Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Wyatt Relapse in Season 3?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

During the opening scene of Season 3, we have Wyatt going back to his old ways when he is downstairs thinking about everything that has occurred since the first episode of the series.

Poor guy was having flashbacks of his dad and Candace, hitting Benny, the guilt of killing Little Lizzie and Quincy confirming that Candace had been screwing about with Jim. It was too much for him to take and he poured himself a glass of what David calls “liquid courage.”

From there he went through Jim’s phone and saw messages between him and Candace. Not to mention the surprise when he saw some messages with Celine’s name on them! The longer he continued to scroll through the messages…the more he poured into his glass until he got so fed up that he threw the phone across the room.

Then in Episode 2, he was in the same spot on the couch and it appears that he finished the bottle of liquor and moved to drinking vodka (it was a clear drink in the second bottle so that’s what I’m assuming it was). He was drinking more and more as he scrolled through texts between Celine and Jim with a few more from Candace too.


Hopefully, he does not go back to drugs because he told Jim that he never wanted to do them again after the hit-and-run incident. I really don’t think he would get on drugs again, but that doesn’t mean he is going to shy away from alcohol.

Wyatt is pretty much on his own now with his rehab coach (Jeffery) out of the picture living a life he doesn’t want to in order to avoid going to jail thanks to Veronica blackmailing him. Jim doesn’t want him to fess up to his crimes, Katheryn feels for her son but seems as detached about it as Jim in some ways, and that’s pretty much it…Wyatt stands alone and he will eventually crumble if this keeps up.


At some point, I just hope that Wyatt gets a chance to recover not from his substance addiction. In terms of addiction, I’m not talking about drugs or alcohol but the inner demons from his past; that summer at the bible camp, Jim’s affair with Candace, the hit-and-run incident, etc. He has to cope with them somehow and it appears it will be through drinking and maybe even drugs (pray with all my strength that it is not though).

Some fans speculate that he is the one who shot himself because of everything he learned from Jim’s cell phone along with him being drunk! I don’t think it is unreasonable but again the shoot occurs in Amanda’s room. I explained that in another blog because the wallpaper reveals where the victim was shot. However, that would mean Wyatt would have had to go to his sister’s room and get her gun.


What do you think will Wyatt have a complete breakdown this season?

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