Are you ready to be rich?

by Jeremy Carden


Have you ever thought about how all of your problems could be solved if you were rich? Paying off some overdue bills, buying that new car you’ve been eyeballing each time you pass the car dealership or going on a nice vacation to forget about your problems. Somehow the thought of being rich seems to creep its way into my mind every day.

I cannot lie and say that I don’t wish I had $1 million in my bank account right now. Being a college student with loans, a car and other things that require well money can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. I’m sure everyone just wishes they could whip out a wad of cash to pay off everything and watch as their money problems just go away.

As the late Biggie Smalls said in one of his songs “The more money you got…the more problems you have.” I’m sure a lot of things will just pop up in front of me if I ever hit the lottery, wrote a hit song or got a Best Seller Novel published. You know the usually group of distant “family members” or friend you haven’t seen in years coming up to you begging for money.

For me the main question that I ask myself is whether or not I’d use the money for what I NEED to use it on rather than what I WANT to use it for. I’m 22 and one of the last things I’d do with a big chunk of money is put a good portion of it into a savings account for when I get older. It is something that I should do but probably would not. I mean my brain tells me to pay off my college loans, get a car in better condition than the one that I have now, put aside some cash to get either an apartment or a home depending on my next move after graduate school and just put the rest in the bank.

Thinking about it for awhile made me realize that I am not ready to be rich. I know in God’s timing if He sees fit for me to become a millionaire then it will happen. Similar to Solomon praying for wisdom over fame, wealth and everything else a king in those days would prefer over how to properly run their kingdom I hope the same happens to me. If the day does come where I am put in a position where I have more money than I could ever spend, I pray that God gives me the wisdom to use it responsibly.

I recall watching a documentary on people who win big lottery prizes and it takes about the curse of the lottery. All I could do was shake my head at the ridiculousness of it because it made no sense. There is no curse that comes with winning the lottery it is about the wrong people getting the money because of their wasteful spending. After ending up broke from blowing it all on ridiculous things they talk about how it was a curse. However it was all a result of poor money management on their part.

Going back to what I was saying before, I’m not saying that I would be an expert on spending that money wisely but I know I wouldn’t blow $100,000+ on a car that’s for sure.

Back when Deal or No Deal used to air on TV, the host said that he was always irritated by people who came on the show saying they needed a certain amount of money for bills, a house, college loans, helping out a friend or family member or whatever the case maybe. However, when they get to a point in the game where they have more money than they came on to win their greed gets the better of them because they went up playing further losing it all.

Would I do the same thing if I were on the stage with $125,000 guaranteed and just take a risk going on but then losing it all? My instincts say no but I’m sure that if I were in their shoes I’d probably be caught up in the moment. However, growing up without a lot ot money taught me the importance of being smart and not stupid in terms of how I spent money.

Some people think that those who say “Money isn’t everything” are the people who do not have any money to begin with. I cannot say whether or not that is true but I do know some rich people say that they are not happy. What I do know is that it feels good to be somewhat financially secure.

Whether or not I will become rich someday is still unknown to me. I’ll just keep working hard and shooting for the stars. However, I will try not to do so for money but for my own satisfaction. Getting paid a lot of money doing what I love to do would be like a bonus for me. There is nothing like being able to do what you love for a living. A lot of people who invent things became rich because inventing new products is their joy.

So, are you ready to become rich?