Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Jennifer Give Wyatt Immunity?

By Jeremy Carden


We’ve all heard of children lashing out against their parents, and wanting them to pay for any punishment that they have dealt out.


However, Wyatt is the problem child of the series (not that he is the only one) when it comes to him wanting his parents to pay. Sure, Jeffrey has PLENTY of reasons to turn against his parents like Wyatt or Candace. However, he has a good heart even when his mother is insanely overbearing.


Recently, Jennifer (the D.A.) has presented Wyatt with a deal; blow the whistle on his parents for placing him in jail, and he will not get ANY jail time!

Wyatt was skeptical at first, but it seems like he will give in! He had better get that agreement in writing!


Jeffrey will take Wyatt to Benny’s towing company, and he discovers the black sedan has been there all along. This was the key piece of evidence that Veronica was trying to have destroyed since Season 2, and Jennifer’s boss told her that she would need the car prior to pursuing the Cryer/Harrington families again.


In the preview for the finale, we see Wyatt sitting in Jennifer’s office. We can possibly assume that Jeffery shows Wyatt where the car is. Afterwards, he goes to Jennifer’s office with the information and evidence that she needs.

Even though the finale might end with Jim calling for all 3 killers to pursue their targets (Veronica/Professor Cannon/Terrell), Jennifer might come after them with warrants for their arrest since Wyatt provided her with the information that she needed!

The question is whether or not Jennifer will really keep her end of the bargain and allow Wyatt to walk away without so much as a slap on the wrist.


It has been difficult to pinpoint what her intentions truly are. Does she want justice for Benny and Little Lizzie? Does she want to stick one to Jim and David more than anything else?

Honestly, I think that she wants both, but getting back at David and Jim means more to her.


Wyatt is the weak link in the Cryer family, and Jennifer knows it. I am not saying that she is not a woman who keeps her word, but it does strike me as strange that she would let a killer walk away…

Let’s take a look at past situations when Wyatt thought that he was getting revenge on someone that had done him wrong, and how that actually played out for him in the end:

  • Wyatt plans on revealing Jeffrey’s homosexuality to David and Veronica

Jeffrey pops Wyatt in the back of the head with a golf club, and he storms off in a rage to a crack house. This results in him getting high and getting into the hit-and-run to begin with…


  • Wyatt tells Candace that Amanda is Jim’s weak spot

After Wyatt accusing Candace of sleeping with his father, Jim confronted Wyatt in his office. He belittled his son (while lying to his son about the affair), and his words did more damage to Wyatt than any amount of drugs or alcohol.

Angered by the experience, Wyatt told Candace that bringing up the apple of his father’s eye (Amanda) would get him very worked up. The end result was Amanda moving in with Candace, and that indirectly ended up in her suicide.

  • Wyatt confesses to the D.A.

He tried to destroy his parents and the Harringtons for covering up the hit-and-run charges. This blew up in his face when he discovered that his parents could have cared less!


  • Wyatt runs his mouth

Calling Jim out of his name for many episodes and saying that he wasn’t there for Amanda landed him with an ass-whopping and thrown into “prison.”


  • Wyatt tells off Veronica

Nothing to say here except for Wyatt getting raped by Toxic…


As you can see, anytime that Wyatt thinks that he has gotten the better of someone; he ends up getting hurt as a result!

Perhaps Jennifer DOES let Wyatt off the hook; I still think that in some way he will pay for telling on them. Keep in mind that he did not find out about Veronica being the one to place Toxic into his jail cell until Jennifer told him about it!


Do you think that Jennifer will let Wyatt go free, or will he be taken down along with his family and the Harringtons?

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