Losing Weight; What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?



Well, it’s been 2 ½ weeks since I’ve been home and I’ve lost 5 pounds! Cutting back on sodas (I went soda free for about 10 days, but now occasionally I’ll have a soft drink), walking with my 20 pound vest for a minimum of 45 minutes outside a day and generally not packing myself with junk food or eating too much made a huge difference in the long run.

During this time of the year, the temperature usually ranges (where I live anyway) somewhere in between 79 to low 90 degrees during the week. For me, sodas do not do the trick water is what keeps me refreshed. Also, I have to be careful of what time of the day I go outside to walk because the last thing I want is to get a heat stroke or something since it isn’t too smart to play with Mother Nature. Then when it comes to food when it is too hot I’m really not in the mood to stuff myself.

Now, I’ve talked about how people’s words can hurt when it comes to a person’s weight or how hard it is to keep that commitment to diet and exercise but there is one thing that will hurt more than anything; looking at yourself in the mirror.

I don’t know if that has the same effect on you but that does it for me! I know for some people it is looking at their weight on a scale. Personally I try to stay away from them but I just got one last week to record my progress. I only get on the scale every Friday afternoon so I don’t become obsessive and get to the point where I’m losing weight but not going about it in a healthy fashion.

Just taking a moment to look in the mirror while I go to wash my face and I just catch a glimpse of plump cheeks that weren’t so plump a couple of months ago take me by surprise. I don’t know why but that moment if when I realize that yes I have gained some weight. That was my reaction when I first got home from school. So, it is satisfying for me to know that my hard work is starting to bear fruit.

I think that the mirror is the biggest truth for a person to see for themselves what changes take place. That is why some people refuse to look in a mirror and I can see why. Just like getting on a scale it is easy to feel disgust and depression at what you are. However, that is not the way things should be taken. Use that motivation to push forward in order to change for the better. Not because someone called you a name like tubby or fat, not because you can’t quite fit into that old pair of jeans but because you WANT to lose weight for you and no one else.

Take a moment to remember that the next time you look in a mirror and do not like what you see. All it takes is a determined mind and the rest is just work and dedication. Never be disgusted by your appearance! You are who you are if you want to change do it for you and no one else. 

Losing Weight; Who Are You Doing It For?


It’s been awhile since I posted a health related blog because I wanted to wait until something good happened or come to a realization that I wanted to share with everyone.

Who are you losing weight for or why are you losing weight?

-To fit into an old pair of jeans you are a couple sizes too big for?

-To gain the attention of someone you admire like someone you have a crush on

-Because a family member or doctor recommended losing weight

-Because someone said something hurtful that promoted you to get into shape…

As I was doing my usual hour long job/walk outside on nice days at home, I was just thinking about gradually losing weight as the week rolled by.

Then I thought; when I do get into better shape (by continuing to stay active rather than passive in my desire to get fit) what would I feel like in terms of accomplishment?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you are losing weight for someone make sure you are doing it for yourself.

Honestly, I was thinking about the attention I would potentially gain from females by being a better looking person by losing weight. Most girls are turned off by a guy who is out of shape; don’t get me wrong first impressions mean a lot especially appearance because we usually SEE a person before we HEAR/Get to know them in terms of personality. A guy/girl could have a heart of gold but people judge first one appearance.

Though I began to also think about how people would look at me differently, they might ONLY be attracted to me because of how I look and that is not the way I want it to be. Looks fade over time whether it is weight, wrinkles, etc.

So, be sure you keep going for you. Build up self-confidence, because I know if I get thinner and fit into 32 waist jeans because I’m a 34 now. I’m going to feel more confident in myself knowing that willpower and self-disciple helped me get there.

It will give me that extra boost to approach and meet new people. For now, I’m just losing weight for myself in terms of confidence, health and just to know if I put my mind to something I can accomplish anything and the same goes for you!

Summertime Health Tips

Well with graduation from Liberty University a thing of the past (last weekend to be precise) summertime has fallen upon me along with the temptation of doing nothing. I’m looking to do graduate school but I’m still torn between going back to Lynchburg or just doing it online (which is a heck of a lot cheaper not having to deal with housing charges) next semester.

In terms of staying healthy, I am pretty much on my own here. There are no large group of friends back where I live inviting me out places, I live in the neck of the woods so walking for a couple of miles would not be a wise choice with wild animals and snakes coming out to “play” in the warmer weather and laziness being something I’m trying to avoid.

My parents are the only ones in the house when I’m at college, so grocery shopping is pretty much a thing of the past; they go to work, get some take out and come back home. So right there leaves me with a few options in how to stay fit. The only stores within 10 minutes of home are a couple of general stores but they don’t really sell “food food” they only sell snacks, ice cream, candy and whatnot. The food they do have like eggs, bacon and other meats are overpriced due to the “convenience” of not having to drive 30 minutes to get something to put in the refrigerator.

That is something I’m REALLY trying to not fall prey; going to those stores to get junk food and soda because there is nothing else to eat.

After I get my paycheck next week from my online job, I’ll drive into town to get some good food like bananas, broccoli and some other substantial food options.

I really hated last summer because I got a taste of what my folks do when they get off of work; tired and worn out from a long day of work they do not feel like cooking so they just get fast food. That put 8 pounds on me and I hated it!

So, this summer I’m going to be more active. I’ve been at home 5 days so far and I’m going outside for an hour to 90 minutes just walking around to get air and keeps the blood flowing. I do not want to be stuck in the house just on my computer or watching TV.

Not to mention sleeping in until noon because being an online employee I can work at my own pace and whatever time I choose.

I’m going to a couple interviews next week to hopefully get a good summer job in town as well just to get out of the house. Hopefully that goes well!!

Basically, staying active and not being too lazy are my keys to having a good and healthy summer.

-Relax; there is nothing wrong with sleeping in sometimes (unless you have a job because then you have to get up early), have fun, go on vacation, but don’t let laziness become a common theme in the months to come

-Stay active; even if you don’t go outside because the weather is in the upper 80s or in the 90s region, do some pushups or something just to stay loose

-Hobbies; to get your mind off work and exercise just to give you something to do besides sleep, eat, stay on the computer, play video games or watch TV. Read a book, writing in a journal, go through old photos or something (I mean photos in albums BEFORE Facebook came along). For me I’m working on new songs and reading some books I bought this semester.

-Don’t eat too much; Cookouts, ice cream, and all the usual summertime food on the menu looks, smells and tastes good but there is nothing wrong with turning it down sometimes or at least moderate how much you eat. I know I cannot resist a rack of ribs, hotdogs or burgers from the grill. Who could? Well if you do eat a lot at least compensate for it by exercising more.

-WATER; to me summertime is the best time to lose weight because you sweat a lot burning more calories. For me personally, sodas just don’t do the trick in hot weather. Water just I don’t know feels good this time of year. It really satisfies my thirst (Kool-Aid on a hot day does the same but you catch my drift)

Have a great and healthy summer guys!

Words Can Hurt Part 1: Confidence-Killer When Dieting




Well I’m almost at Day 10 of not having sodas and things have been getting easier. You know what the worst part about dieting is? I know the answer varies depending on where you are in life.

I had to visit some family today because an uncle of mine died and his funeral is tomorrow. So, I got back from campus for a couple of days to visit them, I haven’t seen them since Christmas. I get there and talk to them for awhile and then one of them out of the blue just goes “Wow you put on a few pounds since I last saw you!”

That just cut me really deep…

I know it sounds childish to get worked up over a minor comment like that but to me it really hurt. The reason being was that it’s been nearly a week since I touched a soda, I’ve been going on 30-45 minute jogs at night for the past 10 days all in an effort to get my body used to training because over the summer I plan to really go hard care with my workouts and dieting to get in better shape (through losing weight, gaining more muscle and endurance) before next semester starts in August.

And to me all of the work I’ve done so far seemed like nothing based on that one comment. Yeah I know, family is supposed to poke fun with those kinds of comments and you’re supposed to laugh it off and move on. But for me that wasn’t the case. I mean I’ve lost 6 pounds over the past 2 ½ weeks and I now can get to the 4th notch on my belt while before I could only get my belt on by the 2nd notch. And this was all by cutting back on sweets, sodas, and other junk food along with exercising 30 minutes a day to stay loose.

For someone to just come along and say something like that while I’m making an effort to get fit just hurts worse than looking down at a scale and cringing from the number on it.

Words can hurt seriously whether it is a snide comment made on someone’s; family, gender, sexuality, religion, race, political views, etc. I mean one compliment can make someone’s day but one wrong joke or comment can cause lasting pain to a person.

My heart goes out to anyone who feels belittled while they are trying to better themselves. Don’t feel discouraged but just keep on keeping on. I know this was a setback for me mentally and emotionally but I know in my heart that there will always be someone trying to put you down when you are trying to build yourself up.

Keep on going and just remember that old saying; “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

I know it’s a lot easier to say those words than to believe them but they do hold truth just remember that.