Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Wyatt Relapse or Commit Suicide?

By Jeremy Carden


Sad to say, but Wyatt does not look like he is going to recover from his rough experience in prison.

Veronica’s treachery knows no bounds, and her having a man sexually violate Wyatt in jail is going to leave a lasting effect.


Fans are now speculating on how Wyatt is going to handle what happened to him in the last episode! First off, we know that Jim is going to raise hell when he finds out what happened to his son.

If the cops in the jail were afraid of Jim being pissed, there is no telling what he will do to them because he left them in charge of watching over his son.


Do you think that Jim being pissed about this is bad? Just wait until Katheryn finds out because then there will be some real hell to pay! Remember she objected to Jim’s plan when she found out about it because of Wyatt’s safety.

However, Jim told her that if he set his plan in motion to show Wyatt “tough love” there would be no turning it around. She told him to do whatever it took to get their son under control, but now I bet she wishes that she never said that.


After visiting him in prison, Katheryn told Jim that they should release him because he seems like he learned his lesson. Jim said that he would wait until the next day to go get him before his interview on television.

It appears that he should have listened to Katheryn at that moment unlike he did when he refused to have Amanda committed.

Katheryn even says during their ride in the car that they had already lost one child to a traumatic experience, and she did not want that to happen again.


However, this might actually occur due to Wyatt experiencing a similar experience to his sister!


Jim’s face says it all because he realized that he has screwed up! Katheryn will never forgive him because she told him to get Wyatt out of jail right then and there. However, he said that he had it all under control.

As a child at the bible camp, Wyatt and Amanda were sexually violated by a priest. This led to Wyatt developing a drinking problem along with a substance addiction, and Amanda began to cut herself.


This experience in jail could reawaken that urge within Wyatt to start the process over again, or he might kill himself like his sister did.


I shudder at the very thought of Wyatt doing either one of those things because of what it would mean for Katheryn. At this rate, I think that the stress coming from her family is killing her even faster than her breast cancer was back in Season 1!


Some fans speculate that Wyatt will become gay or realize that he likes men after his homosexual experience in jail. If this occurred, Wyatt would finally fall for Jeffrey.


In my opinion, that would be a very sick and disturbing way for the story to go. Even more awkward than the “Bennica” thing that is happening now!


Considering that it was Veronica who convinced Jim to show Wyatt “tough love” by sending his son to jail in the first place, she added the icing on the cake by putting a rapist in his jail cell. I did not think that she would go THAT far considering her bias against homosexuals to begin with. Then again it seems that she does not mind homosexuals as long as her son is not one of them!

At some point, I think she is going to get a visit from Old Man Karma because she did not put the money on the books for the prisoner on death row that she put into Wyatt’s cell.


I do not think that Wyatt will confess to the hit-and-run charges now, but I am curious as to what will happen if he finds out that it was Jim who set him up to go into “prison.” Not to mention if he finds out about Veronica getting him sexually assaulted.

Things are not looking good, and it seems that they will continue to get worse and worse…

My biggest fear is if that inmate was HIV positive or something of that nature. The terror of Wyatt possibly dying from a disease, and his sister killing herself while possibly being pregnant is just too much to bear!


Do you think Wyatt will relapse after coming home from prison? Will he still confess to the hit-and-run charges? Is he now into men after his sexual experience in jail? What will he do if he finds out about Jim and Veronica setting him up?

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3 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Wyatt Relapse or Commit Suicide?

  1. […] sexually assaulted in jail, and that will be his first big blow in the new episode. I will write a blog with my thoughts on that in the near future because there will be hell to pay when Katheryn finds out! Remember she told Jim that she did not […]

  2. Gwendolyn Gist says:

    I think he will become gay and fall in love with Jeffrey . Aaron O’ Connell is a main character. The fans would hate to see him go

  3. robin says:

    What’s the name of the actor who plays the character Toxic on the Have & Have Nots?

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