Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: What Will Happen in the Season 3 Finale?

By Jeremy Carden


HAHN fans are ready for the sizzling mid-season finale on Tuesday!

There are so many things to ponder based on the preview for the new episode. The focus on this blog will be my own theories about what will happen on Tuesday’s episode.

I’ll start off with a plot that seems like it is too obvious not to mention; Candace is finally going to sleep with Oscar!


We see in the preview, Candace is wearing “bedclothes” so to speak (funny because she told Jeffery that her “bedclothes” consisted of nothing). Notice the guy’s hair and ear; you’ll see it is a white male. Aside from Jim, it is clear that Oscar is the one who is in bed with Candace.

Do they actually sleep together? Well that is something we will have to wait and see in the episode. Not to mention the reasoning behind her sudden interest in sleeping with him. Could it be because his advice about auctioning was the reason she won the bid on the towing company? Most fans speculate that the old man at the auction on the phone was talking to either Oscar or Candace to make bids.


Going back to Hanna’s house, she looks out the window and sees something that puts her in near shock. What did she see? Most likely it is Quincy who is outside of her window.

However, we see that she opens the door and rushes out. Where is she going and why would she rush out of the front door when Q was right there at the window?

The main reason I could see her doing something like that was if Q had her grandson outside with him. Again, I’m not 100% sure because the preview only shows so much. For him to just randomly show up to Hanna’s house with his son would be a bit of a stretch. I guess we will just have to wait and find out!


We do see Benny in a rage after noticing that it looks like Q struck Hanna on the side of her face. You can notice what looks like a bruise on the side of her face when compared to the other side.


Hanna begs Benny not to go out, and Benny tells her to lock the door. When she rushes out of the house, she unlocks the front door to get out.


We do know at some point she goes to Candace. Considering she is wearing the same robe she was before she supposedly slept with Oscar, Hanna goes to warn her about Q. Looking at Candace’s face, either she is shocked at the bruise on her mother’s face or Hanna talks her out of sleeping with Oscar.


This can let us assume 1 of 2 things:

  1. Hanna waits until Benny leaves and races out of the house to warn Candace about Quincy. How she gets to the Sarandon is anyone’s guess because later we see Benny crash the car he bought from Erica for Hanna into Q’s car. I’m assuming she takes the bus in order to get to Candace.
  2. Hanna rushes out of the house unlocking the front door after Q knocks on her window.


Looking at the fact that it is still daylight when she races out of the house, it was #2; when Q is outside of her window. It is obvious that he came back to her house in order to find out where Candace is!

Benny asked Hanna if she told him where Candace was. I’m not sure if she did because like Jeffery, Q might have beaten her until she told him a location.


Later on, Benny races into Q’s car! Only 2 reasons I could see this happening in a reasonable sense:

  1. The only way he would know what Q’s car looked like would be if it was parked outside of Hanna’s house when she races out of the door when he knocks on the window. Hanna must have then told Benny what the car looked like.
  2. Hanna told Q where Candace was to save her life because he hit her. That was how Benny knew where to cut Q off in traffic and slam into his car.


Although, we do see Benny go to Warlock’s territory! It seems like he went to find out information on Q’s whereabouts after Hanna was hurt by him. Warlock did tell Candace that his crew was on the lookout for Q. Stands to reason that if Hanna did not tell Benny what Q’s car looked like, one of War’s crew members might have found out what he was driving.

hqdefault (1)

The scene with Benny slamming into Q’s car after being enraged over someone he loves being hurt reminded me of Monty doing the same to Joe in Daddy’s Little Girls.


Benny then proceeds to beat Q just like Monty did in the movie!

I like the similarities because if I remember correctly; Monty worked in a repair shop for vehicles. This is similar to Benny who owns his own towing company!


Going back to the Sarandon, it seems like Melissa is going to make another appearance. From what I’ve heard, we will finally learn the reason why she is so adamant to get Jeffery to sleep with her. It all seems to go back to the man in the hospital bed that she was sitting by a few episodes ago. Many fans believe the man to be her father, and Veronica is paying for his medical treatment in return for her seducing her son!


It seems like Jeffery has had enough of his mother’s evil ways and tells Melissa off!


What makes the scene even more interesting is the fact that it looks like Candace and Jeffery walk into a room and Melissa is waiting for him naked on the bed! Based on Jeffery’s expression, Candace is the one who walks in on the two of them. Very similar to when she comes to Jeffery’s apartment after the two had sex, and she is surprised to see Melissa (a female) at his place!


After a falling out with Melissa, it looks like Jeffery goes to Landon’s room. There he pushes him on the bed, and they might have angry sex because Jeffery is through with doing what his mother tells him to do.


The other plot in the episode involves Jim explaining to Wyatt that after confessing to the D.A. the only route for him is prison for murder. Jim asks the burning question that everyone has been waiting to hear the answer to for some time now; does Wyatt love Jeffery?

I wrote a blog about my thoughts on a Jeffery/Wyatt relationship awhile ago, and you can check it out here to get my perspective on the idea.


Here is one scene that caught my attention; Veronica walking with Benny and then the two seem to be in the same vehicle!

My theory is that after crashing into Q’s car and beating him up, Benny is arrested. After finding out what happened, Veronica comes to bail Benny out. Looking at how Benny is gripping/rubbing his wrist that seems to be what happened. Also notice the police car near Veronica, and you will assume it is a police station that they are coming out of.

Funny thing because back in Season 1, Veronica was the one who got Benny out of prison when he was wrongfully arrested!


The next scene with them in the vehicle together is interesting. What could they be talking about? My guess is that Benny is telling her why he did what he did to Q; he was a thug who beat up his sister, killed his nephew and hurt his mother. Veronica might reveal what she knows about the situation. Though knowing her character from what we’ve seen so far; she won’t tell Benny the truth.

Perhaps if Benny tells her what he knows about Q, she will think twice about her actions which included getting him out of jail and sending him over to Jeffery’s apartment.


After the day’s events, Veronica goes back home and finds David in their bed. Keeping true to her threats about David returning home, she pours gasoline around the bed while he is sleeping in it! Now if I were to make an educated guess; that will be the ending scene of the finale.


It looks as if she has a cigarette in her mouth while she is pouring the gas around the bed. She probably lights it up and tosses it to start the blaze.

What do you think will happen in the finale? Also, what do you hope to discover in the season half of Season 3?

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