Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Can Oscar Be Trusted?

By Jeremy Carden


Sad to say, but Season 3 will soon be coming to a close. However, fans can rejoice in knowing that Season 4 will be coming in early 2016!


For the first time, we have seen Candace show her vulnerable side to another person. This occurred when she opened up to Oscar about who she is, and how her past has shaped her into the person that she is today.

It is hard to believe that after all we have seen Candace do since Season 1; she is finally dropping her guard and allowing another person into her life.

However, as touching as it is to give her some character development aside from being a gold digging temptress; she could be getting two-timed!


Fans (and even Candace) cannot help but wonder about whether Oscar can truly be trusted…

After Oscar was introduced, I wrote a blog about my thoughts on who he is. In the end, I speculated that he was hired by David in order to get back the money that Candace extorted from Jim.

Don’t believe that theory to be true?


If not, I think that the face David makes while staring Oscar down at the Sarandon Hotel dining room says it all!


Maggie asked him why he kept staring at that man (Oscar), but David said that it was nothing. We know that David told Candace that he likes to stalk his prey before striking, and I think that he has some hand in getting Jim’s money back.


Given recent events, the friendship between Jim and David is severely damaged. Even if Oscar is working for David, I am not sure how things will go down if he does get the money back.

Some fans have speculated that Oscar works for Jim, but I do not think that is the case.

You have to remember that before Jim revealed to David that Candace extorted $7.4 million from his bank account; no one else knew what had happened.


The only other person who knew was Katheryn, and that was because she was notified by the bank about the large sum of money leaving the account. Remember that she holds Jim’s balls in one hand, and the purse strings in the other!


Oscar was at the Sarandon Hotel glancing over at Candace BEFORE Jim told David. Remember that Jim went from the “War Room” on a bus ride to his campaign office, but went home instead after finding out Amanda was dead.

While everyone was at the Cryer Mansion, Jim was not in his right mind to think of a scheme to get the money back.


During the police investigation at the Cryer Manson, Landon (at the hotel) told Candace that there was a guy checking her out. What is interesting was that Candace quickly jotted down the clothes that he was wearing, and how much they cost.

What catches my attention was that Candace glanced at Oscar when he walked in, and said the following about his outfit:

  • Italian suit that is hand-stitched
  • $15,000 watch
  • $3,000 shoes
  • She even said that he had a small package

This does mean he has a lot of money considering that in the episode where he invites Candace to go to New York with him, Candace takes his shirt which Oscar said was $1,500!

screenshot_5 (1)

Landon squashed Candace’s conclusion of Oscar not having money after looking him up on the internet. He found that Oscar is a wealthy man with an investment firm.

Some fans have speculated that Oscar was given money by one of the “Haves” to get back at Candace. However, considering he has a private jet, owns his own firm, etc. I am a bit skeptical…


Remember that people like Katheryn and David know a lot of powerful people, and I am sure that if they find themselves in a bind; they can call on one of their friends to help them out.

Whoever sent Oscar to tail Candace would have to have known that she was going to the Sarandon Hotel.


We know that David, Maggie, Landon and Candace’s unknown contact at the Sarandon Hotel (the one who acquired Maggie’s phone) were there. I would say that Veronica was the one to send Oscar, but she thought that Candace was staying with Jeffrey without leaving because she called Quincy to go over to attack her. However, Candace left soon after Veronica left to go to the Sarandon.


If you ask me, it all goes back to Jim’s banker (Lloyd Bowman) and the fact that Candace sent Jim’s bank a wire transfer request to her account. I think that somehow within the transfer of money, something funny went down.

Then throw in the fact that Oscar now has Candace’s account information after the events of last week’s episode. Yes, something fishy is going on here!


Even though he seems to be a genuine guy that cares about Candace, this show has proven that EVERYONE has something to hide. Not to mention that some (if not most characters) are who they say they are…

Considering that Candace has seen how Oscar is good when it comes to making investment and giving inside information about what to “bid” on next; Candace might put all of her “earnings” into Oscar’s care…which will lead to her downfall.


I think that she is opening up way too much, and she is going to end up a “Have Not” again!

Oscar is going to get his $500,000 back from Candace one way or another, and he might just take the rest of her ill-gotten funds with him!

He was either sent to go after Candace by a “Have” or who knows he could be operating on his own accord. Oscar did say that he would have sex with woman after woman due to the grief of his wife dying. He could have made some money from conning women in the past!

It just struck me as strange that he seemed to be coming on a bit too strong when it came to Candace. I did like the fact that he was a man not looking for anything from her at first but friendship (although he wanted sex at first).


If Oscar is conning Candace out of her money, he is doing one heck of a job! Not only is he potentially going to break her financially, but emotionally as well. Keep in mind that Candace broke “Jim’s bank” and his spirit! After all of the torture and humiliation that she put him through, there was barely anything left of Jim to take advantage of.

Whoever sent him after Candace might want him to do the same thing to her, or it could just be karma because what goes around comes around!


Oscar knows that Quincy Jr. is her heart, and I always found it odd that he would suggest that she go see Quincy Sr. in prison…I smell a potential encounter between Qunicy and Oscar in the future.


Remember the last time Q found out that another man was “hitting his chick…”


Also remember that Hanna let a man into her personal life (Byron), and it turned out that he was spying on her on behalf of Jim.


Like mother like daughter because Candace could be in a similar situation with a man just like Hanna!

The speculations are endless, and I cannot wait to see if we find out who he REALLY is during the Season 3 finale in a couple of weeks!


Do you think that Oscar is a genuine man, or will he turn the tables on Candace who has been the series’ two-timing queen? If Oscar really is a conman, who do you think sent him to setup Candace?

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3 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Can Oscar Be Trusted?

  1. Brook says:

    I think that Oscar was hired by someone and he’s gonna take his money and the rest of Candice’s Money. I’m curious as to who hired him…. Might not find out until

  2. Mary Anne says:

    I think a lot like you. I believe that David hired an actor, Oscar and he gave Oscar the money to have at his discretion. Did you notice that Oscar mentioned getting his money back 6 times. I counted each time he said it. He is not rich, he is getting paid very well, but he can’t afford to let that much money get away from him. I don’t think he really trusts Candace either.
    Then I had a notion that he would be killed when that plane crashes on this trip. Wouldn’t that be a good way for Tyler to tie up a loose end finally?
    I don’t do twitter, but would love to follow you on Facebook. You have some interesting thoughts.

  3. slott12 says:

    I do believe that Oscar is working for David I say this because David keeps making references to jim about not calling his hand if anything happens to Veronica that he will unleash a person in him that Jim never seen the likes he have never seen.
    David being side tracked with Veronica antics of craziness has David out of focuse at the moment.
    But I believe we well all see a new and vicious David he has been playing the cool cucumber bit as we have seen Hanna, Jeffery, Melissa even Benny has shown us their dark side. So it’s elementary my dear Watson that David is gonna bust out too.
    I think that Candence is falling prey to Oscar generosity and kindness but I definitely think he is not to be trusted and I also think that he is falling in love with Candace. I do think that Candace opened another account a put $50,000 in it to show Oscar she had the funds for investments so he may not have the real account as I am sure my girl would not leave the mo eg in the original account where Jim banker transfered the 7.4 Million I am hoping she is not that stupid or careless
    Tell me what you think about my thoughts on this.

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