Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who is Erica?

By Jeremy Carden


In the last couple of episodes, we have been “introduced” to a few new characters. These are characters that were on the screen for a couple of minutes, but their presence has led to some pretty big assumptions.

The girl named Erica who sold her car to Benny for $500 has made fans speculate so many theories about who she really is.


As the title of this blog suggests, I will be discussing who this character is (well who she might be). We know very little about her to begin with, but that might be enough to potentially predict who she really is.

She calls up Benny’s Towing Service to take her car and do whatever he pleased with it. Despite his drastic personality shift since he woke up from his coma, Benny was actually intelligent enough to ask some good questions. I mean it is not every day that someone randomly wants to get rid of a perfectly good car.


Not to mention the fact that it was brand new and she was willing to hand it over for $500! After doing a background check and seeing that it was legit, he took the car and title for the $500 in his wallet.

We do know that she moved to Savannah, Georgia to be with the man she was in love with. This same man bought her the car that she was willing to get rid of without a second thought. After finding out that he had bought the same car for his wife; she sold it to Benny.

So who is this mystery man who was having an affair with Erica?


My guess is the man who was sitting at the bar waiting for a “beautiful woman” at the Sarandon Hotel!

He seems to have an interest in Candace, and that might mean he will play a larger role in future episodes. Pay attention to the fact that he appears to be attracted to African-American women.

Now if I were to make a theory based on this, I would say that this man is named Oscar (considering one of the future episodes is named “Oscar). Erica was on her way to meet with him at the Sarandon Hotel bar, and this is why he told Candace that he was waiting for a beautiful woman.


After finding out Oscar was married, she got rid of the car and now wants nothing to do with him!

I’m assuming that at some point, Oscar realizes that Erica is not going to show up and then turns his attention to another beautiful African-American woman; Candace!

Overall, that is my theory about who she is and why she just gave away her car without a second thought to Benny.

Where did she come from and who are her parents?


Those are good questions that I wish I had the answers to. Fans have speculated that she and Oscar are detectives or something like that. Some think that Oscar is spying on Candace and Benny is now going to be in ANOTHER setup due to a new car (remember back in Season 1 when he was in jail for driving Candace’s new car that had drugs?).

I don’t want to dismiss these theories, but I really hope that it does not come to that. Honestly, I would rather see new characters introduced with their own motives rather than them being pawns for one of the “Haves.”


Of all the theories that I have heard about Erica, I think the most interesting one involves her being another one of the children that Jim Cryer had outside of his marriage!

Do I think this is true? Not really…

I do find it to be an interesting theory and fun to think about! Let’s say that I do think that this could be a possibility; who is her mother?

Considering all of the twists and turns that this show has taken us on so far, I would gamble and say that Erica’s mother is…


Jennifer the D.A.

Jim did tell Katheryn that he slept with her during their honeymoon. The two slept together because Jennifer was in the room next to them, and Jim snuck in while Katheryn was sleeping.

Is this true?


Remember this was back in Season 2 after Wyatt was arrested. Jim and Katheryn were arguing in the jailhouse about their current situation. I am not 100% sure if Jim was being honest about sleeping with Jennifer or if he was being cruelly sarcastic to Katheryn.

Now it would not surprise me if it was true because of Jim’s nature, but there is reasonable doubt. It was mentioned that Jennifer hates both Jim and David because of a case brought into their courtroom. During one of Jennifer’s biggest cases of her career, she lost and that has caused her to hold a grudge against the two men.


Another theory is that Erica is the daughter of Tony! I mean the nurse at the county hospital did tell Hanna that he had brought in multiple children (around 5 I think) to see if they were a match to donate him a kidney.


It would be interesting for Benny to start talking to Erica without knowing that it is his half-sister. Not to mention it would be a way of Tony slipping his way past Hanna to get to Benny. However, Hanna did mention in front of Benny while talking to Candace last week about her defending her brother from Tony in court. This could cause some friction between father and son if they were to encounter each other again.

Out of the two theories, my favorite is the one about Jim and Jennifer being her parents. This is due to the fact that I believe that theory to bring things around full circle.

What do I mean by that?

Let me break it down;


Jennifer slept with Jim during his honeymoon with Katheryn, and from that night of passion became pregnant with his child.

As to whether or not Jim knew about the pregnancy is a mystery, but he must have lost interest in Jennifer (like he did with Celine) and moved onto someone else.

Now we get to one of Jennifer’s biggest cases in her career that takes place in Jim’s courtroom. Remember that Jim told Candace in Episode 2 of the series that one of his first cases on the bench involved him letting a guilty woman killer off without so much as a slap on the wrist.


My theory is that the man he let go without ruling him guilty was one of Mama Rose’s boys!

Jim told Candace that the man sends him holiday cards every year as a sign of gratitude. The cards also say that if he were to ever have a problem with a woman; he would handle it for Jim. He then tells Candace that he could make people “disappear” as if he were a magician.

Isn’t that kind of ironic considering the fact that he had the Malones make Candace “disappear” for a few days when they abducted her for Jim?

Jennifer brought the case to Jim’s courtroom and it would have been an easy win considering how much evidence she had against the killer. Talk about a sweet victory for her to have one of the biggest cases of her life take place in the courtroom of a man who had a one-night stand with her (and potentially left her as a single mother).


Since Jim let the man off the hook, Jennifer harbors an intense grudge against him (and David).

From there, Erica grew up and moved off somewhere else. At some point, she falls in love with Oscar and we know the rest of the story.

That is my theory about who Erica is and where she came from. I really like the Jim and Jennifer theory because of what I said before about it bringing things around full circle! The Malones, Jennifer, Jim and Erica all are involved in the same twisted plot! What do you think about that?


Is she the daughter of someone major in the show’s current lineup of characters? Who do you think her father is? Is it Jim, Tony or someone else I did not mention like David? What about the man at the bar? Is his name Oscar and if so is he the man who gave Erica the car?

*Keep in mind that Benny has a short video with Erica stating her name and the fact that she sold her car to him for $500. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Hanna has a video will of Katheryn before she went into surgery back when she had cancer in Season 1! Remember these 2 videos because they may come up again at some point!*

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2 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who is Erica?

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  2. jasmin says:

    Do you think Erica and David had sex?I’m a little confused about them she said “you did good but you were a little distracted” so did they have sex?

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