Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Amanda Killed Professor Cannon

By Jeremy Carden


This is one subject that has my loyal readers on their toes because I tweeted about this last week sometime.

It is the theory that involves someone else being inside of the Cryer Mansion the night of the shooting; but they were not supposed to be there…

Believe it or not I actually wrote off this theory as nonsense when I first caught wind of it because it made no sense. The more that I actually sat down and thought about it, I must admit that it actually makes sense.

What is this theory?


Professor Cannon was in Amanda’s room!

Here is why I shut down this theory at first:

  1. What would he being doing in the same house/room as someone that tried to kill him?
  2. How would he know that Amanda had moved back in with her parents? Remember that the last time he visited the apartment; she was still living with Candace.
  3. He was most likely written out of the show, but I thought it would have been ridiculous because technically his part in the overall story is not complete. I say that because it is possible that Amanda is carrying his child because he raped her!

The more I thought about the reasons why he would not be in her room made me ponder why he would be in her room…


It goes back to how this show is pretty much about people in games of “Cat & Mouse” with each other. You know how one character chases after another, but ends up being caught and the battle begins for one to outmatch the other. Take Jim and Candace kidnapping each other for example.

The #1 reason that I think Cannon was in Amanda’s room is simple; he wanted revenge!


Remember that Amanda stalked him MULTIPLE times in Season 2:

  1. When she was waiting for him outside of his home
  2. Scaring him half to death when he was in the shower
  3. Coming into his home at night in his bedroom and pointing a gun down his throat
  4. When she confronts him in the park and stabs him

Being stabbed in the back was probably the last straw because Cannon knew that Amanda was really out for blood. She told him in #2 that the only way for this torture to end would be for him to die.

Cannon most likely took that to heart and realized that the only way for this to end would be for one of them to die. That could explain why he came into her room to finish things once and for all.


How he found out that Amanda moved back in with her parents is easily solved by him asking the landlord of the apartment complex or some of the students that live there. Jim stopped by one time to see Amanda, andthe landlord was sweeping outside. He told Jim that Amanda was no longer in school. He asked him how’d he know that, and he told Jim that it is a small building full of college students and well people talk. Who is to say that isn’t how Cannon figured out Amanda wasn’t living there anymore? The landlord told Candace after she got back from being abducted by that Malones that Amanda’s dad had movers take everything out  and that he thought she had moved out. So I’m thinking that is how Cannon discovered Amanda was back at home.

Another reason I believe him to be inside of Amanda’s room is because fans have been wondering; where is Cannon? I mean the last time that we saw him was when he was running through the park with a knife in his back!

screenshot_12 (1)

I even wrote a blog last year about him potentially being the one who dies because we never got to see him again. You can check out that blog here. It goes into a theory about him dying in the park. An interesting read if you would like to check it out.

So overall, the main reason that many fans like myself believe that someone else was in the room is due to the fact that Amanda’s position in bed along with the blood in the room aren’t really consistent.


It seems that there is way too much blood in that room to only be Amanda’s. Watching the scene when Hanna walks into Amanda’s room again and again makes it seems like there was some kind of struggle going on in that room.

The biggest indicators to me would be the giant pool of blood in the carpet along with the puddle of blood next to Amanda on her bed. However, there are only a few drops of blood on the back of her shirt and pants. Things just don’t add up!

Considering that Cannon was stabbed in the back in the park and the bed looking like someone with a bloody back was lying there as well. I wonder if anyone else pieced that together like I did.

I’ll take this theory a step further and say that Amanda kills Cannon! Put it this way; if Cannon and Amanda got into some kind of fight and he tried stabbing her with the knife she stabbed him with or she killed him and then herself it would explain why the room is covered in blood.


Want me to take this to an even creeper level? Amanda kills Cannon AND his body is still somewhere in her room!

Please just take a moment to wrap your mind around how messed up this sounds! I don’t want to say that she was in bed with a dead body or she tries raping him like he raped her because even I start to cringe just thinking about it.

Amanda wasn’t right in the head to begin with and although the above statement sounds crazy; we shouldn’t assume that it would be something she wouldn’t do.


Later on in Season 2 after stabbing Cannon, it seems that Amanda’s focus of killing people was directed at her family. This was taken even further when Quincy takes her to get a death tattoo with the names of her family listed on his body (can’t wait for the detectives, cops and doctors to discover that when they go to examine her body in her room).

It seems that she had either forgotten about the Professor or the plot wasn’t about him anymore.

Tyler Perry must have been trying to use effective misdirection to have an unlikely character as the one to kill Amanda or vice versa.

If Amanda is hiding his body in her room then where is he and why didn’t Hanna see him? There are 3 places that I think his body would be:

  1. In Amanda’s bathroom
  2. R. Kelly voice; “He’s up in the closet!!!”
  3. Under her bed


Something that I noticed in a “blink and you miss” was when Hanna walks into Amanda’s room. You’d have to pay close attention to the fact that Amanda’s closet is open!!! This could mean that Cannon was hiding in there waiting for her OR that was where she hid the body and didn’t close the door! Not sure if you can fully see in this photo, but remember the lights in Amanda’s room were out when Hanna entered.

Aside from him simply being under her bed dead, I’d wager he was in the bathroom hidden because that was where Amanda confronted him for the first time in his house when he was taking a shower. Not to mention the shower/bathroom was where Jim nearly killed Candace before discovering a positive pregnancy test thinking it was Candace’s when it was really Amanda’s.

So my vote is either he is in the closet or in her bathroom…dead!

The only way that I can see Cannon being in Amanda’s room and leaving ALIVE would be if he killed her without getting hurt at all. What do I mean by that?

If he was in her room, got into a struggle before killing her and left the house don’t you think there would have been blood out in the hallway and down the stairs?


Wyatt woke up as soon as he heard the gun go off and then checked on his mom and sister. If Cannon was in Amanda’s room and killed her when the gun went off then he would have had to book it down the stairs and out the front door leaving a crack in it because it was slightly open when Wyatt came downstairs.

It just doesn’t add up for him to have killed Amanda and then left her room without a scratch. He warned Candace that if Amanda kept harassing him and his family then he would hurt her, and it seems that in the Season 2 finale that threat came to pass.


Now I know that this is A LOT to take in at once because I’ve told some other fans of the show and they were shocked because they never thought about Cannon as being in the house that night!


I also find it interesting that “Professor Cannon” favorited and retweet my post on the subject!

What do you think? Did Amanda simply shoot herself? Was someone else in the room? If so do you think it was Professor Cannon? Will we find out in this week’s new episode?

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7 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Amanda Killed Professor Cannon

  1. Adrienne says:

    Interesting theory. I do suspect the Professor Cannon was in her room, and it will be a great twist if all the blood if his which does make more sense after reading your details of the events. But I wonder if his corpse would still be in the closet, wouldn’t Hanna have seen him since closet door was open plus a trail of blood leading to the closet? Also the cops would have found his body when they arrived yet didn’t mention a thing, just said the her death is a homicide. Also, if the professor snuck out downstairs after killing Amanda, he wouldn’t have enough time since, Wyatt woke up at the sound of the gunshot and checked Kathernyn’s and Amanda’s bedrooms. I could assume he was hiding in the closet at that time, then snuck out of the mansion unseen as Wyatt was getting drunk reading those text messages. However, I like your theory better than the others I’ve read.

  2. […] full theory on why Cannon would want to kill Amanda is in this blog here. Amanda’s words will sum up this theory very quickly; she told Cannon that the only way his […]

  3. Sandra says:

    Cannon cannot be dead because candy cane called him to set her up to take the bar exam and to hook her up with a job

  4. Winda shephard says:

    I think warlock did the killing of amanda ,Jim told warlock how much she is worth .candice lied to warlock saying she got less money so he kill amanda to get Jim back in basement at his house to get 12 million if Candice could do it he could get more money. My thought darkdays

  5. Anita Gilliard says:

    Tyler, Tyler, WOW,
    There are so many different theories. Whoever, was involved, I think went out of the window, because Hanna pulled the window down and she slid in blood on the floor. I thought initially that Amanda was just too crazy in the head to off the show. Running around in the house with a gun in which she had no professional training to use.

    Tyler you are just great!!!!!!

  6. […] saying she can go straight to the bar exam. I could have sworn up and down that he killed Amanda or she killed him at the end of Season […]

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