Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who is Candace’s Spy at the Sarandon Hotel?

By Jeremy Carden


This blog is going to be about one of those little things that I picked up on while watching some of the Season 3 episodes.

It is an interesting theory that will make you go back at look at Season 2 episodes at some point!

Candace mentions having a point of contact at the hotel watching over Maggie Day. She told Jeffery this information before she left his apartment to go stay at the Sarandon.


Back in Season 2, I always thought it was Landon because of the fact that she introduced him to Jeffery and he worked on Jim and David’s campaign.

However, we find out that she did not know about Landon working on the campaign. She thought that he was simply volunteering at the office.

Alright, so who is working for Candace?


We know this person was the one who took Maggie’s phone. In the Season 2 finale, David is escorting a drunken Maggie to her hotel room (which is adjoined to his) and she mentions that someone had taken her phone.

This phone is now in Candace’s possession and she is using it for information. What kind of information is she trying to obtain from Maggie? Does she know that Maggie is running Jim and David’s campaign?

If you have been reading my theory blogs for awhile then you are most likely curious as to why I’m asking more questions than giving theories at this point. That is because even I have no idea why Candace wants information from Maggie.

After writing blogs about this show for over a year, I’ve realized that there are far more questions given than answers.

Now if I were to guess as to who is the person that is working for Candace at the hotel…


It would have to be the old guy that was hitting on Maggie the first time that David meets her at the bar!

Don’t you remember that?


The older man that Maggie asked David to save her from, and it makes sense for a couple of reasons.

  1. Candace knew about Maggie and David being hugged up together at the bar. The old man was practically sitting next to them! I’m sure he could see and hear everything that he needed to in order to understand what was going on.
  2. We know that Candace can manipulate pretty much anyone and it wouldn’t be hard to believe that she could convince an old man to do her bidding.

As you can see, this is one of those “blink and you miss” characters in the show. Now if it really was this old man, he would have had to be in the bar the same night Maggie was at the piano.

It is not impossible to say that he was at the bar. Keep in mind, David walked into the hotel lobby after the disastrous dinner party at the Cryer Mansion. Maggie was playing the piano while enjoying a drink. She could have been sitting at the bar prior to David showing up and the old man was there to. It was during this time that her phone could have been swiped from her.


Considering how much she and David drank that night, it seems clear that her phone could have easily been taken without her noticing until later.

When did Candace acquire Maggie’s phone?

She told Jeffery that it was brought to her by the person who was there keeping tabs on Maggie. The only way she could have gotten that phone was during her time bouncing back and forth between Jeffery’s apartment and Warlock’s side of town where Jim was.


Jeffery asked how she knew about David coming out of the hotel room with Maggie Day. That was a good question because no one was in the hallway during that awkward encounter except for Landon, Jeffery, Veronica, Maggie and David.

Perhaps this was mentioned on Maggie’s phone? This really makes my head hurt when I even try to think about it.


In any case, you have to take notice of the fact that the old man’s facial expressions seemed to change while listening to Maggie talking with David.

Check out the video below and you will see what I mean. Remember to pay attention to the old man’s body language/facial expressions to see what I mean!

Who do you think is working for Candace at the Sarandon? Is it the old man who was hitting on Maggie?


Could it be this nameless man at the bar who seems to have a thing for Candace?

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One thought on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who is Candace’s Spy at the Sarandon Hotel?

  1. slott12 says:

    I was thinking a bout your old man theory with Maggie phone. I think the old man is a Red Herring to throw viewers off. I think Simeon found Drunk Maggie phone turned it ibto hotel security. The one Veronica had the run in with. He and Candy are connected so how and that’s how she got the phone. And candy is staying at the same hotel. Not hard to see what’s going on with Dave and Maggie.

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