Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Will Die?

By Jeremy Carden


I haven’t written a theory on a subject like this since we found out that someone would die at the end of Season 2. Amanda Cryer was the victim during that season, and now fans are speculating who will be the victim at the end of Season 3.

At this point, I can honestly say that I do not know WHO will be the one to die in the season finale. There are just so many potentially characters who could get the ax from the series that I cannot even think straight!

What I will do in this blog is simply go over every character that I think will be a candidate for death and why. Perhaps in next week’s episode, we will get more hints as to which character will be the one to die.

All we have is the preview of next week’s episode in the clip above, and I must say that it has me pointing in different directions. There is just no clear victim, but I will start off with the 3 that has fans talking the most.


Jim’s call to Mama Rose and her boys from the Malone gang was to order a bloodbath. The 3 people that he named were Terrell, Professor Cannon and Veronica.

  • Terrell was the police office that allowed the rapist “Toxic” to come into Wyatt’s prison cell to sexually assault him
  • Professor Cannon was the man who raped Amanda, and was arguably responsible for her committing suicide
  • Veronica was the one who paid Terrell to have Toxic placed into Wyatt’s cell in order to give him a true taste of prison life

When the Malones are given a murder request, they do NOT play around! Considering how disappointed Mama Rose was when Jim said not to kill Candace, she has a trigger finger itching to be used.

These are 3 of the most likely characters to be killed off by the end of this season. However, there are more than just these 3 to speculate about, and I will go through them one-by-one.



Her reason for dying is simply because she revealed that Jim has 2 sons by her, but if anything happens to her, I am sure that everyone will point the finger at Jim for what she did to him on live television.

Jim has even said that even though Celine has a lot of bullets to fire (the fact that she had worked for the Cryers 28 years, she knows EVERYTHING there is to know about them. Basically, Celine has all of the dirty laundry to hang out and dry for everyone to see…if she wanted to), she has fired the biggest one being about his children outside of his marriage to Katheryn.


We see in the new episode that Jim goes over to her apartment and pulls “a Wyatt” by trying to seduce her.


Kind of awkward when you think about it because Wyatt had Celine in the same position back at the beginning of this season…

He says that he is over at her apartment for revenge, but I wonder what exactly he has in mind. Maggie told him to put his sexual energy into his campaign, but it looks like he is attempting to put it on Celine instead!

Despite the fact that Celine is no longer in the title opening, I don’t think that automatically means she dies. I mean they did that with Amanda AFTER it was revealed that she was dead. Look at Maggie, she is playing a much bigger role than Celine, but she was never in the opening. Now if Celine does die, Tyler was pretty much showing us her demise episodes in advance! However, I don’t think that is the case this time around.



At first, I thought he would commit suicide after what he went through in prison. However, it seems he has a bigger plot coming up involving getting back at his parents for leaving him in jail.



Doubt she dies, but I am going over everyone who could be killed off. I do not think that Katheryn will die because she has been more of a spectator in these past few episodes.

I will say that since Hanna’s house is on fire, the video will she took of Katheryn before she went into surgery back in Season 1 is my main concern. Was that video still in the house, or did Benny have the purse holding the video moved into his new house?

Besides, I think that Katheryn will end up buying Hanna a new house anyway. Which is ironic since the house Candace bought for Benny (with the money extorted from the Cryers) is where he wants Hanna to live anyway.



Given his 10 minute speech to Hanna at the hospital about how he is a man now, and he will handle Q; I think he will either get killed or “lose” if and when Q comes back.

Low and behold, Hanna’s home is now destroyed because Benny bailed him out of prison, but did not get the job done.

Quincy will get the upper hand because he is going for blood now (not sure if he knew Hanna’s house was empty when he drove right through it), and I don’t think he will let Benny beat him up three times in a row.

I do not think Benny will die just yet because he has a tow company and a house now thanks for Candace’s ill-gotten gains. Benny is now slowly beginning to see that his baby sister is not as legit as she said she is. With that being said, I think he might make it to see Season 4.



Q dying is most likely a result of his recent actions. Benny looks PISSED after figuring out that Q was the one to destroy his mother’s house.

Candace will find out that Q had come to the hospital and taken papers from Aaliyah’s purse. My guess is that paper had Candace’s information on it. From there, Candace will figure out that Q now knows where she lives.

I think that either Benny or Candace will call on Warlock to finish Q off for good this time! He knows too much, and has done far more than enough to end his life.



I doubt that he dies because Veronica “needs” him alive to finish her plot with her grandchild and Jeffery’s marriage to Melissa.

Quincy said he would kill him, but he is too busy with his son and getting revenge on the Youngs to worry about him (at least for now).

screenshot_54 (1)


In my opinion, she dies is Quincy comes to her apartment thinking that Jeffery is still living there.



The only way that I can see him dying is if Quincy finds out that Oscar has been messing around with his woman. However, I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon. Everyone knows that I do not trust Oscar, and the only thing “dying” about him is his “relationship” with Candace.

I still say that he is going to take ALL of her money, and leave her with nothing! His trip to New York and Paris will most likely be his “going away” trip from Candace.



I doubt he is going anywhere anytime soon because he has now thrown the first punch (well choke/strangle) in his battle with David that is creeping over the horizon. I think it is safe to say that Season 4 will have these 2 going at it.


Jim even posted the above picture on social media from filming new episodes of HAHN for the new season.

It begs the question as to what exactly is going to happen especially given the fact that his facial hair has grown out. This could mean that Jim is going to be in a place that he cannot keep up his regular appearance.

Since he has facial hair and bruises, we can assume that he is going to be somewhere for an extended amount of time. Someplace where fights occur on the regular, a place like…PRISON?!?!?


The only way that he could be sent to prison is if Jennifer gets the evidence needed (Jeffrey’s car) to place the Cryers and Harringtons behind bars for covering up the hit-and-run charges.

This seems very likely because of a few facts:

  1. Jeffrey somehow discovers his car at Benny’s Towing
  2. Jennifer’s boss told her not to go after the Cryers/Harringtons again unless she has the car
  3. She is on the phone with Wyatt saying that she knows about the Norman-Wyatt prison switch, and wanted to know if Wyatt would like to get back at his dad for what he did to him


Wyatt’s vengeance is placed on the wrong person because even though Jim had him in jail, he did so in a “protective environment.” At least until Veronica played her cards and that led to him getting sexually assaulted.

Jeffrey knows what happened to Wyatt while he was in the jail, and would be willing to help out his friend by getting back at his parents for letting that happen. Meaning that Jeffrey will tell Wyatt about the car, and Wyatt would tell Jennifer. This will lead to her having the ammo needed to arrest Jim, Katheryn, David and Veronica!


Considering the finale is coming, I think that it has to end with a bang! With the death of one of the characters, or Jennifer finally getting what she needs to take out Jim and David!

Or the picture could simply mean that the makeup team applied bruises and whatnot to Jim’s face before shaving him, but I would not know because I do not know much about makeup…

This just goes to show that I take this show and these theories very seriously!



Just as I said about Jim, since these two good friends are not friends anymore; he won’t die (at least not anytime soon). He and Jim throwing down next season (if anything happens to Veronica that is) will be the main event! I doubt Tyler Perry would kill off the man who is running for governor, or at least not just yet.



In the preview for next week, Maggie is seen coming over to Veronica’s new house. My guess is that she comes over to try and create some form of peace between them for the sake of the campaign.

Remember that Veronica and David appeared to be a loving couple at the first live campaign announcement. If Maggie is trying to get David to the governor’s mansion, he has to have the illusion of a healthy marriage and family.

11026595_10204874368485613_6997965045096577265_n (1)

However, this is far from the truth considering Veronica has already handed him divorce papers, attempted to kill him and is currently in the middle of an affair with Benny.

His son is not the straight man standing by Melissa like he was on stage, and there is no telling how that “wedding” announcement is actually going to play out.


Veronica does tell Maggie that there are no victims around, and Maggie was puzzled by that statement. In any case, Maggie saying that she wants David to run for governor could be the thing that “saves her life.”


This face that Veronica makes in the preview for next week has me confused. Is she laughing or crying? What is the cause of that face?

I am interested in finding out that is for sure. Given the fact that Veronica is the “new Amanda” so to speak, this look she gives Maggie has me fearful for her life. If Maggie going to Veronica’s house is the cliffhanger ending of the episode, I do have a feeling we might not see her in Season 4…



Seriously, how long is this man going to walk around before that kidney failure puts him out to pasture? If Benny does die (which I have my doubts about), I figure that Tony will appear out of nowhere wanting his organs in order to save his life. What would result in Tony’s demise is if Benny is NOT a compatible organ donor, and all of his ruthlessness will have been in vain.

Overall, there are nearly a dozen people who are candidates for dying at the end of Season 3.

I omitted Candace because I think she has to lose what she has before dying. She has way too much to answer for before being killed off quickly (similar to Veronica). Hanna has too much of a role in the story to be removed from it as well.


Honestly, it does seem clear that Maggie is the “What the hell are you doing here?” guest at Veronica’s door when she answers it. However, who is to say that Quincy is not the person to knock on her door?


Q hitting her could be the reason for the face she makes in the above photo, but he has never knocked before entering into her house before. Why start now?


Perhaps “Toxic” gets out of prison somehow, and he wants revenge for Veronica not putting the money on his books after sexually assaulting Wyatt like she asked him to do.

Who do you think will bite the dust?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Candace Reveals That Amanda Was Raped

By Jeremy Carden


Katheryn Cryer pulled a “Rice Krispies” last week! What do I mean by that?


She snapped, crackled and POPPED Candace in the back of the head with that wine bottle!

I am going to jump right into this theory blog because it has to do with Jim and Katheryn possibly holding Candace hostage in the next episode!


We do know that Candace will be released within the episode because she visits Quincy in prison and sleeps with Oscar at the hotel.

However, what does Candace do that allows her to be released?

It seems clear that she provides the Cryers with the answers that they were looking for regarding Amanda. Katheryn was looking for some kind of reasoning behind Amanda’s suicide.

Going back a few episode, she was sitting in Amanda’s room (later Jim came in as well) trying to find answers. She even admitted that there may never be any answers provided.


Allow me to just take a moment to ask an important question that seems to have gone unanswered ever since Amanda was found dead in her room; Where did Amanda’s gun go?

She had it while running through the house, and it appears that she shot herself in the head.


I still think that a suicide was NOT the cause of her death. Until the location of that gun is revealed (similar to the Black Sedan), I think there is reasonable doubt regarding the cause of Amanda’s death.

Back near the end of Season 2, Katheryn was searching for the gun in Amanda’s room. However, she was unable to find it before Amanda returned. Even though an answer may never be given, I still think everything behind Amanda’s death has not been revealed. The same goes for Wyatt hitting Little Lizzie, but that is another blog for another day.


Jim blames the death of his daughter on Candace, and it appears that Katheryn will be doing the same as well. Perhaps not to the extent of her husband, but she did knock Candace out cold…


Jeffrey has told Candace on multiple occasions that the Cryers will kill to protect their family name, and they would most likely point their fingers at her to blame for Amanda’s death.

As we all know, Candace did not listen to the warnings, and now has ended up in a tight spot. In my opinion, I think that Candace will tell Jim and Katheryn about Professor Cannon.


You have to pay very close attention to a teaser trailer that was revealed before Two Funerals aired, and you will notice Professor Cannon appears in a “blink-and-you-miss” moment.


Jim and Katheryn appear to be waiting outside of their vehicle in a parking lot that looks like a college campus. Remember that Cannon was a professor at the law school that Candace and Amanda attended, and it would make sense for the Cryers to wait for him to show up there.

It looks like he is being confronted by the Cryers, and the only way they would have been pointed in his direction would be if Candace told them about Cannon.

Honestly, I cannot say that I am 100% certain that Candace will say that Professor Cannon raped their daughter. I will say that she might drop his name when it comes down to their interrogation on why Amanda would do what she did.


After being raped by Professor Cannon and Candace being short with her, Amanda took pills to commit suicide. That was why she was in the hospital back in Season 1, and Jim blamed Candace for that. Amanda told Jim that Candace was mad at her, and she was having a hard time in law school as well.


Jim might think that Professor Cannon was too hard on his daughter (that did not sound right, but stay with me), and the pressure of law school was the reason for her death. In the picture above with Jim and Katheryn, they clearly look pissed.


I do not know if a professor being difficult was the reason for the look on their faces. If Candace did tell them that he raped Amanda, there will be hell to pay for Cannon! I bet he will have wished that Amanda pulled the trigger on him when she had the gun barrel down his throat.

Candace may even tell them about the pregnancy test that Jim found in the apartment belonged to Amanda and not her! Either that, or Jim will figure it out for himself.


Keep in mind that Candace still needs a letter from Cannon that would allow her to go straight to the bar exam. When Jim had movers go to the apartment, Candace had all of her things taken away as well (which included the letter that Cannon gave her).

My guess is that Candace might contact Cannon for another letter before the Cryers go after him. She even called him a few episodes ago in order to get another letter. Cannon could be confronted by Candace in the school for the letter, and then leave for the parking lot where the Cryers are waiting for him.


What questions do you think Candace will be asked on Tuesday by the Cryers? Will she reveal Amanda was raped by Professor Cannon, or point the Cryers in the right direction. Will Professor Cannon give Candace another letter allowing her to skip to the bar exam? Even if he gets on for her, will she get it before the Cryers dig their claws into Cannon?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Where Is Professor Cannon?

By Jeremy Carden


Aside from the main characters in this series, there is one particular person who was literally stabbed in the back and hasn’t been seen since.


You’ve got it! I’m talking about the law school professor who raped Amanda and is now on the receiving end of her vengeance: Professor Cannon!

We haven’t seen him around since he jogged off in terror and with nothing left behind but a pool of his own blood from that knife jammed in his backside!

images (5)

My mother always jokes around that we haven’t seen him again because he is probably still running with that blade in him or he died because he bled to death (kind of a sick joke but the way my mom says it is funny).

At first, you might assume that Amanda has forgotten about the professor and isn’t going to kill him anymore. However, remember that when she bought the gun from the pawn shop she asked “Can this go through a professor?


Then at the dinner table with Quincy, she says that she wants to kill someone. He asks who and she says her mother, father and brother. That is strange because she did not mention the professor.

It could be due to her mental instability that her rage has somewhat shifted to be fully focused on her family dying. That wouldn’t surprise me considering Jim has brought her back into their home; a place full of the people she plans on killing (minus the professor)!


It seems to me that Amanda’s rage is directed at a particular person or group of people whenever she feels wronged. The professor raped her and that kind of started this whole ordeal which led to her only wanting revenge on him.

Then her parents refused to give her the $12 million inheritance and she feels ignored because they seem to only pay attention to Wyatt and that seriously pushed her over the edge (along with her serious lack of medication).


What really surprised me was Jim saying that the whole family will go up to the mountains within the next couple of days to get away from everything for a mini-vacation. Yeah Jim that’s real smart, not only do you let your psycho daughter trick you into bringing her gun home with her but now you want to take the family to a secluded place in the mountains for her to kill everyone!

Kind of ironic that the Malones “killed” Candace in the middle of nowhere with no witnesses and now Amanda might do the same to her family if they go to the mountains!


Wyatt then states that he only wants to go with Jim so we shall see if that is how it goes down or if the entire family comes along for the ride.

In any case, if we don’t see the professor anytime soon the next time he might appear will be either in the hospital from the stab wound or when it is revealed the Amanda is pregnant and everyone will be asking who did this to her.

Let’s say that his wife or someone asks how he got the stab wound, he’d have to come up with a story that he was robbed in the park or something like that. Think about it, if he reveals that Amanda has been stalking him and threatening his family as well as himself then he reveals that he was the one who raped her.

Some fans speculate that by this time he has grabbed his family and moved somewhere so Amanda could not find him. I doubt that because it would be a major cop out in terms of the script for the show to just write out a character like that. Especially, since he was the one who had this major impact in Amanda’s character development.


Do you think the professor will appear again? Will Amanda get locked away to receive the psychological help that she desperately needs before she gets another chance to kill him? Will the professor eventually be revealed to be the one to rape her and pay for his crimes? Will Amanda’s focus of rage be fully focused on her family instead of the professor?

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