12 Reasons Why 12 Angry Men Should Be A Christmas Movie

By Jeremy Carden

Considering that Christmas is less than 10 days away, I found myself watching one of my favorite movies this past weekend. I did find it strange that despite it being December, I was watching a movie that was not related to Christmas. However, I began to rethink that notion…


I watched “12 Angry Men” on December 16th while I was cleaning my apartment. I realized that the genius behind the movie is the fact that it was just a dozen men sitting in a room arguing back and forth for 99.8% of the film! There are not a lot of people that would find that kind of concept interesting enough to focus an entire movie around.

Now, the reason that I think this movie should be a Christmas film is because it truly relates to the experience of being around a lot of family members for an extended amount of time. Hear me out on this one, I am heading home for a few days this weekend for the holiday. Am I nervous? A little bit, but that feeling comes more from seeing my extended family rather than my parents and sister.

By extended family, I am referring to my aunts and cousins on my father’s side of the family. I think a lot of you will be able to relate to having family members that you cannot stand for one reason or another. There is a #ChristmasWithBlackFamilies and #GrowingUpBlack hashtag for a reason.


Not to mention, the clapback memes are too accurate to not be funny!


During the holiday season, you are likely to be around your family for about five or more days. Either by your own choice or being forced into it, you go to the family dinner where 20 or more people are packed into the same house for several hours. Not everyone there is going to be in a good mood, and you might have to sit across the table from someone you would not talk to if your life depended on it. This film is all that and more!

When I really thought about it, I realized that each of the 12 jurors in the movie represents a family member that we can all relate with on some level.

Don’t believe me? I think the 12 jurors can give us 12 reasons why you should think otherwise.


  1. Juror #1

This is the relative who sits at the end of the table like the head of the family. He gets the conversation going, and is not against stepping in when necessary when things get out of hand.


  1. Juror #2

The meek family member that is easily talked down to or talked over when trying to voice his opinion.


  1. Juror #3

The loudmouth member of the family who explodes at the drop of a dime. He is willing to start a fight over the slightest thing with anyone who he feels stands against him.


  1. Juror #4

The straightforward family member who is 100% serious 100% of the time. One might consider him a buzzkill though because his logic kills any joke that you try to tell him. However, he would be the best candidate to ask if you need to hold a few dollars because he has a successful business.


  1. Juror #5

The relative that grew up in the ghetto, but climbed their way to middle-class status. However, they do not like it when anyone brings up the way they were raised. Even though they tried to leave their old lifestyle behind, they can show you a trick or two if you find yourself in a knife fight.


  1. Juror #6

A relative that is not too nice or too mean. He is a happy medium in terms of demeanor, and is not too bad to have a conversation with. Most of his income comes from odd jobs that he does around the neighborhood. If you need a paint job around the house or some repairs, then this handyman will gladly do the job for the right price.


  1. Juror #7

The out-of-town relative that has 1,000 different places that he’d rather be at than the family gathering, but your auntie made him come. He is always complaining because of how badly he wants to leave, or tells a joke every chance that he gets. However, only a few of his jokes stick because most of them are usually a jab at another family member. He does not throw any shade towards Juror #3 since he does not want to start a fight that he cannot finish because no one else would jump in to help.


  1. Juror #8

If there is a heated topic being discussed, this is the one family member who has a different opinion from everyone else. At first, they are unsure where they stand. However, they will present hardcore evidence as to why they feel differently about the subject. Juror #3 is not his biggest fan, but #8 might end up changing the hearts and minds of everyone in the room.


Even though he is the most level-headed person in the room, he is the only one in the family that carries around a pocketknife. Luckily, he jabs it into the dinner table or another piece of furniture rather than another family member.


  1. Juror #9

The family elder that is as kind as they are old. Even though their kindness is refreshing in a room full of diverse people, they can sometimes lose their train of thought. Be prepared to repeat yourself several times when talking to this person because they may forget what you were talking about to begin with. Do not underestimate them because sometimes they notice things that no one else can!


  1. Juror #10

The bigot in the family that always voices their opinion even if race or politics has nothing to do with the conversation that is happening at the time.

Do not start a conversation about politics, religion or race relations with this person because it will get very ugly very quickly.

No one has told them off for their way of voicing their opinion without a filter because Juror #1 wants to keep the peace, and Juror #9 is sitting too close to him to deal with any fighting.


However, he will eventually say something so messed up that it causes most of the family to leave the table.


  1. Juror #11

The one family member with an accent that sounds familiar, but you cannot identify it if your life depended on it. Could they be Hispanic? German? French? They could be from New York or New Jersey. It does not matter because they are well-mannered and just a joy to be around.


  1. Juror #12

The annoying family member that will not shut up about work. They are constantly talking about how well their job is going even if you did not ask them about it.

Honorable Mention:


The one member of the family that got arrested earlier that year, and the rest of the family cannot figure out how they did not go to jail. If you are nervous about some of your secrets being exposed at dinner, this family member will end up getting the most shade thrown at them.

After reading through the list, I bet you had at least six family members pop into your mind!


Even though this movie does not have a signal snowflake, I do recall there being a heatwave and a downpour of rain. This entire film was basically a family at the table having Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner while throwing shade and talking about some deep topics.

Are there any non-Christmas films out there that you feel could be labeled as one? Think about it carefully like I did with this film and you might surprise yourself with what you find!

Be sure to follow my blog for more interesting topics and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Two Funerals Review/Season 3 Predictions

By Jeremy Carden


The latest episode of the HAHN did not disappoint as the show gained high ratings on Tuesday night! I gave “Two Funerals” a 10/10 for being much better than I had originally hoped.


In my last blog, I went over my thoughts on how the episode would most likely only cover events during the night of the Harrington Mansion burning down. Thankfully, the show ran at a good pace. At the beginning of Season 3, fans were disappointed and some were slightly annoyed at the very slow pacing of the story’s plot.

After fans discovered that Amanda was dead in her bedroom, the story had a mixture of great pacing along with fantastic performances by the characters.


The episodes that focused on the main characters being held in the Cryer Mansion while the police were investigating were some of my favorites of the entire series. Just seeing the character interaction in a high-tension situation was fantastic!


It reminded me of the movie 12 Angry Men because multiple characters were being confined to an enclosed area and their performances was based off of the interactions with each other.

Everyone was literally at another person’s throat: David vs. Veronica, Katherine vs. Jim, Veronica vs. Celine, Katherine vs. Celine, Wyatt (drunk) vs. Jim, etc.

From that point on, the ratings increased with each episode. Two Funerals concluded the events of the night of the fire, and did an excellent job of setting up the morning of Amanda’s funeral.


We got to see everyone preparing for the funeral, but also dealing with other burdens that were plaguing their minds. For example, you have David obviously shaken by his wife nearly killing him. In the picture above, it appears this is David looking suspiciously at someone during the next episode when everyone comes to the Cryer Mansion after Amanda’s funeral. My guess is that he is looking over at either Candace or Melissa appearing at the house.

The opening scene was hilarious from Veronica’s fierce dialogue coming from a calm demeanor to Wyatt’s upfront comments about Maggie’s breast. When he made the comment about her having a nice rack, I was thinking that he should enjoy them why they last because where he is going there are not any racks!

Jim finally reached his breaking point after being pulled from both ends with Celine’s constant nagging over being fired and breaking their agreement. However, Wyatt’s backtalk finally got the better of him when Jim dragged his son down the stairs, and beat the tar right out of him!

When I saw that beat down there was nothing more that I could say other than…

I think it is safe to say that even though Wyatt is on the verge of telling Hanna that he was the one to hit Benny (which Hanna knew when he arrived home high saying that he hit a man, but eventually thought she was wrong after Norman Hewens took the fall for Wyatt), Veronica’s slow descent down the stairs may hint that the Ice Queen will freeze Wyatt in place before he can spill the beans.


Honestly, it would be a real shame for Wyatt to tell the truth. Why? I know that sounds completely wrong because it means that Wyatt will keep being dishonest about his actions, but it will do nothing but wreck the growing relationship between Hanna and Jim.


The scene of Hanna arriving to check on the Cryers as they prepare for the funeral was my favorite moment of the episode. Jim’s kind words to Hanna was refreshing to see and it shows that he is not completely the arrogant bastard that he has shown himself to be since Season 1. He has some good in him, but it has taken a long time for a little bit of it to come out.

It goes back to when Hanna tells him to shut up in the name of Jesus, and walks out of Amanda’s room. She hears Jim breakdown, and goes back to comfort him. Fans were a bit annoyed for Jim walking off after Hanna says that God forgives him for his actions even if no one else will. I mean he tells her off, and kicks her out of his house. She had every reason to not go back in order to comfort him.


Displaying a WWJD attitude, she explains why she was having Amanda’s room cleaned; to spare the Cryers of the bloody scene that she saw when she discovered Amanda was dead.

Her heart was in the right place, and she was showing kindness to a man (Jim) that has never been kind to her at all. Season 2 displayed Jim not showing any remorse when it came to covering up his tracks even if it meant lying to those who are close to him or work for him. He attempted to make Hanna think that she was delusional for what she heard Wyatt saying about hitting someone, and chewed her out on multiple occasions during the season.

The reasons fans were so angry at Jim was because despite Hanna’s genuine concern for the well being of the Cryer family (and especially Jim’s soul in that moment), he walks off without saying so much as “Thank you.”


In my opinion, I am glad that he said nothing to Hanna after she mentioned God’s forgiveness. I found it ironic because he said multiple times to Hanna that when she finds out the truth of Wyatt being innocent for the hit-and-run charges, he would not forgive her for what she did even (telling the D.A. that Wyatt was the murderer and he was arrested) if Katherine did.

Did you notice the way that Jim slowly picked himself up, looked at Hanna and simply walked down the hallway?

To me it showed that Hanna’s words in the moment did not have a solid effect on Jim, but it planted a seed in his heart. Jim may have not converted to a believer in 5 seconds, but I feel that he now has something to think about. Do not get me wrong, he still has some serious character flaws. I just think that in the end, Hanna’s words will do him some good.

Do you think that Jim would have said anything nice to Hanna if her words did not affect him in some way?

Sometimes when it comes to explaining God’s love and mercy to others, a ripple effect will start a change in their spirit. That is why I am a bit concerned about Wyatt telling Hanna the truth, and then it would truly do some damage to Jim’s progress of being kinder to Hanna. Yes, I know that sounds like a contradicting statement, but that is just how I feel about it.

Another thing that I noticed during the kitchen scene was the exchange between Celine and Wyatt. I would say Celine, Wyatt AND Jim, but he was literally stuck in the middle of the heated dialogue between his former mistress and his troubled son.


Some fans are speculating the Celine is Wyatt’s mother. Honestly, I can see some evidence behind this theory. Celine was talking as if she was a mother that was feeling disrespected by her child, and was looking for the father (Jim) to do something about it. The tone in her voice when she asked Jim if he was going to allow Wyatt to disrespect her like that was very similar to a motherly tone.


I wrote a blog awhile ago on the subject on who were the parents of Wyatt and Amanda. There seems to be reasonable doubt that Jim AND Katherine are their parents.

At first, I thought that Amanda was the daughter of Celine. However, we learned that Jim was off with Celine when Katherine went into labor with Amanda. Not to mention Jim even says that Wyatt has the blood of Katherine’s father running through his veins which might explain his alcohol addiction.

Either way, this “deal” that the Cryers made with Celine is obviously bigger than we realize if Celine continues to pester Jim about it.


The main reason I do want this “theory” of Celine being Wyatt’s mother to be completely wrong is because of the scene of him trying to seduce her after she finds him passed out on the couch. This would make that scene a lot more awkward than it already was.

I know that it was all an act to make her hurt after revealing that Jim no longer cared about it, but still….


Also, do you realize that a lot of people are going to have bruised faces at the funeral? Quincy hit Hanna, but she was able to cover her bruise with makeup. Jeffery got beat by Q, and Wyatt got beat by Jim. 


There is not much to say about the Jeffrey and Landon scene that I have not already said before. In an earlier blog about Jeffrey’s sexuality, I predicted that he was using Landon as nothing more than a substitute for Wyatt, and a way of symbolizing his independence from his mother’s iron fist.

When Wyatt showed up, I will admit that it was an entertaining scene. I bet that Jeffrey wishes that he did not call Landon to his room because if he would have waited, Wyatt would have eventually showed up looking to stay for the night.


Landon did make a good point about Jeffrey seemingly needing pain in his life. Despite Jeffrey not having feelings for Landon, he is potentially the best thing to ever happen to Jeffrey. Mainly because of Landon having once been in Jeffrey’s shoes and he knows how to point him in the right direction.

Another thing to mention about friendship is Jim and Katherine not hesitating to put the funeral plans on hold in order to check on David and Veronica. Sure, the women did not have a nice conversation the last time they were together. Katherine confronted Veronica about Jeffrey being gay and allowing him to live the life that he wants, but she was not hearing any of it from her depressed friend.

David had Jim’s back to comfort him after he found out the news about Amanda, and now Jim was checking on his friend after the fire. The look on David’s face was almost as if he was going to pop Jim in the face if he said “I’ll handle it.” I was rolling!

I was shocked to see that it was about to hit the fan after it was revealed that Wyatt spilled the beans to the D.A. about the hit-and-run cover up along with Veronica having the car. Things will not go over well after the funeral.


Considering that Veronica now has Wyatt as her “I’ll handle it” target, I am worried about him. She had sent a killer to beat up her son for being gay, almost killed her husband in a fire after accusing him of an affair, and now has Wyatt in danger of prison (or worse) for telling on her.


Moving to the Young family, the tension was high with the exchange between Hanna and Candace. It was hilarious when she burst open the door and confronted Oscar because she had enough of her daughter’s trifling ways.

For once, I think that Candace was clearly hurt. Oscar comforting her was truly a sight to see, and I enjoyed seeing that. I am still holding onto my theory that he is not what he appears to be, and is possibly working for David in a way of striking a blow to “the Criminal” as he calls her.

It was great to see Candace actually have a person that was generally concerned for her well being, and that would make Oscar’s “betrayal” (if he is working for someone else) that much worse.


Remember that Byron was working for Jim to spy on Hanna, but eventually had a chance of heart. Not to mention the detective working for David to spy on Candace in Season 1, but put Benny in jail instead of drug possession. He told Tony in not so many words that his son was innocent, and he had been railroaded into prison.


I don’t know about this show because in terms of people who are supposed to be spies and detectives, they have a way of slightly defecting to the “good side” after getting to know the people they are supposed to be spying on.


Honestly, I think it is safe to say that we have not seen the last of Oscar.


Next up, Hanna confronts Benny on his whereabouts that night. He reveals that he wrecked his mother’s new car that he bought for $500 from Erica (who has not been mentioned for a couple of episodes), and beat up Quincy.

This landed him in jail, and Veronica managed to get him out. Finally, Hanna reveals that Benny now has David’s vehicle, and Benny knows that he has to give it back.

zap-the-haves-and-the-have-nots-season-2-pho (2)

She pleads with him to let this go because she has nearly lost him twice (once when he was in jail in Season 1, and last season when he was in a coma). He tells her not to worry about it and goes to bed.

The next morning, he calls the police station to discover that Quincy’s bail is set for $5,000. He then asks Candace for the cash (without telling her why), and I think we all know what his plan is. If my theory is correct, Benny wants Q out of prison to finish the job he started. Killing him would be the only way he can make sure that he would never come back to haunt his family again. Another thought is that he wants Q to reveal where his nephew is.


Hanna knows that Candace showing up to Amanda’s funeral will do nothing but cause trouble, but she plans on coming anyway.

Now this leads to the preview of the next episode, and my theories on what will happen for the rest of the season (or the next few episodes).

Considering that Jim and Katherine will be pointing fingers at Candace for Amanda’s death, I do not think that going to the Cryer Mansion is a wise move by Candace.


In the preview for the funeral, we see both Hanna and Wyatt confronting Candace for showing up when she is not exactly welcomed there considering all that she has done. Katherine then invites her to a gathering at her house after the funeral.

Seems familiar does it?


I mean we see Candace getting what she wants, and then shows up to do more damage than she had done before. In the past, she got the $100k and a new car, but plans on ruining Jim’s campaign by showing up at his office on multiple occasions. Then she is politely invited to the park to meet with him that night, and gets abducted by the Malones.

Now she has $7.4 million and a good amount of blackmail material (the videos and photos when he was in the “War Room”) against Jim. To “pay her respects” she plans on going to the funeral, and it appears that Katherine politely asks her to come to the house.

Can anyone say trap? I mean Katherine is DONE, and she is not the type to just sit on the sidelines anymore. Back near the end of Season 1 after almost losing her life to cancer, she tells Hanna that she is going to sit back and watch everything fall apart. She gets a bit more active in Season 2 after Wyatt is on the verge of going to jail, but if you think about it she did not do much. Instead she relied on Jim to handle the situation, and he eventually does (until Wyatt decides to reveal the truth).


I think that she will give Jim the spark he needs to get back into the game. Remember that he told David about how Candace is to blame for Amanda’s death. David reminds him to pull himself together, but Jim says that after Amanda is laid to rest; he is going after Candace.


Safe to say that if Jim AND Katherine combine their hatred and ruthlessness; Candy Cane is going to be in trouble! I dare say that the Cryers will be worse than Warlock and his crew plus the Malones put together!

One way that I can think of them tricking Candace is by pretending to have her come to the reading of the will, or something of that nature. Candy Cane likes to be in control, and she even tells Jim this when she has him abducted. With her blackmail material, she must feel like she is on top of the world right now. However, it will be her cockiness that will be her downfall.


I think there is a good setup for her being kidnapped, abducted or held hostage by the Cryers. Jeffrey has warned her on more than one occasion that the Cryers are ruthless, and if they point the finger at her to blame; she will be in trouble. Not to mention Benny is looking for the $5k to get Q out of prison, and Oscar is hopeful that he will see her again.

If the Cryers do trap her, she will agree to her demands and be released. Why do I say that?


Based on clips in a couple of previews, we see that she goes to visit Quincy in prison. Not to mention she has to take the test to pass the bar exam in order to get the interview at the firm David arranged for her.


Professor Cannon shows up to the funeral, and Candace may confront him there about getting her a new letter saying she can go straight to the bar exam. I could have sworn up and down that he killed Amanda or she killed him at the end of Season 2.


We then see Candace on a fancy jet plane, and she is living large! She is clearly wearing different outfits from the funeral, and perhaps the plane is a setup by the Cryers in order to trap her.


Basically, it seems that Candace is trying to make a better life for herself and her son. She is clearly going about it the wrong way, but her heart is the in right place. I’m not trying to justify her actions, but they say the way to hell is paved with good intentions. The question of the show now is whether or not she will get her son back.


There is a white truck that is being flipped in midair during a shot in a preview, but I cannot think of who is the owner of the vehicle. Remember that almost everyone in the show has a black vehicle for some reason!


Melissa’s return has a lot of fans in an uproar because what could she possibly want at this point from Jeffrey. It could be that she wants Veronica to hold up to her end of the deal by taking care of the man in the hospital who appears to be her father. The verdict on whether or not she is indeed pregnant has yet to be decided, but I am interested in how things will unfold.


We did see Wyatt in jail during the trailer, but whether or not he will stay there has yet to be determined. It could be that he will not be arrested because his confessional to Jennifer could be ruled out as nothing more than depression for his sister’s death, and he had been drinking A LOT. If this is the case, I figure that Veronica will plot to get him put into jail just to give him a “taste” of what it is like. That is what she will confront Jim about in the next episode.


Finally, I will get to the part that everyone wants to get my thoughts on; Benny and Veronica! I was going to give this subject its own blog because it is a lot of information to go over, and I am sure this blog is already long enough. However, a lot of my faithful readers wanted me to throw this into this post.

I thought it was absolutely hilarious that Veronica got as giddy as a schoolgirl when she saw Benny was calling her while she was talking to Katherine. The background music that played during that scene was perfect! If I am not mistaken, it was the same tune that was playing when she made out with him in the car.

Props to the people behind the scenes who conduct the music for the show because they always get the perfect music to go with the scene that is going on at the time!


I find it interesting that the two of the most unstable characters on the show are going to have an affair. Considering that Benny is most likely suffering from the unmentioned side effects of coming off of life support, and Veronica is either taking some kind of medication (or drugs along with drinking); this is one couple made by pure craziness.


You could argue that Veronica is simply getting back at David’s “affair” with one of her own. It gets awkward when Hanna walks in on the two in the next couple of episodes. Now Benny looks highly hypocritical because he was quick to schold Hanna for jumping in bed with Michael. However, now he is having an affair with a married woman! How’s that for the pot calling the kettle black?


Not to mention that Maggie is going to get photos of the two from the detective that she hired to have Veronica followed. In the next episode, she even confronts David about the fire possibly being arson.


I think it is safe to assume that Veronica is the new “Amanda.” Thinking about how the she is like Amanda because both are mentally unstable, and have become a danger to themselves (and everyone else around them).


How do I think that this affair will hold up?

*In the picture above, my guess is that Candace won the auction for the towing company that Benny and Mitch wanted to purchase. Benny either works or owns the company, and now Veronica is there for them to continue with the affair. My guess is that Warlock is the owner because Candace wanted him to get a legit job, and War thinks bigger than Benny. So, it would make sense if War owned the place, and Benny works there for him. It might fall apart if the Black Sedan is AT the towing company, and Benny finds out it is the car that hit him because it belongs to her son, and was driven by Wyatt*

Not so well because I think that it will fall apart once Benny finds out that Veronica (persuaded by Maggie) was the one to get Q out of prison to begin with.


Remember that he has broken into Hanna’s house before, and came back with his son to taunt her. He also bruised her face, and in the past beat up his sister nearly to death. Now it appears that Benny wants to get him out of jail in order to finish the job he started.


Do you realize how pissed off he will be if he ever finds out that Veronica was the one to have him released from prison?

How about if Q finds out that Benny is having an affair with her so easily, but he could not even get a kiss (willingly) out of her! He even tried raping her, but that did not work for obvious reasons.

Wow, Q has certainly been receiving the short end of the stick in his situation…


In any case, I think that this season has a lot of ground to cover, and I hope that it continues to go strong in the new episodes.


Where do you think the series will go next? What surprises will occur in the upcoming episodes? What did Veronica mean when she said “two funerals?” Personally, I think she was referring to the funeral of Amanda AND her marriage to David.


Speaking of David, what about his phone calls to Veronica’s mother? When will she show up to hopefully put her daughter straight?!?!


Do you think the Cryers will trap Candace, and get back their $7.4 million? Will Candace ever be reunited with her son?

The questions will continue to come, but we will have to continue watching in order to find out what will happen next!

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