Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Candace Reveals That Amanda Was Raped

By Jeremy Carden


Katheryn Cryer pulled a “Rice Krispies” last week! What do I mean by that?


She snapped, crackled and POPPED Candace in the back of the head with that wine bottle!

I am going to jump right into this theory blog because it has to do with Jim and Katheryn possibly holding Candace hostage in the next episode!


We do know that Candace will be released within the episode because she visits Quincy in prison and sleeps with Oscar at the hotel.

However, what does Candace do that allows her to be released?

It seems clear that she provides the Cryers with the answers that they were looking for regarding Amanda. Katheryn was looking for some kind of reasoning behind Amanda’s suicide.

Going back a few episode, she was sitting in Amanda’s room (later Jim came in as well) trying to find answers. She even admitted that there may never be any answers provided.


Allow me to just take a moment to ask an important question that seems to have gone unanswered ever since Amanda was found dead in her room; Where did Amanda’s gun go?

She had it while running through the house, and it appears that she shot herself in the head.


I still think that a suicide was NOT the cause of her death. Until the location of that gun is revealed (similar to the Black Sedan), I think there is reasonable doubt regarding the cause of Amanda’s death.

Back near the end of Season 2, Katheryn was searching for the gun in Amanda’s room. However, she was unable to find it before Amanda returned. Even though an answer may never be given, I still think everything behind Amanda’s death has not been revealed. The same goes for Wyatt hitting Little Lizzie, but that is another blog for another day.


Jim blames the death of his daughter on Candace, and it appears that Katheryn will be doing the same as well. Perhaps not to the extent of her husband, but she did knock Candace out cold…


Jeffrey has told Candace on multiple occasions that the Cryers will kill to protect their family name, and they would most likely point their fingers at her to blame for Amanda’s death.

As we all know, Candace did not listen to the warnings, and now has ended up in a tight spot. In my opinion, I think that Candace will tell Jim and Katheryn about Professor Cannon.


You have to pay very close attention to a teaser trailer that was revealed before Two Funerals aired, and you will notice Professor Cannon appears in a “blink-and-you-miss” moment.


Jim and Katheryn appear to be waiting outside of their vehicle in a parking lot that looks like a college campus. Remember that Cannon was a professor at the law school that Candace and Amanda attended, and it would make sense for the Cryers to wait for him to show up there.

It looks like he is being confronted by the Cryers, and the only way they would have been pointed in his direction would be if Candace told them about Cannon.

Honestly, I cannot say that I am 100% certain that Candace will say that Professor Cannon raped their daughter. I will say that she might drop his name when it comes down to their interrogation on why Amanda would do what she did.


After being raped by Professor Cannon and Candace being short with her, Amanda took pills to commit suicide. That was why she was in the hospital back in Season 1, and Jim blamed Candace for that. Amanda told Jim that Candace was mad at her, and she was having a hard time in law school as well.


Jim might think that Professor Cannon was too hard on his daughter (that did not sound right, but stay with me), and the pressure of law school was the reason for her death. In the picture above with Jim and Katheryn, they clearly look pissed.


I do not know if a professor being difficult was the reason for the look on their faces. If Candace did tell them that he raped Amanda, there will be hell to pay for Cannon! I bet he will have wished that Amanda pulled the trigger on him when she had the gun barrel down his throat.

Candace may even tell them about the pregnancy test that Jim found in the apartment belonged to Amanda and not her! Either that, or Jim will figure it out for himself.


Keep in mind that Candace still needs a letter from Cannon that would allow her to go straight to the bar exam. When Jim had movers go to the apartment, Candace had all of her things taken away as well (which included the letter that Cannon gave her).

My guess is that Candace might contact Cannon for another letter before the Cryers go after him. She even called him a few episodes ago in order to get another letter. Cannon could be confronted by Candace in the school for the letter, and then leave for the parking lot where the Cryers are waiting for him.


What questions do you think Candace will be asked on Tuesday by the Cryers? Will she reveal Amanda was raped by Professor Cannon, or point the Cryers in the right direction. Will Professor Cannon give Candace another letter allowing her to skip to the bar exam? Even if he gets on for her, will she get it before the Cryers dig their claws into Cannon?

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One thought on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Candace Reveals That Amanda Was Raped

  1. Already saw this coming from a mile away and possibly Candace will try to talk the Cryers out of harming Cannon, to further pursue her first year case against him and send him to prison, where there he will get released on his first arraignment and then, the Cryers will go after him.

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