Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Maggie Is the Killer!

By Jeremy Carden


The season finale is coming soon! Tuesday will be here before you know it, and fans have been pulling out their hair because of their anticipation!

Who will die? Who will live? What lies will be brought to the surface? Whose chicken will come home to roost?


Now the title of this blog might have you thinking that I have Maggie Day pegged as the killer during the season finale. I suppose you could say that, or you should realize that she has already “killed” someone!

Who am I referring to?


It all occurred during last week’s episode, and her encounter with the Ice Queen herself!

The clip above was my FAVORITE part of last week’s episode!


Maggie revealed to Veronica that she knows about her affair with 23-year-old Benny Young, but has not blown the whistle on her to David.

When Veronica asks why Maggie has not snitched to David, she tells her that it has to do with timing. From there, Maggie reveals her plan to have David run for governor.


Veronica scoffs at the idea because she thinks that Maggie has her own hidden agenda. Maggie brought up the fact that Veronica would not shy away from being the First Lady, but Veronica is quick to call her potential bluff.

I mean when you look at things from Veronica’s perspective (I can’t believe that I just said that), you would also be suspicious of Maggie’s intentions. Sure, Maggie was 100% honest with Veronica about how she feels about David. I will give her the credit she deserves, but she was still chasing after a man who is married!

The fact that Maggie said that she did not reveal Veronica’s affair to David because of timing has me thinking that she has a hidden agenda. She could be trying to get David in the governor’s mansion, and wait for Veronica to blow the marriage (which she has already done) before making her move.


Like it or not, Maggie is potentially the most dangerous and cunning character on the show in her own way. It has never been revealed if her persuading Veronica to bail out Quincy from prison was a “double agenda.” We know that her intention was getting Q out in order to get Candace under control to stop her from ruining Jim’s campaign. However, she might have anticipated a man that has been in prison for 3 years would be instantly attracted to the first woman that he laid eyes on after all of that time; Veronica was most likely the first woman her has seen in 3 years!


That could be why he was so persistent with having sex with her on multiple occasions! I don’t know…Maggie might have planned that out. Aside from having Q being a dog off the lease, she could also use that as ammo against Veronica if she blows the whistle to David about it!

So at this point, Maggie knows about Veronica’s affair with Benny AND has the proof of Veronica bailing Q out of jail! Veronica told David that she did that at the Sarandon Hotel, and caused an even bigger rift in their marriage.


Veronica is basically doing Maggie’s dirty work for her, and she is running her own marriage as a result. This is EXACTLY what Maggie has been trying to do all along!

David told Veronica that the breaking point of their marriage would be if she has been screwing around behind his back, and that was right before she handed him the divorce papers.

Maggie has the final bullet needed to kill the Ice Queen, but has yet to pull the trigger…

You are probably wondering who she “killed” last week, and I will tell you the person that she killed.


Did you notice the two masks that were hanging on the wall near the front door of Veronica’s new house?

As she was leaving, Maggie said that she loved the décor of Veronica’s new house. What made this scene even more perfect that it already was involved Maggie bringing up something that was mentioned during her first meeting with Veronica.

Do you recall the first encounter of Maggie, Veronica and Katheryn? It was during the early episodes of Season 2 after she agreed to be Jim and David’s campaign manager. Maggie had a brief meeting with their wives to introduce them to her strategy for the campaign.


Never one to beat around the bush, Maggie noted that Veronica’s wardrobe and fashion sense was too flashy. After she left, it was clear that she did not make friends with Veronica and Katheryn.

When she was leaving Veronica’s house, she mentioned that the décor was nice without being too flashy. Veronica then threw the folder containing the photos of her and Benny at Maggie. It did not hit her intended target, but it knocked down one of the masks on the wall.

After Maggie closed the door, Veronica fell to the floor in tears and frustration. If you ask me, the mask hitting the ground was almost a form of symbolism.

11026595_10204874368485613_6997965045096577265_n (1)

The two masks could represent different things about Veronica’s personality:

  • One mask represented the facade Veronica had regarding her marriage
  • One mask represented the facade of Jeffrey NOT being gay

Maggie’s speech to Veronica about how David loved her and did not have an affair “killed” one of Veronica’s personalities.


The persona or “mask” that wanted revenge against David for cheating on her!

Yes, Maggie Day “murdered” someone in last week’s episode!

Now the mask falling on the floor (with Veronica doing the same) reminds me of the expression about picking your face up off of the ground.


In the finale, it appears that Veronica is going to try correct two of her mistakes:

  • She tries to cut ties with Benny by ending their affair, but it does not look like he wants that to happen
  • She goes to David’s office and tells him to take the opportunity by running for governor


She is even seen on stage beside David as Jim is about to give his speech about dropping out of the race for office, but it is unknown whether or not he will bow out or continue to run.

What has me curious is if Jim does decide to quit the race, will David walk to the podium and reveal that HE is running?


He did not want to run without consulting his “friend” Jim, but for him to be pushed in that direction by his wife…this finale is going to be interesting to say the least.

It is still unknown if the impact of Veronica learning the truth about her husband’s affair will cause her to think twice about how she has treated Jeffrey (the second mask on the wall), but I could see her potentially being killed in the finale.


Aside from the hit that Jim put out on her (as well as Cannon and Terrell), it would not surprise me if the Ice Queen gets killed just as she is trying to make things right in her life. After all of the harm she has caused, Veronica has a lot to answer for.


I know my whole theory on the masks being symbolism for Veronica’s personality might be a result of me reading too much into this, but I’m a HAHN addict (this is what I do)! If the masks were actually written into scene for symbolism, I give applause to whoever put that in there!


Also, I am a sucker for continuity, and Maggie Day delivered by referencing what she first told Veronica about her flashy personality! If I am not mistaken, I read somewhere that Maggie was not even supposed to be in the series for this long. However, that changed and she has become a major player at the HAHN table if you ask me.


Somehow, the Grinch’s heart also grew three sizes that day, but is it enough for Veronica to make peace with her family?


Will David and Jeffrey forgive her? Will Veronica call off the wedding that she posted about in the newspaper? Is Maggie trying to take the position as First Lady for herself? Will Veronica die in the finale?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Will Die?

By Jeremy Carden


I haven’t written a theory on a subject like this since we found out that someone would die at the end of Season 2. Amanda Cryer was the victim during that season, and now fans are speculating who will be the victim at the end of Season 3.

At this point, I can honestly say that I do not know WHO will be the one to die in the season finale. There are just so many potentially characters who could get the ax from the series that I cannot even think straight!

What I will do in this blog is simply go over every character that I think will be a candidate for death and why. Perhaps in next week’s episode, we will get more hints as to which character will be the one to die.

All we have is the preview of next week’s episode in the clip above, and I must say that it has me pointing in different directions. There is just no clear victim, but I will start off with the 3 that has fans talking the most.


Jim’s call to Mama Rose and her boys from the Malone gang was to order a bloodbath. The 3 people that he named were Terrell, Professor Cannon and Veronica.

  • Terrell was the police office that allowed the rapist “Toxic” to come into Wyatt’s prison cell to sexually assault him
  • Professor Cannon was the man who raped Amanda, and was arguably responsible for her committing suicide
  • Veronica was the one who paid Terrell to have Toxic placed into Wyatt’s cell in order to give him a true taste of prison life

When the Malones are given a murder request, they do NOT play around! Considering how disappointed Mama Rose was when Jim said not to kill Candace, she has a trigger finger itching to be used.

These are 3 of the most likely characters to be killed off by the end of this season. However, there are more than just these 3 to speculate about, and I will go through them one-by-one.



Her reason for dying is simply because she revealed that Jim has 2 sons by her, but if anything happens to her, I am sure that everyone will point the finger at Jim for what she did to him on live television.

Jim has even said that even though Celine has a lot of bullets to fire (the fact that she had worked for the Cryers 28 years, she knows EVERYTHING there is to know about them. Basically, Celine has all of the dirty laundry to hang out and dry for everyone to see…if she wanted to), she has fired the biggest one being about his children outside of his marriage to Katheryn.


We see in the new episode that Jim goes over to her apartment and pulls “a Wyatt” by trying to seduce her.


Kind of awkward when you think about it because Wyatt had Celine in the same position back at the beginning of this season…

He says that he is over at her apartment for revenge, but I wonder what exactly he has in mind. Maggie told him to put his sexual energy into his campaign, but it looks like he is attempting to put it on Celine instead!

Despite the fact that Celine is no longer in the title opening, I don’t think that automatically means she dies. I mean they did that with Amanda AFTER it was revealed that she was dead. Look at Maggie, she is playing a much bigger role than Celine, but she was never in the opening. Now if Celine does die, Tyler was pretty much showing us her demise episodes in advance! However, I don’t think that is the case this time around.



At first, I thought he would commit suicide after what he went through in prison. However, it seems he has a bigger plot coming up involving getting back at his parents for leaving him in jail.



Doubt she dies, but I am going over everyone who could be killed off. I do not think that Katheryn will die because she has been more of a spectator in these past few episodes.

I will say that since Hanna’s house is on fire, the video will she took of Katheryn before she went into surgery back in Season 1 is my main concern. Was that video still in the house, or did Benny have the purse holding the video moved into his new house?

Besides, I think that Katheryn will end up buying Hanna a new house anyway. Which is ironic since the house Candace bought for Benny (with the money extorted from the Cryers) is where he wants Hanna to live anyway.



Given his 10 minute speech to Hanna at the hospital about how he is a man now, and he will handle Q; I think he will either get killed or “lose” if and when Q comes back.

Low and behold, Hanna’s home is now destroyed because Benny bailed him out of prison, but did not get the job done.

Quincy will get the upper hand because he is going for blood now (not sure if he knew Hanna’s house was empty when he drove right through it), and I don’t think he will let Benny beat him up three times in a row.

I do not think Benny will die just yet because he has a tow company and a house now thanks for Candace’s ill-gotten gains. Benny is now slowly beginning to see that his baby sister is not as legit as she said she is. With that being said, I think he might make it to see Season 4.



Q dying is most likely a result of his recent actions. Benny looks PISSED after figuring out that Q was the one to destroy his mother’s house.

Candace will find out that Q had come to the hospital and taken papers from Aaliyah’s purse. My guess is that paper had Candace’s information on it. From there, Candace will figure out that Q now knows where she lives.

I think that either Benny or Candace will call on Warlock to finish Q off for good this time! He knows too much, and has done far more than enough to end his life.



I doubt that he dies because Veronica “needs” him alive to finish her plot with her grandchild and Jeffery’s marriage to Melissa.

Quincy said he would kill him, but he is too busy with his son and getting revenge on the Youngs to worry about him (at least for now).

screenshot_54 (1)


In my opinion, she dies is Quincy comes to her apartment thinking that Jeffery is still living there.



The only way that I can see him dying is if Quincy finds out that Oscar has been messing around with his woman. However, I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon. Everyone knows that I do not trust Oscar, and the only thing “dying” about him is his “relationship” with Candace.

I still say that he is going to take ALL of her money, and leave her with nothing! His trip to New York and Paris will most likely be his “going away” trip from Candace.



I doubt he is going anywhere anytime soon because he has now thrown the first punch (well choke/strangle) in his battle with David that is creeping over the horizon. I think it is safe to say that Season 4 will have these 2 going at it.


Jim even posted the above picture on social media from filming new episodes of HAHN for the new season.

It begs the question as to what exactly is going to happen especially given the fact that his facial hair has grown out. This could mean that Jim is going to be in a place that he cannot keep up his regular appearance.

Since he has facial hair and bruises, we can assume that he is going to be somewhere for an extended amount of time. Someplace where fights occur on the regular, a place like…PRISON?!?!?


The only way that he could be sent to prison is if Jennifer gets the evidence needed (Jeffrey’s car) to place the Cryers and Harringtons behind bars for covering up the hit-and-run charges.

This seems very likely because of a few facts:

  1. Jeffrey somehow discovers his car at Benny’s Towing
  2. Jennifer’s boss told her not to go after the Cryers/Harringtons again unless she has the car
  3. She is on the phone with Wyatt saying that she knows about the Norman-Wyatt prison switch, and wanted to know if Wyatt would like to get back at his dad for what he did to him


Wyatt’s vengeance is placed on the wrong person because even though Jim had him in jail, he did so in a “protective environment.” At least until Veronica played her cards and that led to him getting sexually assaulted.

Jeffrey knows what happened to Wyatt while he was in the jail, and would be willing to help out his friend by getting back at his parents for letting that happen. Meaning that Jeffrey will tell Wyatt about the car, and Wyatt would tell Jennifer. This will lead to her having the ammo needed to arrest Jim, Katheryn, David and Veronica!


Considering the finale is coming, I think that it has to end with a bang! With the death of one of the characters, or Jennifer finally getting what she needs to take out Jim and David!

Or the picture could simply mean that the makeup team applied bruises and whatnot to Jim’s face before shaving him, but I would not know because I do not know much about makeup…

This just goes to show that I take this show and these theories very seriously!



Just as I said about Jim, since these two good friends are not friends anymore; he won’t die (at least not anytime soon). He and Jim throwing down next season (if anything happens to Veronica that is) will be the main event! I doubt Tyler Perry would kill off the man who is running for governor, or at least not just yet.



In the preview for next week, Maggie is seen coming over to Veronica’s new house. My guess is that she comes over to try and create some form of peace between them for the sake of the campaign.

Remember that Veronica and David appeared to be a loving couple at the first live campaign announcement. If Maggie is trying to get David to the governor’s mansion, he has to have the illusion of a healthy marriage and family.

11026595_10204874368485613_6997965045096577265_n (1)

However, this is far from the truth considering Veronica has already handed him divorce papers, attempted to kill him and is currently in the middle of an affair with Benny.

His son is not the straight man standing by Melissa like he was on stage, and there is no telling how that “wedding” announcement is actually going to play out.


Veronica does tell Maggie that there are no victims around, and Maggie was puzzled by that statement. In any case, Maggie saying that she wants David to run for governor could be the thing that “saves her life.”


This face that Veronica makes in the preview for next week has me confused. Is she laughing or crying? What is the cause of that face?

I am interested in finding out that is for sure. Given the fact that Veronica is the “new Amanda” so to speak, this look she gives Maggie has me fearful for her life. If Maggie going to Veronica’s house is the cliffhanger ending of the episode, I do have a feeling we might not see her in Season 4…



Seriously, how long is this man going to walk around before that kidney failure puts him out to pasture? If Benny does die (which I have my doubts about), I figure that Tony will appear out of nowhere wanting his organs in order to save his life. What would result in Tony’s demise is if Benny is NOT a compatible organ donor, and all of his ruthlessness will have been in vain.

Overall, there are nearly a dozen people who are candidates for dying at the end of Season 3.

I omitted Candace because I think she has to lose what she has before dying. She has way too much to answer for before being killed off quickly (similar to Veronica). Hanna has too much of a role in the story to be removed from it as well.


Honestly, it does seem clear that Maggie is the “What the hell are you doing here?” guest at Veronica’s door when she answers it. However, who is to say that Quincy is not the person to knock on her door?


Q hitting her could be the reason for the face she makes in the above photo, but he has never knocked before entering into her house before. Why start now?


Perhaps “Toxic” gets out of prison somehow, and he wants revenge for Veronica not putting the money on his books after sexually assaulting Wyatt like she asked him to do.

Who do you think will bite the dust?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Can Oscar Be Trusted?

By Jeremy Carden


Sad to say, but Season 3 will soon be coming to a close. However, fans can rejoice in knowing that Season 4 will be coming in early 2016!


For the first time, we have seen Candace show her vulnerable side to another person. This occurred when she opened up to Oscar about who she is, and how her past has shaped her into the person that she is today.

It is hard to believe that after all we have seen Candace do since Season 1; she is finally dropping her guard and allowing another person into her life.

However, as touching as it is to give her some character development aside from being a gold digging temptress; she could be getting two-timed!


Fans (and even Candace) cannot help but wonder about whether Oscar can truly be trusted…

After Oscar was introduced, I wrote a blog about my thoughts on who he is. In the end, I speculated that he was hired by David in order to get back the money that Candace extorted from Jim.

Don’t believe that theory to be true?


If not, I think that the face David makes while staring Oscar down at the Sarandon Hotel dining room says it all!


Maggie asked him why he kept staring at that man (Oscar), but David said that it was nothing. We know that David told Candace that he likes to stalk his prey before striking, and I think that he has some hand in getting Jim’s money back.


Given recent events, the friendship between Jim and David is severely damaged. Even if Oscar is working for David, I am not sure how things will go down if he does get the money back.

Some fans have speculated that Oscar works for Jim, but I do not think that is the case.

You have to remember that before Jim revealed to David that Candace extorted $7.4 million from his bank account; no one else knew what had happened.


The only other person who knew was Katheryn, and that was because she was notified by the bank about the large sum of money leaving the account. Remember that she holds Jim’s balls in one hand, and the purse strings in the other!


Oscar was at the Sarandon Hotel glancing over at Candace BEFORE Jim told David. Remember that Jim went from the “War Room” on a bus ride to his campaign office, but went home instead after finding out Amanda was dead.

While everyone was at the Cryer Mansion, Jim was not in his right mind to think of a scheme to get the money back.


During the police investigation at the Cryer Manson, Landon (at the hotel) told Candace that there was a guy checking her out. What is interesting was that Candace quickly jotted down the clothes that he was wearing, and how much they cost.

What catches my attention was that Candace glanced at Oscar when he walked in, and said the following about his outfit:

  • Italian suit that is hand-stitched
  • $15,000 watch
  • $3,000 shoes
  • She even said that he had a small package

This does mean he has a lot of money considering that in the episode where he invites Candace to go to New York with him, Candace takes his shirt which Oscar said was $1,500!

screenshot_5 (1)

Landon squashed Candace’s conclusion of Oscar not having money after looking him up on the internet. He found that Oscar is a wealthy man with an investment firm.

Some fans have speculated that Oscar was given money by one of the “Haves” to get back at Candace. However, considering he has a private jet, owns his own firm, etc. I am a bit skeptical…


Remember that people like Katheryn and David know a lot of powerful people, and I am sure that if they find themselves in a bind; they can call on one of their friends to help them out.

Whoever sent Oscar to tail Candace would have to have known that she was going to the Sarandon Hotel.


We know that David, Maggie, Landon and Candace’s unknown contact at the Sarandon Hotel (the one who acquired Maggie’s phone) were there. I would say that Veronica was the one to send Oscar, but she thought that Candace was staying with Jeffrey without leaving because she called Quincy to go over to attack her. However, Candace left soon after Veronica left to go to the Sarandon.


If you ask me, it all goes back to Jim’s banker (Lloyd Bowman) and the fact that Candace sent Jim’s bank a wire transfer request to her account. I think that somehow within the transfer of money, something funny went down.

Then throw in the fact that Oscar now has Candace’s account information after the events of last week’s episode. Yes, something fishy is going on here!


Even though he seems to be a genuine guy that cares about Candace, this show has proven that EVERYONE has something to hide. Not to mention that some (if not most characters) are who they say they are…

Considering that Candace has seen how Oscar is good when it comes to making investment and giving inside information about what to “bid” on next; Candace might put all of her “earnings” into Oscar’s care…which will lead to her downfall.


I think that she is opening up way too much, and she is going to end up a “Have Not” again!

Oscar is going to get his $500,000 back from Candace one way or another, and he might just take the rest of her ill-gotten funds with him!

He was either sent to go after Candace by a “Have” or who knows he could be operating on his own accord. Oscar did say that he would have sex with woman after woman due to the grief of his wife dying. He could have made some money from conning women in the past!

It just struck me as strange that he seemed to be coming on a bit too strong when it came to Candace. I did like the fact that he was a man not looking for anything from her at first but friendship (although he wanted sex at first).


If Oscar is conning Candace out of her money, he is doing one heck of a job! Not only is he potentially going to break her financially, but emotionally as well. Keep in mind that Candace broke “Jim’s bank” and his spirit! After all of the torture and humiliation that she put him through, there was barely anything left of Jim to take advantage of.

Whoever sent him after Candace might want him to do the same thing to her, or it could just be karma because what goes around comes around!


Oscar knows that Quincy Jr. is her heart, and I always found it odd that he would suggest that she go see Quincy Sr. in prison…I smell a potential encounter between Qunicy and Oscar in the future.


Remember the last time Q found out that another man was “hitting his chick…”


Also remember that Hanna let a man into her personal life (Byron), and it turned out that he was spying on her on behalf of Jim.


Like mother like daughter because Candace could be in a similar situation with a man just like Hanna!

The speculations are endless, and I cannot wait to see if we find out who he REALLY is during the Season 3 finale in a couple of weeks!


Do you think that Oscar is a genuine man, or will he turn the tables on Candace who has been the series’ two-timing queen? If Oscar really is a conman, who do you think sent him to setup Candace?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Is Wyatt Gay?

By Jeremy Carden


Honestly, I cannot believe that I am writing this theory. However, when I thought about a possible character shift for Wyatt…this idea just clicked into my mind!

Effective misdirection is the key to this show, and everything is not what it seems. This is especially true when a viewer thinks that they know where the story is going, but it turns out that Tyler Perry is taking things to a place that you never expected it to go.


As the person who writes these theory blogs, I can wholeheartedly say that the above state is indeed a fact. Now, as we have seen since season 2; Veronica is indeed the coldest person on the show!

It just seems that she has been going too far for her own good. Her actions are eventually going to catch up with her, and she has a lot to answer for. I will say that her plans so far have almost 100% gone her way, but I think that her plans are eventually going to backfire!


Recently, she has setup Wyatt to be sexually abused or raped in prison. Veronica told Wyatt that she always collects on her debts, and Wyatt will pay for trying to expose her along with his parents.

Whether or not Wyatt can recover from this has yet to be determined, but I think that he will get revenge. I am not sure who will tell him that his stay in prison was a setup by Jim, and Veronica was the one that put the real rapist in his prison cell.

I could write about 1,000 ways for this to go down! To keeps things simple, I will take a look at the end result of Veronica’s plan backfiring.


It really has to do with the announcement in the newspaper that Veronica made about Jeffrey’s “engagement” to Melissa. I don’t think that I need to remind you about her plot of getting her pregnant by Jeffrey to have a grandchild.

Melissa told Jeffrey that if he did not show up on the day of their wedding, Veronica was going to embarrass him for it.


Fans are speculating about how Veronica expects to embarrass him because he is no longer listening to what she has to say. Not to mention that she has already cut him off financially, given his apartment to Melissa and set him up to be a father; what else could she possibly do to him?

She could say something about him being a deadbeat for not getting married to the woman carrying his child or something along those lines. I was stunned that the last line of the announcement say that the 2 are expecting their first child!


My theory is that Jeffrey is going to flip the script on his mother! If she plans on embarrassing him, Jeffrey could embarrass her A LOT more!


Jeffrey is in love with Wyatt, and I do not want Wyatt’s experience in prison to turn him into a homosexual. I am not saying that to be homophobic or anything like that. Personally, I do not think that is a good way for Wyatt to open his eyes to a new world as Jeffrey put it during the episode “Two Funerals.”

I do like the idea of Jeffrey and Wyatt PRETENDING to be in a relationship just to get under Veronica’s skin!


Here is how I think this will be extremely effective, and Veronica will possibly have no way to counter this. I say possibly because Veronica almost has this internal instinct that will allow her to walk away from any bomb that someone plans on throwing her way. However, if Jeffrey and Wyatt pull this off correctly; this bomb will blow up right in Veronica’s face!

What if…Jeffrey comes out as being a homosexual to the public? How would Veronica be able to counter that? Jeffrey could either plot this prior to or the day of his wedding to Melissa!


That would be like the ultimate “SCREW YOU MOM!!!” for Jeffrey to pull off!

The reason why Veronica could not counter this is because if she did, she’d be destroying herself by doing so!



During the last press conference, Veronica was able to save face (very impressively if I do say so myself) by giving her “You people” speech. It was when she was asked about her thoughts on gay rights.

In the speech, she did not say anything about her TRUE feelings on gays, but was able to describe the states as a place where everyone has rights. She told David that she has no problem with gay people, but she does not want her only son to be a homosexual.


By revealing her hatred of her own son’s homosexuality; Veronica would be screwed!

It is clear that she is willing to destroy everything she has built with David, but is she willing to destroy herself? Not so sure, remember that she is trying to destroy the Black Sedan because it is evidence linking her to the hit-and-run charges!


Wyatt’s speech to Veronica about her son being gay, and her not being able to do anything was hilarious! If anything, I think that it was a foreshadowing to Jeffrey rubbing his homosexuality in Veronica’s face!

Remember that Wyatt said he loves how Jeffrey is attracted to him, and it makes Veronica squirm! It is so hilarious that no matter how tough Veronica tries to be, if someone even mentions Jeffrey being gay; it shuts her up fast!


How this will change anything about Melissa carrying Jeffrey’s baby is beyond me. I am still not 100% sure that she is REALLY pregnant, but then again that’s just me. I know that the pregnancy test said that she was, and she continues to bring up the fact that she is having a baby.

The fact that she was in the restroom so long when she was at the hotel just does not sit right with me.


I’ve said it before and I will say it again; I have a feeling in my gut that Quincy is going to show up to “Jeffrey’s apartment” and find Melissa there by herself! Not so sure that the encounter is going to go over well…

In any case, I think that Wyatt would be more than willing to play the role as Jeffrey’s man just to get back at Veronica for what she has done to him!


The one thing that I really think Jeffrey could do to make things even more deliciously spiteful to his mother would be to come up with a sappy story. Remember that he was on stage with his “girlfriend” Melissa. The reporter stated to Veronica that it was clear that her son (Jeffrey) was not gay because he was standing there with his lovely girlfriend. Jeffrey could spin things saying that he was never comfortable about who he was until he heard his mother’s speech about gay rights at the press conference.


After hearing her talk about equal rights and acceptance, that gave him the courage to come out and be who he really is!

He could bash the engagement by stating that it would not be fair to Melissa or him to actually get married. Now that is how he could defeat his mother! Again, the baby seems to be the only deciding factor in this theory. However, I still have my doubts about her really carrying a baby…


If Melissa and Jeffrey worked together as well, I could see Veronica’s icy throne beginning to melt! However, she has literally given up when it comes to trying to fight. It is all about Veronica having Melissa right where she wants her with her family, but I think she could play a key factor in foiling Veronica’s schemes!


Is Wyatt going to become a homosexual for real, or is he going to play a game just to get back at Veronica? Even if Jeffrey comes out as being a homosexual, will Veronica be able to spin the odds back in her favor? Is Melissa really pregnant? Will she and Jeffrey get married?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Celine Reaches the Breaking Point

By Jeremy Carden


I think that it goes without saying that Jim is going to be in for a bag of surprises in the next episode of the HAHN!


How often does anything go off without a hitch for the man running for governor?


We know that Jim discovers that his son was sexually assaulted in jail, and that will be his first big blow in the new episode. I will write a blog with my thoughts on that in the near future because there will be hell to pay when Katheryn finds out! Remember she told Jim that she did not feel their son was safe even if Jim had everything “under control.”

The hot topic of this blog is not only about Celine, but the recorded interview that Carlos had with a news reporter a few episodes back.

Remember that during the interview and lie detector test, Carlos revealed that Jim Cryer had 2 outside children by Celine (his former maid). It was mentioned that Carlos was becoming agitated so the lie detector tests were not coming out 100% accurate, but they still had a recorded confession by Carlos.

download (13)

This is very similar to Jennifer the D.A. who has a recorded confession from Wyatt with a few image tarnishing truths about his father Jim Cryer…

Notice the similarities between Wyatt and Carlos? Both are sons of Jim, and they dislike their father for different reasons (the same reasons depending on how you look at it).

Due to their recorded interviews, Jim’s positive image to the media is in danger of being destroyed! Celine was furious that Carlos would do this, and ordered the news crew to leave her home.


Carlos was shocked to hear that the interview was recorded, and Celine ordered the recordings to be deleted. However, it was studio property at that point. In the end, the interviewer kept the recorded interviews, but said that she could not reveal them to the media without Carlos’ permission.

It was a tense scene because the news reporter was telling Celine that she deserved better than the situation that she was currently in. Not to mention that many members of her channel’s audience would vote for Jim Cryer without knowing the kind of man that he really is.

11026595_10204874368485613_6997965045096577265_n (1)

In the latest episode, Carlos again tried to convince his mother that Jim does not care about any of them. Celine is as clueless about Jim’s “love” as David is about Veronica’s behavior.

After visiting Jim and David’s campaign office, David made it clear that Jim has moved on. Celine being fired meant that she no longer had any business with Jim at all. She left the office stating her famous line; “This isn’t over!”

My guess is that her encounter with David was the thing that made her realize that Jim really wasn’t coming back like she expected. She told Carlos that Jim loves differently than most men, and that he does care.


With the unanswered phone calls and live television announcement the new day (that she did not know about), I think that Celine finally realized the truth. She kept telling Carlos that he is going through a rough time with everything involving his family, but he would give her a call when he was going to make his announcement regarding his campaign for governor.

My guess is that she allows Carlos to give the news team permission to release the interview about his affair with her and the two sons came from it!


That is why Jim is making this face during the interview, and it was mentioned that some research was done on Jim before the live interview!


In the preview for next week, we even hear Maggie yelling for the interview to cut to commercial! My guess is that some real dirt is going to be tossed out, and that would be very damaging to Jim’s chances at winning the run for governor!

Remember that she asked David about why Celine would come to the campaign office, but he just brushed off the question. It seems like each time Maggie is kept in the dark about something, it is brought to the light and she has to come up with some way of handling it herself! This time bomb about Jim’s outside children could be the only thing that would make her want to cancel the interview in the middle of it being aired on television!


Another route that this could take is Veronica herself dishing some dirt about Jim to the press, and that is brought up in the interview. Just look at Veronica’s face in the picture above, and that is the “Let’s see you get out of this one…” face! She had to go through a similar situation when Landon tried setting her up for a fall during the last press conference.


Whatever is said does not sit well with Katheryn because she has that “I’m about to slap a b&*!%” look on her face!

I’ve said it long ago in one of my first HAHN blogs that Jim’s story is very similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both are men going for a political spot as a governor, and had babies by their maid!

If there was a way that Jim could try and counter this assault is by making up some story about how he felt bad for Celine, and he was a surrogate father. He would give Celine money each month to help provide for “their” children, and she could remain as an employee at his house. Again, this is just something that I would not be surprised at Jim for pulling off in the middle of the interview!


Do you think that Celine has finally realized that Jim is not coming back as she originally thought? Will she give Carlos permission to allow his recorded interview to be released to the media? What do you think is the reason that Maggie wants the interview to be called off in the middle of the Q&A session? Who is the one to provide the information that the news team researched? After this interview, what are Jim’s chances of winning a spot in the governor’s mansion?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Wyatt Relapse or Commit Suicide?

By Jeremy Carden


Sad to say, but Wyatt does not look like he is going to recover from his rough experience in prison.

Veronica’s treachery knows no bounds, and her having a man sexually violate Wyatt in jail is going to leave a lasting effect.


Fans are now speculating on how Wyatt is going to handle what happened to him in the last episode! First off, we know that Jim is going to raise hell when he finds out what happened to his son.

If the cops in the jail were afraid of Jim being pissed, there is no telling what he will do to them because he left them in charge of watching over his son.


Do you think that Jim being pissed about this is bad? Just wait until Katheryn finds out because then there will be some real hell to pay! Remember she objected to Jim’s plan when she found out about it because of Wyatt’s safety.

However, Jim told her that if he set his plan in motion to show Wyatt “tough love” there would be no turning it around. She told him to do whatever it took to get their son under control, but now I bet she wishes that she never said that.


After visiting him in prison, Katheryn told Jim that they should release him because he seems like he learned his lesson. Jim said that he would wait until the next day to go get him before his interview on television.

It appears that he should have listened to Katheryn at that moment unlike he did when he refused to have Amanda committed.

Katheryn even says during their ride in the car that they had already lost one child to a traumatic experience, and she did not want that to happen again.


However, this might actually occur due to Wyatt experiencing a similar experience to his sister!


Jim’s face says it all because he realized that he has screwed up! Katheryn will never forgive him because she told him to get Wyatt out of jail right then and there. However, he said that he had it all under control.

As a child at the bible camp, Wyatt and Amanda were sexually violated by a priest. This led to Wyatt developing a drinking problem along with a substance addiction, and Amanda began to cut herself.


This experience in jail could reawaken that urge within Wyatt to start the process over again, or he might kill himself like his sister did.


I shudder at the very thought of Wyatt doing either one of those things because of what it would mean for Katheryn. At this rate, I think that the stress coming from her family is killing her even faster than her breast cancer was back in Season 1!


Some fans speculate that Wyatt will become gay or realize that he likes men after his homosexual experience in jail. If this occurred, Wyatt would finally fall for Jeffrey.


In my opinion, that would be a very sick and disturbing way for the story to go. Even more awkward than the “Bennica” thing that is happening now!


Considering that it was Veronica who convinced Jim to show Wyatt “tough love” by sending his son to jail in the first place, she added the icing on the cake by putting a rapist in his jail cell. I did not think that she would go THAT far considering her bias against homosexuals to begin with. Then again it seems that she does not mind homosexuals as long as her son is not one of them!

At some point, I think she is going to get a visit from Old Man Karma because she did not put the money on the books for the prisoner on death row that she put into Wyatt’s cell.


I do not think that Wyatt will confess to the hit-and-run charges now, but I am curious as to what will happen if he finds out that it was Jim who set him up to go into “prison.” Not to mention if he finds out about Veronica getting him sexually assaulted.

Things are not looking good, and it seems that they will continue to get worse and worse…

My biggest fear is if that inmate was HIV positive or something of that nature. The terror of Wyatt possibly dying from a disease, and his sister killing herself while possibly being pregnant is just too much to bear!


Do you think Wyatt will relapse after coming home from prison? Will he still confess to the hit-and-run charges? Is he now into men after his sexual experience in jail? What will he do if he finds out about Jim and Veronica setting him up?

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Is Hanna Wrong for Wanting Custody of Her Grandson?

By Jeremy Carden


Another hot topic that has HAHN fans split down the middle involves the fate of Quincy Jr.


In next week’s episode, Candace returns from New York to be with her son (who she thought was dead until a few episodes ago). In the middle of their emotional reunion, Candace learns that Hanna has requested custody of Quincy Jr.

Just when you thought that things within the Young family have calmed down for the moment; a storm is beginning to brew once again!

Should he stay with his mother, or is he better off with his grandmother?

My opinion on the above question is kind of split down the middle, and I do not say that as an escape from actually answering the question at all.


I think that Quincy Jr. would be better off with Hanna, but he would be safer with Candace…maybe.

Hear me out on this one! There is no doubt in my mind that Hanna loves her grandson with all of her heart, and she has made this clear on multiple occasions throughout the series. She practically raised him since he was an infant, but Candace took him away without Hanna seeing her grandson again until a couple of episodes ago!


In a contest of who cares more about Quincy Jr., I think that the clear winner is Hanna.


It can be summed up by 2 events in the past few episodes involving Candace after she learned that her son was alive.

Hanna was 350% correct when she called out Candace for not using her time, resources, connections and energy towards finding her son!


Instead of looking for Quincy Jr. after she learned from Hanna that he was alive, she was too busy “paying her condolences” to Jim. We all know how that turned out; Katheryn popped her upside the head with a wine bottle, and she deserved it!


She was too focused on rubbing her newly “earned” wealth in Jim’s face, and that resulted in her downfall. Hanna told her not to go to Amanda’s funeral, and she also told her not to go to the Cryer Mansion.


For the viewers who are quick to call out Hanna for fighting for custody over Quincy Jr. from her daughter, just remember that instead of looking for her son; Candace traveled from Georgia to New York for a trip! That should show you right there where her “priorities” are!

Even though I think that Hanna loves her grandson more than Candace does, I think that in terms of security; Quincy Jr. might be better off with Candace.

What do I mean by that?

In terms of being in a financially stable home, Candace has that over Hanna. However, she seems to be blowing through her money, and it is still up in the air about whether or not Oscar can be trusted! Before you know it, she will soon be separated from her millions.


Moving onto actual safety, I think Candace’s new homes would be better for her son. When Quincy recovers from the beating he received from Benny, he will be coming back for his son and revenge. He knows where Hanna lives, but he would not think to look in the neighborhood that Candace has bought those 2 homes in. It might be safer for her son to be in a location that his father has no idea to look in.


Despite not having a lot of money or a brand new home, I feel that Hanna would be able to provide something that Candace could not; a genuine and loving environment. Candace might have money and a nicer home, but could she really be as loving and kind as Hanna?

I don’t think so, and I say that without downplaying her affections towards her son. However, that boy is Hanna’s heart, and I think we can all agree on that. Hanna has never had a good relationship with her daughter, and now her own son is beginning to leave her side. She needs to have someone in her life to love!


Most fans would be quick to think about Byron or Michael, but it is debatable as to whether or not they will be showing up again.

At the heart of it, I think that Hanna fighting for custody of Quincy Jr. is because she is concerned about his well being. Remember that he was safe when he was with his grandmother, but he was put in harm’s way after Candace took him back. She was nearly beaten to death by Quincy, and he told her that he killed their child!

Not to mention he was being abused by his aunt while in her apartment (Quincy might have beaten him too, but I doubt that because he was in jail for the past 3 years), and he was most likely going to die from infection from his wounds if Benny had not saved him when he did.


With that being said, Hanna has every right to fight for custody of her grandbaby. I think this is going to cause a larger gap between Candace and Hanna than there was before. Not to mention, I wonder which side Benny will take in this!

You could argue that Hanna’s only reason for attempting to claim custody was to keep Quincy Jr. from being taken away by social services. However, we might have to wait until Tuesday night to find out Hanna’s reasoning behind it.

In the end, I think if it is taken to court; Candace MIGHT win because of her money, law skills and it is unclear if Oscar will play a role in this. She might win, but in the future not have the resources to take care of her son because of karma catching up with her. That will be when Hanna finally gets him, but again it is all up to speculation at this point.


What do you think about Hanna rising up to take care of her grandchild? Does she have the right do blindside Candace like that, or is she doing the right thing for Quincy Jr. Who do you think Quincy Jr. should be with?

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