Pokemon XY&Z Rant: Why Ash Losing the Kalos League Was Disappointing

By Jeremy Carden

I understand that this topic is something that has already been talked about until Pokemon fans were blue in the face. However, I just remembered that I made a video with my thoughts about the Kalos League finals not long after the episode aired in Japan.


This is my rant video about the subject, and I hold nothing back:

As I mentioned in the video, it is not so much about Ash losing the match as it is about the execution of the battle.


I felt extremely bad for Pokemon fans that came back to the series after years of not watching it just to see Ash in the Kalos League. After Ash-Greninja almost defeated the Champion’s mega-evolved signature Pokemon, and Ash making it to the finals for the first time in his Pokemon training career, I know a lot of fans came back to see him win a league!

However, this was not meant to be due to the fact that we got a very poorly written finale which left a bad taste in the mouths of many Pokemon viewers.


Just so you know, my video is about 24 minutes long, and I got into a lot of detail about the battle itself as well as alternative ways that it could have went down.

I watched the battle about 5 or 6 times to try to make some sense about what happened. That turned out to be a waste of time because it really made no sense.


The biggest thing that made me mad was the Water Shuriken that looked like it was on fire or something. It would have been a great way to see the limits of this ‘bond phenomenon’ as Professor Sycamore calls it in action.

This attack was promoted in the Kalos League teaser trailer, and it looked like it would be the climatic move of the league. It was, but there was no buildup whatsoever, and it was very forgettable in the grand scheme of things.


Heck, Ash vs. Sawyer should have been the finale battle. Not because Ash won, but because it was an epic battle! Seriously Ash-Greninja vs. Mega Sceptile has got to be more of my favorite battles out of the entire franchise.


Let me know your thoughts on Ash losing, and please watch the video before commenting. That is because I really go into the little bits of why this battle was not so great, and why it was a slap in the face to Pokemon fans during the 20th anniversary.

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Pokemon XY & Z: Can Ash Defeat Alain?

By Jeremy Carden


Awhile ago, I made a blog about Ash and Alain facing each other in a battle of Mega Evolution! The suggested battle pitted Mega Charizard Y (Ash’s Charizard) vs. Mega Charizard X (Alain’s Charizard)!


Based on the new opening for the XY & Z series, it appears that Ash will indeed battle Alain at some point in the series. This will most likely occur doing the Team Flare arc.

In the final episode of the Mega Evolution Special series, Alain went on another journey to figure a way to help Mairin’s Chespin. During the episode, it helped the Zygrade Core escape from Team Flare’s experiments.

However, it somehow fell ill after absorbing some of the energy created by the experiment on Zygrade.


Alain left in a rage with the goal of helping to finish the Mega Evolution Machine to help Chespin in order to make Mairin happy again.

With that being said, if Ash does run into Alain while trying to stop Team Flare from reaching their goal; they will clash!

Fans have speculated that Ash will fight Mega Charizard X with Greninja. It will lose to both Alain AND Sawyer’s Sceptile (or Mega Sceptile).


The opening seems to suggest that a rift will come between Ash and Greninja from the back-to-back losses.


From there, the two will reconcile creating their once unbreakable bond which will give birth to Ash-Greninja!

It would be a cool thing to see Ash use Greninja against Mega Charizard X because it seems to be the Kalos Pokemon that Ash has the strongest bond with.


True, Talonfalme evolved in order to save Ash from Moltres. Then Ash almost DIED trying to save Talonflame from falling into a volcano! However, I think it is safe to say that the bond between Ash and his frog is stronger!


So, it will be up against the Alain’s Charizard; the Pokemon that he has the strongest bond with.

If you ask me, I would much rather see Ash use his Charizard against Alain because at some point there HAS to be a battle between both of its Mega Evolutions.


Ash-Greninja would be best suited to battling Sawyer’s Mega Sceptile because those two had a rivalry since their pre-evolved forms.

With informed revealed about the next few episodes, we know that Ash will finally get Greninja in about 3 episodes.

It is unknown if Ash-Greninja will truly make its debut in this episode battling Bisharp. When I say that, I’m referring to whether or not it will officially transform and Greninja will have full access to that power.


Compare it to the brief foreshadowing of their “fusion” during the finale of Ash’s battle with Olympia.


Now if I had to guess what would happen, I’d say that Ash and Greninja “merge” to defeat Bisharp due to Greninja losing during the first portion of the battle. From there, Ash-Greninja appears to seal the victory!


However, it is unable to hold the form or remember how to use it after the battle. After losing to Alain (and perhaps Sawyer), the bond between trainer and Pokemon will slightly diminish. Then they will patch up the holes in their relationship for an even stronger bond.

Afterwards, Ash-Greninja is a form that can be freely used in battle. Just a theory, but I am sticking to it!


Based on the opening, it appears that it will learn how to use Water Shuriken after evolving.


It is seen using a blade-like move against Mega Sceptile’s Leaf Blade so it is either Cut or Aerial Ace.

What appears to be Aqua Jet cannot be legit because none of the Froakie line can legally learn it in the games. Perhaps it comes from its form change, and that allows it to become surrounded in water like Aqua Jet. I can’t wait to find out!

Overall, I think that it would be an interesting battle between it and Mega Charizard X, but I would much rather see Mega Charizard Y as Alain’s opponent.


We can assume that these two will battle because Alain is still in the dark about Team Flare’s TRUE intentions with the Mega Evolution Machine.

If Alain figures out Lysandre’s true plan prior to the conclusion of his battle with Ash, we won’t be given a true winner. I would not want that to happen because this battle would be too good not to have a conclusion!


In the end, I could see Bonnie and Puni-chan helping out Mairin’s Chespin making everyone happy as a result.

However, the battle is what I really want to focus on. I’m pretty sure Alain and Ash would join forces to stop Lysandre in the end!


Then Alain would make things right with Professor Sycamore who would forgive him because he was lied to in order to assist Team Flare without even knowing it.

Who do you think would win in a battle?

That is actually a difficult question to answer because both trainers have very powerful Charizards in their arsenal.


I think the biggest advantage for Alain would be that his Charizard has been in possession of its mega form for quite some time, and that means it is far more experienced in terms of how to utilize its true power.

I am not saying that Ash’s Charizard would not be able to get used to Mega Charizard Y quickly, but you have to admit that it might take a little bit of getting used to.


The battle would be intense, and I could see Ash’s Charizard on the receiving end of some powerful blows.

We know that Alain’s Mega Charizard X has the following move set:


  • Flamethrower


  • Steel Wing


  • Blast Burn


  • Dragon Claw

It gets STAB from Flamethrower, Dragon Claw and Blast Burn by being a Fire/Dragon type. It has the Tough Claws ability which boosts the power of physical contact moves; Dragon Claw and Steel Wing.

Ash’s Charizard has the following moves:


  • Flamethrower


  • Wing Attack


  • Dragon Tail


  • Slash

I was sad to see its moves reduced to these 4 during the Unova series. Knowing Charizard, it will have new moves if it appears in Kalos.

The Drought ability as a Mega Charizard Y would only benefit it by increasing Flamethrower’s power, and if learns how to use Solarbeam. However, against a Fire/Dragon opponent…it would not be much if any use at all.


Not to mention the sunny weather would increase the power of Mega Charizard X’s Flamethrower and Blast Burn!

Dragon Tail would be its only chance at doing some super-effective damage.


Too bad it doesn’t know how to use Seismic Toss anymore…


That was as disappointing as Pikachu losing Volt Tackle for Electro Ball…

I am not going to completely count Ash’s Charizard completely out based on their respective move sets. Ash has been able to come out of some pretty impossible odds before despite a type disadvantage.


It would be a good match because Ash’s Charizard trained with more powerful Charizards in the Charicific Valley in order to get stronger.


Alain’s trained by battling Mega Evolved Pokemon after Mega Evolved Pokemon! In the fourth Mega Evolution Special, it defeated 10 Mega Evolved Pokemon in a row including the Mega Houndoom owned my Elite 4 Member Malva!


Not to mention that they have both had experiences battling Legendary Pokemon! Ash’s Charizard has battled the likes of Entei (an illusion), Articuno and Regice.


Alain’s has battled against the Weather Trio in their Mega/Primal Evolution forms! Despite losing against all 3 (while Ash just barely defeated only 1 of the legends that it went up against with Charizard), it is still very powerful!


These 2 Charizards were made to battle one another! Overall, I could see Alain winning due to his Charizard having a better type combination.

However, we know that when backed into a corner; Ash will come up with an off the walk tactic in order to obtain victory.


Who do you think would win between the two? Will Ash-Greninja battle Alain’s Charizard or will it be Ash’s Charizard?

Pokemon Theory: Will Snorlax Get A Mega Evolution?

By Jeremy Carden


When Pokemon X and Y first debuted a little over a year ago, fans were so excited to see some of their favorite Pokemon from past generations take things to a new level. Mega Evolution added something to the Pokemon franchise that some fans considered much needed; giving some of the older and underrated Pokemon (not counting creatures like Charizard or Mewtwo) a much needed power boost through Mega Evolution.

I’m not going to type up this blog and tell you that I was not excited to see some Pokemon who rarely saw the field of battle given a mega form like Mawhile or Manectric. Though I am a bit disappointed that Mega Evolution is becoming a little less special when it began to look like every Pokemon and its mother was being handed out a mega form.

Now this is just a prediction blog, but one mega that I’d love to see would be a Mega Snorlax!


This is one Pokemon that I’d love to see get a power boost (not saying that Snorlax needs one necessarily). Well I think aside from stat increases, I feel that I’d be more interested in seeing what a Mega Snorlax would look like.


If you ask me I think that a Mega Snorlax would have 3 changes in appearance from a regular Snorlax:

  1. Mega Snorlax would have its eyes open
  2. It would be buff and muscular
  3. It would be standing up!!!

Now based on the picture above, you’ll see that this fan-made Mega Snorlax fits all 3 descriptions that I just listed.


What made me begin to speculate about a Mega Snorlax eventually being a thing was when we first saw screenshots from Pokemon X and Y. In the picture we saw something that we have never seen before even way back in the days of Pokemon Red and Blue; Snorlax had a STANDING sprite!!!!!

I don’t know…I mean Snorlax always appearing in the games laying back and even sitting up in some games might have hinted that it had a dormant power that had yet to be tapped into.


Looking at the sprites from Generation 3, it seems like Snorlax was attempting to get up but fell back into a deep sleep. Moving on to Generation 4 to 5, Snorlax is actually sitting up! Then we get to the Kalos region and it is now standing up!!

In terms of a bulkier appearance, I think that a Mega Snorlax would be the ultimate “Bulk Up” in the sense that its ton of fat would be turned into pure muscle. How’s that for a powerhouse Pokemon?


Finally, when the transformation is nearly complete we see Snorlax open its eyes and give out a loud roar as it prepares for battle!

Now in terms of ability, I think it would probably have Scrappy or Huge Power. I mean Huge Power doubles Attack so yes this would be a killer Snorlax!

I really hope that we do get a Mega Snorlax in the new Generation 3 remakes because I’d love to see it?


Would you also like to see a Mega Snorlax? What other Pokemon would you like to see get a Mega Evolution and why?

Pokemon Theory: Ash vs. Alain/Mega Charizard Y vs. Mega Charizard X

by Jeremy Carden


I have a feeling that Ash Ketchum from the main Pokemon series and Alain who appeared in the Mega Evolution Special will eventually cross paths in the Kalos region.


In the Mega Evolution Special, Mairin tells Alain about an “amazing trainer named Ash who calmed down Garchomp on the top of Prism Tower and saved a falling Pokemon (Pikachu)!” and it was the same Garchomp from Sycamore’s Lab that Alain knew!

This means the Mega Evolution Special and the XY anime series are actually in the same “universe” in terms of story lines.

She goes on to say that Ash must have had a lot of trust and a good heart to calm down Garchomp like that and that goes along with the fact that a trainer and Pokemon must be in sync in terms of trust and heart to Mega Evolve. Knowing Ash we know he gets along with pretty much any Pokemon which kind of foreshadows him getting a Mega Pokemon sometime soon.


In one of my earlier Pokemon Theory blogs, I mentioned the possibility of Ash’s Charizard arriving in the Kalos region. Once it arrives, it would not surprise me if it evolves into one of its mega forms. I figured that it might occur around the time of the Kalos League. Considering that Mega Evolution is popular in the region, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ash uses Charizard in the Pokemon League in a mega form to fight against powerful opponents.

During the Mega Evolution Special, Alain’s quest is to battle against Mega Pokemon and to learn as much about this special method of evolution as he can. It was never mentioned if he was traveling around earning the 8 gym badges to compete in the Kalos League.
His Mega Charizard X proved to be a very powerful Pokemon, and considering Alain said it was his most powerful Pokemon means that he has more in his possession. For all we know he probably has other Pokemon capable of Mega Evolution, but the one he relies on the most is Charizard.


Alain has a Mega Ring and can evolve his most powerful Pokemon in his possession Charizard with the Charizardite X Mega Stone.
Halfway through the episode, he goes into a cave and finds another Mega Stone before facing a trainer with a Mega Garchomp.


If you ask me I think it is pretty obvious that Alain had just found the Charizardite Y Mega Stone. Charizard is capable of using 2 different mega forms so it is an interesting plot in the story line that Alain would have the stones to acces both forms for his Charizard. He even says that there is so much about Mega Evolution that he doesn’t know yet which explains why he didn’t realize that this stone could be used to let his Charizard turn into its alternate Mega Evolution.

Considering that Alan’s Charizard was able to hold its own against an Elite 4 Pokemon, I think that pretty much solidifies the fact that Ash would have to call upon one of his reserve Pokemon with experience instead of the ones he has caught so far in Kalos.
Not to mention Alan has BOTH Mega Stones for Charizard so if they battled he would probably give one to Ash if he didn’t already have one for himself.

This will finally allow fans to see a battle between both alternate mega forms of one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise.

What do you think will Ash and Alan cross paths at some point in the XY anime and battle? If so who do you think would win in a battle between Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y?

Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Is Katheryn Dreaming Everything That Has Happened?

By Jeremy Carden


Once again, my mother has brought up a very plausible theory about the TV show that gets us excited about Tuesday nights!

 haves and have nots 58

Here is the topic of this HAHN Theory Blog: Is Katheryn Cryer dreaming everything that is occurring in the show?

Stop for a second and just think about it (that was what I had to do when my mother brought it to my attention). I know it seems unlikely and confusing to even consider it being plausible. By now, you should know that when I make these blog with theories that seem impossible there are always facts to back up my claims.

My mom and I hashed things out as best we could and it seems that Katheryn has been dreaming everything that has been going on since halfway through Season 1. We have reason to believe this “dream” began at 1 of 2 possible points in the beginning of the series.

1. After Hanna gave Katheryn some weed to smoke, it is possible that it gave her an “extended high” if you will. We all know that she was literally on Cloud 9 after she had her first joint. One of my favorite scenes from the series so far was when Celine was suspicious of a familiar aroma in the house. She suspected that someone had been smoking weed, but she did not know who. At first, she said that if Wyatt were at home then it would be easy to deduce that it was him. However, the only people in the house were her, Hanna, and Katheryn (Jim was at his office).


The part the cracked me up (no pun intended) was when Katheryn came down the stairs with a grin on her face that made her look like the Joker! She asked Hanna to come with her for a second and when they were alone she asked for some more. Hanna refused saying that it was only something to be used when necessary.

If I remember correctly, that was the first time in her life that she had smoked and it is possible she experienced a reaction to being high that made her dream everything that has happened since that moment.

2. Now for the second and more probable scenario, we need to take a look at the time Katheryn was in the hospital undergoing surgery for her breast cancer.

There are many pieces of evidence during this time that made my mom suspect that Katheryn was put into a dreamlike state of mind.

First off, she had to be knocked out before going into surgery and afterwards she was probably asleep as well. So her mind could have slipped away and she has been dreaming everything that has occurred from that point onward. When she wakes up with Hanna at her bedside that would have been the beginning of her dream.

Another time when this could have occurred was when she suddenly started coughing and gasping for air. She asked Hanna to run and get the doctors so that is another possible moment when she passed out and began dreaming everything that has been going on.


Here is the piece of evidence that tipped my mom off to this possibly being a dream; remember when Hanna stepped out of the room and came back in only to see Katheryn fully dressed and standing beside her bed?

My mom said, “Listen, just seeing her jump up like that despite having just gone through surgery and whatnot didn’t make any sense to me.”

I tried to counter that by elaborating on the fact that she was in extreme discomfort because Hanna told her that the doctors said she needed to stay in bed for at least a couple more days until she could get back on her feet.

The reason she rushed out of bed was because Hanna had told her Amanda was in the hospital as well for trying to take her life.


Despite hospital policy, she declined coming out of the hospital room and building in a wheelchair because she needed to put on the facade that she was completely fine. It turns out that was the best strategy because the moment her and Hanna came around the corner, standing in front of her was Amanda, Jim and Wyatt.

I went on to mention that even after Katheryn got home; she was stuck in bed for a couple of days trying to recover from her surgery.

What made our theories come full circle was after I mentioned one extremely important and nearly forgotten piece of the puzzle from Season 1: the video will that Hanna has of Katheryn on camera!

Honestly, how many of you have forgotten about it? I don’t blame you because it was something that only appeared at the beginning of one episode and hasn’t been brought up again since. I believe it was right before Katheryn went into surgery and she had Hanna record it for her.

My personal observation was that the video will was Tyler Perry’s way of foreshadowing the eventual death of Katheryn Cryer.


I know many fans (including myself and my mom) compare the relationship/friendship of Katheryn and Hanna to that of Charlotte and Alice from The Family that Preys movie. That makes a lot of sense because one is a “Have” and the other is a “Have Not.” Most people associate those phrases with a person who is wealthy and another who is not. However, it should be mentioned that in life and most of Tyler Perry’s writing, to be rich is not always about monetary value. It is about soul, family and having the things in life that truly make it all worthwhile.

*In the movie, Charlotte tells Alice that she was was suffering from Alzheimer’s which alters a person’s memory and causes the mind to decline. While this theory is about Katheryn dreaming up everything that is occurring in the show within her own mind. Not to mention in the HAHN, Katheryn is suffering from breast cancer (which Hanna did as well prior to the beginning of the series) and only Hanna knew about it*


According to her will, Jim is to receive not one cent of her money while her children will receive their inheritance which is $12 million. However, if any of them were to battle against the stipulations of the will then they will be immediately removed from the will and their share of the money will go to charity. Either that or it would be divided by the remaining people still listed in the will.

*Keep in mind that I’m writing this entire thing from memory and some of the details are a bit fuzzy in my head. So if I make small mistakes in the details then please be understanding*

Since Amanda is planning on suing her parents for the inheritance based on Katheryn’s will she is to be removed from it!

Putting the evidence together, I do believe that my mom is onto something here with her theory. We finally broke it down by going over how Katheryn “knows” everything that is going on in the world around her or the one she has created in her subconscious.


She knew that Jeffery was gay so that part of her “dream” makes sense because she knew he is attracted to men (and in this case her own son because of the time they spend together while he is in rehab).

Summer OWN

Depending on when her dream started (smoking the joint or when she was in the hospital), she knew Candace was having an affair with her husband. She gave her famous #9 speech before going into the hospital for surgery. I told my mom that she knew about the affair long before that because of the “cheap lipstick and perfume” she saw and smelled on Jim’s clothes. The interesting part about this is that it is not revealed to her that Candace is Hanna’s daughter until AFTER she gets out of the hospital. Keep in mind though that Hanna did tell her while she was lying in the hospital bed that she had a daughter and son. While her son (Benny) was a good boy, her daughter (Candace) was one to raise hell.

Katheryn could relate because her son (Wyatt) was the one that raised hell (like Candace), and her daughter (Amanda) was sweet and caring (like Benny) but is innocent and naïve.


She knows David is the opposite of Jim in terms of being a loving husband along with Veronica being an overbearing mother to Jeffery.

Finally, we move on to her children and how this dream possibly made her see the worst of them.


I’m going to go into “nerd-mode” for a second here; if you are familiar with the Batman villain The Scarecrow then you know about his fear toxin. The purpose of this gas is to make anyone who breathes it in to hallucinate and see their deepest and darkest fears brought to the surface.


In Katheryn’s case, it seems that her fears about her children go back to that summer at camp when they were sexual abused by the priests. When affected by the gas, Batman sometimes remembers the death of his parents and feels an extreme amount of guilt because he blames himself for what happened that night when he asked them to leave the movie theater early.


Katheryn feels an extreme amount of guilt because she wasn’t there that summer to protect them. It was Jim who was supposed to be there watching their kids but for whatever reason he wasn’t. During his absence, that was when Amanda and Wyatt were taken advantage of and what resulted in her harming herself while Wyatt drank and smoked his pain away.

Whether it was the weed or the medication that put her to sleep in the hospital, Katheryn’s deepest fears have been brought to the surface and she is dreaming everything that has occurred so far.


She knows that her husband is a cheat, underhanded and will do whatever it takes to come out on top even if it means killing. That explains the part of her dream where Candace is kidnapped and “killed.” She knows about his other 8 mistresses and you could associate fear in that scenario being that she is very afraid of Jim knocking up another woman. Though based on recent episodes, you could deduce that Celine was one of those women who had a child by Jim which explains why she isn’t fired and refuses to quit.


In terms of Wyatt’s behavior and him hitting Benny along with that little girl, her fears would be that drinking and doing drugs would not only affect him but also the people around him. One of the worst things that could happen if he continued on his path of self-destructive behavior was taking the life of another person.


The same could be said about her fears of Amanda’s self-destructive behavior eventually being taking out on another person.

I could go on and on down the list, but I will end it right there because the two of us agreed that there are so many possible scenarios that could come with this theory.


One final thing my mom brought up was that it was just suspicious and strange that Jim would still be running for governor despite everything that is happening in his family. I mentioned that Jim isn’t the only politician (in real life) who has run for office despite not having a skeleton but an entire cemetery in his closet.

So there you have it, Katheryn suddenly jumping out of bed after surgery and Jim running for office despite everything that is going on was why my mom brought up this theory.

The video will Hanna recorded could possibly foreshadow Katheryn’s death, but that has yet to be seen.


Personally, I’ve never been a fan of “coma theories” because I grew up watching Pokemon as a child. One popular theory is that in Episode 1 after Pikachu defeated all of those Spearow with an electric attack, Ash was knocked out and put into a coma. Ever since that episode, he has been dreaming about all of his adventures and that explains why he is still 10-years-old despite the show airing on TV for well over a decade now.


To me it just feels like a slap in the face to the audience because everything they’ve been watching has been a lie, but that is just me. If this is indeed a correct theory, would I be upset? Well kind of, but it is creative writing I will say that much. My mom brought up something like this occurring in an old show called “Dallas.” Yeah, it was way before my time and I had no idea what she was talking about. She explained to me how it was soap opera that was like the HAHN because it had amazing cliffhangers. There was a character she mentioned named J.R. I believe who was placed into a coma or something and dreamed the events of the series for a certain amount of time.

Could Tyler Perry be recreating that scenario in the HAHN? Well it is very likely, but in any case I cannot wait to see if this is a legit theory or not!

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Pokemon Theory: Ash Will Receive a Mega-Evolving Lucario in the Kalos Region

By Jeremy Carden

images (4)

Isn’t it about time the Aura Pokemon joined Ash’s lineup? Now is as good a time as any since this epic Pokemon now has a Mega Evolution!

Considering the player gets a Mega Evolution Lucario in Pokemon X & Y by Gym Leader Korrina, who says the same can’t happen in the anime?

images (6)

After meeting several times with her in the games, she’ll take note that one of her two Lucario(s) has taken a liking to the player’s aura.

images (1)

That is quite interesting considering we first see Ash demonstrate his use of aura in movie “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Not only that, he befriends the Lucario that belonged to Sir Aaron.

download (1)

In the anime, we get a glimpse once again at Ash’s understanding of aura when he helps out the “special” Riolu that is able to use Aura Sphere (since it is a move that can only be used by its evolved form Lucario). Ash not only can “read” Riolu’s feelings through its aura, but he is able to locate Riolu by sensing its aura after it was kidnapped by Pokemon Hunter J!


We do get another dose of Lucario on Iron Island by Riley who strangely looks nearly identical to Sir Aaron!

I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say that it was a huge disappointment for one of the coolest Pokemon in Generation 4 to not be on the main character’s roster of Pokemon.

Aside from the comparison to the video games, I think we can look at Ash’s rivals from the past and how it might help dictate his Pokemon in a new generation:


Morrison (Ash’s rival in the Hoenn League) owned a Gligar, and Ash obtained on in the Sinnoh


Tyson (Ash’s other rival in the Hoenn League) owned a Sceptile, and Ash’s Grovyle evolved in the Battle Frontier

images (3)

Now the fact that Cameron had a Riolu and then a Lucario in the Unova League might also hint at a rival trainer’s Pokemon that Ash might just get sooner than we think


Looking at the FULL opening for the X & Y series, we see a Lucario in the process of Mega Evolution! Does that mean one of the main characters (*cough*…Ash…*cough*) will get a Lucario that can Mega Evolve? Well…


This wouldn’t be the first time we see Pokemon in the opening and generally assume things about it. For example, we see Paul with a Murkrow in the Diamond and Pearl opening. It wasn’t seen in the anime until Ep. 40 and we learn that he caught it in another region during his previous travels before Sinnoh.

download (5)

Most people (including myself) thought that he might have gotten it through a trade with the young trainer he gave his Azumarill to after its lackluster performance (despite having a type advantage) during Paul’s battle with Roark.

download (2)

There was a poster for the anime that displayed a Mega Blaziken and Lucario. Mega Blaziken is revealed in the first episode of the new series.

However, Mega Lucario has yet to be seen in the X &Y series (so far) except for the Lucario evolving in the opening.

I don’t know whether or not Ash will get a Lucario in Kalos, but it would be nice for him to get an awesome fully evolved Pokemon instead of a bunch of Pokemon that DON’T evolve.

download (3)

This is especially painful to watch when we get to the Pokemon League and Ash expects to win with a team of 1st and 2nd stage Pokemon!

images (8)

I know it is mostly due for promotional reasons like Pikachu not evolving because it is the series mascot or Ash having a Snivy and Oshawott even in the Pokemon League because they use the anime to promote the new starter Pokemon but still…

images (12)

Wouldn’t it be better if they use a Pokemon that is not only a fan favorite on Ash’s team, but also one that is actually powerful?

Do you think Ash will get himself a Lucario that can Mega Evolve in the anime?

Pokemon Theory: Ash’s Charizard will appear in Kalos and Mega Evolve

by Jeremy Carden

download (12)

Now before you jump for joy keep in mind that this is just a theory that I’ve come up with. As we all know in the new X and Y games our favorite Fire Starter Pokemon was given not one but TWO Mega Evolutions.


In the Pokemon Origins special, Red’s Charizard Mega Evolved into Mega Charizard X.

download (4)

The logical counterpart to that event would of course be Ash’s Charizard Mega Evolving into Mega Charizard Y.

However, going by the attacks that Charizard had in its move set when he appeared in Unova the BEST form for him to take would be Mega Charizard X.

download (3)

The Tough Claws ability boosting physical attacks would work wonders for 3 of Charizard’s moves. It was shown using Wing Attack, Slash and Dragon Tail. Flamethrower is its trademark attack like Thunderbolt is for Pikachu so it is no surprise it was still one of its attacks.

Regardless as to which form it takes on after Mega Evolving, I’d imagine that Charizard would be used in the finale of the Kalos League. Who knows perhaps Ash will have a Mega Stone for each Mega Evolution!

download (5)

Based on the photo above, it would make sense for Pikachu and Charizard to have the same number of league finales.

images (7)

In Kanto, Charizard’s refusal to battle was what caused Ash to lose the Indigo League. Charizard was the first to faint in the battle with Harrison’s Blaziken causing Ash to lose the Silver Conference.

images (10)

Now we get to the “Pikachu trend” this is when Ash is in a league full battle with no other active Pokemon in his team but Pikachu. Tyson’s Meowth in boots just barely scrapped a victory in the Hoenn League. Despite a double K.O. with Tobias’ Latios, Ash was defeated once again since his opponent still had 4 Pokemon left while he had none. Then in the arguably the most disgraceful league that the anime has ever produced, Pikachu was defeated by Cameron’s Lucario.

images (2)

As to whether or not Ash will actually win the Kalos League has yet to be determined. Though I’m sure we’ve all recognized the trend that has taken place up until this point:

  1. Ash and friends arrive at the location of the Pokemon League
  2. The gang meets some random trainer that they befriend
  3. Turns out this friendly trainer is also competing in the SAME competition
  4. Both Ash and the trainer make it through the preliminaries into the full battle round
  5. They wind up facing each other and Ash is defeated
  6. The rival/friend either gets defeated in the next round or goes on to win the tournament

We can only hope that the same does not happen in Kalos and Ash actually has a chance of winning this thing!

download (1)

Another thing to take into consideration is that Charizard is now at Professor Oak’s lab and not in the Johto region’s Charicific Valley. This could mean easier access for Ash to just get the Pokeball transported from Oak’s lab rather than for Charizard to fly from Johto to Oak’s lab in Kanto to get sent from there.

There is no doubt in my mind that if Charizard reappears it will have some new moves because each time it shows up there is always a rotation of its 4 attacks.

download (2)

Let’s just hope that Ash does not rely solely on the Pokemon he captures in Kalos instead of taking advantage of the large quantity of Pokemon at Oak’s lab.

Since the Kalos region is famous for Mega Evolution, it would not surprise me if there are some trainers in the league who will be using Mega Pokemon. I dare say that if Ash does meet some “friendly trainer” prior to entering the league and they battle, I could see the climax of their battle being down to Mega Evolved Pokemon!

download (4)

Who knows perhaps it will be Mega Charizard X vs. Mega Charizard Y or Harrison returns for a Mega Evolution rematch of Charizard vs. Blaziken.

The possibilities are seemingly endless and based on what I’ve seen so far of the X and Y series this will be a major improvement over Unova!

Honestly I don’t care which Mega Evolution Ash’s Charizard would get as long as it appeared again in the series and actually did something unlike the Unova series. I’m sure everyone was willing to bet money that it would face off against the legendary Reshiram. The only real battle it took place in was against Iris’ Dragonite, but other than that it was just in Ash’s lineup until he arrived in Kanto once again.

images (19)

Kalos is as good a time as any for Charizard to appear again, but this time for some REAL Pokemon battles! With multiple Mega Forms that it could use, I can only hope the writers do not let an opportunity like this slip through their fingers.  Going back to what I said before, the “friendly trainer” that Ash bumps into at the start of the league could be Red himself! I’ll just leave that thought there for you to consider…

Do you think Ash’s Charizard will return to its trainer’s side once more and if so will it Mega Evolve?

Are Dragonball Z Battle of Z and Pokemon X & Y a glimpse into future games?

By Jeremy Carden

From what I can tell both of these games show that the video game market is focusing on expanding online and multi-player game play like never before!

download (4)

Pokemon X and Y demonstrated that the Pokemon Company wanted the entire world to experience these new games together. In the past, Japan would get the new Pokemon games months before the United States and other countries. However, this all changed when it was announced back in January that Pokemon X and Y was going to have a worldwide release.

download (3)

This was huge news for Pokemon fans everywhere and a great start to 2013! Fans everywhere waited in anticipation for any news leaks from the games about new features, game play and of course new Pokemon. Something very interesting about the announcement trailer was that Pikachu was on top of what appeared to be the Eiffel Tower. From there it used an electric attack that scattered over the globe. This seemed to be an illustration of how there would be a connection worldwide with people trading and battling around the world at one time.

images (3)

With Dragonball Z Battle of Z being released next month, a demo has already been made available for fans who want to experience the game before they buy it. This DBZ game has new features that allow up to 8 players to fight on the same battlefield at the same time! An expansion like this will let players experience fighting  like never before. It won’t be one player vs. another player like in the past; it can be 1 vs. 7!

Of course with these new additions there seems to be a few cons to go along with the pros.

download (5)

Pokemon X and Y introduced the lowest number of new Pokemon in a new game totaling 69 along with 28 Mega Evolutions for Pokemon from previous generations. This made many of the older fans upset because it seemed like their favorite Pokemon from earlier generations were being tampered with. A lot of fans love the new 3D Pokemon and overall game play. However, the fact that the game is easier to beat than past generations due to the Exp. All allowing a person’s Pokemon to level up quickly in order to overpower their opponents all the way up through the Pokemon League with ease is one complaint fans have.

images (7)

It also seems that there is not a Move Tutor in the game to teach moves like Ice/Thunder/Fire Punch and other useful moves players have become accustomed to accessing at some point in the game. Not to mention a lack of post-game story arcs to play like a Battle Frontier.

It appears that the primary focus of X and Y is about the expansion in the Wi-Fi department for battling and trading with other players rather than the actual story mode.

images (8)

Players who have been through the demo for Battle of Z have complained about the complex controls and not so stealer graphics. Also the cutscenes that come from using Super/Ultimate Attacks are not present either. Which makes sense because if 8 players are releasing Kamehameha Waves, Big Bang Attacks, Death Balls or other moves at once it would take forever to cut to each player as their fire their moves.

images (2)

Another downside is a lack of in game transformations, but again this makes sense especially if you have a team of one particular character. For example, you can form a team with ALL of Cell’s forms so it wouldn’t make sense for Semi-Perfect Cell to transform into Perfect Cell when Perfect Cell is already on the team. However, I wish you could transform if you have a standard team that does not include multiple forms of the same character.

download (6)

Ultimate Tenkaichi was the last game released and although it wasn’t the best game, fans have praised the Character Customization feature. Though it will not be present in Battle of Z, but it is something X and Y fans were excited to see in the trailers for the game. Finally being able to dress up their character, add accessories and change skin tone was something Pokemon fans have been waiting a long time to see.


The game seems to have a story mode that strays from the original that most fans are accustomed to. In the demo when fighting Raditz, there is both Krillin AND Goku there battling Goku’s brother which is not what happened in the manga or TV show. Fans can only judge Battle of Z from the demo meaning there is a possibility for more great features to be revealed when the actual game comes out. Hopefully it does not disappoint everyone who has been anticipating a new DBZ game for the past 2 years.

Do I think it will be the best DBZ game out there? Not really but I feel like it is the introduction of an even greater DBZ game in the future.

Something tells me that these games are kind of a “trial and error” slowly introdcuing fans to something potentially bigger for both Pokemon AND Dragonball Z. There is no telling what they will bring to us in upcoming games, but I for one cannot wait!

I’m sure this new style of enhanced multi-player action is for game developers to see how customers respond and in future games more will be added like additional story elements, characters, etc.

images (31)

Most sources are saying that Battle of Z is going to be the last DBZ game for the Xbox 360 and PS3 systems.

download (1)

A lot of fans are speculating that Pokemon Z will be the game to follow up X and Y.

download (2)

I’m hoping for that instead of an X2 and Y2 like they did for Black and White which made fans spend more money if they wanted both instead of just one.

images (4)

In terms of DBZ, based on the success of Battle of Z perhaps there will be a Tenkaichi 4, Raging Blast 3 or something completely new.

Who knows but one thing is for sure I think these games are just a taste of things to come!

How about you?

Pokémon: How Come Charizard Refused To Obey Ash?

 by Jeremy Carden

images (23)

Anyone who has ever watched the original Pokemon series has pondered this question: Why did Charmander stop obeying Ash after it evolved into Charmeleon and then Charizard?

My own personal theory as to why Charmeleon and Charizard refused to obey Ash was because he pushed it too hard.

In the Season 1 episode The March of the Exeggutor Squad, Charmander evolved into Charmeleon.

 download (2)

Melvin the Magician’s Exeggcute hypnotized Ash into helping Melvin capture a large number of Exeggutor using his Pokemon; Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmaner. Melvin ended up capturing them all but at the cost of Ash’s Pokemon battling until they were exhausted.

 images (1)

From what I can tell none of them knew that Ash was not himself when ordering them to attack such a large number of Pokemon at once without rest.

 images (3)

At the climax of the episode, the entire Exeggutor herd was stampeding into the city and the group’s only hope was Charmander’s Flamethrower. Ash was finally back to normal no longer controlled by Hypnosis, but again Charmander was exhausted from a barrage of Fire attacks.


Melvin mastered his Raging Fire attack which unleashed a large stream of fire from his magic wand. He combined it with Charmander’s Flamethrower and it was enough to stop the Exeggutor in their tracks and they went back into the forest.

 images (7)

Then Charmander evolves into Charmeleon and from that point on it refused to obey Ash.

 images (5)

A few episodes later it evolves into Charizard in what looked to be an attempt to rescue its trainer from an Aerodactyl.

images (6)

However, this was not the case as it was just the urge to battle a strong opponent which led to Charmeleon evolving.

 download (1)

Time and time again Charizard’s refusal to battle has resulted in Ash losing important matches. One of the few times Charizard obeyed Ash was when it battled Blaine’s Magmar earning Ash the Volcano Badge. Brock pointed out that the only reason for Charizard obeying Ash was because it wanted to test its strength against a powerful opponent like Magmar. That always struck me as odd because if Charizard wanted to battle a strong opponent like Magmar, and won under the commands of Ash then how come it didn’t deem him as a trainer worthy of its power?

download (4)

Moving on to the Orange Islands, Charizard once again refused to battle after Ash calls him out to battle a Poliwrath. Battling on his own terms, Charizard suffers a tough loss being frozen by an Ice Beam attack.

images (10)

Charizard finally obeyed Ash after he takes cares of it all night in order to thaw it out. It seems that Charizard finally understood that Ash cared for it a lot and from that point on the two battled together as a team. If my theory as to why Charizard did not listen to Ash is correct: Ash’s love and care proved to Charizard that he DID care for him.

images (11)

Seeing Ash do whatever it took to keep Charizard warm reminded me of how he kept Charmander’s tail from getting wet when it was outside in the rain.

download (3)

Some people speculate that since Ash did not have enough badges he was not able to control Charizard. At the time of Charmander’s evolution into Charmeleon, Ash already had 6 of the 8 Kanto Badges. Charmander was the Pokemon used to defeat Koga’s Golbat for the Soul Badge.


The reason for this theory is because some fans consider Charmander somewhat of a “traded Pokemon” since it had a former trainer Damian. In the video games, if a Pokemon obtained in a trade is at a high level that exceeds the limits of the badges a trainer has on hand it will refuse to obey them. I don’t feel this is good evidence because Damian tricked Charmander into waiting for him on a rock, but it turns out that it was abandoned by its trailer. So technically speaking, Ash “caught” Charmander as a wild Pokemon.

images (9)

Not to mention in the Pokemon League, Charizard flat out refused to listen to Ash. Despite having all 8 badges and making it to the fifth round of the tournament, Charizard took a nap. In the video games it is stated that anyone with 8 badges can command a Pokemon of ANY level without fail.

*Professor Oak speculated that Charizard did not see Ritchie’s Pikachu as a worthy opponent to battle.*

In any case, its refusal to battle resulted in one of the most shocking disappointments of any child born in the 90s: Ash lost his first Pokemon League Tournament.

images (14)

This is why the Pokemon game mechanics do not blend so well with some of the things seen in the anime. It appears that a Pokemon will only obey its trainer in the show if it trusts the trainer and some Pokemon will only obey if they deem their trainer worthy of commanding them.

Overall, it seemed that Charmander began to look at Ash the same way it finally saw Damian for what he truly was: a trainer who only cared about it just because it was strong.

Although Ash cared for all of his Pokemon, making Charmander battle multiple times reaching its breaking point is probably why Charmander stopped obeying him after evolution. Need more proof?

images (24)

Remember that Charmander attacked Damian with its Flamethrower when it decided it was no longer going to be treated wrongly because it was deemed by Damian as weak or battle  to its trainer’s content just because it was finally seen as powerful.

images (22)

After evolving, the first thing Charmeleon did when Ash hugged it was use a Flamethrower that nearly burned part of his head!

images (19)

In The Problem With Paras, Charmeleon scored a direct hit burning Ash’s face.


Charizard has used its Flamethrower on Ash multiple times in the series whenever it felt that Ash was getting on its nerves.

download (5)

After finally obeying Ash, Charizard would use his Flamethrower as a greeting when returning from its training in the Charicific Valley. This was just its friendly way of saying “Hello” to its trainer. Similar behavior is demonstrated when Heracross sucks on Ash’s head or Turtwig biting Ash on the arm or head.

download (6)

Despite being one of Ash’s most difficult Pokemon to work with, the bond between Charizard and Ash is arguably close to the bond between Ash and Pikachu. Keep in mind that Pikachu was not Ash’s buddy when they first met. It took Ash risking his life to protect it from  flock of Spearow for Pikachu to begin to trust its new trainer. 

Do you agree with my theory?