Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Candace Change Her Ways?

By Jeremy Carden


In the next episode coming up in a few days, Hanna makes what appears to be a final desperate plea with her daughter to change her devious ways.


After finding Amanda dead in her bedroom, Hanna goes to Candace to warn her that the path she is going down may eventually lead to death as well.


Based on the preview, Candace seems to be taking these words to heart. You can see that she is almost about to cry.

Hanna actually apologizes to Candace and it is most likely due to their rocky mother-daughter relationship. My guess is that Hanna saw that Amanda died while there were still unresolved issues between her and her parents. I’m assuming she does not want the same to occur between her and Candace.


Now fans are curious as to whether or not Candace will indeed change for the better and turn her life around. Even though she needs to change, I do not think that she is going to. Don’t get me wrong, I feel that Hanna’s words will touch Candace’s heart. However, based on the story so far and what we’ve seen from other characters; Candace is stuck in her ways (for now).

Let me give you an example;


Jim was literally on top of his game near the ending of Season 2. He had brought his daughter back into his house since she was living with Candace. Norman Hewens took the fall for Wyatt by going to jail for the hit-and-run charges. He also thought that Candace was no longer going to bother him after the Malones dealt with her. Then he was going to announce his campaign for governor and things looked like they would go off without a hitch.

Now we know that in all of these “victories” Jim would end up losing a lot. Amanda is dead because Jim did not have her committed like Katheryn suggested. Jennifer (the D.A.) is still trying to take down Wyatt because she is in disbelief that Norman was the criminal since he will not tell where the car is. Candace not only returned for revenge but took $7.4 million from Jim’s bank account. Finally, he was not able to make it to his campaign office since he was kidnapped. Landon did tell Candace that due to Amanda’s death, support for his campaign went through the roof and there is a good chance he will win.

What does this have to do with Hanna approaching Candace next week?


Jim’s life on the top parallels Candace’s because of his talk with Celine. We find out that Carlos is his son by Celine (well the oldest of two) and she approaches him about it after he comes to the mansion to drop off some files from the campaign office.

Finally, Celine has a REAL conversation with Jim rather than trying to throw herself at him. She pours her heart out to him by saying that she and Carlos both want what they deserve from Jim. It was not about a single cent, but they wanted him to be a father in Carlos’ life. Just by spending time with Carlos was all they wanted. However, Jim’s heart was cold as stone and he was not having it. With that, he pretty much just wrote them both off and that was the end of that.

That was Jim’s chance to finally redeem himself by simply showing kindness rather than writing a check or coming up with a devious plan. He had and lost that chance and well that shows the result of karma. He winds up getting beaten by Quincy, gets locked in the “War Room” in the ghetto side of town, loses over $7 million and his daughter is dead.


Overall, the worst part is probably the fact that the last time he spoke to his daughter; he lied right to her face about his affair with Candace.

Just as Jim is finally having his misdeeds catch up to him, Candace will have to face her lies and deception soon enough.

Her talk with Hanna next week is going to be like Jim’s talk with Celine. It will be her chance to turn everything around, but I have a feeling that she will not.


I mean she is now “rich” with $7.4 million in her bank account, but given her shopping spree and stay in the Sarandon Hotel it is probably more like $6.9 million at this point.

She is blowing through that money like Katheryn was with that weed Hanna gave her during her battle with cancer!

Quincy is her main source of danger at this point because he is still on the hunt for her. I still say that he will either get her location from Jeffery if he beats it out of him next week or he will come up with the information some other way.

However, she has lied to Warlock about the amount of money Jim gave her ($400,000) and to Benny about her job at a law firm (making $250,000 a year).


With all of that being said, I think that she lied about her baby being dead when she told Hanna and Benny that Quincy killed him. Why do I doubt?

Seriously, Candace lied to Benny’s face and he is the only person that she actually seems to care about. Just as Amanda was the apple of Jim’s eye, he still lied right to her face. The same goes along with Candace about where she got her recent wealth from. That alone just makes me suspect her crying act to Benny and Hanna about her son being dead was nothing more than an act.

Even Hanna told Candace that Quincy is a like Candace, but he is no murderer. She even says that someday she will find out where her grandson is.

It will eventually start to fall apart in the coming episodes and it is something everyone is waiting for. I will say that it is never too late for redemption, but Candace has to be knocked down a few pegs. Remember that Jim had to ride a city bus for the first time and he had never looked so pitiful.

Her lie could start to unravel after Professor Cannon does not give her a new letter to skip ahead to the bar exam. She left a voicemail on his phone, but he might not answer because he is either dead (due to Amanda) or unable to speak with her for whatever reason.


Candace’s plans will start to crumble at some point because the bigger they are the harder they fall. The same goes for Veronica, but that is another blog for another time.

Now if Candace had taken the $7.4 million and split town to go to Atlanta then perhaps she would have gotten away with her misdeeds. For one, Quincy would be looking in the wrong town for her and Jim wouldn’t be on her tracks. Remember that she said she wanted to get a house in Atlanta, GA when she wanted $2 million (this was back before she was kidnapped by that Malones).

However, she now wants to stay in town and life large spending Jim’s money (most likely Katheryn’s money) right in his face! With those photos of him and the video, Candace has Jim right where she wants him. Though after Amanda’s death it appears he will pursue her for revenge.

I am still uncertain as to how Candace will be brought down, but it will eventually happen at some point.


She tells Jim that she likes to be in control and again you have to pay attention to the dialogue of the show because most of it is foreshadowing. At some point, Candace will be placed in a situation in which she is not the one who is in control.

Will it be when Warlock finds out she lied to him about only getting $400,000 from Jim when she really got $7.4 million? How about when Benny finds out she lied about her job at a law firm? Will Quincy finally get his hands around her throat? Will Jim be the one to shut her down once and for all?

There are so many ways for this to go down because she will eventually fall flat on her face.


How about this unnamed character in last week’s episode? Some fans are speculating his name is Oscar based on the fact that an episode of the same name is coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Could he be someone who pursues after Candace like she did with Jim? Someone who did their research and wants to bring her down?


I speculate that he could be the married man who gave “Erica” the car that was sold to Benny for $500. Meaning that he loves him some black women and why he appears to show interest in Candace.

However, this is just speculation because all of these little clues will eventually be placed together in the grand scheme of things.

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2 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Candace Change Her Ways?

  1. Why would Celine have Candiac baby? and why would she have a black baby? where is her husband? i guess he’s enjoying the hush money also. may he’s disabled, or just a bomb. Celine is jealous of hannah around Jim, but unlike Celie ,Hannah wants a log, not a tube of lipstick. lol.

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