Will Jim Cryer Face Jail Time in Real Life? | Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots

By Jeremy Carden

Sadly, John Schneider is going through some hard times with his ex-wife. Apparently, he is behind by about $185,000 in alimony after his divorce. The main reason for this is because of a massive flood in 2016 doing extensive damage to his Louisiana movie studio.


Since that disaster, John has been putting every penny into repairing the damages. Schneider is potentially going to face about three months in jail if things are not resolved. Hopefully, everything will be taken care of within a reasonable amount of time.

The question for HAHN fans is whether jail time could impact John’s character on the show. We know that Jim Cryer has spent time behind bars a couple of seasons ago. However, our hope is that he will not have to go through the same drama in real life.


As of right now, I do not think Jim Cryer will be impacted if John does go to jail. Why? The next season has wrapped up filming about a week ago. If John is held for three months, I believe that will occur during a time where the actors are not filming the show.

Even though I am a big fan of the show, I am more concerned with John’s life outside of the HAHN. He has been through a lot with his studio being wrecked during the flood. I remember when he was posting videos online about how the water caused extensive damage. Maybe things will be settled in a reasonable way for both he and his ex-wife to come out victorious.

Here is a link to the Fox News article on the matter:


Also, here is a video with my thoughts on the situation:

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Put A Hit On Veronica?


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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Quincy’s Revenge

By Jeremy Carden


After “Benny Beat Down” Number 2, I think that Quincy has finally had enough!

My faithful readers, I am letting you know that you had better strap yourselves in for a wild ride.


Make sure that the seat belt on your sofa or computer chair is secure (unlike Quincy’s was in the truck…). This blog is going to be a knockout, and I do not want you to be caught off guard by the impact.

In one of my more recent HAHN blogs, I wrote about Benny setting up Quincy for a fall that would result in him going to prison for a very long time.


Turns out that my theory was correct about Benny’s intentions! There is nothing better than putting work into one of these blogs, and it turns out to be 100% correct!

Considering that Quincy found refuge behind a bush that was a few feet away from the scene of the accident, I think it is safe to assume that we have not seen the last of him.

First off, I am shocked that some of the characters on the HAHN still have their job!

I’m not a cop, but based off of other T.V. shows and real life events that I’ve either seen or heard about; the cops on this show aren’t very good at their job…


I understand that only a couple of cars arrived at the scene because Benny (posing as Quincy) did not give a location of the accident, but shouldn’t the cops have at least checked the area before calling back to the station?

After arriving on the scene, finding the flipped truck (without any license plates), the bag of crystal meth (that Benny planted on Q) and “a lot of blood” the cops called into the station reporting what they had found and said that the culprit(s) involved were long gone.


If they had bothered to search the area not even 12 feet away they would have found Quincy bleeding out behind a bush.

Not to mention that if there was a lot of blood wouldn’t Q have left a trail of blood from the highway to the bush that he was hiding behind? I know most of his bleeding was around his head, but still it should have been dripping or something.


As the late Robin Harris would say while joking about men with Jeri curls; “You’d better not ever commit a crime! The police would have no trouble finding you! All they’d have to do is follow the drip, follow the drip!”

I doubt that he ran behind the bush and just hid there like a runaway slave. Something tells me that he had to crawl or limp in order to get there.

For someone to call into a police station and report that they think they are dying, shouldn’t there have been at least one ambulance on the scene? I mean what about the drug hounds?


Those cops are just as bad as the psychiatrist that came to talk to Amanda to see if she was ok, and after a brief session told the Cryers that their daughter was fine but just needed sleep. We all know how that turned out…

Seriously, he asked her about 3 or 4 questions that she put on her “sane face” in order to answer in a way that would convince him that she was alright.


At this point, the question is when Quincy will come back on the scene for revenge. We do know that it might not occur until either the end of Season 3, or he might return in Season 4. There are only 7 more episodes left in Season 3, and Season 4 will be starting up in January of 2016. It has been said that Season 4 had an order of 23 episodes.

How do I know about the episode count? Let’s just say that I have my sources…

Back to the matter at hand, we can assume that Quincy is coming back. One thing to wonder about is who will be his first target when he makes his return to the show?


Based on the preview for next week’s episode, it looks like Melissa is now the owner of Jeffrey’s apartment! Well technically it was never Jeffrey’s to begin with since Veronica was the one paying for it.


Remember that in Season 2 when Veronica cut him off, Jeffrey had no choice but to live with Candace and Amanda at their apartment.


If this is the case in the next episode, I have a feeling that Jeffrey will confront Melissa in “her” apartment, and then leave her alone in it. This is very similar to David leaving Veronica alone in their mansion to go stay at the Sarandon Hotel.

Where could Jeffrey go aside from the Sarandon Hotel?


Candace DID invite him to go to Atlanta, GA with her when she said she was moving there in Season 2. Just recently, she invited him to move in with her because she has now bought 2 houses! Jeffrey was invited to move into the house that she had purchased for herself.

It would not surprise me if he does because he really doesn’t have many options at this point.

Now if Melissa runs her mouth and talks down to Jeffrey next week then I have no mercy for her because I’m willing to bet money that when Quincy eventually heals and comes back for revenge; one of the FIRST places that he might go is Jeffery’s apartment.


However, it will be Melissa who he comes in contact with, and things are not going to go well. Remember that after David left Veronica alone in their house, Quincy ended up in Veronica’s bed!

Think about if she tells Quincy that she is Jeffrey’s girlfriend or baby’s mama; Quincy does not know Jeffrey is gay and might try to get to him through her.


If Quincy does come by the apartment, Melissa might think that he is gay because he’s a man who is coming to Jeffrey’s apartment looking for him! That would be an interesting twist like it was when Jeffrey thought that Benny was a gay man that Candace sent over to visit him.


Remember that Jeffrey thought the man lying on his bed after he came from the Cryer Mansion (it was Quincy) was someone Candace sent over.

There are a number of things that could happen to Melissa if Q shows up to “her” apartment looking for Jeffrey. I mean the guy lied to him about Candace’s location, busted him in the back of the head with a wine bottle and he told Veronica that after killing her son; he was coming to rape her next.

Here’s what could happen:

  • Melissa is killed by Quincy (also eliminating her child by Jeffrey)
  • Quincy rapes Melissa (he’s tried it with Veronica and Amanda)
  • Quincy abducts Melissa for ransom or tries to use her to get to Jeffrey (like Candace did to Jim for extortion); jokes on Q since Jeffrey can’t stand her!


I mean Quincy was involved with Amanda (who was possibly carrying a child by Professor Cannon), and she ended up dead! Let me put it this way; if Melissa comes into contact with Q, things are NOT bound to end up well for her.


Another possible route that their encounter could take is Q seducing Melissa somehow and those two plotting together against Jeffrey and Veronica for revenge. However, there are some major holes in that theory, but it was still worthy of making mention about. I am not sure that Melissa would do anything against Veronica since without the money for her father’s medication; she’d have gotten pregnant for nothing!


Again, there are so many routes that this particular encounter could take, and in most of those scenarios it is Melissa who will finally get what has been coming to her. Originally, it would have been best for her to believe Jeffrey and Candace when they told her that having a baby would not be enough and that Veronica would not keep up her end of their bargain. They could have somehow worked together in order to solve the problem at hand instead of going at each other’s throats.

I still have my qualms about Melissa really being pregnant with Jeffrey’s baby, but that is another blog for another time.


Veronica would be his first point of contact, but that would only be if he came to her for the funds for a secret medical recovery from the accident and beating that Benny gave him. However, I doubt that he would literally come crawling to Veronica for help. He is one dog that she no longer has on the chain.


Quincy knows that Benny has gone to his sister’s house to take his nephew back to Hanna’s house.


Hanna was right in the preview about Quincy eventually coming back in order to take his son back with him even if it means taking the Youngs out of the picture.

He told Candace and Benny that he’d kill their whole family, and that the only way to stop him would be to kill him (he told Benny this as he was pounding him into the pavement).

I think that it is clear that when Quincy comes back he will be a lot smarter than he was before. Benny might get in a tight spot, and he will finally need Warlock’s help directly instead of using him as a point of contact for Quincy’s whereabouts.


Even though I think that this will occur, things will begin to fall apart for the Youngs. I think that Warlock will eventually find out about Candace lying to him about only getting $400,000 from Jim. This might tarnish his trust in her, and she will be without her hired muscle.

Not to mention that Benny will find out that Candace was lying to him about her job and how she came across the funds for fancy new clothes, the hotel, the towing company and her big surprise (the two houses that she purchased).


Things will come around full circle because it all goes back to the day that Maggie handed the papers to Veronica in order to get Quincy out of jail to shut down Candace. I still say that Maggie did this not only to get Candace out of the way of the campaign, but to also get David closer to her and away from Veronica.

I think Veronica will get shut down because if something happens to Melissa then it will come out about her evil plan to get her to have Jeffrey’s child. David will finally have his eyes open and leave her.


Veronica will try to turn to Katheryn for help, but she is mad with her because she lied about not knowing where Jeffrey’s car was.


Everything will literally crumble underneath the Ice Queen’s feet, and she will not have anything to stand on! Though I do think her mother will eventually come into the show to set her daughter straight!


Quincy is the only person that Candace is truly afraid of. Benny and Quincy Jr. are her weak points.

Veronica (and Candace) both love to be in control, and if for one second things fall out of place; Veronica will begin to come off of her high horse. Currently, she is trying to get the Black Sedan from Benny’s new towing company in order to destroy evidence. Quincy cut the lease that she had him on, and now Maggie has a detective on her tail to bust her! Eventually Veronica WILL fall! She has proven capable of getting out of tight spots before, but this time she might finally be defeated.


It seems to me that Quincy will be the one to unravel everything that has been done to keep things under wraps.

The sad part about this is that his anger towards Candace is most likely misguided because I still say that Veronica somehow made up documents that seemed like Candace did sign papers and dropped dime on Quincy.


Ice Queen Veronica is really the one to blame, but Quincy will not know the truth until it is too late (if he ever knows the truth at all).


I wonder if he will ever come into contact with Oscar because it was his idea for Candace to go see Quincy in jail, and he is currently “hitting his chick.”


Will Quincy return to the series anytime soon, or will he be out of action longer than Professor Cannon was after he was stabbed in the back?


Seriously, the man will finally be returning in the next episode, and he has been gone for a very long time!

Who will be his first target for revenge? Will it be Benny, Candace, Jeffrey, Veronica or someone else?


You would think that Benny is the first victim in his mind because he literally left him out in the middle of the street like the Santa Claus robber from Friday After Next!


Hopefully, if we see Benny and Quincy go into Round 3, it will be a “fair” fight. By fair, I mean that Quincy isn’t knocked out by some sort of car accident before taking a beating from Benny!

Before I bring this blog to a close, I think there is a subject that I should address once and for all. Many of my faithful readers have been asking me about a particular subject ever since my first HAHN blog. It has to do with whether or not I am a staff writer, ghostwriter or mystery writer for Tyler Perry Studios. 

I must admit that if I were a HAHN fan reading blogs like these from someone who can create such elaborate twists and plots for where the story will go, I would think that person was one of Tyler Perry’s writers myself!

tumblr_ngstltuszH1tohid6o4_500 (1)

However, this is NOT the case about myself…

Do you know how badly I would love to write for a living whether it is for Tyler Perry, myself or any studio for that matter? I love writing with all of my heart, and to do it as a career would be amazing!

I graduated with my Master’s in Theological Studies from Liberty University in 2014, and I have been working as an Academic Advisor in the online department for the past year. Working in a call center teaches you how to deal with many types of people, and gives you a new appreciation for good customer service. It goes without saying that I sometimes have to deal with unruly students from time to time.


Now if I were a writer for Mr. Perry on this hit show making good money, do you really think I would still be working in a call center? That is NOT a rhetorical question to throw off suspicion, or that my job in a call center is a cover up for me being a staff writer…

Most of the time, I have the same face as Candace while I am on the phone with someone being rude or unruly. However, I thank God for giving me the patience to help work through problems with angry students to come up with a positive solution instead of biting their head off like a Jim Cryer or Veronica Harrington.


It all started when my mother and I caught the first episode of HAHN on OWN when it premiered back in 2013. From there, I discovered that 140 characters on a mere tweet was not enough to express our thoughts and theories. That was when I first began to write theory blogs for the show.


Funny story, it was actually a tweet from Tika Sumpter/Candace that inspired me to do my very first blog. It had to do with the episode “Angry Sex” when Candace told Jim about how she feels no sympathy towards him because he has everything, but is willing to throw it all away because he is bored with it. I believe my question to her through a tweet had to do with Candace’s own issues. She responded that Candace knows that she is imperfect, but is secure with her own imperfections and that makes her who she is. Tika’s question was what did I think about that statement. Of course, I could not put my full thoughts into a single tweet, and that was how my first blog began. The topic was whether or not Jim was in love with Candace. The rest is history!


Whether or not Mr. Perry has actually read one of my blogs is still a mystery to me. However, I have heard back from nearly EVERY character on the HAHN through Twitter and Facebook! It is such an amazing feeling to have cast members retweet, favor or tweet back to one of my tweets where I provide a link to my blog. It makes all of the time that I put into my blogs worth it.

Even if I never receive a thin dime from TP Studios for my writing, I still am happy to know that the cast members enjoy my work.


Hopefully, this puts an end to the questions regarding my “position” with Tyler Perry Studios. I am not provided with any episode summaries, scripts or anything like that to use as material for my blogs. My mother and I practically talk about this show EVERY SINGLE DAY either in person or over the phone. We come up with theories based on previous episodes, and our own personal thoughts on where the story will go next. That explains where all of my theories for the new episodes comes from for each blog.


My mother is convinced that the show itself is all going on in the mind of Katheryn Cryer due to her having a dream while in surgery for her breast cancer. This was way back in Season 1, and here is the blog that details our thoughts on that subject.

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Interracial Dating Central

by Jeremy Carden

I believe that Interracial Dating Central is a great website because it sees beyond the color of a person’s skin. Just by reading a few of the many success stories from happy users of this site makes me want to recommend it to everyone that I know. Love should be colorblind because when you fall in love with someone you get feelings after getting to know them. Skin color is one thing but character is another. The skin that we wear on the outside is just something that holds everything on the inside, but once you get to the heart of a person that is when you truly get to know them not their color. The world is a melting pot of nationalities and of course skin colors. However, that says nothing about the uniqueness of individual people aside from the general assumptions that you can make about a person based on where they came from.

Browsing through the website, I saw that you can choose the type of person you are looking to form a relationship with. If you are fond of Asian women then they have women of that nationality for you. That is just one of the many types of people on this website. I would recommend searching through the entire site before making a decision. Just because you prefer Spanish women doesn’t mean you should ignore Black women on the website. Personal preference is one thing, but sometimes the type of person you least expect turns out to be the one that you need in your life.

The website it easy to maneuver around and that makes it less frustrating that many other online dating sites. The categories of people are neatly organized and with one click you are taken to wherever you want to go on the website. There is safety measures put into place that makes a person feel secure when they log onto the site. Personal information is not shared with anyone unless you decide you would like it to be. Customizing your profile page is of course up to you, and the more you customize your page with information, the better your chances of finding the kind of person to compliment your personality. If anything, the online chat feature is a great way to get to know someone. Face to face interaction is much more personal, but online chat is a start.

The fact that the website is free for sign up is a great way of attracting new people. Many online dating websites out there today will charge you an arm and a leg to try and find the love of your life. I recommend trying it out just to get a grasp of what it has to offer. Something tells me that you will not regret it and you will be sharing the website with all of your friends.  Interracial Dating is a common practice in today’s world so why not start by clicking on the link to this website?





The Struggle Is Real…Or Is It?

By Jeremy Carden

I’m certain that everyone reading this has either heard or said the phrase “The struggle is real.” Similar to Y.O.L.O. (You only live once), it has become a popular catchphrase of our generation. Typically, it is used to describe some type of hardship being experienced by an individual. However, just like those songs you hear on the radio 24/7…it gets old very fast.

images (27)

Now I’m not writing this blog to point fingers at people who say this phrase (because I say it on a daily basis) or to express my annoyance of it. The point of all of this is to ask the question; what does it REALLY mean to say “the struggle is real?”

Whenever it rolls off of your tongue the purpose behind saying it is to express that you recognize a difficult situation that either you or another person is going through. Recently, I’ve been going through some hardships of my own and I’ve found myself saying “the struggle is real” even more often than before.

A few nights ago I sat down and thought about my “struggles.” It wasn’t until I hashed out everything that I realized most of these struggles were self-created.

Take a moment and ask yourself; Am I the reason for most of my struggles?

download (3)

While I was mentally listing out my troubles, the phrase “You are your own worst enemy…” kept going through my mind. That makes a lot of sense because I’m one of those people who can be classified as an “over thinker” or a “worrywart.” I’m sure that some of you reading this can relate to me when I say that when you worry about something you can play 20+ worst case scenarios in your head about a situation in 30 seconds. Now if that does not cause a struggle for you mentality then I don’t know what does.

download (2)

For those of you who say that the struggle is real when it comes to losing weight, how many of you get off of the couch to take a walk or replace that soda in your hand with a bottle of water?

images (2)

To anyone having a difficult time trying to move on from a past relationship, are you still talking to your ex or find yourself looking at their pages on social media sites to keep track of what they are doing?

Our inner demons have a way of bringing out temptation and painful memories to bring us down. The struggle is real after you’ve gotten your heartbroken whem a relationship ends or you step on the scale and the number you see makes you want to breakdown and cry. Just the impossibility of getting into shape or putting the pieces of your heart back together truly makes the hardship of the situation escalate. Of course, these are just a couple of the many struggles people face in their lifetimes.


Money is one of the primary struggles people use the phrase in reference to. Wanting to buy Frosted Flakes but you have to buy the generic brand instead due to a budget is “a struggle.”

Sometimes in order to overcome these struggles you have to do something about it!


Want to lose weight? Stop scrolling through Facebook on your computer or sitting in front of your TV screen playing a video game for 5 hours straight! If you can do that then you can certainly manage to exercise for an hour or so a day.

Moving on from a relationship proving to be difficult? Stop pinning over the person who broke your heart! The more you dwell on it…the more painful it becomes. You cannot make room for the right person to come into your life if you are stilling holding onto feelings for the wrong person.

No struggle that we go through in life is impossible to overcome. Despite the difficulty one must face in order to conquer a struggle, it will all pay off in the long run.

If there was one thing that I’d want someone reading this blog to take away it is that “The struggle is real, but so is the reward on the other side.” We have to go through those times of hardship for 2 key reasons:

  1. Going through difficult times (struggles) help us to appreciate the good things in our lives once that period of hardship is over. You don’t truly appreciate something handed to you on the same level you do for something that you’ve earned through hard work and struggle.
  2. Despite the struggle(s) that you are going through at the moment there is something good waiting once it is over.

download (1)

Something else that I’ve heard many times is “Once you’ve hit rock bottom there is no reason to give up because that means the only direction that you can go is up!”


Of course, some realists or Debby Downer would say something sarcastic or technical about how you can go even lower and melt at the center of the earth. All joking aside there is a lot of truth behind that statement. There are some moments in life where everything has to be torn down in order to be built back up again. What’s even better is that sometimes when your life is rebuilt it is even better than it was before. The downside is going through the pain of the struggles that come with that.

So the next time you say that “the struggle is real” just stop and think about whether or not you are the cause of it. The struggles we face are only as real as we make them. Are you spending more time complaining about your struggle or are you spending time doing something in order to overcome it?





Don’t let a part-time job kill your lifelong dream?

by Jeremy Carden

Do you have dreams of flying high but find yourself grounded because your funds are low?

Personally my dream is to be a professional writer because I write short stories, blogs, songs and poems. It would be a dream come true to write a #1 hit on the Billboard Charts or write a book that ends up on the Best Seller List. However, I know that becoming an overnight sensation is nearly impossible. Not to mention overnight sensations more often than not disappear from the spotlight just as quickly as they became famous.

Now I know that it will take time to make my dreams come true. With faith, hard work and the one word almost everyone hates “patience” perhaps the day will come with some of my writing lands at the top. Until that time I have to find a way to make a living. I know a few people who tell me that they wish they could be doing some other career but instead they are stuck doing whatever job they are at for a living.

That has been my biggest fear ever since I started college: to end up working at a dead-end job and look back at my life years later regretting not going for my dream(s). Most of the people I know who feel that way are people who let their dreams die instead of keeping them alive.

What I try to tell myself everyday is that sometimes I’ll have to do something that I do not want to do in order to get to where I want to go. I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now and God has everything under control. That is the main problem that a lot of people have: going crazy over the things in their lives that they cannot control.

It helps to give me spirit remembering that I feel stuck where I am now but I should think of it as a stepping stone to the next chapter of my life. Whatever that next step is remains unknown but I do know that in due time it will be revealed to me.

Hopefully this blog will encourage that fast-food employee, a newly graduated college student working to pay off school loans or a janitor who dreams of bigger things but does not know how to move to the next step. I used to work at a fast-food place before college and let me tell you that I knew college was a good move because I did not want to ever work in a restaurant as long as I live! Looking back I am glad that I did work there because it taught me the importance of taking my time while cooking, maintaining adequate kitchen conditions like keeping the food at the right temperature and it showed me that working hard for something means more than just having it handed to me.

Again everything that we do leads to something else. One of my favorite sayings is the one about how opportunities are usually disguised as hard work. Not too many people these days want to work for something that they want. However, opportunity does not knock on people’s doors like it used to so there are times when we must put in more effort than usual to make things happen.

No matter what happens you must keep your dream alive no matter what it is. There is nothing that can take your hope and spirit away. It all boils down to whether or not you let the flame of your passion burn out. Just remember that part-time job that you are at right now is just a temporary stop on the road before you take off towards your lifelong dream.


Are you ready to be rich?

by Jeremy Carden


Have you ever thought about how all of your problems could be solved if you were rich? Paying off some overdue bills, buying that new car you’ve been eyeballing each time you pass the car dealership or going on a nice vacation to forget about your problems. Somehow the thought of being rich seems to creep its way into my mind every day.

I cannot lie and say that I don’t wish I had $1 million in my bank account right now. Being a college student with loans, a car and other things that require well money can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. I’m sure everyone just wishes they could whip out a wad of cash to pay off everything and watch as their money problems just go away.

As the late Biggie Smalls said in one of his songs “The more money you got…the more problems you have.” I’m sure a lot of things will just pop up in front of me if I ever hit the lottery, wrote a hit song or got a Best Seller Novel published. You know the usually group of distant “family members” or friend you haven’t seen in years coming up to you begging for money.

For me the main question that I ask myself is whether or not I’d use the money for what I NEED to use it on rather than what I WANT to use it for. I’m 22 and one of the last things I’d do with a big chunk of money is put a good portion of it into a savings account for when I get older. It is something that I should do but probably would not. I mean my brain tells me to pay off my college loans, get a car in better condition than the one that I have now, put aside some cash to get either an apartment or a home depending on my next move after graduate school and just put the rest in the bank.

Thinking about it for awhile made me realize that I am not ready to be rich. I know in God’s timing if He sees fit for me to become a millionaire then it will happen. Similar to Solomon praying for wisdom over fame, wealth and everything else a king in those days would prefer over how to properly run their kingdom I hope the same happens to me. If the day does come where I am put in a position where I have more money than I could ever spend, I pray that God gives me the wisdom to use it responsibly.

I recall watching a documentary on people who win big lottery prizes and it takes about the curse of the lottery. All I could do was shake my head at the ridiculousness of it because it made no sense. There is no curse that comes with winning the lottery it is about the wrong people getting the money because of their wasteful spending. After ending up broke from blowing it all on ridiculous things they talk about how it was a curse. However it was all a result of poor money management on their part.

Going back to what I was saying before, I’m not saying that I would be an expert on spending that money wisely but I know I wouldn’t blow $100,000+ on a car that’s for sure.

Back when Deal or No Deal used to air on TV, the host said that he was always irritated by people who came on the show saying they needed a certain amount of money for bills, a house, college loans, helping out a friend or family member or whatever the case maybe. However, when they get to a point in the game where they have more money than they came on to win their greed gets the better of them because they went up playing further losing it all.

Would I do the same thing if I were on the stage with $125,000 guaranteed and just take a risk going on but then losing it all? My instincts say no but I’m sure that if I were in their shoes I’d probably be caught up in the moment. However, growing up without a lot ot money taught me the importance of being smart and not stupid in terms of how I spent money.

Some people think that those who say “Money isn’t everything” are the people who do not have any money to begin with. I cannot say whether or not that is true but I do know some rich people say that they are not happy. What I do know is that it feels good to be somewhat financially secure.

Whether or not I will become rich someday is still unknown to me. I’ll just keep working hard and shooting for the stars. However, I will try not to do so for money but for my own satisfaction. Getting paid a lot of money doing what I love to do would be like a bonus for me. There is nothing like being able to do what you love for a living. A lot of people who invent things became rich because inventing new products is their joy.

So, are you ready to become rich?

Why Are Direct-to-Video Disney Movies So Bad?

By Jeremy Carden


There is a reason these films are direct-to-video…

Yesterday I was watching Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World for the first time since I was a child. It was completely by accident because I was scrolling around Netflix and it popped up on the menu. Since I haven’t watched it in so long, I decided to give it a shot for old time’s sake. Though after the first 15 minutes, I started to regret clicking the “play” button.


About two weeks ago, I watched the first Pocahontas movie at a friend’s house and after watching this sequel I was flabbergasted. It was nowhere near as good as the original! I feel that the reason so many of these sequels flop involve two important factors; voice actors and the songs.

When you replace the voice actors that viewers became accustomed to in the first movie(s) it is an automatic turnoff for many fans.

One of the things that set Disney movies apart from other movies is the incredible soundtrack to the films. Even if a Disney movie is not that great (which is rarely the case with Disney films) if the songs are incredible then that is all that matters.

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Now I just watched Pocahontas II yesterday but I cannot recite a lyric from any of the songs and I can’t tell you the title of one of the songs. Thinking back to all of the Disney sequels I’ve seen in my day the only song I can recall is “He is Not One of Us” from Lion King II.

Usually in the movies an emotional scene is amplified by the background music or a song that captures the moment. However, when it seems like the song was written 5 minutes before the recording of the movie the lyrics just go in one ear and right out of the other.


Another thing about sequel films is that the main focus is usually on a secondary character from the first movie in most cases. After watching Pocahontas II, I decided to give Mulan II a chance…

That turned out to be another mistake because just like the previous sequel I watched, the music was lackluster and the story was not very good when compared to the original. The plot itself seemed to be more about Mushu than Mulan. I know he had a story in the original to reclaim his spot as a Family Guardian and it was well done because it intertwined with Mulan’s mission. Though it was more selfish than her mission was but in the end it all worked out for the best because well it’s a Disney movie!

I thought that Disney sequels were the worst thing that the company ever did to make an extra dime off of a film. However, I was wrong because Disney released something even more horrible than a sequel; a prequel.


So many great movies like The Lion King and Beauty & The Beast were ruined by the addition of prequels and sequels that just make things very confusing. I will admit that some timeline gaps are filled in like Tarzan and Bambi because at one point in the movie they are young but then during a song they are magically transported into adulthood.


I think one of the main weaknesses of Disney sequels is that most of them do not even feel like movies. When I’m watching them I don’t feel like I’m watching a Disney movie. Honestly I think I’m watching a Saturday morning Disney cartoon. Of course it is an extended cartoon or episode which would probably be split into 3 or more parts if it were in a Disney series or something like that.

One example I can give is the second Aladdin movie called “The Return of Jafar.” The animation was horrible compared to the original movie and it reminded me of the Aladdin cartoon series as opposed to the movie itself.


I will say that the third movie about Aladdin finding his father “The King of Thieves” was actually a pretty good film. The storyline was good and it was a nice way of introducing Aladdin’s only known living relative. It was one of the few movies I could see making it to the big screen. The only thing it needed was a few songs to help strengthen it along with better quality in terms of animation and it would have been a good addition to the trilogy.

Overall, I cannot make heads or tails out of Disney’s intention for making these movies. I mean they could be making them for the sake of the fans that were dying to know what Aladdin and Jasmine did after their “Happily Ever After” or what would have happened if Cinderella’s slipper went on another woman’s foot and the list goes on.

Another reason could be as I mentioned before just milking these characters for more money but then again at the end of the day Disney is a company just like another. It is not the only one to extend a franchise far longer than it should in order to make more money thorough merchandise. However, in the process that magic and spark that kept fans intrigued at the beginning gets lost as time goes on.


Some franchises that I feel fit that description include; Pokemon, The Simpsons, direct-to-video Scooby-Doo movies and The Land Before Time just to name a few from my childhood.

What do you think? Does Disney make these additional films for a quick buck or are they just as timeless as the originals?

Big Dreams, Small Bank Account


Have you ever had an idea, passion, dream or inspiration that gets you up from your seat and make your blood rush? That thing that makes you want to work towards something that could change your life but then it call comes to a screeching halt.

Sometimes I wish my bank account was as big as my dream is. I know I know, work hard/play harder, “seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open” and all of the other saying people say to you when you are feeling discouraged.

Faith is the key to unlocking the door to our dreams. There are many days where I sit around wondering when my big break as a writer is going to take off or why nothing has happened recently to let me know that I’m on the right path or my hard work is paying off.

I will say there is a lot of truth to how one word of encouragement means more than success. When you are feeling down and someone whispers a word to help you press on brings something new to the table. It lets you know that you are not alone in the struggle.

Someday I hope that I eventually write a song that makes it to the radio waves, a screenplay that makes it to the big screen, a book that is a #1 seller or poems that ignite the souls and passions or people everywhere.

With every word I write on paper or type on my computer, I’m one step closer to my dream. Yes, that bank account, bills, school loans and whatnot seem to drag me down but I know I’m in the valley right now. However, pretty soon I know I will come to the other side to reap the fruits of my hard labor!

Keep on going people, keep your dreams alive!