Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Is Hanna Wrong for Wanting Custody of Her Grandson?

By Jeremy Carden


Another hot topic that has HAHN fans split down the middle involves the fate of Quincy Jr.


In next week’s episode, Candace returns from New York to be with her son (who she thought was dead until a few episodes ago). In the middle of their emotional reunion, Candace learns that Hanna has requested custody of Quincy Jr.

Just when you thought that things within the Young family have calmed down for the moment; a storm is beginning to brew once again!

Should he stay with his mother, or is he better off with his grandmother?

My opinion on the above question is kind of split down the middle, and I do not say that as an escape from actually answering the question at all.


I think that Quincy Jr. would be better off with Hanna, but he would be safer with Candace…maybe.

Hear me out on this one! There is no doubt in my mind that Hanna loves her grandson with all of her heart, and she has made this clear on multiple occasions throughout the series. She practically raised him since he was an infant, but Candace took him away without Hanna seeing her grandson again until a couple of episodes ago!


In a contest of who cares more about Quincy Jr., I think that the clear winner is Hanna.


It can be summed up by 2 events in the past few episodes involving Candace after she learned that her son was alive.

Hanna was 350% correct when she called out Candace for not using her time, resources, connections and energy towards finding her son!


Instead of looking for Quincy Jr. after she learned from Hanna that he was alive, she was too busy “paying her condolences” to Jim. We all know how that turned out; Katheryn popped her upside the head with a wine bottle, and she deserved it!


She was too focused on rubbing her newly “earned” wealth in Jim’s face, and that resulted in her downfall. Hanna told her not to go to Amanda’s funeral, and she also told her not to go to the Cryer Mansion.


For the viewers who are quick to call out Hanna for fighting for custody over Quincy Jr. from her daughter, just remember that instead of looking for her son; Candace traveled from Georgia to New York for a trip! That should show you right there where her “priorities” are!

Even though I think that Hanna loves her grandson more than Candace does, I think that in terms of security; Quincy Jr. might be better off with Candace.

What do I mean by that?

In terms of being in a financially stable home, Candace has that over Hanna. However, she seems to be blowing through her money, and it is still up in the air about whether or not Oscar can be trusted! Before you know it, she will soon be separated from her millions.


Moving onto actual safety, I think Candace’s new homes would be better for her son. When Quincy recovers from the beating he received from Benny, he will be coming back for his son and revenge. He knows where Hanna lives, but he would not think to look in the neighborhood that Candace has bought those 2 homes in. It might be safer for her son to be in a location that his father has no idea to look in.


Despite not having a lot of money or a brand new home, I feel that Hanna would be able to provide something that Candace could not; a genuine and loving environment. Candace might have money and a nicer home, but could she really be as loving and kind as Hanna?

I don’t think so, and I say that without downplaying her affections towards her son. However, that boy is Hanna’s heart, and I think we can all agree on that. Hanna has never had a good relationship with her daughter, and now her own son is beginning to leave her side. She needs to have someone in her life to love!


Most fans would be quick to think about Byron or Michael, but it is debatable as to whether or not they will be showing up again.

At the heart of it, I think that Hanna fighting for custody of Quincy Jr. is because she is concerned about his well being. Remember that he was safe when he was with his grandmother, but he was put in harm’s way after Candace took him back. She was nearly beaten to death by Quincy, and he told her that he killed their child!

Not to mention he was being abused by his aunt while in her apartment (Quincy might have beaten him too, but I doubt that because he was in jail for the past 3 years), and he was most likely going to die from infection from his wounds if Benny had not saved him when he did.


With that being said, Hanna has every right to fight for custody of her grandbaby. I think this is going to cause a larger gap between Candace and Hanna than there was before. Not to mention, I wonder which side Benny will take in this!

You could argue that Hanna’s only reason for attempting to claim custody was to keep Quincy Jr. from being taken away by social services. However, we might have to wait until Tuesday night to find out Hanna’s reasoning behind it.

In the end, I think if it is taken to court; Candace MIGHT win because of her money, law skills and it is unclear if Oscar will play a role in this. She might win, but in the future not have the resources to take care of her son because of karma catching up with her. That will be when Hanna finally gets him, but again it is all up to speculation at this point.


What do you think about Hanna rising up to take care of her grandchild? Does she have the right do blindside Candace like that, or is she doing the right thing for Quincy Jr. Who do you think Quincy Jr. should be with?

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3 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Is Hanna Wrong for Wanting Custody of Her Grandson?

  1. Nick says:

    The rift run so deep between Candace and her mom and this situation have bought mayhem in their lives. Personally, I think that Hanna genuinely loves Q jr and wants to keep him safe … but she is out of line… This is something she should have discussed with Candace first … but as usual she allows her distain for Candace hinders her ability to do the right thing… Therefore always underestimating her, criticizing her and disrespecting her.

    If I was Candace, I would use that money to give my son a great life… Starting with closing the house, DUMP OSCAR because he means her no good, take the bar exam, get the baby in a great school… Be the best that she can be … She don’t have to prove anything to anyone …. All she have to do is be her best.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I totally agree. Hanna should have custody of Little Quincy for now. Candace needs to get her act together. Many viewers are down on what Hanna is doing but she is only thinking of her grandson’s well being and I don’t blame her.

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