Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Veronica’s Too Darn Hot!

By Jeremy Carden


What can I say about the Ice Queen Veronica that has not been said already?

I mean we’ve known for quite some time that she has a heart that is cold as ice. However, based on the preview for the next episode; Veronica is heating things up!

In last week’s episode, we saw that Veronica’s treachery has reached a new level of crazy!


When David asked her if she was back on her pain pills or using crack; I almost lost it. Based on her recent behavior, it would not have surprised me if she said that she was using some kind of drug.

Looking back at Season 1, we learned that she became an alcoholic after having an abortion. From there, she eventually founded her own rehabilitation center. Afterwards, while practicing law and sustaining some back injury; she got addicted to pain killers.

Who is to say that Jeffery coming out wasn’t the trigger to her getting back on pain pills? She told David that she could be a bit crazy, but she has gone past “a bit crazy” sometime ago.

The main focus of this blog is going to be how Veronica is literally going to turn up the heat in the mid-season finale.

Picture 31

If you have watched Waiting to Exhale, you know that after Bernie found out that her husband was leaving her for a white woman; she went off! After she took his things from the closet, she threw them in his car and burned it out in the front yard.

This is kind of ironic considering that Veronica suspects David of leaving her for a white woman (Maggie).


Now the preview for the finale shows David back in his bedroom, but Veronica is not happy to see him there at all. The dialogue expresses that David is back where he belongs (his home), but Veronica has dared him to come back home on several occasions.

David is sleeping in his bed, but then the scene with Veronica pouring gasoline has the HAHN community in a panic!


All I could think about was that scene from House Party when Full Force was planning on burning Play’s house when they couldn’t get into the party!

Tyler Perry was NOT kidding when he said that things would get too darn hot!


It seems as if “simple bitch” was the hot button to set Veronica off of the deep-end. Considering that was one of the first times that Veronica has completely lost it, she just had a way about tearing up that bar that had a kind of class to it.


Something interesting to take note of was the fact that David was just looking on without flinching during Veronica’s fit of rage. Based on his actions, it almost seemed as if this was not the first time she went off like this before. Remember that she was an alcoholic AND addicted to pain pills. It stands to reason that he has seen her go off from time to time during her recovery.

Now it might just be me, but I felt like she was looking good in last week’s episode. That really just made her character shine in the episode, and it goes along with what she was wearing. Back when Maggie was first introduced as Jim and David’s campaign manager, she told Veronica to tone down her outfits.


She seemed to be wearing restrictive colors that had a “calm atmosphere.” It was as if her outside appearance was hiding the raging storm inside. After the D.A. came to her house looking for Jeffery’s car, it was time for that storm to arrive at the Sarandon Hotel.

I had another blog about how far Veronica was willing to go in order to get her way, and it looks like the next episode is going to have her crossing into new territory.


Was I the only one who noticed that there was somewhat of a relationship-level of concern between Quincy and Veronica?

She asked what the hell was wrong with him after he told her how he beat her child. Even though she told Q to “rough him up” at the apartment, she did not want Jeffery harmed. That is like throwing Jeffery into the ocean with a piece of meat tied to your neck, and Veronica tells the shark (Q) to nibble him a bit but not to hurt him. Made no sense to me at all…

However, just listening to her tone of voice when she said “What the hell is wrong with you?” had a particular ring to it that just caught my attention.


Eventually, she is going to be brought down at some point. I do not think that Jennifer (the D.A.) found anything at her house because if you remember back from Season 2; Veronica wrote down the location of Jeffery’s car at the Cryer Mansion. She then tore up the piece of paper that she wrote it down on and tossed it in the trash.

It also seems like we will find out the reason behind Melissa’s constant advances on Jeffery in the finale as well. All of us can agree that Veronica has some serious dirt on her to keep her in line!

Do you think that Veronica is going to get off of her icy throne to burn down her “castle” in order to get things done her way? Will David wake up or get burnt up?


My guess is that Veronica pouring the gasoline around the bed is going to be the last scene in the episode.

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3 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Veronica’s Too Darn Hot!

  1. I Think David will wake up in a Panic! He may then leave her, and run to Maggie, but if i was her i’ll be afraid to lay with him. if she try, and kill David you know she’ll truly kill her. it doesn’t stay on long enough to know anything.

  2. nadine davis says:

    Veronica seems to be falling apart, bit by bit, she is showing signs of jealousy, bitterness, selfishness, and she is losing her control that is one of her biggest fears!! People ie: Katherine, Jeffery, Landon, David, Quincy, Celine and of course Candace are pushing back, they have peeped her hold card, now they are causing her action plan to crumble, piece by piece!! The “Ice is melting”, she will soon have to face her demons!!

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