Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: When Will David Open His Eyes?

By Jeremy Carden


One of hottest topics of discussion going on between fans of the show that is just too darn hot for Tuesday night involves the craziness occurring within the Harrington household.

Well since there is no longer a house to hold them in anymore, I guess that saying is a bit out of context…

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In any case, fans are infuriated that David is still trying to hold together the pieces of his damaged marriage with Veronica. Even Jeffrey has told his father that he should let her go, but David refuses to budge.

As the person who writes these theory blogs because I am a HAHN addict, fans have asked for my opinion on the subject.


I have thought about this for awhile, and that explains why I have waited so long to actually write about this topic. The question David asked Jeffrey about regarding whether or not he had ever been truly in love with someone caught my attention.

Because of that question, I began to ask myself if I even had the right to voice my opinion on this subject. I am 23 (about to turn 24 on August 29th), but even I have to question whether or not I have ever TRULY been in love with someone.

With that in mind, I cannot say that my opinion on the matter is actually relevant. Even if these are fictional characters on a TV show, I am left thinking very carefully about my thoughts on this subject. That just goes to show how the HAHN cast members truly do bring life to these characters!


I will say that even though David is still in love with his wife (which is quite admirable despite everything that she has put him through), he might be blinded by his love for Veronica. Again I cannot say that I have been truly in love with a woman, but I do know from past experiences that I have been blinded by emotion. Due to that happening on multiple occasions, I could not see clearly. I was ignoring red flags that were so obvious about the particular girl I was crushing on at the time, that it was almost as if I was setting myself up for a disastrous relationship.

From my perspective, I think that David is going through the same kind of situation. He is loyal to his wife (dismiss his stay in Maggie’s hotel room for the moment), but it is almost like a blind allegiance. This causes him to downplay the actions of Veronica to nothing more than a baby crying for attention.


Jeffrey, Maggie and Jim have brought Veronica’s actions to David’s attention. They even explained it to him multiple times that he should not take Veronica lightly because she tried killing him once…who is to say that she will not try again?


David simply brushed off their accusations as nothing more than Veronica wanting his attention. This conflicts with what he told Jim after the fire, David literally tells Jim that she tried to kill him!

Something else that it worthy of note is the fact that David and Jeffrey seem closer than ever. Considering that the two never really had that strong of a relationship, I think that Veronica going off the rails (like Wyatt…but in a different way) has brought the father/son pair closer together than they ever were before.

It was really touching to see that despite everything Veronica has done to him; Jeffrey is more concerned about her well being than himself. When he and David hugged, that was a really touching scene because they both want to see Veronica get better.


Aside from them being closer, they have switched roles in a matter of speaking. Back in Season 2, it was David who was pushing his son to stand up to Veronica, and be a man who can make his own decisions.

In Season 3, it is Jeffrey who is trying to get his father to open his own eyes, and see his wife for who and what she truly is. Well David even said it to her face, but that did not go very well.


David: “A cruel, vindictive…simple bitch!”

The question that fans are asking at this point is what will be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back. You know the one thing that will FINALLY get David to open his eyes, and realize that Veronica is too far gone for even him to help her.

In my opinion, I think it will be when he finds out (for himself) that she is having an affair with Benny Young!


True, Maggie has the photos that could instantly make him realize the truth. However, in another blog that I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I explained that Maggie has a reason for not showing him the photos. It is part of her master plan to get David all to herself. Believe me when I say that you would need to read that blog in order to get my full thoughts on that particular subject.

After getting his truck back from Benny, David noticed a few things that were off when he was about to pull out of Hanna’s driveway. There were hand prints on the windows, and he thought about it for a moment. However, nothing ever came from that slight moment of suspicion before he went back to the Sarandon Hotel.


When and how he discovers the affair is still something that I do not have solid theory on. I mean Veronica could throw it in his face or something like that. However, if she wanted to do than then she would have come out of Benny’s room when David arrived at Hanna’s house to get his truck.

If I were to make some sort of shot in the dark theory about David finding out about the affair, I would say that somehow he catches the two in the act of having sex.


Maggie could be pulling the strings for David to wind up at the location of Veronica and Benny (thanks to her detective Bruce spying on Veronica), and he will discover the affair with his own eyes. It could possibly be at the new home that Veronica has bought for herself, and she invites Benny over. David finds out that a new home has been purchased, and he goes over to check it out (which is a very dangerous idea). That is when he arrives and finds Benny there!


What about Hanna telling David about the affair? She told Veronica that she would give her 24 hours, or she would reveal the affair to David! Even though 24 hours have passed, Hanna is too preoccupied with Quincy Jr. to deal with the nonsense of Veronica’s cougar ways.

David believes that his wife would never have an affair, but if he catches her in the middle of one; how will react to it?


Anyway, that is my take on the situation. David is a good man, but sometimes being too good can do harm than “good.” Again, I do not know when Veronica’s mother will come into the series to hopefully get her daughter the help that she needs. David called her multiple times in Season 2, but nothing has ever come from those off screen calls; yet!

David has said on multiple occasions that Veronica has not been as bad as she is now. That raises the question as to how “crazy” Veronica has been in the past when she was going through an addiction problem with pain pills! I hope we get more background on that story in future episodes.


At one point during Season 1, I believe it was Katheryn who told Veronica that she overreacts when she thinks David is up to no good. There was one time before the series started that Veronica believed David was having an affair, but really he was planning a surprise party for her! I think it was back after Veronica had David followed (because he was acting strange), and discovered that he delivered the red sports car to Candace that she blackmailed off of Jim. So yes, Veronica is highly jealous whenever she believes her husband is doing wrong.


What do you think will make David finally open his eyes to Veronica’s problem? Will he get a divorce and be with Maggie? Will Veronica’s with Benny be the final straw to make David throw in the down?

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One thought on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: When Will David Open His Eyes?

  1. Elisa says:

    I think physically catching Veronica with Benny. Will open his eyes and Hannah confirming the affair.

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