Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: What Can We Expect On Tuesday?

By Jeremy Carden


With a new episode right around the corner, HAHN addicts are excited to see what Tyler Perry will throw at the fans next!

The topic of this blog will be what fans might see in the new episode called “Two Funerals.”


I am going to say that I do not expect this episode to resolve all of the plots that we saw at the end of “Enough is Enough.” The ending of that episode had me rolling with laughter. Not because of David possibly being cremated in his own home, but the fact that nearly every character was getting their freak on with someone!


Looking back at the episode, you realize that almost everyone was in bed or making out with someone!

  • Benny and Veronica
  • Candace and Oscar
  • Landon and Jeffrey

Overall, here is what I think will happen during the episode:


Thing will start off with Hanna standing at Candace’s door in the Sarandon Hotel. She explains what happened after Quincy came to her house with her grandson. Afterwards, Benny drove off into the night, and she does not know what happened to him.


Obviously, what Hanna says gets to Candace, and she starts to cry. Whether or not those tears are genuine or not is up to opinion. Seriously, we have seen this girl cry on the spot to fool others plenty of times in the show already.


Another plot is Benny leaving Veronica’s mansion, where is he going? I mean he beat up Quincy for hitting Hanna, and now he is back in prison. The only thing on his mind at this point is getting his nephew. If Benny goes around looking for his nephew, he is most likely going to come up short.


The woman that Benny grabs and yells at is probably Quincy’s mother, or an associate of his. My guess is that in order for Benny to find out where his nephew is from her, he has to get Q out of prison.


I think that it is safe to say that Veronica is going to start an affair with Benny given what happened in the last episode. I do find it ironic that she has a thing for men that are fresh out of prison…


Another thing that is going to happen is the beginning of Amanda’s funeral, and that is assuming this episode moves to the next morning. Remember Jim said that the next morning he is going to bury his daughter, and then carry his son to jail.

I am interested in seeing how much Tyler is going to carry the story on Tuesday, but I do not want to get my hopes up. Am I saying that this episode will not be good?

Not at all, I am referring to the fact that the show is on average around 42 minutes, and only so much can be covered at one time. Fans were mad during the first part of Season 3 because things were moving too slow. However, things changed once Amanda was discovered dead, and we got to see conflict between the characters being brought to the surface. This is evident in the ratings being a bit low at the start of Season 3, but picking back up after a few episodes!


In the end, I think the last scene of the episode will be Jeffery getting the phone call about his parent’s home being burnt to the ground.

As you can see, there is only so much that can be covered in 42 minutes, and I think this episode will be a good setup for the episode focusing on Amanda’s funeral. If the episode on Tuesday touches on Amanda’s funeral getting started, that would be great. However, I think the cliffhanger ending will be Jeffrey getting that call.

It makes me wonder whether or not David (if he makes it out alive; I think he will) and Veronica will show up to the funeral. We know that Jeffery will be there because he is seen there in the teaser trailer, but as for his parents…


Kind of funny when you think about it because David and Veronica were at the press conference, but Jim was absent. It is kind of a foreshadowing because Jim was absent on a day where David needed him to be present the most considering both were running for political office. Now David might be absent on one of the biggest (and most depressing) days of Jim’s life because he has to bury his daughter.


Of course, both were dealing with circumstances out of their control due to psychopathic women; Jim being tortured by Candace, and David almost burning to death by Veronica.

One thing I hope we do get to see is a little bit of dialogue from the Cryers since they are prepping to bury one of their own.

Something that I wanted to do was make this blog a little bit on the shorter side to go along with the fact that the new episode will be the same; a small taste for bigger things to come.


I am referring to the fact that I am only giving a theory on my thoughts about a single episode, but the teaser trailer revealed scenes from more than just one episode! Keep your eyes open because I am going to write a theory blog covering my thoughts on what will happen during the second half of Season 3!

In any case, what do you think will happen in the new episode? How far into the story do you think things will be carried?

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8 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: What Can We Expect On Tuesday?

  1. Catherine says:

    This Blog is wonderful!

  2. Isaiah says:

    I love all your theories and enjoy reading each of them. You see really talented.

  3. Lillian Hardy says:

    Great! Thanks! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. slott12 says:

    You theorized that Jeffery is not Gay he is confused and that this is a way to rebel against his domineering and controlling mother Veronica. But Landon said to Jeffery with that so satisfied look on his face he ask Jeffery if he wanted to go for round three. Yes I think he’s GAY. There is other ways to rebel against a parent than to be poked by another man.


  5. slott12 says:

    Another thing I think that the expression on Jeffrey’s was not regret it was the look of not being satisfied. Yes he slept with Landon not once but twice it wasn’t to figure out if he was Gay it was to get the pleasure he was expecting he would get if I was Wyatt. Yes Brother man is Gay.

    Sandra Guillory

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