walk Katheryn through the illness.


  1. Katheryn tries to hold everything together

This point really takes place after her stay in the hospital and battle with cancer. It was when Hanna sat down with Katheryn and told her that Candace was her daughter. She tells Hanna that she has tried her entire life to fix problems and be the glue that held the Cryer family together. After nearly losing to cancer, she just wants to sit back and watching everything fall apart. She was tired of trying to help those who did not want help.

Jim’s new attitude towards his life mirrors that of Katheryn at this point because in recent episodes, he says that he is tired. Like Katheryn, he is willing to deal with life no matter where the chips may fall.

Now where can a person literally just let go and forget about the consequences of their actions? A dream! I’m not saying that you can’t do that in real life, but Katheryn literally went through a near-death experience. It makes sense for her to just;


The point of the dream beginning most likely takes place after Katheryn tells Hanna to get the nurse. They were having a conversation about Hanna’s meeting with Veronica because she was helping Benny get out of prison for drug possession in Candace’s car.


Katheryn is covering her mouth and rolls on her side in bed. Hanna’s is rubbing her shoulder because she is trying to comfort her friend.

In the next episode, the opening scene after Jim and Candace have their shower throw down shows Hanna giving Katheryn some final words of encouragement before she is carried by the nurse into surgery.


Overall, we can say that the dream take place either right before Katheryn goes into surgery or right after when she attempts to leave the hospital. There she comes face to face with Jim, Wyatt and Amanda. Everything else after that moment is a dream that Katheryn is experiencing.

When you think about it, this scenario does make sense because you will notice how aloof Katheryn is being about everything that is taking place around her.


For someone who has just gotten out of surgery, she was playing it off well. She was in an extreme amount of pain, and this was seen when she was struggling to get out of bed. What stunned me was how quickly she got out of her hospital gown and into her dress. She was not about to leave the hospital in a wheelchair, and Hanna held her up as they walked down the hallway. They come face to face with Wyatt and Jim as they are walking Amanda out of the hospital.


From there, Katheryn is in bed for the next couple of episodes because she is still recovering from the surgery. Now the thing my mom pointed out was that we never see her go back to the hospital for checkups or anything. Katheryn did tell Hanna that she had a wig on right before filming the video will. In terms of breast implants, we never hear that mentioned again after Hanna told Katheryn that she got some herself after her battle with cancer.

One of the biggest comebacks to this theory by readers and fans of the show has involved the new characters introduced in the show. I mean how could Katheryn know about parts of the story that she is not present for or people that she has never met? One word; dream!

If something is a dream then it is not supposed to make sense! Well maybe not ALL of it is supposed to make sense. Sometimes people have dreams that are a representation of the things that they would like to happen or would like to forget. Even so, there are some dreams that turn out to be premonitions of future events.

That makes the most sense to me about Katheryn because of her life. Think about it this way;


  1. She knows about her children’s self-destructive tendencies

Amanda was suicidal and would harm herself (through cuts or pills) whenever she felt ignored or abused. Wyatt was addicted to drugs and alcohol; after his horrific experience at bible camp with a priest that was “touching him.”

A mother’s worst fear with children like that would be that they would harm themselves or others around them. Funny this is that Amanda almost kills Professor Cannon and Wyatt kills Little Lizzie (nearly killing Benny as well). Everything comes around full circle when Amanda kills herself and Wyatt confesses to the hit-and-run charges.


  1. She knew about Jim’s affairs and that he would do anything to get his way

Is it too far of a stretch to assume that she would not think that Jim would still run for office despite all of the skeletons in the Cryer family closet?

Not to mention she gave her famous #9 speech to Candace before going into the hospital. So, we know she knew of the other 8 women that Jim has had an affair with.


  1. She knew Jeffery was gay

As Jim told David early on in Season 2, “So what if your son is gay? Everyone knows about it David!” She just knew that she was not going to be the one to tell Veronica that Jeffery was gay, but after Amanda’s death she did not hold her tongue about it.


  1. It is clear that she knew about Celine’s children by Jim

She reveals this before beating Celine out of her house because of the “job security” that she believes she has with Jim.

These are just a few points that I wanted to mention because Katheryn knew about them before she went into surgery. This means that it would make sense for her dream to cover things like Jeffery coming out to his parents or Candace’s ongoing affair with Jim (which turned into a war).


One scene from a recent episode that truly makes me feel like this theory is legit took place at Hanna’s house. Remember when Katheryn finally visits Hanna’s home? They go inside to talk about recent events, and Katheryn has nowhere else to turn but to her old friend.

Her dialogue is what truly made me have an “Aha!” moment;

Hanna: How are you holding up?

Katheryn: Like a ton of bricks that dropped into the ocean…I don’t even know how I got here.”

*I’m only covering the parts of the dialogue that standout to my point*

Katheryn: I don’t have any friends Hanna.

Hanna: Yes you do, you’ve got Miss Veronica.

Katheryn: She’s not a friend; she’s just one of those people who is friendly because it’s good for her image. If I were in a battle…she’s not someone I would call. She’s certainly not equipped to deal with this.

Hanna: I see.

*Now here is the line that caught my attention* 


Katheryn: My daughter’s dead and I don’t know what to do. It’s so strange…I know I’m alive, I’m standing, but I feel like I’m above myself watching all of this play out. I’m awake right?

Hanna: Yes, you are.

Katheryn: What do I do?


Hanna then talks about prayer being a comfort, and that Katheryn has her even if she has no one else. Doesn’t this sound eerily familiar to Katheryn’s battle with cancer?

Think about how Hanna is Katheryn’s only form of comfort during an extreme time of need. This involves Amanda’s death, and before it involved Katheryn’s near-death experience. Hanna is a much needed form of spiritual support and guidance for Katheryn.

images (14)

Out of body experiences do occur in real life, and most sources define it as;

“An experience that typically involves a sensation of floating outside one’s body and, in some cases, perceiving one’s physical body from a place outside one’s body (autoscopy).”

This typically occurs when someone is going through a near-death experience, surgery or sleep. Katheryn seems to fit the bill for all 3 categories because battling cancer put her in a near-death experience. Not to mention, during surgery she would have to be asleep!


Again, just take note of the fact that Katheryn has been in the show but not a major character. She has taken a backseat while Jim, Candace and the Harringtons have really been carrying the story along. True, she was scared to death (no pun intended) while Wyatt was coping with the hit-and-run, and then after Amanda died it was as if she was put into shock.


Some could also say that her getting physical with Wyatt and Celine could be a representation of her fighting for her actual life.


As a child, I remember that Tommy Oliver was doing this in “Fighting Spirit” in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. During that episode, Tommy was put into a coma from trying to get out of his invisible state due to his dino gem. While in a coma, he was fighting his past ranger personas. In the end, he woke up and it was all a test to see how strong his will to live truly was.

If you did not watch Power Rangers as a child like I did, then that comparison just went completely over your head. However, the end result is the same; a person in a near-dear experience tries to fight for their life!


My mom thinks that after the funeral, Katheryn is going to snap out of this dream and wake up! Another angle that the show could take involves everything crumbling to pieces. I mean Jim has literally given up on his conquest for the Governor’s mansion and Candace. Wyatt is well on his way to prison, and Veronica has lost it all as well.


Celine has something up her sleeve that we have not seen yet, but she has been kicked out the Cryer mansion. I just can’t wrap my mind around it, but at some point she has to wake up! It could be in Part 2 of Season 3, or at the very end of the show. Either Katheryn wakes up to make some major changes in her life, or she actually dies in surgery and the video of her will gets carried out.


What do you all think of this theory? Keep in mind that I did mention the show Dallas had a similar plotline. It took place during Season 9 (“Dream Season”) when Pam Ewing was dreaming the events of the entire season!


Most viewers also say that the “Who Shot J.R.?” mystery was similar to Amanda’s suicide. I must say that my mom and I still have our doubts about it being a suicide, but since no other evidence has been mentioned; we can do nothing but speculate at this point.


Remember that there have been no reports of the autopsy that involves her death tattoo or her possibly carrying a baby (from her being raped by Professor Cannon). Also there was the “Who Done It” plot after J.R. was shot. There were many suspects who were possibly guilty of the crime just like there were many suspects of Amanda’s death.

WatchMojo.com put together a Top 10 list of TV shows that had episodes where it was nothing more than a dream. After watching it, I truly began to notice a similar trend when compared to the HAHN. It was not surprising to see the “Dream Season” of Dallas made it on the list!


After reading my first blog about the subject, some fans admitted to being furious that this could be a reality. Some viewers could not believe that Tyler Perry would pull such a trick. However, you have to remember that this is a TV show and anything can happen! Viewers might feel “cheated” if everything that they have been watched turned out to be a dream.


If the show has had you hooked, or if you have felt feelings whether they are anger or love for a character then you have not been cheated. I’m sure that a lot of viewers have invested a lot of time and excitement into this show. Who cares if it turns out to be a dream? If you have loved it so far then it should not matter. It would be a great way for things to come around full circle.

Is the show a dream? When will Katheryn wake up? Is she dead or is she alive? When will her video recording of her will be brought up again? What if Katheryn wakes up, and we get to see Amanda brought back to the show? If the show is revealed to be a dream, would you continue to watch it?

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Young Justice: Season 2 Review and My Thoughts on a Season 3

First off, let me just say that there hasn’t been an official confirmation of a Season 3 and this blog is completely based on my opinion. As fans, I think we can all agree that after hearing that Young Justice: Invasion was going to be the end of the series you could hear the hearts of DC fans breaking around the world. It was really a shame because unlike most animated shows on TV these days this show stood out from the rest; action, solid character roster (which of course would have grown in the next season), great dialogue and a well-written script which created an excellent story line to follow.

I’m not writing this to criticize the other programs on Cartoon Network, but I will say that YJ was in a “league” of its own (Justice League pun…I couldn’t resist). The reason that I am writing this blog is to know what the fans would want to see if there was a Season 3.

Personally there are a lot of things that I’d love to see and most of them do not have to do with the action that makes this show great because I’m one of those people who love continuity and character development/personality. Also, keep in mind that while the comic book that went along with the animated series was great, I’m only going to discuss the television show for my thoughts.

Something that we never saw in Invasion was Dick Grayson. Think about it, true we saw Nightwing as Team Leader and sometimes in the field of battle but we never got to see Dick without the costume.


It is understandable because with everything going on there wasn’t much time for Dick to be Dick. You know the playful Boy Wonder that we saw in Season 1 due to him now being in command of the Team along with all of the seriousness going on around him (I’ll get back to Dick/Nightwing a little later).

Out of Season 2, I would have to say that my favorite or standout episodes would probably be; Satisfaction and Summit. I loved Satisfaction because again it was more than just the action that grabbed my attention but the excellent dialogue especially Lex’s speech during the original Roy Harper’s fight with Mercy about his “arsenal.”

images (8)

As for Summit, words cannot express how awesome this episode was. It just proves how much the Team planned ahead. My favorite part of the episode was Kaldur’s demeanor. He played his role as a Light member perfectly and the fact that he made valid points on the Reach and calming the battle between evil organizations was astounding.

Even more impressive was his temperament in his transmission exposing the Light’s true intentions to the Reach after he was “killed” by Deathstroke. This was so impressive that even Vandal gave the boy credit. The closing words to the hologram “I’m sure I’ve shattered this illusion as well as what is left of this sorry alliance…good night” was just the icing on the cake.

images (10)

Not to mention he defeats both Black Manta AND Deathstroke (off-screen)!

Some episodes and moments worthy of honorable mentions include the following:

  • Alienated: We get to see the Bat-Family together in costume and in action. This was something that we didn’t get to see in Batman the Animated Series.


I think my favorite part of that was when they infiltrated the base and Nightwing gave the signal to Batgirl and Robin to attack, the fact that it was unspoken just showed how in sync this group of heroes are!


  • Salvage: This episode was good because we got our first look at the clone Roy Harper (Red Arrow) and how he’s been dealing with life after the events of the Season 1 finale. Not to mention finding out he married Cheshire and now has a child was an excellent cliffhanger.
  • Bloodlines: Similar to “Alienated” we get to see a “family” of superheroes in action! In this episode it was the Flash or Speedster family.


  • Cornered: We get our first look at Virgil (Static) enough said…

images (2)

  • True Colors: Sportsmaster’s visit and then betrayal by the Light was just a good look into his character

images (9)

It was a real shame that Black Manta was betrayed by his son when he was one of the ONLY parents in the series that actually cared about his child because Sportsmaster cared more about his reputation that his blood.

You are probably wondering why “Endgame” wasn’t in my favorite episodes list of Season 2 but there are a few reasons for that. For one, it was too rushed just like the finale of Season 1. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy watching it but everything was too fast paced for my taste. There were a lot of scenes that had to be cut because it is a 22 or 23-minute show (http://youngjustice.wikia.com/wiki/Endgame).

My hope is that on the final DVD set coming out in the Special Features portion of the discs we get to see those deleted scenes. That would be a great little farewell gift to treat the loyal fans with, but I doubt that this will happen.

When comparing it to the Season 1 finale, again I am referring to how rushed everything was. Remember that off screen the Team along with some of their allies from earlier in the season created the cure to the Starro-Tech, Robin broke into Batman’s safe with the Kryptonite and other events were mentioned but not seen due to time.

images (6)

Really I felt that the finale for Season 1 should have been a 2-parter with the first episode being about how the Team discovered the League was under mind control and worked on creating a cure and the second episode could have been the League/Team throw down saving them from the Light’s control.

The episode “Intervention” was one episode that seemed too much like an episode of “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?” because it just seemed too easy. We see how Jamie is literally “trapped” inside the Scarab and forced to do whatever the Reach wanted him to do. Also, the whole bit with the Ambassador controlling his motions, actions and dialogue through the remote control was just cheesy in my opinion.

images (15)

Then when he and Green were freed and on their way home, Robin, Zatanna and the others explaining what went down and how they saved him seemed like the end of an episode when Velma and Freddy would breakdown how they used the clues to solve the mystery. You could just tell that the writers were pressed with only 2 episodes left so they had to wrap everything up as quickly as they could with the little time they had left in the series.

images (14)

One thing about in the finale episode that I wanted to see were the different partners set up to destroy the machines scattered across the globe, I did read that Red Arrow and Arsenal were teamed up and I would have loved to see that! The defeat of Black Beetle seemed lackluster and WAY too fast. I mean within the first 5 minutes or so that was the fall of the Reach’s mightiest (and only warrior aside from Green Beetle) warrior. It was a shame that Green Beetle had to lose his scarab but I guess it was done to make it so Blue was the only Beetle in the galaxy.

After Black’s first fight with the Team it was awesome seeing him toss them around like they were nothing but I was afraid after that episode. Why? Because like most villains or powerhouses introduced into a series, their first fight(s) show them dominating their opponents but in their appearances that follow, they get taken down by tactics that aren’t that impressive because with repeated fights the good guys figure out how to outsmart them and take them down.

images (13)

Something else that I wanted to know was whether or not Batman knew Dick and Kaldur’s plan? It wouldn’t surprise me if he did because well, he’s Batman. When the League arrived back on Earth his first words were to Aqualad asking what had happened. It is possible that on their way back from their trial they were filled in on everything that had happened during their time away from Earth.

I’m glad that Kid Flash (Wally) didn’t suffer but honestly, I do not think that he is dead. You can call it wishful thinking if you want to but the way that it happened seems unbelievable.

Remember in Justice League Unlimited when Grodd is sucked out of the air lock in the Legion of Doom’s headquarters by Lex in space or when Lex and Darkseid presumably became a part of the Source Wall?


From what I can tell the writers “killed off” the characters that way so if they were to return it would be through understandable circumstances. I think the same can be said of Kid Flash as it looks like a plot device that could be explored in Season 3.

Now getting back to Dick/Nightwing, I do not believe that he thinks that Wally is dead. Why? Jumping back to the Justice League series, do you recall in “Hereafter” when Superman was presumed dead after being blasted by Toyman’s machine (when really he was transported thousands of years into the future) Batman was the ONLY person to not believe that he was dead?

images (1)

He did his own investigation into his disappearance and right when he was about to give up and was giving a heartfelt speech to Clark’s memorial it was cut short due to an attack on the city (Notice how the writers don’t even want Bruce to have a sentimental moment or doubt his own hunches because he’s Batman?).

What does this have to do with Nightwing? Well I think that the fact he is taking some “time off” from the Team probably means more than what he led Aqualad to believe. He might pull a “Red Arrow” and do his own search for his fallen buddy. I’ve heard/read that if a Season 3 was made that there would have been another time jump from season to season like they did in-between seasons 1 and 2. I’m not just saying this because he was Batman’s partner but I wouldn’t put it past Nightwing to do something like this.


Let me talk about what I thought about Wally’s death. Again, I’m glad that it wasn’t slow and painful but the fact that he died wasn’t fair. I’m not saying this to be whinny but here is why I don’t think it is fair. In Season 2, I think Wally was one of the characters that had to suffer the most. I dare say that he was close to the level of suffering of Aqualad (he had his mind shattered by Miss M, had to infiltrate his biological father’s ranks and then betray him along with losing his love Tula prior to all of this). Why? Let’s go down the list shall we?

  • The love of his life was placed in hands of the enemies for months
  • He was friendship with Dick was strained due to his unnecessary risks to the Team putting their lives in danger on multiple occasions
  • Lying to cover up the fake death of Artemis and I think this was shown to be the most painful during his visit to her grave with her mother. You could see the look on his face when she said how much his presence meant to her because Artemis’ death would have been too much to bear if she had to go through it alone
  • He is finally reunited with his love only to be killed off in the next episode…

Those reasons alone express my distain for him dying. I’m not mad at Impulse for changing history because it seems that he changed it for the better. However, it appears that saving Flash’s life might have been “replaced” with Wally dying instead considering he doesn’t belong in the present and history probably didn’t have 3 Speedsters in the history books (not counting the out of action Jay). Not to mention that fact that he was once again going into retirement with Artemis and passing the mantel of Kid Flash down to Bart was heartwarming to know that Bart was accepted in the present and that Wally was going to be able to finally enjoy life with his love.

I will give the writers credit; seeing the episode promo for “Bloodlines” had me thinking that Flash was going to die and Wally would take his place. Then in the finale when Barry raced to stop the last machine and Impulse went with him I assumed that he was going to die. However another plot twist came about with Wally was the one to perish.


From what some people have said based on the writer’s decision. This “universe” for Young Justice does not have a Speed force, I don’t know why but that is what I’ve heard. I think the most “logical” reason for Wally being alive is that the energy sped him up to the point that he disappeared. It is true that Barry and Bart were running faster than him but I think the fact that they were so fast was why the energy did not transfer over to them because their speed was superior to the device’s and that was why Wally was the device’s catalyst.

Definition of a catalyst; substance, usually used in small amounts relative to the reactants, that modifies and increases the rate of a reaction WITHOUT being consumed in the process.

Remember that energy was being burned off slowly by Bart and Barry and then using Wally as the catalyst the machine was finally able to be deactivated.

The reason that I think Wally was sped up by the energy is that he was “ceasing to exist” according to Scarab and if you think about it, if something was extremely fast then Scarab might not be able to trace or detect it. Similar to all of the times Blue had to deal with a Speedster, the Scarab had to take a few moments to detect/anticipate the movements of Impulse in order to attack.

Think about the Dragonball series, the Ki Sense ability is used to detect the life force/energy of another being and if that being is moving too fast then it cannot be detected by the Ki Sense.


This is something that I think Dick would be able to deduce with enough investigation.

Another thing to note is that Miss M’s quick use of her powers due to Artemis’ “death” in Invasion was similar to the Season 1 episode “Failsafe.” Artemis dies causing Miss M’s emotions to cloud her judgment putting her friends/teammates at risk.

images (7)

In Season 1, she almost put them all into a coma during their telepathic mission and in Season 2 she nearly destroyed Aqualad’s mind for good. It is really amazing how the writers threw in that foreshadowing and similarities of both seasons into the script.

I was a bit sad that both the League and Team lost their trophies and souvenirs after the destruction of the Hall of Justice along with the Cave.

Something that I wanted to see but didn’t (though it was kind of hinted at) was Nightwing dressing up as Batman. I know that might seem strange but think of it like this; Aqualad took on the outfit of his father Black Manta, Miss M morphed into Martian Manhunter’s alien AND human forms and Superboy was dressed as Superman (flying with Miss M’s powers to fake the illusion of flight).


I think what we got instead of Nightwing’s version of the Bat-glare after seeing that Blue had lied to him and betrayed the Team.

Another bout we never got to see was Nightwing vs. Deathstroke, just to give fans of the original Teen Titans series something to have a “Nerd-gasm” over.

images (4)

Jason Todd’s appearance as one of the deceased members of the Team was something that caused a riot among fans because we wanted to see Red Hood! It was mentioned by the creators midway though Season 2 that he would not appear and for good reason; there was TOO much going on in Season 2 already. I’m glad he didn’t because if Red Hood/Jason did show up then he probably would have been downplayed or not as involved as we would have liked him to be due to the Reach invasion, Batman off planet, etc.


Hopefully if there is a Season 3 we will finally be able to get him in the series! I think him showing up in Season 2 MIGHT have worked (if not for the invasion taking up most of the plot) because something similar to the “Battle for the Cowl” event could have taken place. Batman was off world and according to Vandal due to the bribes placed, he and the League were never going to be released from prison meaning that of course one of the Bat-family (namely Dick who’d be hesitant to do so) would have to take up the cowl. Especially with Gotham being without its Dark Knight for so long it would be something that HAD to be done. Jason would likely return at that point to claim it but first getting revenge on the one who took his place (Tim) and with Tim not being confident in his role yet it would have made him an easy target and this plot with Jason would have allowed him to get some much needed character growth.

images (41)

Another possible plot for Jason/Red Hood would be “The Outlaws.” My reasoning for this is that Arsenal is now seemingly out on his own, Static mentioned that the rest of the “Runaways” decided to give up the hero game declining the Team’s invite to join them; and of course that means Arsenal is doing his own “solo act.” He isn’t one to follow the rules doing things his way usually for revenge/personal gain and that can be said for Red Hood as well.


Not to mention BOTH are seemingly unstable emotionally with Roy’s fear of being captured again making him do crazy things (his paranoia shown when Blue was capturing the Team and after knocking out 2 of the Reach soldiers chasing him, he flat out screamed that he wasn’t going back on ice again, EVER!!!!) and with Jason being revived by the Lazarus Pit that makes him unstable as well. Those two would probably meet up in some way and the Outlaws would be formed, not sure how Starfire would be introduced BUT as I mentioned before if there was a Season 3, a lot of new characters would be included.

One scene that had me laughing hard was the look on Superman’s face when it was announced that Lex had replaced Secretary General Tseng. Uh-oh…sounds like “Public Enemies” might be coming sooner or later…come on how hard is it to imagine a member of the Light in the White House?

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It was obvious that after taking off on the War World that Vandal was headed to meet with Darkseid after making it clear to every alien race that if any of them came to Earth they were going to pay dearly meaning that in Season 3 an invasion was going not going to be something that needed to be worried about (unless of course Darkseid decides to sent in some Terror Demons…).

I think the main question about the alliance between the Light and Darkseid is; Can either one of them TRULY be trusted?


The Light literally had the Reach’s number before they even came to Earth and it all seemed to be a part of a bigger plan to betray them. With some of the more powerful League members on trial and the secret to unlocking a human’s meta-powers in their hands, the Light had everything to gain before their eventual betrayal against the Reach.

Another thing to ponder is whether or not Bart’s future has now been uncorrupted due to the Reach’s defeat. It seems that the Reach was in full control of Earth due to Blue Beetle and if Darkseid was a part of that future it seems likely that the planet would be destroyed not just conquered because I don’t think the Reach would accept being puppets to Darkseid, we saw how the Ambassador felt after learning of the Light’s betrayal (I really didn’t like that guy much to begin with).

One more thing about Blue Beetle, in Bart’s timeline do you think Jamie was still the human “meat” inside of the Scarab? It was implied in the present that in order to reboot the Scarab to put it back on Mode the host would die in the process and another human would be used instead.

In the flashback to his timeline, Bart is seen carrying a large object before collapsing from being tired only for Blue to threaten him to get up again.


Then a close up on his face reveals what appears to be wrinkles around his mouth area. To me that may imply that it was Jamie just older and much more muscular than his present self. Though it might be safe to say that it could have been anyone in that armor because Bart probably only knew that Blue Beetle was the one to cause the Reach’s takeover not the person inside the armor.

Looking at the symbol on Black Beetle’s chest a lot of fans have speculated that it is similar to the Brainiac insignia. Could the “Collector of Worlds” in some way be connected to the Reach’s Scarab technology? It wouldn’t surprise me because in the comics (yes, I will reference the comics for this theory) he was shocked to see Blue Beetle (during his first mission with the Team) protecting the Earth with the rest of the heroes. I mean he is “living technology” and something as powerful and deadly as the Scarab to control planets (while he collects and destroys them) it would not be that surprising if he was somehow connected to it.


Overall, if there is a Season 3 in the future I’d be extremely happy. Ever since Season 1 there has been references to Apokolips such as the Queen Bee’s troops and Psimon working on the teleportation methods of transporting technology/weapons from Apokolips to Earth hinting at the Boom Tube being used to send over more than just weapons…

To me the Spectacular Spider-man is another one of those shows similar to Young Justice in that after 2 seasons it ended with a major cliffhanger that had fans wanting more. Funny how some of the writers for that show also worked on Young Justice, if Season 3 does happen and the show ended with it then I’d be happy but only if they wrapped up the story such as why the Light is working with Darkseid.


The fact that G. Gordon Godfrey is actually playing the role he does in the comics being in league with Darkseid using his powers of persuasion was a nice tough unlike the persona he played in the Justice League series where he is shown making the public dislike the league but didn’t seem to have any affiliation with Darkseid.


So those are my thoughts about YJ from what we’ve seen and what I’d like to see in Season 3. If you have any thoughts on Seasons 1 and 2 or what you want to see in Season 3 feel free to contact me or reply to this blog to add your own thoughts.

I plan on getting the next set of DVDs for the final episodes of Season 2 and the YJ Legacy game coming out this fall so hopefully with enough fan support there will be a Season 3 to look forward to in the near future!


Maybe the video game will reveal more about the 5 year gap in between Seasons 1 and 2. The tagline for the game is “One Will Rise. One Will Fall. One Will Die” if I were to make a prediction it would be Tula that falls (dies), Aqualad will be the one that “falls” from the Team and the one who will “rise” is Nightwing as team leader with Aqualad leaving to start his mission as an undercover agent working for his father and eventually the Light.