Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots: Youtube Channel

by Jeremy Carden


HAHN fans, I want to let you know that most of my attention has now shifted to a new Youtube channel that I have created!

This channel is focused primarly on the episode reviews and theories related to the OWN TV show that we love so much!

I’ve found that recording theory videos is much quicker than creating and writing these detailed blog posts.

I would really appreciate my Youtube channel getting as much if not more love than even my blog has gotten over the years.

Here are a few example of the videos that I have done over the past few days:

What does Mama Rose have planned for Warlock?

Did Candace really love her son?


As you can see from the videos above, I still go into great detail about the topics that I record about.

I’d really appreciate if you spread the word to any fans of the HAHN that you know. Get over and subscribe so that you are notified whenever I do a new video!


I have a lot of videos to do before next Tuesday, and I want to see if my channel to hit 1,000 subscribers before next week!

Again, follow me on Twitter as well as my HAHN Facebook page to stay up-to-date on what I am doing next!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jccarden

HAHN Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehavesandthehavenotstheories/

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