Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Will Get Quincy Jr.?

By Jeremy Carden


This is more of a what-if topic for a blog because with Quincy Jr. added to the story, I am sure he will reappear very soon.

With Quincy getting bailed out by Benny in tonight’s episode, I think we really will get Quincy Jr. on the screen once again.

Benny plans on “killing” Quincy for everything that he has done to the Young family, and it looks like they are going to go on a wild ride!


When Benny is outside of the prison waiting for Quincy to walk out, we see him leaned up against the front of a white truck. It seems clear that he got the truck from the lot of his new towing company.

He drives at a very high speed, and we finally know that the truck flipping in the teaser trailer will be the one Benny is driving with Quincy.


Later in the same trailer, we saw Benny aggressively holding a woman demanding where his nephew is. He did tell Hanna that he would go to Quincy’s part of town to ask questions. My guess is that the woman tells him what he wants to know, and Benny finally gets his nephew out of Quincy’s clutches.


Whether or not he actually kills Quincy has yet to be determined. I mean if he lets him go (after another beating), it is clear that Quincy will not stop until he gets his hands on Candy Cane. He even told Candace in the last episode that he would kill her in front of their son for “dropping dime on him.”

If you ask me, I think that Veronica somehow forged Candace’s signature to make it seem like she snitched on her baby’s father. However, Maggie convinced Veronica to get Quincy out of jail to get Candace under control while David and Jim ran for the governor’s mansion.

Given Veronica’s crafty ways, it would not surprise me if she somehow got papers to make it look like Candace did betray Quincy. I mean what would fuel him even more to get her out of the “Haves” hands than to have him believing that she did him wrong?


Now, with Quincy down for the count (possibly), Benny will finally have a chance to reunite his mother with her grandson. Really, I think this is for the best because Hanna seriously needs some happiness in her life right now!


She is at odds with the “Haves” because the Cryers held her daughter hostage and even harmed her! Katheryn did pop her in the back of the head with that wine bottle…


I do not even need to go into detail about why she is upset at Veronica…

For her to be reunited with her grandson would be fantastic because after everything that she has been through since Season 1 with all of the backstabbing, heartache and pain; Hanna will finally have a reason to be happy again.

She and Candace have always been at odds, but now even Benny is seemingly walking away from his mother’s side. Having Quincy Jr. with her again will be one of the best possible things to happen to her right now.


However, this is where the title of this blog comes into play. We know that Candace originally thought that Quincy had killed their son, but now she knows that he is alive. However, this does not stop her from her devious ways, and that has led to her resent situation (getting knocked out by Katheryn after going to her house when she shouldn’t have…).

I believe that Hanna will think it best for Quincy Jr. to stay with her because the way Candace has been living would most likely put her grandchild in danger. I would agree because do you really think that Hanna would move into one of the new houses that Candace purchased?

She knows that her daughter gets his money from conning people and that it would eventually come back to haunt her. With that being said, I think that Benny finds Quincy Jr., and brings him back to Hanna’s house.


From there, she probably goes through the process of gaining custody of her grandson because she does not think that Candace would be a good mother. I mean she asked about her grandson since Episode 1, and Candace would not reveal where he was (again she thought he was dead).


Hanna even threatened her by saying she would call social services on Candace! I believe this occurred back in Season 2 when Benny was still in a coma after the hit-and-run.

Even though Quincy Jr. might get out of the hands of his father, he will soon be in the middle of a battle between his mother and grandmother.

Hanna had taken care of the boy since he was a child, and out of nowhere Candace came and took him away! She made a good point to Candace when she came over to the Cryer Mansion after Amanda’s funeral. She pointed out that Candace was too busy stirring up trouble instead of focusing on finding her son!


Now she is off to New York with Oscar instead of thinking about what to do in order to get her son back! If she and Hanna do end up in a battle which leads to a courtroom; will Candace win? She had better pass her bar exam if she hopes to have a good chance of winning aside from using money!


In the end, who do you think will end up with Quincy Jr. in their custody; Candace or Hanna?

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