Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Quincy Kill Jeffery?

By Jeremy Carden


They say that there is nothing stronger in this world than the love that a mother has for her children. Can we really say the same about Veronica Harrington?

After watching the series so far, I think it is safe to say that she cares more about her reputation than her own family.

A couple of weeks ago, Veronica orders Quincy to go to Jeffery’s apartment (because Candace was there) to rough up Jeffery. To give him a taste of reality in the form of a beating similar to how Jim was brought down a few pegs.


However, you have to think about how Quincy is pretty much a dog off of the chain. The only way that Veronica “has him under control” is by threatening to kill his entire family. Quincy was pretty clear when he said that “the guy” that Candace is shacking up with is done! He was surprised by the fact that “the guy” is Veronica’s son.

The ONLY reason I don’t think Jeffery gets killed by Quincy is due to the fact that Veronica has Q’s family on death row if he does not do as she says. Again, he is a dog off of the chain and I’m sure at some point Veronica is going to get bitten.


Keep in mind that if David did not bust through the door to get Quincy off of Jim there is no telling how badly things would have ended up. The main reason for Jim’s beat down was because he was unable to tell Quincy where Candace was.

Who is to say that the same won’t happen to Jeffery?


Remember that Candace has now gone to the Sarandon Hotel, but if Quincy shows up to his apartment he will be expecting Candace to be there too just as Veronica had told him earlier.

It seems that after the death of Amanda, Jeffery will head back to his apartment at some point alone because I doubt that he wants ANYTHING at all to do with Melissa at all. That is when Quincy will show up!


Either he will be waiting outside of the apartment like he did when he was looking for Candace, but found Amanda instead.

Another route the show might take is Quincy already being in the apartment. He could have broken in somehow because well he is Quincy! He snuck into Hanna’s house through the back window and despite Veronica having her security system on, Q still came in during the first episode of Season 3!

Perhaps like his mother, Jeffery will smell Quincy before he sees him…


In any case, I think that the only way that Jeffery can say himself from a brutal beating is revealing that Candace is at the Sarandon.

What I find ironic is that Veronica tells Katheryn that she “hates” violence, but Katheryn is quick to call her out for it. As an audience, we know that this is far from the truth due to the fact that she loved seeing Jim getting beaten and now she has the dog (Q) going after her own son.


I hope she knows what she is doing because Jeffery might wind up like Amanda and we’ll see if she has that smile on her face then…

Trust me, if Jeffery ends up dead because of his encounter with Q and David finds out that Veronica is responsible for it; it’s over!

What do you think about this theory? Will Quincy do as Veronica says and NOT kill her son? Will Jeffery have no other choice than to reveal where Candace is to save his life?

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