Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will David Find Out About The Affair?

by Jeremy Carden


Better late than never, but here is a new topic for discussion before the new episode tonight on OWN!


I have a hunch that David will NOT find out about the affair between Veronica and Benny.


I think Hanna will find a way to “hide” what she found in Benny’s room; her son and a married woman in bed together.


Somehow I think that she convinces Benny to come to the living room (after getting dressed), and leaves Veronica in Benny’s room.

Benny and David talk about why his truck is at Hanna’s house. My guess is that Benny explains how Veronica got him out of prison, and let him have the truck, but was trying to give it back.


However, due to Amanda’s funeral and the Harrington Mansion burning down, he could not reach Veronica to give the truck back.

David then gets his keys from Benny and leaves the house to go back to the hotel. That is when Veronica comes out of the room later and is confronted by Hanna. She makes the cougar go outside while she waits for a car to pick her up because Hanna was not going to let her stay in her home for another minute.

I mean David left with his truck meaning that Veronica’s only option is to call for a car to pick her up (not that she would ride with David anyway). Not to mention it was a car that she called to drop her off at the house last week.

Hence why Hanna said that she could wait outside in a black neighborhood without getting hurt since she was a black woman.


After Veronica leaves to go outside, Hanna confronts her about being too married and too old to pursue her son. Then she confronts her son about living under her roof acting like that, and Benny responds that he is only living there to help her.


That is 100% correct because remember Benny WAS living in another place not too far from his mother’s house, but moved back because his mother was battling cancer and had huge bills to pay.


Later in the episode, Candace picks up Benny, and takes him to the towing company that she won in the auction a few episodes ago. This suggests to me that David does not know about the affair just yet because so much is going to occur tonight.


A few episodes from tonight, Veronica will arrive at the tow company to have sex with Benny again.


Do you think that David will find out about the affair tonight, and what would he do to Benny if he does?


I will say that even though Hanna might be able to hide the affair, remember that Maggie has a detective sitting outside of the house or down the street watching Veronica’s every move. She might tell David what is going on, or hold her cards for the right moment…

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