Tyler Perry’s The Haves and The Have Nots Theory: 10 Things I Want To See In Season 4

By Jeremy Carden


I can’t believe that it is already 2016, and you know what that means! January 5th is only a couple of days away bringing with it a new season of the HAHN!

Readers have been asking whether or not I would write more blogs before the new episode. However, with a lack of Season 4 promo trailers revealing scenes from the new season, I did not have enough evidence of anything to put into an entire blog.

I figured that with a new year and a new season, I could write about old questions that have gone unanswered. Overall, this blog is going to be about different plots and topics that I would like to have covered in the upcoming season.

There have been a lot of plot twists, unresolved plot points and mentioned but unseen characters in the series. I am hoping that 2016 will bring us more answers to old questions instead of new questions but unresolved topics.

Keep in mind that this blog would be about as long as Webster’s Dictionary if I went over ALL of my thoughts. I will try to write about the topics that pop into my mind first, and the major questions that I feel we need answered sooner instead of never.


  1. Closure for Amanda

I know I have said it time and time again; Amanda’s death was NOT a suicide. I truly believe that there is more to it than that. You have read my blogs, Facebook posts and tweets on this subject. I do not like how things were “resolved” with her character.

Her funeral was all but an afterthought, and I was highly disappointed. I was thinking that at least 15-20 minutes of the episode would be about the funeral. However, we only see the family leaving the cemetery, and the real story occurred at the Cryer Mansion.

We never get the results of an autopsy because remember that she was said to have become pregnant after being raped by Professor Cannon. Not to mention that she got a death tattoo with the name of all of her family members on it (because she wanted to kill them) when she left the house with Quincy.

The police called the death a suicide, but we never saw the murder weapon! Where was her gun that she had while running around the house??????????????

I just hope that Tyler Perry has something written in the season for Amanda because I truly do not believe that it is over.


  1. Benny’s family realizes that there is something off about him

Just as so many other things in this series are mentioned to only be forgotten, I can say the same about Benny’s departure from the hospital. The doctor told Hanna that they could remove him off of life support in order to assist with speeding up his recover, but there would be some possible side effect. Hanna did not allow the doctor to mention what those effects were because she was interested in doing whatever she could to get her son back.

If I were to make an assumption, I think it is safe to say that some of those side effects would most likely be his personality. He was in a coma for nearly half of Season 2, and it is clear that he was a bit “off” after waking up. His personality was a bit like a child, his attitude and rage would rise at the drop of a dime, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Things like his affair with Veronica makes sense if you take into consideration the possibly about her being on some type of drug or medication herself! Hanna should know by now that given his behavior that there is something wrong with her son!

It is almost as bad as when Jim was clearly obvious to Amanda’s personality defects, and that led to her death because he did not have her committed like Katheryn told him to.

In any case, I just hope we get to see Benny taken in for a checkup or something to identify what is happening to him.


  1. Veronica’s mother makes an appearance

During their attempts to run for the governor’s mansion, David was seen calling or receiving calls from Veronica mother. It is mentioned that Jim sued Veronica’s father, and that was why her mother hates him.

David even said that the reason he called her was to talk about the problems with his marriage. We never find out if she planned on coming to visit them or speak to her daughter. Given their current circumstances, I think that her presence is needed now more than ever.

Veronica needs to be put in her place considering everything that she has pulled at this point, and her mother should be the person to bring her down a few notches.


  1. Hanna and Candace resolve their issues

Alright, I do not think that EVERY issue between the two will be solved in one season because they have too much to fix! However, it is sad to see the two be driven further and further apart each season. It is almost as if each time they step closer to each other, we see the distance between them grow even larger than before.

Season 3 was truly the climax of Hanna’s character in terms of her motherhood to Candace. She asked for her forgiveness about the incident with her boyfriend molesting her as a child. I felt that Hanna did all that she could by saying that she loved Candace, and she did not want to her continue on the current path that she was traveling down.

Enter Quincy Jr., and how his introduction to the series really made things difficult for the Candace-Hanna relationship. Hanna was throwing shade about Candace to Aaliyah, and Candace was willing to fight back to get custody for her son.

Hanna really crossed the line by accusing Candace of destroying her house. If it were not for Candace, Hanna would have lost her house. Although, you have to remember that she only paid the $50,000 through blackmailing Jim for $100,000, but her heart was in the right place. Not saying that it condones what she did, but you can see where I am going with this.

I think that after Candace loses everything (pretty sure she did in the Season 3 finale), she will finally change her ways. In the next season, I hope that Candace starts learning from her mistakes instead of trying to be more cunning and deceitful than before. Hanna will start to notice a change in her daughter for the better, and I really want to see the Young family united instead of divided especially with little Q in their lives.


  1. David gets aggressive

David is my favorite character, and I do not think that opinion has changed since I made that statement back during Season 2. I respect that he loves his wife despite everything that she has done, but the guy is oblivious to many signs! Just as Jim was with Amanda and Hanna was with Benny; David is just letting the signs appear in front of his eyes, but he is ignoring them!

Yes, he was wrong for getting into bed with Maggie, but you cannot tell me that Veronica was not driving him into her arms the entire season!

She nearly cremated him (literally), and all he did was call it a cry for attention…

His relationship with Jeffrey has gotten a lot better than earlier seasons when Veronica came down hard on him, and David did not do much of anything. Finally, Jeffrey stands up for himself and David has his back. They both care about Veronica, and want to help her even though she does not know that she needs it herself.

I also respect how he is a true friend, but it is now clear that Jim has made him an enemy. David said during Season 2 that he is a good friend, but he is a better enemy.

He proved to be more effective than Jim in some respects because he does not let his emotions direct his actions or cloud his judgment. Seen as when he deceived Candace for nearly an entire season by hiring Brandon (Oscar) to get the money Candace extorted from Jim.

I must admit that I would also like to see him end up with Maggie because she appreciates him for the good man that he is instead of being controlling like Veronica. It appears that he and Jim will be sharing a jail cell, and I can’t wait to see what goes down.


  1. Katheryn learns the truth

Katheryn seems to have floated into the background for quite some time now. Don’t get me wrong after beating up Celine, I think it is safe to say we are seeing a new Mrs. Cryer! Then looking at how she interrogated Candace like a boss, I can’t wait to see she will do next.

I am glad to see that she is trying to move on with her life after Amanda’s death by getting back into an exercise routine, and just doing what she can to stay busy. However, there are major events that are just flying over her head.

That is not to say that she is not trying to stay informed because she keeps hounding Jim about things, but we all know how he is.

She has to learn that Wyatt was sexually assaulted in prison, and Veronica was the one to set it up! If I am not mistaken, she does not even know that Veronica burned down her own house to kill David. She found out about the “affair” he was having with Maggie, and was shocked with Jim tried to choke her.

Out of everything, I am most interested in finding out how she will react to finding out that Wyatt got sexually assaulted because Jim did not take him out of prison when she told him to. Throw into the mix the fact that Veronica was the one who did it, and we will see some fights next season!


  1. Did Norman ever get placed back in prison?

Jim put Wyatt in Norman’s place to teach him a lesson about prison. Remember that Norman was the one who took the fall for the hit-and-run charges, and he was staying in a hotel while being watched by the Malones. He said that he would like to see his wife, but Jim said that he would get to do so (eventually).

Wyatt was finally taken back home by Jim, but it was never mentioned if Norman was ever brought back to the prison.

I would not be surprised if he somehow escaped, and now Jim is in a bit of a bind. Considering that he is going to be locked up next season, he will already have enough trouble on his plate.

My theory is that Norman did get away, and when Jim needs (or needed if he had already put him back in jail) to put him back so nobody finds out about the switch (although Jennifer already knows); he will be in a bad position to cover his actions.

However, Jennifer told Wyatt over the phone that she knew about the switch because she has eyes and ears everywhere. We could possibly assume that he was put back in jail, but it is just one of those things that I wish we got to see. You know if Jim got on the phone after seeing Wyatt all pitiful and scared, and he calls the Malones to bring Norman back only to find out that he got away. Now that would have been a great plot twist!


  1. Will Tony ever get his kidney?

Seriously, is this man ever going to get the treatment that he needs or will he be a dying character this season? I am not sure how he plans on getting a kidney from Benny since he is out and about on the town. Benny knows that he is hiding something from him, and he wanted him off of life support for a reason.

I am not sure if Benny will willingly give his dad a kidney, but I am interested to see if Tony actually reveals the truth to his son. I really want to see how Benny would react to that question.


  1. Is Melissa really pregnant?

Considering how long she was in the bathroom with the pregnancy test, I just have a feeling that something is off about her carrying Jeffrey’s child. I do not know if she is playing Veronica in order to get her dad the treatment that he needs or what. She seems content (for the most part) in marrying Jeffrey, and is willing to do whatever it takes to help out her family.

However, I just think there is more to Melissa that we just don’t know…yet. I hope in the new season that more is revealed about her character in terms of her being more than just a puppet. I think there is more to her that meets the eye. The dynamic of her marrying a man that she knows is gay just to help her dad puzzles me for some reason. Again, I just hope that more is done with her character.


  1. David vs. Jim

It was foreshadowed when David said that he is a better enemy than a friend, and he has his own aspirations for the governor’s mansion thanks to Maggie. He has always played second fiddle to Jim like Luigi does to Mario.

Their friendship is over, and I am sure we all want to see who would win between the two. I am not just talking about a physical fight (I am sure that we will get one at some point), but I am referring to a battle of wits and cunning.

Jim planned on having Veronica killed, and David said that if anything happens to her that Jim will face an enemy like he has never seen.

I want to see just how far David will go when he is pushed because he is a quiet storm that has yet to be fully unleashed!


Those are 10 things that I would like to see brought up and resolved in Season 4. Keep in mind that these are just 10 of MANY things that need to be resolved, and I would like to get your thoughts in the comment section below.

What things would you like to see next season?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Celine Kill Jim?

By Jeremy Carden


Last week proved to be an episode where hidden lies have finally crept out of the darkness!

Jim showed that he really is someone who pursues revenge like no one else! I mean Veronica and Candace are other contenders for the coldest character in the series (especially since Veronica is the Ice Queen), but Jim…

It is one thing to get even with someone, but to humiliate them by crushing their emotions is just on another level!


True, Celine did embarrass Jim in front of the entire country on national television during his announcement that he was running for governor. However, Jim tore her heart to pieces!

At first glance, it would seem that Celine did Jim worse than he did her. From my perspective, I think it was the other way around.

haves and have nots 49

Remember that Jim never really wanted to run for governor to begin with. During Season 1, he told Candace and David that he was willing to just walk away from everything because it was just too much. Whether or not it was him being fed up with playing the façade that he had been living ever since he married Katheryn, or if he had hit a midlife crisis when he turned 50; Jim never really had the goal of being governor. If anything, it was something that was just forced upon him by other people’s expectations of him.


David wanted to run more than Jim, and the only reason he did not run was because the current governor told him that Georgia was not ready for an African American governor (in not so many words).

Even Katheryn says that it was a relief that Jim was not running because she did not want to go through all of the things to come with living in the governor’s mansion.

With that being said, Celine crushed Jim’s “dream” of running for governor and it led to him being publicly humiliated. However, you have to once again remember that it had been a few weeks that he was actually planning on running for governor.


Here is why I think that Jim hurt and embarrassed her even more than she did to him; Jim destroyed the heart of someone that had been pinning for him for just about 28 years!

Remember that their affair lasted practically as long as Jim had been married to Katheryn! After being dragged out of Katheryn’s house, left taking care of 2 kids by herself (with $270,000 a year from Jim) and being a maid of all jobs for the man who “fathered” her children; Celine was destroyed last week!


Jim comes over to her apartment and after all of the attempts of seducing him throughout Seasons 1 and 2 to have sex with her! After saying that he loved her and whatnot, he revealed that he NEVER loved her, he was never coming back and Celine was only going to receive a small amount of child support for that “little bastard!”

I must admit that it was a low blow to call his youngest son by Celine a little bastard because that IS his son whether he likes it or not!

It was Jim’s way of “getting even” with Celine for what she did to him on television, but Jim got the better of her (in my opinion).


His rejection and belittling of her was just the wake-up call that Celine needed after throwing herself at Jim for nearly 30 years! Almost 3 decades of thinking a man was in love with her was destroyed in less than 30 seconds!

She screams that the two of them are not even, and that has led some fans to believe that the man who ordered the bloodbath would be the one to be drowning in one himself…


The question now is whether or not Jim will be the one who is killed! Celine knows where his campaign office is, and of course knows where he lives.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Jim is killed at his home like he was originally intended to?

What do I mean by that?


Remember when Amanda was playing her deadly game of Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe? Here was the breakdown of her game:

Eenie = Wyatt

Meenie = Katheryn

Miny = Amanda/unborn child

Moe = Jim


If Candace did not have Warlock’s crew kidnap Jim, he was most likely going to die that night by Amanda!

That is why I would find it ironic if Jim does get killed by Celine in his home because he avoided a bullet at the end of Season 2. However, I am not sure if the same can be said about the finale of Season 3…

Tyler Perry has set the stage for David vs. Jim to occur in Season 4, and that is if Veronica is harmed in anyway because David will instantly think Jim was the cause.


With that being said, I would not surprise me if Jim is not killed. However, I am curious as to how Celine plans to get even with Jim if she doesn’t kill him.

Jim told Katheryn that Celine had already fired her biggest bullet (that she had 2 sons by Jim), but she has been their maid for over 20 years. That means she has a lot of dirt on the Cryers, and she is not afraid to use it.


Who do you think got the better of the other; Celine or Jim? Will Celine kill Jim? How will she get even with him?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Will Die?

By Jeremy Carden


I haven’t written a theory on a subject like this since we found out that someone would die at the end of Season 2. Amanda Cryer was the victim during that season, and now fans are speculating who will be the victim at the end of Season 3.

At this point, I can honestly say that I do not know WHO will be the one to die in the season finale. There are just so many potentially characters who could get the ax from the series that I cannot even think straight!

What I will do in this blog is simply go over every character that I think will be a candidate for death and why. Perhaps in next week’s episode, we will get more hints as to which character will be the one to die.

All we have is the preview of next week’s episode in the clip above, and I must say that it has me pointing in different directions. There is just no clear victim, but I will start off with the 3 that has fans talking the most.


Jim’s call to Mama Rose and her boys from the Malone gang was to order a bloodbath. The 3 people that he named were Terrell, Professor Cannon and Veronica.

  • Terrell was the police office that allowed the rapist “Toxic” to come into Wyatt’s prison cell to sexually assault him
  • Professor Cannon was the man who raped Amanda, and was arguably responsible for her committing suicide
  • Veronica was the one who paid Terrell to have Toxic placed into Wyatt’s cell in order to give him a true taste of prison life

When the Malones are given a murder request, they do NOT play around! Considering how disappointed Mama Rose was when Jim said not to kill Candace, she has a trigger finger itching to be used.

These are 3 of the most likely characters to be killed off by the end of this season. However, there are more than just these 3 to speculate about, and I will go through them one-by-one.



Her reason for dying is simply because she revealed that Jim has 2 sons by her, but if anything happens to her, I am sure that everyone will point the finger at Jim for what she did to him on live television.

Jim has even said that even though Celine has a lot of bullets to fire (the fact that she had worked for the Cryers 28 years, she knows EVERYTHING there is to know about them. Basically, Celine has all of the dirty laundry to hang out and dry for everyone to see…if she wanted to), she has fired the biggest one being about his children outside of his marriage to Katheryn.


We see in the new episode that Jim goes over to her apartment and pulls “a Wyatt” by trying to seduce her.


Kind of awkward when you think about it because Wyatt had Celine in the same position back at the beginning of this season…

He says that he is over at her apartment for revenge, but I wonder what exactly he has in mind. Maggie told him to put his sexual energy into his campaign, but it looks like he is attempting to put it on Celine instead!

Despite the fact that Celine is no longer in the title opening, I don’t think that automatically means she dies. I mean they did that with Amanda AFTER it was revealed that she was dead. Look at Maggie, she is playing a much bigger role than Celine, but she was never in the opening. Now if Celine does die, Tyler was pretty much showing us her demise episodes in advance! However, I don’t think that is the case this time around.



At first, I thought he would commit suicide after what he went through in prison. However, it seems he has a bigger plot coming up involving getting back at his parents for leaving him in jail.



Doubt she dies, but I am going over everyone who could be killed off. I do not think that Katheryn will die because she has been more of a spectator in these past few episodes.

I will say that since Hanna’s house is on fire, the video will she took of Katheryn before she went into surgery back in Season 1 is my main concern. Was that video still in the house, or did Benny have the purse holding the video moved into his new house?

Besides, I think that Katheryn will end up buying Hanna a new house anyway. Which is ironic since the house Candace bought for Benny (with the money extorted from the Cryers) is where he wants Hanna to live anyway.



Given his 10 minute speech to Hanna at the hospital about how he is a man now, and he will handle Q; I think he will either get killed or “lose” if and when Q comes back.

Low and behold, Hanna’s home is now destroyed because Benny bailed him out of prison, but did not get the job done.

Quincy will get the upper hand because he is going for blood now (not sure if he knew Hanna’s house was empty when he drove right through it), and I don’t think he will let Benny beat him up three times in a row.

I do not think Benny will die just yet because he has a tow company and a house now thanks for Candace’s ill-gotten gains. Benny is now slowly beginning to see that his baby sister is not as legit as she said she is. With that being said, I think he might make it to see Season 4.



Q dying is most likely a result of his recent actions. Benny looks PISSED after figuring out that Q was the one to destroy his mother’s house.

Candace will find out that Q had come to the hospital and taken papers from Aaliyah’s purse. My guess is that paper had Candace’s information on it. From there, Candace will figure out that Q now knows where she lives.

I think that either Benny or Candace will call on Warlock to finish Q off for good this time! He knows too much, and has done far more than enough to end his life.



I doubt that he dies because Veronica “needs” him alive to finish her plot with her grandchild and Jeffery’s marriage to Melissa.

Quincy said he would kill him, but he is too busy with his son and getting revenge on the Youngs to worry about him (at least for now).

screenshot_54 (1)


In my opinion, she dies is Quincy comes to her apartment thinking that Jeffery is still living there.



The only way that I can see him dying is if Quincy finds out that Oscar has been messing around with his woman. However, I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon. Everyone knows that I do not trust Oscar, and the only thing “dying” about him is his “relationship” with Candace.

I still say that he is going to take ALL of her money, and leave her with nothing! His trip to New York and Paris will most likely be his “going away” trip from Candace.



I doubt he is going anywhere anytime soon because he has now thrown the first punch (well choke/strangle) in his battle with David that is creeping over the horizon. I think it is safe to say that Season 4 will have these 2 going at it.


Jim even posted the above picture on social media from filming new episodes of HAHN for the new season.

It begs the question as to what exactly is going to happen especially given the fact that his facial hair has grown out. This could mean that Jim is going to be in a place that he cannot keep up his regular appearance.

Since he has facial hair and bruises, we can assume that he is going to be somewhere for an extended amount of time. Someplace where fights occur on the regular, a place like…PRISON?!?!?


The only way that he could be sent to prison is if Jennifer gets the evidence needed (Jeffrey’s car) to place the Cryers and Harringtons behind bars for covering up the hit-and-run charges.

This seems very likely because of a few facts:

  1. Jeffrey somehow discovers his car at Benny’s Towing
  2. Jennifer’s boss told her not to go after the Cryers/Harringtons again unless she has the car
  3. She is on the phone with Wyatt saying that she knows about the Norman-Wyatt prison switch, and wanted to know if Wyatt would like to get back at his dad for what he did to him


Wyatt’s vengeance is placed on the wrong person because even though Jim had him in jail, he did so in a “protective environment.” At least until Veronica played her cards and that led to him getting sexually assaulted.

Jeffrey knows what happened to Wyatt while he was in the jail, and would be willing to help out his friend by getting back at his parents for letting that happen. Meaning that Jeffrey will tell Wyatt about the car, and Wyatt would tell Jennifer. This will lead to her having the ammo needed to arrest Jim, Katheryn, David and Veronica!


Considering the finale is coming, I think that it has to end with a bang! With the death of one of the characters, or Jennifer finally getting what she needs to take out Jim and David!

Or the picture could simply mean that the makeup team applied bruises and whatnot to Jim’s face before shaving him, but I would not know because I do not know much about makeup…

This just goes to show that I take this show and these theories very seriously!



Just as I said about Jim, since these two good friends are not friends anymore; he won’t die (at least not anytime soon). He and Jim throwing down next season (if anything happens to Veronica that is) will be the main event! I doubt Tyler Perry would kill off the man who is running for governor, or at least not just yet.



In the preview for next week, Maggie is seen coming over to Veronica’s new house. My guess is that she comes over to try and create some form of peace between them for the sake of the campaign.

Remember that Veronica and David appeared to be a loving couple at the first live campaign announcement. If Maggie is trying to get David to the governor’s mansion, he has to have the illusion of a healthy marriage and family.

11026595_10204874368485613_6997965045096577265_n (1)

However, this is far from the truth considering Veronica has already handed him divorce papers, attempted to kill him and is currently in the middle of an affair with Benny.

His son is not the straight man standing by Melissa like he was on stage, and there is no telling how that “wedding” announcement is actually going to play out.


Veronica does tell Maggie that there are no victims around, and Maggie was puzzled by that statement. In any case, Maggie saying that she wants David to run for governor could be the thing that “saves her life.”


This face that Veronica makes in the preview for next week has me confused. Is she laughing or crying? What is the cause of that face?

I am interested in finding out that is for sure. Given the fact that Veronica is the “new Amanda” so to speak, this look she gives Maggie has me fearful for her life. If Maggie going to Veronica’s house is the cliffhanger ending of the episode, I do have a feeling we might not see her in Season 4…



Seriously, how long is this man going to walk around before that kidney failure puts him out to pasture? If Benny does die (which I have my doubts about), I figure that Tony will appear out of nowhere wanting his organs in order to save his life. What would result in Tony’s demise is if Benny is NOT a compatible organ donor, and all of his ruthlessness will have been in vain.

Overall, there are nearly a dozen people who are candidates for dying at the end of Season 3.

I omitted Candace because I think she has to lose what she has before dying. She has way too much to answer for before being killed off quickly (similar to Veronica). Hanna has too much of a role in the story to be removed from it as well.


Honestly, it does seem clear that Maggie is the “What the hell are you doing here?” guest at Veronica’s door when she answers it. However, who is to say that Quincy is not the person to knock on her door?


Q hitting her could be the reason for the face she makes in the above photo, but he has never knocked before entering into her house before. Why start now?


Perhaps “Toxic” gets out of prison somehow, and he wants revenge for Veronica not putting the money on his books after sexually assaulting Wyatt like she asked him to do.

Who do you think will bite the dust?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: How Far Will Veronica Go?

By Jeremy Carden


I am sure all HAHN fans can agree that there is no mercy when it comes to the Ice Queen Veronica. At this point, she is very similar to Candace since everyone loves to hate her. From what we’ve seen in Season 3 in terms of her behavior, I would have to say that the love that stems from hate has boiled into rage for most fans.


That is why the topic of today’s blog is; How far will Veronica go?

Having gone through 2 full seasons of the show it is easy to see that this entire show is like a game of chess. Most characters have their own strategies of using others as pawns for an even greater purpose.


We’ve see this numerous times in the series and a great example involves how Candace was using Amanda to get at Jim (and her $12 million inheritance). Throw in “The Bastard” himself by using Norman Hewens to cover up Wyatt’s crime, Bryon as a hidden detective to spy on Hanna, etc.

I could make a list instead of a blog for the numerous times that characters have used characters for their own motives.

Now when it comes to Veronica…

I don’t even know where to begin because this woman has strings attached to nearly everyone as if they were puppets!


Honestly, it is difficult to say if she is more coldblooded than Candace. This could be the main reason her claws come out whenever “Number 9” is in her presence. Veronica has shown to have a keen intuition and she has been right on numerous occasions.

In Episode 1, she bluntly tells Katheryn to keep her eye on Candace because there was something she didn’t like about her. Then in Season 2, she was right about the fact that Maggie was after her husband.

Something tells me that Veronica and Candace are very similar in their characteristics, but go about getting their way a bit differently. I’m sure that Veronica would never admit it to herself or anyone else.

At the moment, she is at the top of her game because it seems that nearly everything is going her way. I think that she will not be satisfied until every little thing is under her control. Doesn’t that sound familiar?


Candace told Jim that she LOVES to be in control, and I think the same can easily be said about Veronica.

Her treatment of her homosexual son has been the hot topic of the series. This woman will not let up for a second! I mean we saw glimpses of this in Season 1, but it was never fully revealed until the Season 1 finale.


Then in Season 2, we see her blackmailing Jeffery with his car and then forcing Melissa on him. Now it is pretty much out in the open of her distain for his homosexual lifestyle and it has not gone unnoticed.

I know that fans were glad to see Veronica getting slammed from different directions about her needing to be honest with herself and about accepting Jeffery for who he is! Katheryn and David tried this best, but Veronica was not having it. We could see that while Katheryn was talking about children being their own people, Veronica was taking those words to heart.

Veronica is clearly ignoring the fact that Jeffery is gay, and she would rather do whatever it took to change him instead of accepting it.

We see Melissa sitting beside a hospital bed in the last episode when she is called by Veronica. There is a man sleeping in the bed and it seems that Melissa knows him well. Could this be her father or a relative of hers?

David tells her (in the nicest way possible) that Jeffery is gay and has no interest in her. It would be better to find someone who is interested in her (that is straight) instead of wasting her time with Jeffery.


Based on her tone of voice when she is telling David that she likes him and eventually he will like her…something feels a bit off about this arrangement. Wyatt said it best that he doesn’t know a straight girl that would just willingly stay with a man knowing that he is gay.


Veronica has something on her and even David suspects this after getting off of the phone with Melissa. Most fans are speculating that Veronica is paying to take care of Melissa’s father. That seems to be the most plausible theory at this point. She wanted to find someone like her to seduce her son into being straight, and as always it was important to get a girl that she could control in some way.


Fans feel that Veronica has gone way too far when she sent Quincy over to Jeffery’s apartment to “rough him up” and show him a taste of reality like he did for Jim Cryer. I couldn’t agree more because this might be leading up to something that will make her regret that decision.

She told Katheryn that she hates violence, but she was quick to call out Veronica for that lie. Even though she thinks she has Quincy on a leash by threatening to kill his family, at some point he will break off that leash and bite her! He does not seem like the kind of “dog” that can be kept on the leash for too long.

Now Quincy’s family being in danger seems to be the only way of Veronica keeping him in check. When it comes to Candy, he does not appear to hold anything back in order to find her. I do not think that Jeffery will be killed, but I do feel that if it were not for him eventually giving in after that beat down then he would have died.


In the preview for next week, it appears that Quincy is laughing while talking on the phone. You can see this if you notice the hand that is up against the refrigerator. I’m assuming that Jeffery does give him the password to save his life. He deserves a lot of credit because he is not a snitch and was willing to protect Candace. This reminds me of how he was willing to protect Wyatt from going to jail.

Realizing that his mother would go to the lengths of sending a murderer fresh out of jail (thanks to her) to his house to beat him up could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back!


My hope is that Jeffery does not commit suicide like Amanda, but based on the way he is living it would not surprise me if he does. His mother has him practically living a huge lie, and he is under a lot of stress! From the fear of being put in jail for a crime that he did not commit or the pressure of being in a relationship with a woman even though he is gay.

I think that her “being a gangster” as Quincy put it gave Jeffery the “taste of reality” that he needed. Now I’m not referring to live as a homosexual and the hardships of it that Veronica was apparently trying to show him. I’m referring to Jeffery finally seeing that his mother would go through these incredible lengths simply to control him.


Does Veronica have a chance for redemption?

I do not think that it is ever too late for someone to turn their life around. When she comes to Jeffery’s apartment the morning of the press conference, I thought that this was the moment we were waiting for. She was clearly distraught after finding David coming out of Maggie’s bedroom, and really I felt that a mother-son moment was about to occur.

Jeffery was concerned because he had never seen his mother like this and wanted to know what was going on. She told him about David and Maggie’s “affair” but instead of finding comfort with her son; she blames the entire thing on him!

That was the moment that did it for me! I threw my hands up saying that this woman has gone too far!


How about her treatment of David?

Well this section of the blog will not be as long as the portion about Jeffery because it can be summed up pretty easily. Veronica does not realize that she has a wonderful husband! I will admit that he has lied to her and this was seen in Season 1, but he is still a great man that loves his wife!


He could have been like Jim and had a number of mistresses, but he is not that kind of man. Even when he attempted to have an affair with Maggie because he was fed up with how Veronica was treating Jeffery; he couldn’t do it.

David’s speech to Jeffery about making too many sacrifices to protect everyone else has a lot of fans wondering about what David sacrificed when it came to Veronica. Honestly, I think if we ever found out what David put up with prior to the start of the series might shed some light on his earlier life with Veronica.

We know that they met in law school and it was during this time that they fell in love. Despite being a bit controlling ever since they’ve known each other, David points out that Veronica has never been like she is now.


She did tell Jeffery that her first time having sex was something that she did not enjoy. Also, she had an abortion back when she was having a child by someone she met in college who said they loved her. This led to her battling with alcoholism and that eventually ended after she went into rehab. Afterwards, she started her own rehabilitation center after noticing all of the things wrong with the one that she was in.

I do believe that David mentioned not drinking for his wife’s sake, but ended his dry spell after meeting with Maggie. It was also mentioned that she had a slight struggle with a pain pill addiction after hurting her back while practicing law.

The major thing about her past that needs to be brought out in order to potentially bring her down would be her mother! David has been seen calling her a few times in Season 2, and in one episode he gets a call from her at the campaign office. Landon tells him that his mother-in-law is on the other line, but while we see David leave Jim’s office to take the call it is unknown what they talked about.


We do know that Jim sued Veronica’s father (for undisclosed reasons) and her mother does not like him at all because of it.

I think it all goes back to how Veronica grew up, and she has said that she did not come from wealth. From the mean streets of Chicago born and raised! Our Ice Queen did not have it all, and for all we know she had similar beginnings like Candace. I’m not saying she was molested as a child like Candace was at age 5.

She and Candace followed different roads to the elite lifestyle, but perhaps when her mother is introduced we will get a better understanding of who Veronica really is.

Why does she feel the need to want to control everyone and everything? Not to mention her addiction to the spotlight as Jim pointed out. Hanna did say that Candace was embarrassed by her because her mother was a maid. Was the same true about Veronica and her parents?

Obviously, David thinks that calling Veronica’s mother will solve some things. He told Jim that he called her because they were having marital problems. I’m hoping that she comes to the show soon because her daughter has a lot of things to answer for.

I’m curious because whenever David said that he is coming home, Veronica cuts him off by saying “I dare you…” Makes you wonder what she would do to poor David.


Finally, the Black Sedan that Veronica has been hiding since the start of Season 2 is the glue to her plan of controlling Jeffery. What do I think will happen to it?

If you ask me, I think that the towing company that Benny (and Candace) is thinking about buying has the car! Remember that Benny’s friend said that the auction included a towing building and a number of trucks! Who is to say that the car wasn’t towed and brought to the building?


Keep in mind that Veronica knows the location of the car because she called it in to see where it was. However, she does not know that the company that is holding the car is up for sale.

Just keep watching the show and things will begin to crumble for Veronica! It also seems that Wyatt is going to be calling to D.A. to confess about everything and this could include Veronica hiding the car.

Even though it seems that she is on the top at the moment, her icy throne will start to melt and she is going to fall flat on her face!


The way that she treats people “below” her in terms of social status is another thing that makes fans enraged. The hotel security guard at the Sarandon, the cop at the Cryer house and the list goes on! Not to mention the fact that she calls every male on the show “Boy” (Jeffery, Quincy, Benny).


Whether you love or hate Veronica, you have to give credit to Angela Robinson because she has this role down to the letter! This just goes to show that Tyler Perry knows how to cast the right people for the right roles. I also think that Robinson had her own perspective on where Veronica’s character should go and gave it her own special twist. No one can pull off a speech like her!

I know at some point she is eventually going to be brought down because her devious ways will not go on forever!

She will go to great lengths to get her way and that fact has been made on the show multiple times. The highest of which is threatening her own son with prison!

How do you think the Ice Queen will be dethroned?


Will it be because Quincy finally turns on her? Does Maggie get a second chance to throw down the woman who beat her down? Can David or Jeffery FINALLY stand up to her (or stand against her together)? How about the “missing” Black Sedan? Will it be because of her mother?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Jeffery Ever Be Free?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

In the last episode, Jeffery was finally able to sit down with his father and tell him everything that has been going on between him and his mother.

Well almost everything…


I was a bit disappointed that the subject never came up about Veronica pushing Jeffery into dating Melissa which led to drunken sex between the two. Not to mention the scene in the car when Veronica says that Jeffery will have sex with women over and over again until “it becomes him” which means he’ll turn straight.

The highlight of the conversation was about Veronica threatening to turn Jeffery in because the Black Sedan is in her possession. David doesn’t believe she would do that, but Jeffery knows better. I actually believe that she would do it without a second thought because if you notice she was more concerned about Jeffery’s sexuality than David’s apparent affair with Maggie.


Of course, we know that the reason Veronica didn’t tear that hotel up was because they were in public.

She seems to be more concerned with the image of her family than anything else. There is no way that she will tolerate a homosexual son and she’ll do anything to change that about Jeffery.

Now here is something about the conversation between Jeffery and David that caught my attention; the way Jeffery started off the conversation. Did anyone else notice the way he was fidgeting around and stumbling over his words like a 5-year-old who was caught doing something that they shouldn’t have been doing?

That right there tells me that most of Jeffery’s disciple came from his mother. If he had more of a relationship with David, I could see him being more like a man in terms of telling him what was going on without his voice cracking up.

It seemed like he was afraid that David was going to verbally assault him like his mother, but this was far from what actually happened. David embraced his son because it was all about who he was at a person not “what” he was in terms of being a homosexual. That David is a class act!

Something else that is important to notice was outside of the hotel when David kept telling Jeffery to not get into the car with his mother, but to ride to the office with him so they could talk. In the end, it was really Jeffery’s decision but he got into the car with his mother. That right there shows us that not only is he afraid of his mother, but she listens to him more than David. I could see when he was younger; Jeffery was disciplined more by his mother. David would probably try to comfort him, but she would get a grip on Jeffery and scold him repeatedly. She might not lift a finger to hit her son, but her words appear to hurt him worse than any physical abuse.


Veronica puts down Jeffery a lot and that is probably what makes him turn into a child whenever she is around. Again, it would not surprise me if this has been going on since he was young. That might suggest that David had little if any involvement in raising Jeffery. Don’t get me wrong, I know that he was there for his son but not “there” for him in terms of raising him. I think after he and Veronica noticed that he might be gay, she took over raising him into the man that SHE wanted him to be. I’m sure that David being the man he is was willing to accept him for who he was, but Veronica would not allow it. She probably told him over and over again that if he screwed up then it would be an embarrassment to the family. All of that gives more depth to the conversation that we got last week between David and Jeffery.

As much as David tried to comfort his son, Jeffery knew that he wouldn’t be “free” until his mother stopped threatening him with that car. If he decided to be free and live his life as an openly gay man, Veronica would out his behind into jail. If he lived his live the way Veronica wanted him to (as a straight man), he would still be trapped. It would be as if he was walking in the real world, but he’d still feel like he was in prison.

David said that he would have a talk with Veronica, but Jeffery knows that it would not do any good. Based on the preview for next week, I think Jeffery is right about that.


In the preview, there is a brief dialogue between David and Veronica in his office. He says that he did not sleep with Maggie, but Veronica doesn’t believe him.

Alright now, if that is the case and David doesn’t convince his wife that he did not have an affair then I can see him having little to no success when trying to “free” Jeffery from her icy grip.

The reason I say that David has no success in helping Jeffery is because Melissa is at the Cryer Mansion for the dinner party!

My guess is that Veronica calls Melissa and tells her to come to the party or she forces Jeffery to do so. It doesn’t seem like she knows about Melissa leaving his apartment after Candace shows up.


Not only that, Veronica takes Jeffery’s hands and puts them on Melissa’s! The look he gives Veronica when she does this is priceless. Man oh man, if looks could kill!

That is what leads to my final point; Jeffery might be the one to die in the finale. Yes I know that sounds crazy (well not Amanda-level of crazy), but I do think it is a possibility.

You have to admit that there are so many signs that would suggest that he will either get shot or commit suicide to finally “be free.”

  1. The man he loves (Wyatt) isn’t gay meaning that he will never be with him
  2. His overbearing mother has been watching him like a hawk since he was young (according to Wyatt)
  3. He is living a lie; he is gay, but is being forced to live the lifestyle of a heterosexual
  4. His first sexual experience with a woman was horrible due to it being sparked out of the drunken advances of his blind date
  5. The fact that he was only able to have sex for a few seconds was due to him thinking about the man he loves (Wyatt) but will most likely never have
  6. The guy is stressed 24/7 because if he steps off of the path his mother has cleared for him that means he will go to jail for a crime he did not commit
  7. The way he was just talking to his father and how he looked during the conversation; Jeffery looks well…defeated
  8. His mother wants him to have sex repeatedly until he likes it and it becomes him which will (in her mind) lead to him becoming a straight man
  9. At the dinner party in the finale, it seems like Veronica is forcing him to appear with Melissa

Here is one final clue that I think is very important to take note of; it didn’t bother him if Veronica drove the car off of the bridge. He said “you’ll be doing us BOTH a favor…” At one point, he even took off his seat belt which suggested that he was going to jump out of the moving vehicle!


It just seems like Jeffery is fed up with everything that is going on and you really can’t blame the poor guy. He has been through a lot this past season! From living in Candace’s apartment after Veronica cut him off financially and having to deal with the craziness of Amanda; which almost got him killed when she was playing with her gun.


What I’m interested in seeing in the finale is the interaction between him and Wyatt. Honestly, I don’t think that Wyatt will ever become gay and fulfilling Jeffery’s dream of being with the man he loves. If anything, I want to see their friendship restored. In Season 1, Wyatt says that Jeffery is his friend and it seemed like he meant it. I believe it was in the episode when Jeffery asks Candace out on a date but she laughs at him which causes Wyatt to say “I don’t like people laughing at my friends.”

Of course, this friendship was tarnished when Wyatt finds out that Jeffery caused his relationship with his ex-girlfriend to fail. However, it seems that their friendship might one day be healed because Jeffery was there for Wyatt when he needed him the most; when he was in jail and dealing with the guilt of hitting Lizzie and Benny.


I’m sure that during the dinner party, a lot of people might be coming up with Wyatt and offering their congratulations for no longer being accused of the hit-and-run incident. This might take a toll on Wyatt because he would have to walk around acting like nothing ever happened. What makes it worse for him is that Jim and Katheryn will be putting up a front as well about it and they know the truth about what went down.


If Jeffery tries to spend a lot of time with Wyatt, Veronica will come between them and make him spend time with Melissa. I could see this happening; Jeffery and Wyatt having a personal conversation but Veronica breaks them up. Remember she noticed back in Season 1 how he would light up when Wyatt gave him a compliment or came into the room. If the boys are across the room and she notices them talking and Jeffery “lighting up” that is when I think she’ll make him come over to sit with her and Melissa. This is what I think will cause a lot of tension and what might lead to Jeffery dying.

The man wants to be free and it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen anytime soon. Veronica wants to be in control and that is what is pushing her family away. She has the Black Sedan but her husband has moved out of the house and her son resents her.


Now if Jeffery does kill himself, I think that will lead of David and Veronica getting a divorce. Yes, I said it! I think when Veronica comes to David’s office and they have a talk, he will try to tell her to let their son live his life but she’ll refuse. That will cause even more tension between the two. If Jeffery commits suicide then David will be sure to put 2 and 2 together and realize that it was because Veronica pushed him into it especially if he notices him with Melissa.

David is a forgiving and loving person, but if Veronica’s actions and urge to be in control of everything leads to the death of their son…I don’t think he could ever forgive her.

*Bonus Clue!!!!*


In the promo for the HAHN, we learn about the cast along with the characters that they play. Gavin talks about Jeffery saying, “He’s really about pleasing his parents and making sure that they are proud of him.  As opposed to being who he really is and having the strength to own that in front of his parents because there is a certain stature that they have and he feels like…to stray from that would be DEATH to him.”

So yeah, if  you are a true addict of the show like myself then you picked up on that little piece of information during the interview. This was way back when the show first came out last year, but it popped into my head while writing this blog. Could this indeed be a foreshadowing of the demise of the youngest Harrington?

What do you think about all of this? Is Jeffery’s only route to freedom suicide? Will he be the person to die in the finale? Will Veronica ever budge and allow her son to be who he truly is? One thing is for sure; you don’t want to miss the finale!


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