What-if: Madea and Mr. Brown Were Veronica’s Parents? | Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots

By Jeremy Carden


It feels like it has been a century since I made a post on here. Honestly, it is a joy to be back in blog form because YouTube has become the central hub of my HAHN content!

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I know that a lot of Madea fans have been wanting her to make an appearance in the HAHN for quite a while. However, I was never a fan of that because the HAHN is a drama series that put Tyler Perry in another arena from his usual style of comedic writing. As I wrote the notes for this theory, I came across a few interesting clues that could make this theory work!

While I was reading through the comments on my video going over this idea, a lot of people were quick to say how ridiculous it was. Most people were pointing out that Veronica and Cora do not have the same last names, Brown isn’t dead, etc.

I think I should address a couple of the things that people have commented on YouTube:

  1. How could Cora be related to Veronica? They do not even have the same last name!

Why is this even a question? Veronica married David HARRINGTON! That means she took his last name and dropped her previous name. For all we know, her previous name could’ve been “Simmons.” On top of that, Tyler could write Madea and Mr. Brown into the series without making them mirror images of their play/movie/sitcom counterparts. Veronica has siblings, but that does not mean Cora has to be one of her sisters. Remember that this could be a completely different continuity.


  1. Mr. Brown wasn’t a gambler or a pimp!

It was stated by Katheryn in the series that Veronica’s father played the numbers as well as women. Once again, Tyler could write Mr. Brown to be an entirely different character for the HAHN. Not to mention, Veronica’s father is dead in the story of the series. We know that Jim sued him so badly that Veronica’s mother hates his guts. Also, a good nod to the “Meet the Browns” movie was the line about how “Your daddy was a pimp!”

  1. Tyler Perry said that he was done with Madea

This response does not need a lot of text because it has been stated from the man himself that Madea will be coming back. With the various platforms that Tyler Perry has access to with his Viacom deal, he’ll have our favorite “mad black woman” on our screens soon enough.


Viewers were not listening to my video very well because I stated that this scenario would take place within the universe or continuity of the HAHN instead of the MCU (Madea Cinematic Universe).

Here are some of the various clues that support the theory that Veronica’s parents COULD be Mr. Brown and Madea:


After looking at these clues, I think Tyler Perry could make this work. Remember that “Eddie” from “If Loving You Is Wrong” popped up in “A Madea Family Funeral.” It was stated that “Eddie/Edward” was the name of the officer that pulled Brian over in the movie. However, there was no confirmation that the movie was taking place in the same universe as “If Loving You Is Wrong.”

Also, the property of Tyler Perry Studios has a lot where many of the houses from the MCU, HAHN and If Loving You Is Wrong are located on the same street! Tyler Perry could easily put characters from his other projects into his television shows.

Overall, I think it would be a fun twist on the series for Madea to appear and shake things up. Season 7 has been labeled the “deadliest” season of them all. Madea is so deadly that even the Malones would be shaken to take her on!

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Tyler Perry’s The Have and Have Nots: Does Jim Love Candace?

by Jeremy Carden

After going back through the previous episodes of this nighttime drama, I’ve come up with what I feel are logical theories and deductions as to whether or not Jim Cryer has a genuine emotional attachment to his young mistress Candace Young.

From their first encounter to last’s nights episode it seems that they are using each other for their own personal gain; Jim for the thrill (and sex) and Candace for the money.

"A lady in public..."

“A lady in public…”

Starting from the pilot to last night’s new episode, I think I can come up with an answer to Jim’s feelings for Candace and whether or not she feels the same about him.
"...but a devil behind closed doors..."

“…but a devil behind closed doors…”

Looking back at Episode 1, one must beg the question; was it love at first sight for Jim?

images (17)

The first of many…

After Candace did her “job” the two are in bed talking about how they do not seem to know each other that well but Jim would like to see her again. Candace then gave him her “personal” phone number before he left to go home for his 50th birthday party.


Does Candace see Amanda as a friend or a pawn?

He was then shocked to see his daughter Amanda’s new friend: Candace.

During the cliffhanger of Episode 1, it seems that Jim was fed up with Candace due to her infiltrating his home and then he told her that never wanted to see her again (well at least not under these circumstances of his escort being at his home). One could assume that it was merely out of anger and the shock of her being “friends” with his daughter that caused him to overreact literally throwing her out of his home.


Candice takes the wheel but Jim is footing the bill…a $100,000 bill to be exact

That outburst didn’t seem to do him any favors because Candace certainly did not take the news too well considering earlier Jim expressed his desire to see her again but now he was throwing her out of his house. So, she calmly listed out her demands; $100,000 cash and a brand new sports car like the one Amanda had.

In the next episode, when Jim talks to David about how this would interfere with his chances of running for governor, he told David that it had been about 10 years since he had an escort. We also learn that he and Katheryn are no more than just mere “roommates” due to their marriage being more about the benefits (her family is rich) and for public appearances rather than actual love.

This could mean that Jim has been trying to fill the void of a meaningless marriage with all of the women that he has been with behind his wife’s back (although she has shown on more than one occasion that she knows what her husband has been doing).

At the end of the episode, Candace locks Jim’s office door and once again the two of them have sex.

It is difficult to tell if Jim does indeed care and have romantic feelings for Candace or if he is simply enjoying the thrill of being with her. Candace seems to only be interested in the “business” side of this for her own personal gain especially after saying that she wanted “THIS house…” (Jim’s house) to her mother and this whole “game” is all about her getting what she wants no matter what she has to do in order to get it.

"I want THIS house..."

“I want THIS house…”

As I mentioned before, it is not uncommon in Tyler Perry shows, plays or movies for a character who appears to have “everything” (material-wise) to throw it all away on an affair because they claim that they are bored or unsatisfied in their current marriage. In order to escape from their “boring” lifestyle, anything that seems like it might be a thrill is something that they will partake in no matter the risks.

However, in the long run everything that they had (marriage, money, career, etc.) crashes and burns right in front of them (which is ironic since in the end of the pilot, Candice said that she’d “burn” Jim’s playhouse down). Though I must admit, this program doesn’t seem to be the average Tyler Perry show so there is really no telling what will go down.

"Say something like that again and I'll break your neck..."

“Say something like that again and I’ll break your neck…”

Something else worthy of note: Jim’s reaction to Wyatt accusing him and Candace of sleeping together. He takes his son to his office for a talk ending with a threat if Wyatt ever says something embarrassing him like that again. Hard to tell if he was embarrassed by Wyatt’s accusation, nervous because he had been accused in broad daylight about a “crime” he IS guilty of or if he was doing it to “protect” Candace because his son insulted her when he was there to hear it (Wyatt didn’t see his dad behind him).

"Court is now in session!"

Court is now in session!

Moving on a few episodes, once again Candace is in Jim’s office wearing his robe. Similar to all of their encounters, when Jim resists, Candace throws on the charm and he is putty in her hands.

"If the stiletto fits..."

“If the stiletto fits…”

Due to Jim not being the one to give her the money and car upfront, she doesn’t seem to like David that much. I like his character because he is a straightforward and direct individual who isn’t as easily swayed by Candace’s charm like Jim is because he knows her for what she really is.


David gets right down to business

Not to get off subject but I will admit, Candace is EXTREMELY cunning and this was shown when it looked like she was going to expose Jim to that reporter.

"What is she doing?"

“What is she doing?”

After David refused to her demands (instead of $100,000 cash he was going to disperse in smaller amounts for her to use in order to pay for law school), she was going to “fake a rape” because she told the reporter one of the judges was into prostitution BUT she didn’t say who meaning that if David was caught in that awkward position with Candace then he would have been the one to take the fall. Talk about a full-proof contingency plan!!

images (7)

Batman isn’t the only person able to pull off contingency plans

Even if Jim was the one to give her the money and car, something tells me that Candace would probably still hold him for blackmail just to do it.

In “The Criminal” for the first time it seems that Candace is addressing Jim on his “issues.” She talks about how he is just daydreaming through life and she comes along every so often to “wake him up.” This was one of the first times I felt that Candice was being genuine to Jim. I recall last week I asked you on Twitter about whether or not Candace was being honest or deceptive when they were talking. We both agreed that she is true to herself by being confident in her own imperfections.


Genuine or deceptive?

She goes on even further to tell him that he has everything but is willing to throw it all away. Jim simply states that he is bored with the life he has. This hints at him enjoying that thrill of running into Candace to have sex. As I mentioned before, he seems willing to do whatever he can to get out his usual routine.

When he says that they will continue to see each other until he feels that they are even might suggest something we have yet to see. That statement probably lit a fire in Candace after Benny was arrested, and that added more suspicions in her mind that she was setup by Jim to “even the score” due to her having him on blackmail for so long (along with $100,000 and a new car).

When he shrugged off Celine’s advances on their “third anniversary” of the day they apparently made love, he showed no interested in her at all. It seems the only reason that Celine was still on the staff was because she could expose Jim for their affair behind Katheryn’s back but it probably wouldn’t faze her in the least due to her knowledge of his other affairs.

"He's not into...black women"

“He’s not into…black women”

I’d expect Celine to be fired because I doubt Katheryn would want one of her maids that slept with her husband to be working in her home.

It can be assumed that since he has this thing going on with Candace that he has no interest in Celine or any other woman for that matter. However, until Celine was shown to be extremely territorial over Jim’s space; shoes, bathroom, etc. after she discovered that Hanna was cleaning them, there weren’t any hints to those two having an affair in the past.

In last night’s episode, when David confronts Jim on his behavior you could tell that Candace’s “lingering” presence was having a negative effect during their conversation. David goes so far as to say that he doesn’t even know who Jim is anymore despite having known him for years.

images (4)

What friendship hasn’t been ruined by a female?

Of course the point of this blog comes from David asking if Jim LOVES Candace but it seems that he could not give a straight answer to the question. On some level, I think that Jim might have begun to have romantic feelings for Candice but to be honest; I think it might be too soon for me to give a definite answer.

Especially with upcoming events that might shake the relationships/bonds already established between the characters. For example, Jim now knows that Hanna is Candace’s mother causing him and David to come up with the theory that it was a family operation to bring down the Cryer’s.

Remember how ticked Jim was at Candace because he had been tricked? She did her homework on him from the past 6-7 months prior to ever coming to that hotel door. Now imagine what he will do with his new found knowledge.

When David told Jim what he did, Jim was concerned and whether it was because of his feelings for Candace or his moral code of how this was not the right thing to do is hard for me to separate. I mean David kept going on about how he expected Jim to do the same for him if the situation was reversed but planting drugs was a bit too far because now he is in possible jeopardy if his part in the scheme is discovered. Jim’s disapproval is again what made David speculate if Jim was falling for Candace. Really can you blame the guy? She is deceiving but I have to admit she is enchanting and can be well…persuasive…

Candace stormed to Jim’s house and up the stairs to his wife’s room there is no telling what is going to happen. If I were to make a prediction it seems rather unlikely that Candace will reveal everything at the beginning of next week’s episode. Based on her past lies and cover-ups, it seems a bit TOO obvious that Candice would do that. I wonder if she will say something about Amanda moving out of the dorms to be her roommate to Katheryn instead…

images (2)

Will Candace let the cat out of the bag?

Jim’s reaction to Candace accusing him of the setup made me pay attention to his body language. Of course he didn’t do it and the way he was trying to calm her down saying that her accusing him was wrong showed he had general concern about the situation not just because she was going to bust him. If she did think he did it that would mean no more “thrill rides” for Jim.

I will say that the stair chase scene was funny, for a guy at 50 he can really move. I think he managed to grab her foot and that slowed her down when she went back for her shoe but it wasn’t enough to stop her.

Honestly, it seems that Jim was shocked and thrilled to find a woman that could “challenge” him if you want to put it that way. It maybe safe to assume that his other affairs were well easy. He is a man, wealthy, most women find him handsome and they probably just throw themselves at him but here Candace is not like that at all. Even if it did look like she was throwing herself at him (she was in HIS office, in HIS robe and in HIS chair) I think we can all assume it is not without purpose. Due to Candace’s, behavior so far it might all be part of a bigger scheme…

Jim's demands have been overruled...

Jim’s objections have been overruled…

This might be a premature assumption I was going to put in another blog all about Candace, but she might be trying to get pregnant with Jim’s baby and if that doesn’t get her “THIS house…” it will certainly get her a huge payoff (maybe). When Jim says she has evidence; emails, text messages…DNA…” that got me thinking about this possible theory.

Being in a loveless marriage, it looks like Jim is enjoying the ride so to speak and that is why he doesn’t mind running into Candace as much as he used to in earlier episodes. Candace set him up, blackmailed him, tempted him into sex on more than one occasion, brought hell to his home (although he is responsible for that as well), she’s literally strangling his chances at being governor and is possibly going to expose their “relationship” to his wife.

Tika, depending on whether or not you like this blog in the near future I’d love to send you the one I’ve been working on in my spare time describing my thoughts on Candice as a character. Overall, I feel that she is an intelligent young woman who is essentially playing chess with the other people in the series. When I look at everything that I’ve seen so far in these 9 episodes, she basically has everyone wrapped around her finger through her charm, lies and of course blackmail. However, along with that “power” she has also made enemies out to destroy her and for their own reasons.

I do hope that you enjoyed reading my thoughts and I would really enjoy getting your feedback on this. Of course, I do understand that you probably won’t be able to tell me what will happen in future episodes and whatnot due to spoilers. I get it since you have a role on the show, looking at each new episode and re-watching the old ones carefully for clues to speculate and come up with these theories is what makes The Have and Have Nots an even more enjoyable show to watch!