Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Are Amanda and Wyatt’s Parents?

By Jeremy Carden


Every episode of the HAHN seems to get better and better because the stakes continue to increase each Tuesday.

This past episode was no exception and based on the preview for next week’s episode; things are really heating up!

I am starting to believe that Jim has as many children outside of his marriage to Katheryn as Tony does! Papa was a rolling stone and it seems like he left a few pebbles here and there.


There are 2 key lines from Jim that left fans questioning the true parental figures of Wyatt and Amanda.

  1. I LOVED YOU!!” this is what Jim screams after David drags him away from choking Wyatt after he said he would talk to the police officer who claimed Amanda’s death was a homicide.
  2. When the D.A. (Jennifer) arrives on the scene, he screams out “She is MY daughter…NOT yours!” the funny this was that even though it appears he was screaming this to the D.A. Jim was looking directly at Katheryn.

Even I have to admit that this raises suspicion on my part because this show is all about paying attention to the little things including dialogue.


We can be 100% sure that Katheryn Cryer is indeed the mother of Wyatt because Jim confirmed it in Episode 1 of Season 2. He and Katheryn were arguing about Wyatt after the hit-and-run incident. Jim strikes a low blow at Katheryn’s deceased father by mentioning that Wyatt has his blood running through his veins. It is also mentioned that Katheryn’s father was a raging alcoholic behind closed doors.

Now seeing how hurt Jim was when Wyatt said that he would confess to the D.A. and the officers about everything (Jim covering up Wyatt, his whores, etc.) makes me suspect something deeper than a father-son debate.

It could be that Wyatt is a child that is not Jim’s but someone that he took care of as if he were his true son. Now Jim feels betrayed because of Wyatt’s plan to undo everything that he did for him.


Honestly, I don’t know what to think of Wyatt ever since Season 3 started because if he keeps up on this self-destructive track; he will become a bigger monster than Amanda. Ever since he reached for that glass in Jim’s study to get that first drink it has gone downhill from there.

He doesn’t care about the family anymore just like Amanda and plans on finishing them off. Sure Amanda wanted to kill them, but Wyatt wants to destroy their social status and most likely their legacy.


Moving onto Amanda, I have said that Celine is her mother since last year. Looking at Celine’s behavior in the past few episodes, it makes one wonder what her connection to Amanda is.

We learn that she has TWO children by Jim and with Amanda gone (the apple of his eye) she is probably thinking that he will now be focused on her children by him. Of course, this is not the case as he wants nothing to do with Celine.

Though you have to admit that since Katheryn is rattling off of Jim’s dirty list, I think it is safe to say that if Amanda was Celine’s daughter that she would have brought it up in this last episode.

Just as we know that Katheryn is the mother of Wyatt, we know that Jim is the father of Amanda.


In the Bible, the story of Esau and Jacob shows us that parents should not choose favorites because it only leads to trouble. Isaac favored Esau and Rebekah favored Jacob and their family fell apart because that favoritism lead to deception, betrayal and a sibling rivalry that nearly ended in death with Esau threatening to kill his brother.


Looking at this scenario from the Bible and comparing it to the Cryer family shows that there are hardly any differences. Amanda is the apple of Jim’s eye and Katheryn gives Wyatt a lot of love.

Season 2 is a prime example of how one parent is more protective of one child over the other.


Katheryn is very defensive over the way that Jim handles Wyatt after the hit-and-run. It is clear that Jim wants to protect “his son” from jail. However, you could make the argument that he is mainly doing this to protect his campaign for governor. Though he did seem truly upset when he tells David what happened and that his son will be locked up behind bars for life.


Comparing this to how defensive Jim was whenever Katheryn brought up the subject of having Amanda committed and you will see that they are playing favorites. Jim was not having it because he wanted his baby girl at home with him and did not want to break the promise that he made with her to never have her committed again.

I will never forget that stirring speech that Katheryn gave Jim before the Season 2 finale about how Jim’s protection over his children was going to drive them to insanity. Now that Amanda has apparently killed herself and Wyatt on his own destructive path with alcohol; Katheryn’s words are becoming a reality.


Do you think that Wyatt and Amanda are the true children of both Katheryn AND Jim? Do you think they have different parents but were being raised under the same roof?


Hanna is the mother of Benny and Candace. However, there both have different fathers since Tony is the father of Benny, but Candace has a father that has never been seen in the series (just mentioned once or twice by Candace).

Remember that for the most part the “Haves” kind of mirror the “Have Nots” in certain aspects of the story. This could hint at Amanda and Wyatt having different parents and that is all I am saying on the matter.


In any case, I cannot wait to see where the story is going from here because it is getting better and better with each episode. We have 3 more episodes before we reach the first half of Season 3! What other pressing questions are you dying to have answered?

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