How Has Chris Brown Not Been Cancelled Yet?

by Jeremy Carden


I believe this blog should start off with a disclaimer to avoid people dragging me online. This is not a post about how I hate Chris Brown or anything like that. Honestly, I have been a fan of his work since his debut album. If not for his checkered past, I truly believe that he was going to be the next Michael Jackson. In terms of talent, I don’t think there are too many other artists in the industry right now who can compete with him.

Earlier this year, a couple of big names in the music industry had their legacies tarnished by documentaries that took the internet and the world by storm. Of course, I am referring to “Leaving Neverland” and “Surviving R. Kelly.” Despite being dead for almost 10 years by the time the documentary was aired on HBO, Michael Jackson was “cancelled” by a lot of people around the globe. Some of his music was removed from streaming services, music stores pulled his records from shelves and radio stations refused to play his singles.

R. Kelly’s troubles have been going on ever since the infamous tape where he was shown urinating on an underage female. However, there are some fans who will support him no matter what. That explains why fans have bailed him out of jail on more than one occasion. Too bad the recent allegations, testimonies from former associates and uncovered tapes have put R. Kelly in a situation that even bail money cannot get him out of.

What does this have to do with Chris Brown getting cancelled?

The point of his blog is to discuss whether Chris Brown will eventually get the same “treatment” that R. Kelly and Michael Jackson faced earlier this year. I watched the “Welcome to My Life” documentary on Netflix, and it answered a lot of questions that fans have been wondering for years. The scene that had viewers talking was related to the night of the incident between Brown and Rihanna.

Considering that we are living in an era of cancel culture, I’m surprised that Brown has not had a documentary made about him going over all of the various legal troubles that he has faced over the years. Whenever someone mentions “Chris Brown”, I think a lot of people instantly think about the situation with Rihanna. However, there have been A LOT of various arrests, fights, allegations, etc. that have happened between 2009 and 2019.

This video that I found on YouTube goes into great detail about all of the situations that Brown has gotten himself into:

I’m wondering if the reason Brown has not faced a lot of backlash from the cancel culture is because his fanbase is so strong. A lot of people would agree that the reason R. Kelly did not go to jail because of the notorious tape was because he was dropping hit records. Fans would say that he is too talented to do such a horrendous crime.

Is Chris Brown getting a pass because of his talent as well?

Look, I have not been a huge fan of his work since his “X” album. It could be argued that Chris Brown has more hit singles than hit albums. Just because I have not been a fan of his latest work does not mean that I have stopped being a fan. He is a rare talent for our generation, and it is inspiring to see him continue doing what he loves despite the world standing against him.

What I don’t want is for another 15 or 20+ years to pass by, and then we’ll see a documentary coming out to destroy Brown’s career and legacy when he could be a completely different artist in the “golden age” of his career and life. I wonder if the cancel culture will even still be a thing in 2030 and beyond.

Overall, do you think Chris Brown is “getting a pass” because he is extremely talented with a dedicated fanbase? Should people still support him despite everything that he has done in his past?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Can You Truly Be Happy For Others If You Are Not Happy With Yourself?

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We all have that one friend who is successful at ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that they attempt to do. Of course no one is perfect but they are labeled by other people as “Mr. or Little Miss Perfect.” I’m sure a lot of you can relate when I mention how frustrating it is to have something that you work for or something that you try to do fail miserably. Then there are other times when you put your all into something but the results are not coming as quickly as you’d like them to.

There is a saying I think about whenever I begin to show distain for other people becoming successful or getting closer to their goals while I’m still stuck in the same place; “Jealousy comes from counting others’ blessings instead of our own.” That green-eyed monster starts to rear its ugly head whenever I begin to feel trapped just dreaming while other people I know are having their dreams become a reality.

For the past 2 ½ years, I’ve been working to become a professional songwriter; writing over 150 songs, mailing out dozens of letters to artists, spending money on songwriting books and getting my work copyrighted, emailing/calling over 50 potential lawyers for representation so I’ll be prepared whenever I reach my goal because I’ll need professional help, making demos, my own website (, Facebook page ( and the list goes on.

However, even with the many contacts that I’ve made through networking there hasn’t been any big ups in my journey so far. The closest thing to success is making contact with a guy who runs a recording studio who will record any song I bring in that has “hit potential.” Honestly, this is a lot better than someone who just wants me to come in and record a song even if it’s horrible just to get my money. That is why I am determined to just use that particular studio. Downside is that I haven’t been able to find reliable people to record demos with; vocalists, other lyricists, people who know about using the necessary equipment or composers.

As you can imagine, I haven’t been in the best of spirits since my dream hasn’t been going so well. The thing that gets to me is that some of my other friends just seem to “fall” into their success or their next step in becoming successful in their dream career. You know what I mean when I say that, those people who do not have to work for anything. They seem to have everything fall right into their lap while you are working your butt off but nothing is happening.

Many people that have made it in whatever career they were pursuing says that the struggle is what made them appreciate their success even more. That is because they know what it is like to start at Square 1 with nothing but their dreams and own ambition. It is not about what you know it’s about who you know. Nothing could be closer to the truth that than statement because I try to remember that in any situation I find myself in.

Patience is the key but it is hard for me to fit that key into the lock of success because of how long I have to wait for something to happen. It is true that most artists and musicians have been working at their craft for most of their lives. For me 2 ½ years ago was when I finally found my passion in life that one thing I wanted to do more than anything for the rest of my days. I’ve been writing for a good portion of my life but it was when I reached the age that I was able to do something about it that changed everything for me. I write songs, short stories, poems and screenplays and it gives me great joy to be able to look at any piece of my finished work. That is because I put myself into my work and that gives me the greatest satisfaction.

Another thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be jealous of another person’s success. In fact, you should rejoice especially if it is someone close like a friend or relative because someone you know that has been working and praying hard has finally achieved something that they’ve been working for. True success comes when you have someone to share that  joy with.

Will I ever reach my dream? That depends as to whether or not it is what God has in store for me but I doubt that He would give me such a heated desire to pursue this dream if it wasn’t meant to happen. My hope is that you too will find that one thing you love doing more than anything else. One thing that we have to remember is that everyone has their own race to run, their own dreams and goals to follow then achieve. No matter who is getting their blessings around you whether it be through hard work or seemingly just handed to them it doesn’t matter. Why? Just knowing that somewhere down the road your blessing is waiting for you as a reward for the hard work you put into that project you are working on right now makes the struggle worth it.

Big Dreams, Small Bank Account


Have you ever had an idea, passion, dream or inspiration that gets you up from your seat and make your blood rush? That thing that makes you want to work towards something that could change your life but then it call comes to a screeching halt.

Sometimes I wish my bank account was as big as my dream is. I know I know, work hard/play harder, “seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open” and all of the other saying people say to you when you are feeling discouraged.

Faith is the key to unlocking the door to our dreams. There are many days where I sit around wondering when my big break as a writer is going to take off or why nothing has happened recently to let me know that I’m on the right path or my hard work is paying off.

I will say there is a lot of truth to how one word of encouragement means more than success. When you are feeling down and someone whispers a word to help you press on brings something new to the table. It lets you know that you are not alone in the struggle.

Someday I hope that I eventually write a song that makes it to the radio waves, a screenplay that makes it to the big screen, a book that is a #1 seller or poems that ignite the souls and passions or people everywhere.

With every word I write on paper or type on my computer, I’m one step closer to my dream. Yes, that bank account, bills, school loans and whatnot seem to drag me down but I know I’m in the valley right now. However, pretty soon I know I will come to the other side to reap the fruits of my hard labor!

Keep on going people, keep your dreams alive! 

Started From The Bottom…


Ever have one of those days when you just want to crawl up under a rock because everything seems to be falling down all around you?

It seems like no matter what you try to do nothing works out the way that you planned. I’m pretty sure I can speak for anyone reading this that we’ve all had some days like that.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just sit and reflect on where I am now in life. With nearly half of 2013 gone, I sometimes feel a little depressed because I have not accomplished any of the goals I set on New Year’s;

-Record a full demo album (9-11 songs)

-Visit Nashville

-Join the Nashville Songwriters Association International

-Find a lawyer or music agent

-After finding an agent/lawyer, search for a record label

Man, all I can do is shake my head at how none of these goals have come to light. Found out that looking for a lawyer was premature because I have to have some concrete demo tracks to actually shop around to labels before I get a contract. Joining the NSAI has been setback due to having to work a job in order to pay off housing for last semester meaning I had no extra cash to pay the joining fee.

When it came to demos I went to a recording studio but the guy running it thought my songs were not good enough but I had the talent to get there if I kept on writing.

Ever since that day (which has been around a month and a half) I’ve been hesitant to even pick up my writing pen. It’s like everything I’ve worked for these past 2 years was meaningless.

Hopefully, I can get a breakthrough one way or another pretty soon because Lord knows I need one.

Here’s to anyone working hard on any goals that they’ve set for themselves. Just remember that if you are at rock bottom the only place to go is up!

Raw Talent

Every person has something that they are really good at. One thing that makes them feel special because it is something they can do that their friends can’t or its some passion that fuels them in their day to day living. Sometimes that one thing you have will help decide what kind of career you get.

Athletes usually go for professional sport teams, singers and musicians shoot for musical aspirations and the list goes on. Regardless everyone has some talent that separates them from the rest.

However, it is difficult for some people especially those who are multi-talented or people who are talented in one area but have a desire to do something. Whatever the case maybe, it seems some fall in the category of raw and untamed talent.

For me I feel like I fit perfectly in that gray area of the talent spectrum.

Raw talent is a great thing but also it can lead to a lot of confusion. Having more than one talent can make things worse since it can have you running in all directions. Personally, it is something I struggle with everyday. Now I’m in no way shape or form trying to toot my own horn but I just have a lot of passions and what other people call talents then I know what to do with.

I just feel like there is no one that knows what I’m going through. Finishing up college, it is difficult to see where my skills will lead me when there is no clear path. I love writing, public speaking, web design, instructing (kind of like teaching I suppose you can say), connecting with other people, radio and photography.

With talent comes people trying to point you in a direction but like most things in life; the more people who try to help, the more confusing things get. Ever go through something like that, when you ask people for advice and everyone seems to be pointing in a different direction based on the answer they gave you?

I just wish there was a way to cultivate these skills to help achieve my dream, use what I learned in school and effectively touch other people’s lives. One thing that I am trying to avoid is to live a life of mediocrity.

That is something I will not stand for because I do not just want to be another face in the crowd or just an average Joe if you will. So, to anyone out there feeling the same way just know that you are not alone.

Whatever it takes use that raw talent and untapped potential to do something with your life that you can be proud of!

More about me: Jeremy Carden

me photo


First of all I would like to express thanks to because this has been the best blogging website that I have been a part of posting different topics for readers to enjoy.

Second round of thanks goes to the bloggers who followed my account I think that the “Run-Out Diet” post really got attention because a lot of you could relate to what I was writing about which was a real honor knowing that my words has some effect reaching those who need the encouragement or to know that they are not the only ones going through a problem.

So, if you follow my on here, read my blogs or whatever I’d like you to get to know a little more about myself. By the time you finish reading this post, I hope that you get to know the man behind the blog a little bit more.

My name is Jeremy Carden and I am from Clover, VA a small town that and I live out in the woods with my parents. Clover is a town located in the South Boston/Halifax County area let me put it in perspective; I’m 30 minutes from town, most of the traffic where I live is deer and squirrels and even in the town of South Boston Wal-Mart is the mall. Seriously, that is how small this county is.

I’m a student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Next Saturday I graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communications (Advertising/Public Relations), Associate’s in Religion and a Minor in Biblical Studies. I plan on going to graduate school as well for a degree in Theological Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Communications.

I’m 21-years-old and I’m proud to share my birthday with the King of Pop: Michael Jackson on August 29th. My favorite number is 8 and my favorite letter is W. Dogs are the BEST pets!!!

Going a little deeper, I’m a book-a-holic and writing is my passion (songs, poems, short stories and screenplays). My dream job is to be a professional songwriter or do voice-over work (because I get told a lot that my voice is wonderful because it’s deep yet soothing and this has been by professional radio stations and music professors at my school).

At the tender age of 8 (did I mention that is my favorite number), I was saved and joined my church family at Bethel Grove Baptist Church knowing that the Lord was my Savior which was one of if not the greatest days of my life thus far. I’ve been speaking in churches since I was 9 so in a sense I’m somewhat an evangelist I guess because that’s what most people call me or “Preacher Man.”

This was before I went to Liberty so know that I have the degrees to make it official there may come the day when I chose to get ordained if I feel that it is God’s calling for my life. Until then, I enjoy speaking to people about God’s grace.

Social media is my playground! Twitter, Facebook, you name it I’m addicted to it!!! I manage 3 Facebook pages for my school, 1 for my music and of course my own personal Facebook page. I’m that guy who posts funny, inspirational comments to get people thinking. Most people ask if I get this from another website but really those comments come from things I see or experience.

True, I’ve reached a point in my life I’m not supposed to be at until maybe age 22 or 23 finishing college with multiple degrees and fixing to move on up in life. I’m still single…

No, I haven’t found the woman I want to marry due to being a work-a-holic not to mention I haven’t found anyone that I see myself compatible with. Only time will tell when the right woman comes into my life and won’t that be a happy day for me!!!

So, if you wanna know more about me of just want to connect here are some of the sites I am commonly on:

Facebook: Jeremy Carden

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