A few nights ago I was sitting on some benches outside the Welcome Center on campus and in the distant sky I noticed fireworks were going off. The show lasted for about 15 minutes and I was just sitting there entranced by the wonderful lightshow going on. I then realized that if I made it to the top section of the football stadium I’d be able to get a better view of the fireworks. By the time I made it there, the very last firework exploded and the cool night air blew away the last smoke cloud that remained.

I never did find out why the fireworks were going off in the first place, I assumed that some kind of athletic event was going on or a concert. While I was watching from outside the Welcome Center, I was thinking about how those fireworks reminded me of life.

Fireworks shooting into the sky at top speed and then exploding for everyone to see only for it to fizzle out as it disappears into the sky.

It reminds me of the dreams that I once had. Taking the world by storm by being successful in whatever it was that I did. Trying to get my goals accomplished as fast as I could like a flying firework to finally show everyone what I was capable of with my name flashing in lights across the sky.

Sometimes I feel that is how most of us operate. We want something so bad to prove someone else wrong or to show someone up that we make rash decisions pushing ahead without thinking straight just to have it all blow up in our faces like a firework exploding.

I thought it was funny that when I realized I could get a better view from a higher platform and finally made it there it was too late. That showed me the importance of thinking ahead in order to make sure the best possible outcome was available to me when I needed it.

Take a moment to look at how far you’ve come, where you’ve been and how much more traveling down your chosen path that you have left to continue on. Time may pass by but eventually you will illuminate the sky with your passion like that last firework in a dazzling show!