Don’t Respect to Neglect



Do you consider yourself to be what others might call a pushover or a doormat because you seem to let other people walk all over you? Honestly, I’ve been in that category for a long time and sometimes I feel that I still am. Unfortunately that is one of the prices that people pay for being nice and respecting other people’s feelings.

One thing that you should not do is respect everyone else’s feelings if that means neglecting your own. I know what it’s like being someone that it eager to please, but overtime I found that you cannot satisfy everyone and that’s a fact. If you live your life trying to make everyone else happy you’ll just wear yourself out and make yourself miserable.

If a friend is a true friend they will respect your own feelings as well without taking advantage of you just so you can benefit them. Overall, I think one of the most common situations where you respect someone else’s feelings while overlooking your own is in a romantic sense.

Not too long ago, I had to deal with that same type of situation. I knew this girl for over a year, we kept in contact during the summer and fall semester (she went to France to study abroad but we Skyped, chatted on Facebook and mailed each other letters) and she came back just last semester to live on campus again.

However, despite our “relationship” it seemed that she changed in France. She was at a point in her life where she doesn’t know what to do career wise and doesn’t feel a relationship would be best right now. Of course it hurt me deeply because I had to put my feelings aside and respect her wishes. Price of being a “nice guy” I always come up short in those situations.

Though I do not know if there will ever be something more between us like there once was it is uncertain at this time and to be honest though it’s been months since that situation happened I’m still getting over it. So, the point of this blog is to let you know there is nothing wrong with respecting other people’s feelings but don’t do it to the point that you neglect your own wellbeing. 



Do You Ever Feel Your Weight?

by Jeremy Carden

Have you ever heard the old expression “You’re only as old as you feel?” Well I think the same applies to weight.

Ever have that feeling when you can’t get that extra notch in your belt like you did 3 days ago? How about huffing and puffing after going up that flight of stairs that you had no problem with last week?

Yeah trust me I’ve been there and sometimes it still happens. Sometimes it’s that extra slice of pizza you ate at lunch or buying a candy bar while you are at the checkout line at a grocery store that makes all of the difference.

I think that it happens when I just lie around the house or the dorm and then finally manage to get out and walk somewhere. Not to mention skipping meals because I’m not hungry or my sleeping pattern is off.

I’ve been learning that I NEED to be consistent in my sleeping pattern, eating habits and not to be lazy when it comes to physical activity.

Even if it is 30 minutes to 1 hour of just moving around doing something it beats just sitting at a computer screen or lying in bed all day.

So, just remember you are only “fat” if you feel “fat” and weight is something that can either motivate you or slow you down.

That is why I usually work out with a Gold’s Gym 20 lb weight vest or 10 lb ankle or wrist weights. I use them as an illustration to myself of how hard it would be to get around if I gained another 10-20 lbs.

Stay strong, stay healthy and stay consistent!

Words Can Hurt Part 1: Confidence-Killer When Dieting




Well I’m almost at Day 10 of not having sodas and things have been getting easier. You know what the worst part about dieting is? I know the answer varies depending on where you are in life.

I had to visit some family today because an uncle of mine died and his funeral is tomorrow. So, I got back from campus for a couple of days to visit them, I haven’t seen them since Christmas. I get there and talk to them for awhile and then one of them out of the blue just goes “Wow you put on a few pounds since I last saw you!”

That just cut me really deep…

I know it sounds childish to get worked up over a minor comment like that but to me it really hurt. The reason being was that it’s been nearly a week since I touched a soda, I’ve been going on 30-45 minute jogs at night for the past 10 days all in an effort to get my body used to training because over the summer I plan to really go hard care with my workouts and dieting to get in better shape (through losing weight, gaining more muscle and endurance) before next semester starts in August.

And to me all of the work I’ve done so far seemed like nothing based on that one comment. Yeah I know, family is supposed to poke fun with those kinds of comments and you’re supposed to laugh it off and move on. But for me that wasn’t the case. I mean I’ve lost 6 pounds over the past 2 ½ weeks and I now can get to the 4th notch on my belt while before I could only get my belt on by the 2nd notch. And this was all by cutting back on sweets, sodas, and other junk food along with exercising 30 minutes a day to stay loose.

For someone to just come along and say something like that while I’m making an effort to get fit just hurts worse than looking down at a scale and cringing from the number on it.

Words can hurt seriously whether it is a snide comment made on someone’s; family, gender, sexuality, religion, race, political views, etc. I mean one compliment can make someone’s day but one wrong joke or comment can cause lasting pain to a person.

My heart goes out to anyone who feels belittled while they are trying to better themselves. Don’t feel discouraged but just keep on keeping on. I know this was a setback for me mentally and emotionally but I know in my heart that there will always be someone trying to put you down when you are trying to build yourself up.

Keep on going and just remember that old saying; “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

I know it’s a lot easier to say those words than to believe them but they do hold truth just remember that.