Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Why Didn’t Maggie Show David The Pictures?

By Jeremy Carden


I gave Two Funerals a 10/10, but I would have to give In Memoriam a 15/15 because that episode was amazing!

Last week, I did a blog covering my thoughts on Two Funerals along with a list of my predictions and theories for the rest of Season 3. Considering that the blog exhausted all of my ideas, I was afraid that the new episode would not provide me with more information regarding new theories.

Thankfully, I was wrong! I have a lot of theories running around in my head, and the first one involves everyone’s favorite campaign manager. Yes, I am referring to Maggie Day, and her jungle fever!


Every television and computer screen was being yelled at by HAHN fans when Maggie did not show David the pictures that the private investigator gave her. As we all know, Maggie had hired a private investigator to follow Veronica after she threw a “simple bitch” fit at the Sarandon Hotel.

The photos revealed Veronica and Benny making out in David’s truck! During a heated conversation about the cause of the fire and David’s missing truck, Maggie had the perfect opportunity to hand him the photos to prove her point.


However, there seems to be more to Maggie than most fans think. If you ask me, I think that Maggie is very similar to both Veronica and Candace. I have said this many times before on Twitter, Facebook and some of my other HAHN blogs. She is a woman who loves to be on top of things (mainly David), and goes after something that she wants.


I think she is more subtle than Candace, and more emotionally stable than Veronica. Overall, you could compare her to David because he tells Candace that he studies his pray before attacking. This is similar to Maggie’s approach to everything that she does. Most of the time, there is a hidden agenda to her actions.

She was the one to persuade Veronica to get Quincy out of prison to “take care” of Candace. You could argue that things went even better than she had originally planned. My guess is that she wanted Veronica to do the dirty work. When it came down to the reasoning for Quincy being released, Veronica would be the one to blame.


Remember that David was furious that she released a murderer on their only son to beat him for being a homosexual. Quincy beat Jeffery for not telling him where Candace was, but Veronica said that if she had the strength to beat down her son for being gay; she would have done it herself!


Personally, I think there is a simple reason for Maggie not showing David those pictures; strategy. At first, I thought that it was because she was trying to spare David’s feelings by not showing him the photos. However, David made it clear that due to Maggie’s attraction to him, Veronica was a topic that was not up for discussion (especially with her).

Something tells me that Maggie was about to pull out those photos to finally show David that this “rough patch” he and Veronica were going through had turned into a giant pothole.


In the end, I think it was part of a plan that she put into motion back in Season 2. Think about it, she literally told David that she does not just find him attractive. She “sees him” and that runs deeper than you might think. The more that he is treated badly by Veronica, the more that Maggie wants him for herself.

Picture this:

  • Maggie shows David the pictures in the middle of their conversation
  • David realizes that he has truly lost his wife
  • David does not know what to do about this
  • David lashes out at Maggie


Why lash out at Maggie? It goes back to the subject of his wife being something he does not want Maggie involved with. He would ask how she got the photos, and she would have to reveal an investigator that SHE hired was following David’s wife.

True, it would prove her point to him about Veronica being much worse than he originally thought. However, it would push David further away from her instead of into her arms.


Maggie realizes that David has to figure out for himself that Veronica is more evil and conniving than he will admit to. It would be more beneficial to Maggie for David to find out for himself and get hurt instead of her being the one to reveal the truth.

David was not lying when he said that Maggie drops bombs instead of just hints!

I think it is safe to say that David will learn the truth on Tuesday when he arrives at Hanna’s house questioning why Benny has his truck there.


Hanna goes into Benny’s room while David is standing in the living room, but is shocked to see Benny doing the nasty with David’s wife!

Wow, Hanna does not have a lot of luck when it comes to opening up bedroom doors does she?


First, she opened up Amanda’s room the find her dead. Next, she will catch her son in the middle of an affair with a married woman!

Next week is going to be a tense episode, and my guess is that Hanna walking in on those two will be the cliffhanger of Nine Lives.


Do you think that Maggie was holding back on David in order for him to find out about Veronica for himself? Do you believe that David will eventually be Maggie’s? How do you think that David will react once he finds out about the affair? Will he ever get his truck back? Would he even want it back after seeing the photos of what Veronica and Benny did in his truck?

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